Race Realism


When I was an economics professor I had opportunities to attend academic conferences on the taxpayer dime. At one conference years ago, I sought out a presentation by Professor Walter Williams, pictured above. After the presentation I, along with many others, went up to him to introduce myself and thank him for his work promoting limited government.

As a race realist, I am color blind in many situations, such as the opportunity to shake hands with Dr. Williams. In other situations, I am acutely aware of the significance of race. That is race realism.

Race realists such as myself, Jared Taylor at American Renaissance , and many others, have been demonized by the New World Order’s mainstream media as haters, racists, Nazis, the KKK, and more.

Isn’t it odd that an alleged hater such as myself admires many black persons, including Dr. Williams, Dr. Thomas Sowell, Dr. Ben Carson, Justice Clarence Thomas, and other African-Americans? The mainstream media, as usual, is full of sh*t.

As a race realist, I’ve read selections from academic studies that show that on average, repeat, on average, blacks have lower IQ and impaired impulse control compared to White persons. These characteristics are primarily genetically determined.

I accept these facts just as I accept the fact that there are also some White persons with low IQs and impaired impulse control. It’s just that as a percentage of the group population, blacks have more of these people.

The result is that I play the odds. I avoid black areas since I do not wish to be the victim of crime and violence. I do not listen to black music or TV shows because they are usually unintelligent. Obviously, some white music is also unintelligent. I avoid that as well, although I find it much more palatable than black hip-hop.

Black, Hispanic, or Asian cultures hold little attraction for me. Among European cultures, I prefer the English version to the French and German versions. Shakespeare forever!

Such preferences are natural to me as a White person and natural to everyone, although today such preferences are falsely demonized as racist in universities and the media.

I am proud of the accomplishments of my White Euro ancestors. Thus, as a race realist, I’m happy to say, “White pride is a good thing.” If every other race is allowed to be proud, why not mine?

There are many White persons I have nothing in common with–wiggers, psychopaths, mudsharks, sports fans, the poorly educated, and others. But for the most part, I view all White persons as part of my extended family. My immediate family, of course, is where my first loyalties lie.

As a race realist, I treat everyone who crosses my path with kindness, until they show they do not deserve it. However, segregation of the races is desirable to me as a race realist. Even more desirable is separation of the races. I look forward to the ultimate creation of a White homeland.

As a race realist, I see evidence that the New World Order agenda includes the soft genocide of the White race. Only 8 percent of the world’s population today is White, with the percentage constantly shrinking.

The Cultural Marxists in the media openly rejoice over the death of the White race. Oprah Winfrey, for example, stated that racism would not disappear until Whites died off. I resent that statement and have absolutely no use for Oprah.

My aim with the comments I write on popular websites is simple: to tell the truth about a variety of issues important to me. Race realism is one of those issues. I believe that my comments, now numbering almost 6,000, with a high rate of upvotes, have been read by approximately 1,000,000 people in the year or so since I decided to start writing comments. My aim on this website is the same: the truth.

As a race realist, I feel no need to restrain myself from criticizing persons of other groups–blacks, Hispanics, and Asians. Realistically, all of these groups are using government to pull off a power grab, replacing merit in society with affirmative action.

Illegal immigrants who did nothing to build this country are often treated better by government and religious organizations than poor and working-class white persons. I resent that and will do everything in my power to sabotage an unfair System like the current USA.

These other groups see the economy as a pie that they want all of to carve up for themselves and they organize to achieve that end. As a race realist, I recognize that the White race created the modern Western economy, such as it is, and deserve a piece of the pie based on my race’s contribution toward baking that pie. Likewise, other groups deserve a piece of the pie, but only commensurate with their contributions.

Inequality is thus a natural fact of life. But it’s a fact of life that the enemies of the White race refuse to accept. Thus, the average young White family is taxed to death to pay for benefits for blacks, Hispanics, illegal immigrants, Asians, and other “minority” groups. I resent that and will not cooperate with such a System.

