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When I was an economics professor I had opportunities to attend academic conferences on the taxpayer dime. At one conference years ago, I sought out a presentation by Professor Walter Williams, pictured above. After the presentation I, along with many others, went up to him to introduce myself and thank him for his work promoting limited government.

As a race realist, I am color blind in many situations, such as the opportunity to shake hands with Dr. Williams. In other situations, I am acutely aware of the significance of race. That is race realism.

Race realists such as myself, Jared Taylor at American Renaissance , and many others, have been demonized by the New World Order’s mainstream media as haters, racists, Nazis, the KKK, and more.

Isn’t it odd that an alleged hater such as myself admires many black persons, including Dr. Williams, Dr. Thomas Sowell, Dr. Ben Carson, Justice Clarence Thomas, and other African-Americans? The mainstream media, as usual, is full of sh*t.

As a race realist, I’ve read selections from academic studies that show that on average, repeat, on average, blacks have lower IQ and impaired impulse control compared to White persons. These characteristics are primarily genetically determined.

I accept these facts just as I accept the fact that there are also some White persons with low IQs and impaired impulse control. It’s just that as a percentage of the group population, blacks have more of these people.

The result is that I play the odds. I avoid black areas since I do not wish to be the victim of crime and violence. I do not listen to black music or TV shows because they are usually unintelligent. Obviously, some white music is also unintelligent. I avoid that as well, although I find it much more palatable than black hip-hop.

Black, Hispanic, or Asian cultures hold little attraction for me. Among European cultures, I prefer the English version to the French and German versions. Shakespeare forever!

Such preferences are natural to me as a White person and natural to everyone, although today such preferences are falsely demonized as racist in universities and the media.

I am proud of the accomplishments of my White Euro ancestors. Thus, as a race realist, I’m happy to say, “White pride is a good thing.” If every other race is allowed to be proud, why not mine?

There are many White persons I have nothing in common with–wiggers, psychopaths, mudsharks, sports fans, the poorly educated, and others. But for the most part, I view all White persons as part of my extended family. My immediate family, of course, is where my first loyalties lie.

As a race realist, I treat everyone who crosses my path with kindness, until they show they do not deserve it. However, segregation of the races is desirable to me as a race realist. Even more desirable is separation of the races. I look forward to the ultimate creation of a White homeland.

As a race realist, I see evidence that the New World Order agenda includes the soft genocide of the White race. Only 8 percent of the world’s population today is White, with the percentage constantly shrinking.

The Cultural Marxists in the media openly rejoice over the death of the White race. Oprah Winfrey, for example, stated that racism would not disappear until Whites died off. I resent that statement and have absolutely no use for Oprah.

My aim with the comments I write on popular websites is simple: to tell the truth about a variety of issues important to me. Race realism is one of those issues. I believe that my comments, now numbering almost 6,000, with a high rate of upvotes, have been read by approximately 1,000,000 people in the year or so since I decided to start writing comments. My aim on this website is the same: the truth.

As a race realist, I feel no need to restrain myself from criticizing persons of other groups–blacks, Hispanics, and Asians. Realistically, all of these groups are using government to pull off a power grab, replacing merit in society with affirmative action.

Illegal immigrants who did nothing to build this country are often treated better by government and religious organizations than poor and working-class white persons. I resent that and will do everything in my power to sabotage an unfair System like the current USA.

These other groups see the economy as a pie that they want all of to carve up for themselves and they organize to achieve that end. As a race realist, I recognize that the White race created the modern Western economy, such as it is, and deserve a piece of the pie based on my race’s contribution toward baking that pie. Likewise, other groups deserve a piece of the pie, but only commensurate with their contributions.

Inequality is thus a natural fact of life. But it’s a fact of life that the enemies of the White race refuse to accept. Thus, the average young White family is taxed to death to pay for benefits for blacks, Hispanics, illegal immigrants, Asians, and other “minority” groups. I resent that and will not cooperate with such a System.

This page will be updated in the future as additional thoughts occur to me.

If you are not a race realist then you might ask yourself why you avoid reality. Nobody promised anyone a bed of roses. Reality is often painful, but better to live the truth than to live a lie.

179 thoughts on “Race Realism

  1. Greetings. You seem like a cool guy. I’m sure you’re not KKK. You seem intelligent enough, given the fact that you wrote this article yourself, to consider a few “variables” which influence our world, of which you may or may not be aware.

    I will first admit to you that I am not an albinoid or “white” person. Given that you know this fact, hopefully you will still be able to use what I have to say in the context of its nature and value, and not on the basis of “race” or “otherness”. Like I said, you seem intelligent enough.

    Honestly, I can say that I do admire your commitment to your race. It is admirable. I often wonder why more blacks are not as committed to their race. To be honest, the majority I have know has been convinced that the best thing they could do with their lives is to intermarry with whites, or as you might say “obliterate the white race”.

    I am a relatively young man myself, and after years of investigation, I have reached no logical conclusion for this mission (white race obliteration), which I wholeheartedly agree with you is in full swing. I was not born with pale skin, blue eyes, or blonde hair. My skin is brown. My hair is black with brown in it. My eyes are a shade of medium brown. Why was I born this way? Genetics, most would say.

    But I have been a European man in past lives. I have been Chinese. I have been many races. None of them have affected the weight of my soul, which is the only light I carried on each of these journeys.

    The reality of race, as I understand it, is that we, as humans, have a plethora of racial components to choose from in our genetic sequence, aka the genome. There are extremely light people and extremely dark people, with many variations in between.

    The reality is that we have been given little truth, facts, evidence as to the true genetic history of man on this planet, and from reading Michael Cremo’s “Forbidden Archaelogy”, and other ancient tomes, it is much more of a muddled mess than I could have imagined. It appears that human life on this earth has been created and destroyed so many times, and re-created by separate groups and interests, had our genetics muddled with, that there only remains the idea of racial “purity”.

    However, I do understand that pale skin, light eyes, light hair, are recessive traits within the larger human genome. I can only offer my conclusion on why this may be done. We are experiencing a planetary, and cosmic cycle of change which involves a large amount of energy being sent in the direction of Earth, a “shift” of consciousness is taking place at the base level of matter.

    I am not talking about New Age rainbow love theories where we all get magical powers. I am referring to the inviolable laws of nature, and how they summon us to affix our minds to the powers within themselves and ourselvs. We may resist, but the lives we wish to lead will not do us much good within the shelter of falsehood and illusion.

    I will be plain. There are no true cosmic realities in which racism exists. There are no cosmic realities in which skin color exists. There is only this leftover fragment dream falling apart before our very eyes. So it only makes sense that we want to save and maintain who we think we are.

    I would never tell someone to abandon their desire and life mission. Just saw your site, liked what you had to say, and given that I have the same respect for your opinion that I have for my own, wanted to let you know that I will not be participating in the obliteration of the white race, nor will I be participating in the creation of a white homeland. Hopefully there will be no media-driven “race war”, but all signs point to a “YES” on that one.

    Maybe in a next world, these designations and such will be as useless in forming our opinions about that world as they are in maintaining social order in this one.

    I’d settle for a world where no one benefited from anything except their own worth and value. Where no one race dominated another. I have been told that this is the only world in the universe that operates like this, and that it’s part of the reason we’re segregated from all other outside life.

    Keep doing you. You don’t need me to tell you that.

    • Thanks for your long and thoughtful comment, which I greatly appreciate. The world is a mystery in many ways and you seem like someone determined to figure out the mystery to the extent that mortal man can. That’s admirable. When I was your age I wish I had had the desire for wisdom that I you exhibit. I wish you much luck on your journey through life.

      • Oiga yo soy de México y no se hablar bien inglés por lo que usó Google traductor ,pero el problema es que muchos de mi país inmigran a México, debido a que tenemos un gobierno inútil que es esclavo del neoliberalismo, aclaró yo no soy comunista, más bien soy consciente que la URSS es totalitaria , pero el tratado de libre comercio fue muy malo para nosotros y además un pais de pura raza en ee.uu me parece imposible ya que mucha de su población viene de muchos países y razas y me parece injusto echarlos del país.
        la verdad estas cosas de que son nazis y todo( aunque no es cierto.), es muy común encontrarlo en los medios de comunicación,incluso ay páginas así en tv tropes seguramente, así que me parece que requiere mucha fuerza de voluntad para tener estas ideas, tomando en cuenta que has escuchado muchos insultos a tu inteligencia.

      • Gracias. Here’s the English translation via Google.

        I’m from Mexico and I do not speak English well because of what Google translator used, but the problem is that many of my country immigrate to Mexico, because we have a useless government that is a slave to neoliberalism, said I’m not a communist, rather I am aware that the USSR is totalitarian, but the free trade agreement was very bad for us and also a country of pure race in the USA seems to me impossible since much of its population comes from many countries and races and it seems to me unjust to throw them out of the country.
        the truth these things that they are Nazis and everything (although it is not true.), it is very common to find it in the media, even to pages like this on tv, surely, so it seems to me that it requires a lot of willpower to have these ideas, taking into account that you have heard many insults to your intelligence.

    • Thanks for your long and thoughtful comment, which I greatly appreciate. The world is a mystery in many ways and you seem like someone determined to figure out the mystery to the extent that mortal man can. That’s admirable. When I was your age I wish I had had the desire for wisdom that you exhibit. I wish you much luck on your journey through life.

    • It is refreshing to see and read objective and rational thinking. I see people. Humans, from every generation, promote a needless and worthless racist or skin color culture. Why are people obsessed with labels? When we look at someone and access skin color, there is no sensible explanation for using words to describe a person.

      Antiquated Terminology List
      Wet Back
      African American
      Red Neck

      As a United States citizen, my only label should be American. This terminology will give a world wide classification representing where I was born and live.

    • ‘albinoid’ ?

      You are clearly not up to date with the death of the ‘out of Africa’ hogwash theory.

      Whites are NOT albino blacks on the run from the cooking pot back home. (Although such unfortunates do most certainly exist in the hot bed of destruction and regression which is Africa).

      Whites have been human for much longer than negroids, perhaps that’s why we are so far advanced in comparison.

      Please update your information and refrain from such thinly veiled insults in future.

      • Where do you get your facts let me start by saying scientifically everything you have said has no merit the oldest fossils to Russia Africa Asia and Britain to name a few are all of dark-skinned are all black this is a known fact black people have been on this Earth much longer than white people and you talk about that’s why are so farther progress than us you lived in caves with no wheels no fires and never took baths until we came around I have no problem with someone relishing in their Heritage I don’t even care that you’re racist but I do care when you attempt to go against everything that science has taught

    • I agree with you. I believe in the preservation of my race but also the right of other races to be preserved and not dominated. While I’m a racial realist I hate racial supremacy. Why can’t white nationalists use racial equality to preserve and defend their identity and ditch supremacism?

  2. “Black, Hispanic, or Asian cultures hold little attraction for me. Among European cultures, I prefer the English version to the French and German versions. Shakespeare forever!”
    It seems to me as a blond, blue-eyed, german-aryan race realist, that you have no idea about Goethe, Bach, Mozart or Göbbels. Otherwise you always had to prefer the German version, since this is the only place, where your “White Homeland” ever can be built. Also I have scientific proof, that the average, repeat: average IQ of a German is about 27% higher than of a British (and 16% higher than a white American due to the german share of white american blood). The only race on the world that has an even higher IQ are japanese women. Ah, and I forgot to mention the indo-german ancesters, brave Germans that conqisted India about 7000 years ago. Thanks to their IQ India resited the British Colonialism of modern times and finally kicked them out.

    • My preference for things British is just that, a preference, not necessarily rooted in rationality. For whatever reason, I’ve preferred things British since I was two or three years old.

      • Storch Eimer,
        Were you talking about those Indians whose average IQ is a whopping 85? I’m surprised you would want to include such a group in der sehr klugen Deutschen Familie. They must be the “black sheep” of the family, right? As for the British, why don’t you read Charles Murray’s book “Human Accomplishment”? The British more than hold their own. In fact, the big four are Britain, France, Germany, and Italy in that order (page 296).

      • your entitled to that ,English genes must be in your makeup .,The german comment interested me,they are a very inteligent race ,they are also said to be the heart of europe , by the way im not german but Irish , The celts were the first people of europe .

      • A poor choice! they make terrible cars their food is “Yuck” and their accents are horrible, ill take German,

      • You pathetic, silly white boys rate cultures? Based on overall appeal? Where are the grades from 1 to 10? If you do not do this based on a rational rating you insult my intelligence.
        And by the way; There are veryvery stupid white people here in Germany. And your whity homeland is not welcome here. You only start trouble and bombs nowerdays even blow up more stuff. and who has to clean the mess afterwards? Certainly not you lazy supremacists ….