This page will be updated in the future as additional thoughts occur to me.

If you are not a race realist then you might ask yourself why you avoid reality. Nobody promised anyone a bed of roses. Reality is often painful, but better to live the truth than to live a lie.

193 thoughts on “Race Realism

  1. As an educator this is very upsetting to read. The fact that 14 ppl liked it makes me cringe. I pray God opens your closed minds.

    Your so wrong it’s almost comedy. I doubt you will post this, but I feel really sad for your uneducated world.

    Race was invented by colonist to venture capital gain. White capitalists continue to run this country like mall treating non whites less than. Slavery made their money and then you turn around and say you don’t hang out in Black neighborhoods because you don’t like violence abd crime. That is terribly ignorant and racist. It is 2018. There is plenty of intelligible Black amazing music.

    Scientist shows us that white is a mutation and we all came from Africa. This is the nicest I can say this, because if we have nothing nice to say….

    Read W.E. Dubious then you may have a tiny bit of the intelligence he possesses. Anyoneworth class would not invite you to the neighborhood.

    Shame on this article.

    • Mal Burway… I assume your comment is actually some sort of joke since the irrationality and illogic oozing out of its sentences surely can not be based upon reality. If your comment is heartfelt and meant to be taken seriously then what the reader has appearing before him/her/both/neither is a mind befuddled by modern-day propaganda and indoctrination of the sort spewed by those whose wealth allows access to the propaganda spewing systems AND the perversions found in many aspects of the USA education/indoctrination systems commencing in pre-school all the way upwards to the idiocy found in all parts of the college/university systems.

    • Educators today have reason for SHAME-the things taught by so-called “educators” today in schools include sexual perversion, pedophilia, dumbing down, obedience to authority instead of enlightened thinking, communism-the list goes on

    • If you use “your” rather than “you’re,” I can only assume you are a Black “educator” who got your job as a result of affirmative action. If people like you are standing in front of majority-minority classrooms, no wonder Blacks are so dumb.

    • You have poor grammar skills, are you really an educator? Stupid people guiding more people into stupidity…..

  2. For someone who claims not to be an extremist, your “them and us” idealism is quite unbelievable.
    Your denial of links to Nazism and your subsequent explanation of your belief system synonymous with the Nazi regime is ironic. To then call Mal Burway a man of irrationality is, itself, irrational. Your contradictive mindset matches your belief system.
    Your response to my comment will undoubtedly be linked to a “them and us” ideal. Because I must be wrong. Because the 99% are wrong. Because your perverted mindset is the one thing that makes you unique. That makes you special. And you will keep hold of it whilst looking truth in the face.

  3. Being black, white, yellow, brown or Muslim is not about race. The racism card is played by the Fascist-Left and minorities to stop debate on subjects that offend them, and that they believe they can control the debate if any does come up with simply calling their detractors as racists which shuts down debate. America like Eastern Canada have always had problems with black people. It’s no so much that white people hate black people, but actually the reverse is more to the truth. As a Western Canadian we rarely had such concerns. As a former soldier I trained in Eastern Canada and learned the hard way what reverse racism was all about. A young soldier from a training platoon, not mine, was jumped in Digby, NS and was lucky he wasn’t killed. We had similar experiences with blacks in Halifax who were quite volatile. It’s no excuse to blame black slavery of the past because history of North America tells you that the King of England endorsed white slavery from the early 1500’s. Millions of whites were sent to North America and Gulf of Mexico islands as slaves long before black slavery was even a thought. Black slavery was 99% by white elites and 1% black, but the majority of white people never owned a black slave. I really wish people would get off the racist nonsense about colour because colour has nothing to do with races of people. It’s trick of the Left-Fascists to simply make things up as if there any real or pertitnent facts to any of it. In fact they rarely point to any facts whatesoever. All you have to do is listen to their Left-Fascist nonsense about Trump making up fake news to know what I’m talking about.

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