      • Me Too. Great Britain was a superior race of people. They are imploding due to decades of Cultural Marxism. The UK has become a nation of sappy alcoholic degenerates. Very Very Sad. Look at Prince Harry??? What a lunatic!!! Enoch Powell was 100 percent correct.

    • how odd Germans should have a higher IQ than the British yet they are actively participating in the genocide of their own people much faster with their Willkommenskultur and their Gutmenschen attitude than the Brits ever could.

      Germany literally has managed to destroy their country in about one eight of the time it took Brits to let their own country be islamized.

      I grew up in Switzerland, I am European as they come. I know germans. They are not smart. I don’t care what studies say. They WERE smart at the times of Bach etc. I have a bible in my possession, my family bible, that is an original Luther translation, printed in 1653. That bible was printed 34 years BEFORE J.S. Bach even was born. When I read it, I feel ten times smarter afterwards just for being able to decipher all the words which we never learned four centuries later.

      Germany has been dumbed down. Their school system is atrocious. They have become all but dhimmi. I do not know where to even begin to take apart the statement that Germans are intelligent… I think the reality speaks for itself.

      Perhaps I can suggest to you to keep up with EVERYTHING news that’s going on in Germany. In 20 years pure Germans will be a minority in their own country. And it’s their own doing. They did that. They built that. Nobody else. They did. They voted for it, they ushered in their own genocide. That’s not intelligent. That’s super dumb.

      • Thanks for taking the time to write this very perceptive comment. It’s truly remarkable what is happening with Germany. Guilt for the holocaust? Guilt for the existence of Hitler? Who knows. Perhaps the best and brightest Germans were all killed in WW II.

      • The European whites whether Celt or Saxon are all one people Germans Scandinavians Slavs Anglo-Saxons all just terms derived from borders but they are one Aryan people.

        The fact that many of them are not acting or reacting in a smart way at this time is due to generations of as one says “dumbing down”. External factors that prioritise emotional responses over rational ones. There has been a war waged but a war on an ideological plane which has largely been lost simply because the victims of this invasion like the victim of a Virus did not even know they were being invaded or that a war had been declared on them.

      • What an ugly display of victim blaming…

        You are clearly either NOT in the know regarding the perpetrators of white genocide in Germany which did not begin in the lifetime of any current German.

        Or you know the score and are here to mock and sadistically victim blame.

        Disingenuous at the very least.

      • Swiss arent more intelligent than others either. What language do you speak mostly? You cannot just write you are swiss. be concrete! Or do you think that multilinguality improves thinking capabilities? There might be a bit of truth in it. And do you work for a bank?

      • Not only Germany. It is the same thing here in the US. Trump will stop the bleeding of cultural Marxism, but, who comes after him? France, the UK, Sweden, all have become the Bitches of the Muslims. Unbelievable!!! Angela Merkel, Teresa May, are you kidding me? These women belong in a mental institution. Governments are not protecting the people anymore. Their God is Political Correctness.

      • Germans’ high IQ’s, comparable to Jews, and brilliance in engineering, math, and science doesn’t translate into common sense. Cultural Marxism destroyed Germany and other Western countries. A little common sense goes a long way in discerning “something isn’t right,” and correcting it. Communism in the guise of Progressivism has taken over and Westerners allowed themselves to be too dumbed down to recognize it.

      • Yes, I’m sure everything looked very much lost to the muttis in the streets of Berlin in the early 1930’s, yet dodge got cleaned up real quick.

        This time the Germans will not be alone and the Jews have a homeland….. already.

  3. By the way, in your conspiracy theories tab…your last line references Oprah. Not sure if this is a glitch or just a form of “English” humor 😉 Don’t care for her either. I really enjoy what you write here and how you wrote it regarding race realism. Its very to the point and factual but still doesn’t sound like a “white nationalists” verbiage which sounds way too harsh and loses the message. Keep up the great writing! I truly enjoy it…


    • Thanks Melody. I assume your last name “Martel” is a reference to Charles Martel?

      As to being harsh, I do sometimes lose it due to my anger toward certain injustices and get harsh and downright mean, but it’s not my typical way of expressing myself. Keep reading and feel free to comment any time.

      • Martel was more a reference to “hammer” or “warrior”. It is also a medieval diminutive of Martin, which is a family name. 🙂 Not too familiar with Charles, but shall read on…

      • Paladin:
        Strange that I should by happenstance visit here today and see your “Martel” comment…
        I have a post-it note reminder to myself to read more about Charles Martel.
        We need him now.

    • Oprah along with the nasty Obamas are racialists. If Obama was 100% White, he would be a very different type of person. He is at war within himself. Of course, his true identity is Muslim.

  4. Your desire for a “White Homeland” is disturbing, though I can see how you arrived at such a conclusion given the rampant intolerance and open violence towards the White race these days. I disagree with lumping Asians and how they are treated in the same boat with Blacks and Hispanics. Your “Race Realism” has some merits but is too black and white (no pun intended). Preferring to be around people like you is common to most people who are honest with themselves. The “soft genocide” you refer to these days towards whites is mostly because of the level of affluence of whites, increase in selfishness, decrease in family values, and decrease in Christianity. White people have less kids by choice. Once whites become minority and when and if they become more impoverished (probably because people of color have taken all their stuff by force), then white people will begin (again) to breed at a faster rate. It may be that AFFLUENT people of ANY race begin to breed less children (on average). Muslims are breeding at blazing speed at the moment. “Race Realism” in the way you framed it, sounds a little too much like the desire to exclude others because of your own superiority, though you admit to preference for things British and a White Homeland…then what about when the Germans kick you out of the homeland because of your inferior British race?

    • Check out the American Renaissance website in my blogroll. It’s the original race realist website, and in general the comments, while sometimes a bit rude, are nothing like those at the Daily Stormer, which I think I also put in my blog roll. Both are race realist, but one has a distinctly different flavor from the other.

      China is a eugenics paradise, breeding a new super race of high IQ Chinese. They won’t let any other races immigrate, nor will the Japanese. China is 90 percent Han, while Japan is 99 percent Japanese. Those are the two groups who believe themselves to be superior. There are news stories on Amren about these racial attitudes in the Far East. As China improves its IQ, the average USA IQ is heading south fast due to illegal and other immigration. I give the US 20 years before the country slips into the edges of third world. In south Texas, where I currently live, the violence, disease, and filth are already reminescent of Mexico. And while Mexicans still tolerate whites to a degree, they’re at war with blacks. I wish blacks well, but Mexicans are pushing them straight into hell.

      White race realists just want freedom of association. I had a wonderful Chinese prof in my doctoral program. Very smart. Ditto a Japanese professor. But their minds simply did not work like the minds of the white students in the program. They were fixated on becoming walking encyclopedias, while the white students preferred their white professors because the white profs were into creative thinking and problem solving.

      The problem with low white birth rates is that middle class white women were sold a bill of goods by feminists. Feminism was aimed at that demographic. One of my commenters, Viking Bitch, promotes white babies, no matter economic or marital status. She has a large following with that philosophy. She also advocates that whites stop working and collect welfare to bring down the system.

      • I believe Koreans also are Hans, are they not? Don’t know about their “policies”. Glad to know older/wiser civilizations are taking action on their own behalf.

        USA should have done so 50 years ago but the Planned-Parenthooders have been in charge of that subject for more time than almost anyone realizes. . If you haven’t already, check out http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Bush_Gang/GeorgeHWBush_Unauth_Bio.html .

        Low white birth rate was on its way down in the early 60s, before the (white) feminists (and the gay ladies and gentlemen) got going. In the 60s there was a lot of talk about world over-population (white people implied), and as I remember, it implied specifically that a lower US birth rate would be better. Well, of course, that turned into a shit sandwich because lower birth rate in the 60s meant fewer white babies over 50 years would become taxpayers now when demographics rule everything. So where’s that missing revenue going to come from, hmmmm?
        Lawn-mowers from Mexico?. (No slur…I appreciate my lawn crew but they hardly make enough to support their families.)

        So, yes, due to very stupid decisions made in government about WW1, WW2, and all the other US wars, there aren’t enough white babies to replace the silent generation and boomers and there aren’t going to be unless we snatch white babies from Russia, which also doesn’t have enough.

        If Trump’s deep state goes nuclear there’ll be far less Christian white people in the world to care what happens to USA.

        When someone I know visited Russia a few years ago many Russians told him how they wished American white Christians would move there and help keep their small population growing. They were very scared about rising Islam and I don’t blame them, I am too. And because of that same issue, it’s too late to get white babies from ladies of the formerly-blue-eyed blond countries of Europe, Germany among them.

      • I feel a great affinity to the Russian people. They went through so much and still many of them are Christian in spite of the Communist brainwashing that tried to destroy Christianity.

      • To aspire to collect welfare to do nothing but produce children …? How sad these children will become!

      • Maybe because TSalin was halfway a priest and communism has a lot of christian elements, more than naziism.

  5. I like white people, but I’m concerned all the technology they invented beginning with the Industrial Revolution is eventually going to kill us all.

    White farmers are cool, though, people who live off the land in harmony with nature.

  6. “THE WHITE MAN” by Kola Boof critical analysis

    8 May 2014

    *The White Man….would never allow Black pussy or Asian pussy…to completely erase him from the landscape. He does not embrace extinction.

    White Men win wars; provide for their families; always focus on the future and transform their enemies & victims into THEIR White image. (*We could learn so much from that).

    When WHITE MEN conquer a land it stays White Forever. You have to respect that. Unlike THE MOORS (who sold African women as slaves to finance their armies and conquered much of Southern Europe only to breed themselves off the planet–they were defeated by White pussy; not rival armies) the White man is too smart for that. The White man (who also sexes all races of women) demands that his offspring be White like him and he keeps his power base WHITE.

    While fucking around with Black women (for instance), he quickly invented the 1 Drop Rule so that none of his indiscretions could affect his wealth and power. He kept his White Queen in place (while constantly betraying her) and kept all his conquered lands squarely under his control and kept himself….WHITE.

    Since a nation cannot rise above its woman….the White man created a weapon (Media) to keep his White Queen firmly on a pedestal. Thereby keeping himself on top and insuring the birth of White sons.

    I constantly hear Black Americans decree that the White Man is the devil; is innately evil. But the reality is, all men —all men of every race—-commit the same evils that White men commit. They all want what the White man has; power and vast wealth. The Black man has literally killed his own mother to attain some semblance of White status in America. The Black man would rather his children look like White men and not “those dark butts back in Africa.”

    The reality is that White People are a tribe of people from Europe….who defeated African and Native American tribes; conquered, oppressed and dominated them. And continue to dominate them. There is no morally superior group. They have all attempted to do the same thing to each other. The Whites have simply been the most successful at it.

    And so much of the power of WHITES….is that they have a very simple rule

    You must be WHITE to be WHITE.

    They believe in themselves; see themselves as the Norm, the centre of the universe and the ultimate representatives of the human race. They are everything that Africans used to be in our glory days clannish, narcissistic and fearful of predators.

      • While oversimplified here there is a great deal of evidence supporting the “African glory days” in science, education, etc. Perhaps you aren’t aware of it for the reasons cited by lyle smart (the achievements aren’t “white” so we do our best to diminish and refute them). As a “white” person I agree that we generally see ourselves as the norm, avoid “breeding” with other races (though we frequently have intercourse with them), and have been extremely successful in convincing others that our features and characteristics are superior. I would dare to say most Americans have never lived in another country, and even less have lived in non-European countries. I have lived in Finland, India, China and African. The impact of “white” culture on India, China and African societies and how the people there view themselves is clear. Some could argue that the influence is positive but I found it to be disturbing and made me look differently at myself as a “white” person. It’s easy to sit in your comfortable home, read theories about race and engage in disputes or rhetoric at a healthy distance. However, when you live closely with people who are of other cultures and truly take the team to learn what they have to offer your ideas may change. Don’t get me wrong, I love who I am! My point is that I believe whites were superior in so many ways and now I believe we are just another group of people with fair skin who have fallen into blissful ignorance.

    • What were the glory days of Europe? Doesnt any Glory cast its shadows? There were no real golden times for any culture in historical times. History most certainly has told us all better to avoid glory.

  7. “Illegal immigrants who did nothing to build this country are often treated better by government and religious organizations than poor and working-class white persons.” Countries are formed on the backs of immigrants, are you really that educated? Also, do you really think that by praising one black scholar makes your statements about race just? You should do as you say and wake up and be who you are without hiding. It’s 100% right for you to be proud of your race and to strive for what you believe, but don’t hide behind your so called logic. I’m not black or white, in case you were wondering.

    • Japan and China are doing just fine without immigrants. They don’t want the turd world’s problem children infesting their countries. They also practice racial purity. The Chinese are even involved in eugenics, trying to create an Asian “master race.”

      As one commenter on Amren.com puts it:
      Export “your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.” Let them be another country’s problem.

      Only the countries of the West are importing diversity in order to destroy tradition and white racial identity. They do so because the globalists are in charge of those governments via lobbying and use of their wealth.

      • “Only the countries of the West are importing diversity in order to destroy tradition and white racial identity. They do so because the globalists are in charge of those governments via lobbying and use of their wealth.”

        So right!

        “Diversity”, aka losing our identities. I’m NOT a racist, but I do think that those who advocate diversity are advocating societal suicide (whether a black society or a white society, or other), and I hope the trend will stop.

        Let the Chinese and Japanese (and perhaps Koreans) be our examples.

      • Thanks for weighing in, Not Oliver. For decades I paid no attention to race or ethnicity, but the Mexican Supremacist president of the University of Texas at San Antonio, Ricardo Romo (resigned in disgrace after assaulting three white women), taught me that I had better start paying attention. We’re under attack and we didn’t start the war.

      • Check above. And China actually is not very hostile to immigrants at all. Correct, it is difficult to get a chinese passport as an immigrant. Its a strange sort of honorification if you do. But there is not the western concept of race, which has its roots first in the a crude justification of conquering of places like ireland and America, before the slave trade in Africa started. Chienese culture mostly did not conquer people to make them Chinese. They merely assimilated into the civilication and eventually the culture, which did not have a single birthplace but was itself a merging of different centres. The main feature you need for being Chinese is speaking fluent Chinese and maybe eating Chinese. A true Chinese Race only exists in your head. As maybe all the other ones.

    • I’m sorry but this country was formed on the backs of LEGAL immigrants; not ILLEGAL immigrants who simply lower all our wages. The last big immigrant population came from all parts of EUROPE, not the 3rd world. And they came because we needed them, not to have so many people that it lowered wages.

      And the European immigrants ASSIMILATED to make us strong. The snarling, illegal Mexicans sit on welfare, are violent, refuse to learn English and make it impossibly expensive for everybody.

      The author of this blog uses logic and logic alone- what else would he use?

      Do you know what logic is?

      • To think that the existence of any mirgant could be illegal is unlogical. how can mexicans be illegal immigrants anyway, when the usa annexed large parts of mexico illegally? Where is the logic there?

  8. I discovered “accidentally” Paladin’s blog somewhere at the beginning of August and I have been immediately taken by title “saboteur365” and by image of Wolf disguised as a sheep. Instinctively and immediately, I sensed this could be my “tribe”. Blog’s concept couldn’t be better. There are plenty of excellent blogs on my visiting list, but here I feel somehow at home.

    There is no need to defend Paladin, as he has more than enough firepower in his arsenals, but I have to hang for a moment on @storch eimer comment where he missed the point about Paladin’s English preferences. It is always surprising how intelligent people misinterpret something.

    It is amusing where @S.S. Jermaine, obviously Black man, says to Paladin – “Like I said, you seem intelligent enough” – His on surface interesting comments have some serious flaws and some are total nonsense.

    He “has been a European man in past lives”, reminds on other “past live” believers where almost all were Napoleon, Cesar, Cleopatra or some other famous figure. However, fact remains that all Blacks, no matter how educated and polite they might sound they unavoidably leave traces of Black animosities against Whites thru statements like –

    “I do understand that pale skin” – instead of simply saying white skin

    “it only makes sense that we want to save and maintain who we think we are” – I doubt that we Whites just think that we are what we are

    “no cosmic realities in which skin color exists” – Blacks are self-misguided by color of skin issue, constantly ignoring that color of skin is just easier long distance identification, where essence is in attitude, behavior, temperament, inclinations, habits or shortly, in inherently incompatible culture.

    “Hopefully there will be no media-driven “race war”, but all signs point to a “YES” on that one” – Here I partially agree with him – for eventual “race war” Blacks will be the main culprit, not media, as media support them.

    No matter who and how approaches the fact of Races, Race Realism is reality!

  9. I am so happy that I found your blog. There is so much emotional pablum floating around in the ether that has absolutely no foundation in reality. You are obviously intelligent, well-spoken, and witty (a lovely combination), and what you have posted on race realism is enlightening to me. Can I just say how satisfying it is to find sound, intellectual argument instead of ravings by a nutter? Cheers to you from a girl who can trace her ancestry back to the Norman Conquest. As you say, “Shakespeare forever!”

    • Thanks. I’m glad you enjoy the mix of things posted here. I do sometimes get angry from time to time with what is happening, although I shouldn’t. Especially when it involves violence and/or liberal stupidity and lies.

      Check out the comments sections in the articles posted on Amererican Renaissance. That’s the website, or one of them at least, that got me started on seeking out fundamental truths about society, human nature, etc. I used to post comments there regularly, but haven’t had time recently.

      • And before the “Norman conquest”? And maybe someone lied or hid anything in that ancestrial tree? There are a lot of gardeners in Britain, right?

    • The realisation that your race is targetted for genocide can turn the most reasonable chap into a raving nutter.

      I think a pinch of the understanding LAVISHED on rapeapes after one of their sexual emergencies would not go amiss.

      And what use is Shakespeare forever if some spiteful Hairhat has convinced the world that Shakespeare was a black woman?

      Sometimes outrage had a right to be screamed in the face of the nonchalant.

  10. Hi, i leave in Europe, but i`m black. I like all races, because each race has good and bad, beautiful and graceless people. All my friends are Europeans and they are good people. Your articales hurt me. People can`t choose their parents, their race and, certainly, their appearance. You use logic (maybe wrong logic), but WHY you don`t use kindness, humanity, impartiality, compassion and sympathy in your blog? But, it is qualities make us human.

    • @Marina, I am European and I have to react on your comment, as you are just another Black person who for some reason, intently or not, chooses not to “understand” what Race Realism is.

      Yours – “each race has good and bad, beautiful and graceless people” – no one here ever denied that, but you obviously “forgot” or just choose to “forget” that your Race has too many bad, problematical people which are inherently incompatible with our civilization, and they HATE their host. That is the fact, and if facts hurt you, you have to learn to admit it and leave with it.

      Yours – “People can`t choose their parents, their race and, certainly, their appearance” – that is fact too, but they can choose attitude and behavior, and your people, most of them, evidently did it the worst way. Black Africans in Europe are growing problem and their attitude already changed social naivety of many benevolent Europeans. You can expect that sooner or later some of your “good” European friends will very likely change their multicultural stance, due to experiences thru Race Realism.

      You want from White people to use “kindness, humanity, impartiality”, in contrast with culture that you are coming from, which from you obviously fled away. Your Negro countryman, as a vermin together with other Muslims, pollutes our continent, thanks to conspiracy of International Marxist Jewry in alliance with scoundrel Socialist Left. Incredible recklessness of mostly unaware “progressive” Europeans provides legality to this monstrous project.

      As you leave in Europe, you are aware of new winds that started blowing over Europe. Mark my words, more your “beautiful” countrymen will come here, sooner the winds will turn in cold hurricanes that will blow off demanding vermin, or with “Global Warming” TW “cultures” will devour us. Where will you flee then?

    • Some race realism has no place for kindness….. For it is the stating of FACTS that make it realism in the first place…., he spoke of how in equality is a part of our natural world. Sadly, compassion and sympathy skew the judgement of liberals all too often ( see the conversation about germany and it’s voters ushering in their own demise) I don’t believe that the writers intentions are to hurt you , as you stated ….. I think compassion and kindness definitely have their places and are valuable attributes but when writing sincerely about racial differences someone is bound to be hurt or offended eventually.

      • I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry if anyone feels insulted by my comments as these days the bar is very low and all kinds of spoiled invaders feel insulted by the fact we natives have something to say about our own genocide.

        It enrages me that we have sunk so low as to apologise for being angry with those who are basically standing on the heads of our children to steal the fruit which should rightfully belong in our children’s bellies.

        In case the disingenuous really have just failed to notice…. We have nowhere else to run or return to, clutching our pilfered fruit… We will either be exterminated or left so few in the ashes and ruins of what took us thousands of years to achieve …all devoured overnight by a plague of mindless, ungrateful locusts and assisted by copious traitors and filthy fifth columns.

    • Why don’t you disprove your own stereotype and try to understand what is being done to our white christian homelands by over immigration of which, I can tell by your faulty English, you are one.

      What can you possibly have to offer us that we do not already have in superior and superlative forms? You are here for your own betterment, not ours and we will likely have to carry you and several of your future generations because you cannot likely compete with us without affirmative action.

      Or maybe you are one of the 1 in 500 who has a competitive IQ by European standards. In which case why aren’t you in your homeland improving it and raising it to our standards.

      A year ago, I would have been one of your stupid friends, telling myself we are all equal under the skin…. But that was before I heard blacks screaming about killing white babies, saw what Zulu Bantus do on a daily basis to whites, heard my first Muslim bragging about taking over MY sacred homeland or heard a Jewish supremacist enthuse about all of the above.

      Yes, I would have been your stupid friend, now all I want to say to you is GO back to where you came from. And I’m not sorry because you are a deliberate part of MY son’s genocide.

      It is mind numbingly obvious that there are ‘good and bad people everywhere’ … SO WHY ARE YOU HERE?

  11. lewgc, I disagree with you. You don`t now every man or women in Black race, wich leave all over the world.
    Yours ” … but you obviously “forgot” or just choose to “forget” that your Race has too many bad, problematical people which are inherently incompatible with our civilization, and they HATE their host”.
    I didn`t forgot. I didn`t know it. And I told your words to my friends, they were very surprised.
    You know some bad black people, like i know some bad white people. To draw such a conclusion, it is necessary to know many people of this race. And most of them have to be bad.
    I leave in a country, where 90 % population are white people and, certainly, some of them are ” … problematical people which are inherently incompatible with our civilization” and with people all over the world. BUT I`ll NEVER SAY, THAT YOUR RACE OR ANOTHER RACE “has too many bad, problematical people which are inherently incompatible with our civilization, and they HATE their host”
    You don`t now me, but, by your words, I`m a bad person, because i`m black and my race ” …has too many bad, problematical people which are inherently incompatible with our civilization”.
    And my friends never think about me, that i`m bad, because i`m black. It is not fair. If you understand: what is fairness?
    Prejudgement, hatred and violence are crime, but not everyone understands it.
    If my words hurt you or others, i`m sorry. I didn`t want it.
    Sorry for the grammar mistakes. I speak English bad.
    This is my last comment.

    • Dear @Marina you have all rights to disagree with me or with whatever you want. However, upon your disagreement it would be nice if you would come with some arguments, which wouldn’t reflect your feelings, but facts.

      Dear, dear, I don’t know few bad Black people, as luckily where I leave at the moment we have just few, but behavior of these few is already irritating. With Internet and abundance of news there is no need to know many Blacks personally for “better” experience, as almost everything is exposed, of course not thru incredibly biased MSM.

      From which African country you fled to Europe, that you “didn`t know” how “nice and civilized” are your people. Black Africa is just one huge turmoil and mess that whoever can, flees. I assume that you didn’t fall from the Moon, hence it might “explain” your ” didn`t know”. How come that you still don’t know anything about your countrymen, “perfectly adapted” to host’s standards with for instance – rampant raping of White women, in spite of abundance of willing mudsharks. Violence, robbery, rioting, welfare sponging, etc., and that is just a beginning, as more are coming daily and your people breed as cockroaches. What’s not to like here?

      Generalization isn’t fair; neither did I say that you are a bad person, nor that all Whites are good people, as lots of them are the worst possible scum. No matter how bad they are, they are native to Europe, while Blacks aren’t, and Europe doesn’t need such extra “prosperity”, particularly not from alien incompatibles. Blacks were “designed” for Africa and that is the place where they, including you belong.

      After you told my words to your friends, they were very surprised. Well, I am not surprised that your friends were ” very surprised”, as exactly this sort of your Libretarded “friends” is part of the immigration chaos, which will “very surprise” them, or their children actually, when it will be too late. Social/Racial naivety and tranquilizing comfortableness equal in consequences with Social/Racial idioticalness, which “luckily” for you had been so “friendly” as we speak.

      Abnormal social/multicultural circumstances already generated tensions, and first responders in the form of New Right will slowly, but steadily acquire critical momentum, which would hopefully put Europe back on proper tracks. It’s paradoxical, but all we need is more of “well adapted immigrants” to tickle “friends of yours” with authentic jungle/machete attitude.

      If yours would prevail, your descendants will be back in Africa, Euro-Africa, the one you fled once.

      Don’t be so melodramatic with – “If my words hurt you or others, I’m sorry” – Who cares about grammar, my English isn’t perfect and my Anglo-American colleagues from this forum aren’t expelled no one for such “misbehavior”.

      Don’t be offended with my and with Race Realism of others from this forum, no one hates you, I don’t for sure. If you think that I or others are wrong, please counter attack with facts and arguments, not feelings. I am sure that Paladin would welcome your responding.

      • Lew, I take the approach that truth, which is fact based, is my highest value. Thus, I can’t be responsible for someone’s feelings other than my own. I am sorry if Marina’s feelings are hurt, but as the old saying goes, “Sometimes the truth hurts.” I know that there are plenty of blacks and browns who hate white people. I don’t get my feelings hurt over this. I accept it, but I prefer to avoid those people. In fact, I prefer to avoid all blacks and browns. Some of them hate me, but I don’t know which ones, so it’s best just to avoid them all. It’s rare to meet a white person who hates blacks, but we don hat black behavior, especially when it’s directed at us. We have a shorthand expression in America, TNB, which stands for “Typical Nigger Behavior.” That expression is not directed toward skin color, but toward behavior. The races do differ in their behavior. That’s why Japanese culture is different from Chinese culture is different from French culture is different from British, etc. Different behaviors create different cultures. Black culture is incompatible with Euro culture, whether it be French, British, German, etc.

        Thanks for writing a long, thoughtful reply to Marina explaining the truth about race realism.

      • No its not incompatible. You have no idea of European culture which is lived and not read in a book. We in Europe hopefully will some day find a humane way to get rid of unpleasant inhumane descendants of genocide perpetrators to make room for pleasant and humane, multilingually fluent African people who have to flee the consequences of environmental polution by a bourgoiss megalomania.

      • Lew lives in Europe. For the last few hours you’ve been spamming. In all honesty, it’s gotten boring. Finish up and move on. Not everyone has the amount of time on their hands that you have. Are you collecting welfare? Most people have a job, you know. Or should I say that most WHITE people have a job.

    • I wonder if your bleeding heart liberal trash friends have woken up yet.

      You seem to be unable to grasp that no one reasonable hates anyone on the basis of their skin.

      What we hate is you coming here and expecting to be welcomed and treated as equal without being invited to come, nor having done anything to prove your worth.

      I would bet money that you are a welfare sucking immigrant and your friends are your social workers working for a Jewish NGO.

      How well would I be treated if I rocked up in your country with a million of my compatriots demanding food, housing, free health care, education & money?

      How well would I be treated if your arrival coincided with a massive spike in crime, especially the organised rape of under aged native girls.

      Or If your people desecrated the graves of my ancestors FOR A CARPARK having taken my church off a mosk?

      Would you give a single one of us anything but a good kicking? I doubt we would even leave alive.

      Is it really only whites who can imagine how another person feels?

      Also, who do you think will be feeding the whole world and sending aid when the whites are gone……which your invasion of our lands will ultimately precipitate?

      Will you be just like the idiots of Zimbabwe? Standing knee deep in the blood of whites on the farms whites built and made bountiful without the first CLUE how to farm a single bean.

      You want to be considered a ‘good person’ and not judged badly?

      Then set up a LEAVE THE WHITES ALONE/each to their own foundation exhorting blacks to get out of WHITE HOMELANDS.

      Otherwise, as part of the problem… As part of the extermination of the most productive race on the planet, you have no right to feel hurt.

      You are even cruel to those of your own still in Africa, because what it costs us to keep you here for one day, we could (AND FREQUENTLY DO) feed a whole village for a month.

  12. Thank you that you have responded to my comment.
    Actually I was born and grew up in the European country. I am half European. And my native language is the language of the country in which I live. I have no acquaintances in Africa, and I don’t know any African language. But, judging by your logic, I “pollute your continent” and has to go to Africa though the country in which I live is my Motherland.
    I am a Christian. I like the Bible, and in the comment I will quote it.
    I would like to give some facts:
    1) Having carried out search in statistics, what race commits more crimes, I didn’t find data which would specify a percentage ratio of the crimes committed by black and white people. There is only information on the one who more suffers from crimes. According to the statistics of NCVS in the USA there are crimes against black people – 49%, while against white people – 42%.
    2) The majority of the countries as a basis of constitutions have the principles and commandments from the Bible. They guarantee the equal rights to all citizens of the state, regardless of ethnicity. Here some bible principles which were given at first to Israelis, and then to Christians: «If a foreigner resides with you in your land, you must not mistreat him. The foreigner who resides with you should become to you like a native among you; and you must love him as yourself, for you were foreign residents in the land of Egypt. I am Jehovah your God» (Leviticus 19:33, 34) – commandment for Israelis. «At this Peter began to speak, and he said: “Now I truly understand that God is not partial, but in every nation the man who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him» (Acts 10:34, 35) – principle for Christians.
    These principles established the foundation of the universal human values which act for all people on the earth and define what is good and what is bad.
    3) One dictionary defines nationalism as “a sense of national consciousness exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations.” Ivo Duchacek, a professor of political science, observed in his book Conflict and Cooperation Among Nations: “Nationalism divides humanity into mutually intolerant units. As a result people think as Americans, Russians, Chinese, Egyptians, or Peruvians first, and as human beings second—if at all.” … According to one dictionary, the cornerstone of racism is “the provision on physical and mental non-equivalence of human races and on decisive influence of racial distinctions on history and culture of society”. As is noted in The World Book Encyclopedia, researchers “have not discovered any scientific basis for such claims of [racial] superiority.” The cruel injustice generated by racism — for example, systematic human rights violation — brightly testifies to perversity of racist thinking.
    Sense of justice and conscience are present in each person, they induce us to be humane and intelligently honest with others as well as with ourselves.
    Thank you for your words: «…Don’t be offended with my and with Race Realism of others from this forum, no one hates you, I don’t for sure. If you think that I or others are wrong, please counter attack with facts and arguments, not feelings. I am sure that Paladin would welcome your responding». These words induced me to write this comment.

    • @Marina, I am glad that you changed your mind and came back with your comment. You sound as a nice person, and it’s my pleasure to have a chat with you, particularly on that hot subject. Thru civilized dialog, we can better understand each other and clear out eventual misunderstandings. Some vagueness remained in your respond and certain misinterpretations on your side.

      In your first post you said – “i leave in Europe, but i`m black”, and now you said – “I am half European”. For further discussion, it is completely irrelevant if you are Black or not. Without being personally affected, let me briefly explain to you notion of being European, as many TW immigrants are prone to “grant” themselves that attribute.

      If one is Black African, Arab, or Asian, etc., by leaving or even being born in Europe, he/she could never become ethnic (autochthon) European. Same vice verse, European leaving in Africa or Asia cannot become autochthon African or Asian. Blacks in US aren’t just Americans, they are identified as African Americans (now minority), more logically – American Africans.

      As peculiarities to this rule are White South Africans or Afrikaners, as they acquired attribute Afrikaner because they created South Africa. Same as Europeans created America and became Americans. As a non-Anglo-Saxon European, I always acknowledged certain Anglo-Saxon primacy within White Americans. Logic is simple, Anglo-Saxons were there first, and they established colonies, fathered constitution and brought language, accepted by the rest. Nomadic native Indians have no weight here, as they never had own statehood.

      My point is that whoever comes first wherever, and creates something, is entitled to primacy over that something, which could be related to infamously misinterpreted “White Privilege”, maliciously denounced by Libretards. I will close my elaborate on Racial-ethnic appurtenance, with Americans, because some liberal “experts” tend to denote First Americans as immigrants. They were not immigrants; they were colonizers and settlers, which are huge differences, and similar is with Australians and New Zealanders.

      Back to you, if one of your parents is European, then you are half-European, otherwise you are just citizen. However, your ethno-Racial status as such has no implications on anything else related with your European rights and existence.

      As born and grown up in Europe, you certainly misjudged my logic with your – “I pollute your continent and has to go to Africa”, even if you are 100% Black. Problem with “Black pollution” started with massive, predominantly illegal stampede of Black Africans to Europe and same goes with others from this huge unrestrained Third World horde. We White Race Realists understand that White countries belong to Whites, while unadapted others, illegals particularly have to go back. Immigration from TW has to stop.

      Multiculturalism is delusion, with early signs of failure long time ago. You obviously concur with this as you stated that you “have no acquaintances in Africa, and I don’t know any African language”, which means you are integrated to life in Europe. There is a reason why we call Liberals, proponents of that recklessly naive idea – Libretards. Lib-Retards are incapable (or unwilling) to understand consequences of own Liberal-retardation.

      You misinterpret quotes from Bible, for instance, – “If a foreigner resides with you in your land, you must not mistreat him” – Thru, but it is about individuals, not about INVASION of millions of opportunistic and predominantly hostile, even violent INCOMPATIBLES, which leaders openly advertise conquering Europe by “wombs of their women”.

      Being Christian is your private affair, as it has nothing to do with realism. As realist and agnostic, I repudiate quotes from Bible, where authors reference God, although none of them ever met or heard anything from him. When someone nowadays talks about his/her contacts with God, such people usually end in mental institutions. However, it doesn’t mean that Christian values are wrong, on the contrary. Christian values are endangered by excessive alien immigration, or rather saying silent sneaky invasion under Libretarded cover of Multicultural idea.

      Your “research” on statistics related to “what race commits more crimes” in the US particularly, has been all but research, pure joke. If you want relevant results, check Paladins blog, or ask him for advice. If you are sincerely clueless about Black on White crime, I must warn you that you will be horrified with magnitude of violence and its proportions. To be clear, we are talking about VIOLENT crime; the HATE one, where Black on White is “victorious” beyond comprehension, while reverse is practically non-existent.

      Instead of relying on outdated dictionaries and Liberal astray lecturing, use your common sense and interpolate yourself in the skin of autochthon traditional European, who wants to preserve his home and the way of life, for him and his children, as he is the Nationalist, a healthy one. Professors of political sciences are usually Marxist Liberals and their “scientific” bubbling has no value, they are part of the same problem. Reality annihilated their “expertise”.

      Monolithic societies are at least free of multicultural tensions, as tensions are inherent to spaces with incompatible cultures. In her history, Europe experienced ethnic conflicts and civil wars, not to mention big Wars. The last one, very bloodied had been in Yugoslavia, where different ethnicities clashed, involving even genocide. Imagine now the same, already limited Euro-space, additionally overcrowded with irreconcilable Races. Future professors of political sciences will abruptly learn that Nationalisms were innocent childish games.

      You mentioned – “systematic human rights violation” – in which countries, Europe, US or maybe somewhere else?

      “Sense of justice and conscience are present in each person” – where the hell you get this “truth”, from Bible?

      Dear Marina, are you serious or are you just naive young individual under influence of some scoundrel Liberal Marxist who is telling you dumb fairy-tales for good night? I can understand your stance, if you are trying to rationalize your own existence in these turbulent and potentially conflicting times. No matter what, accepting realism will not cause you any harm, in contrast to misconceptions.

      Come back here and feel free to share your experiences. I am positive that Paladin agrees that you are welcome on his blog.

      • Lew, you and Marina are having that conversation about race that everyone in America says should be happening, but isn’t. Thanks to both of you for putting in the time and effort to comment extensively.

        You may remember commenter Matthew. I had to ban him from the site yesterday after he ignored my warnings and kept insulting me and the commenters. The final straw was when he called me a “nazi sympathizer” for stating that National Socialist Germany did not advocate treating women badly, but in fact advocated the opposite. Oh, and the word “moron” was in there too. Anyway, he’s gone. Any comments he makes go directly to the trash where I don’t see them.

        If I see an opening I’m going to put a link to this page on amren so that the folks over there can see the excellent back and forth that you have going with Marina. I hope you don’t mind me doing that.

      • “You misinterpret quotes from Bible, for instance, – “If a foreigner resides with you in your land, you must not mistreat him””

        this is their game – you must not mistreat me while i invade you. matter of fact you must pay for all my children as well.

        shameless people taking advantage of Euro’s decency.

    • I hope you understand the anger has grown in the last two or three years. I hope you get why I am beyond angry.

      It is primal. I and my children under existential threat.

      Please go home, you’re killing us.

  13. Paladin, you know that better how easy is to talk with people willing to talk and use brain at same time. Actually not just brain, as everybody has brain, although too many use own grey matter for motoric functions predominantly. Realism and Logic are actually the primaries of dialog and coexistence.

    Marina, as Black or Half-Black girl/woman is rare, she just softens your Racial guard, which is otherwise an imperative against Blacks in general. It must be complicated for people like her, trying to have normal life, while visual trails, out of control, as Racial ballast connect her irrevocably to the roots of her practically abandoned origin. Unfortunately, it will be worse for her, when more primitive Black African herds like wildebeests (from National Geographic), move to Europe across by crocodiles unguarded Mediterranean sea.

    Good that you trashed that Chiglinsky POS, a worthless troll, or whoever he might have been, Libretarded activist, Nigger, Wigger, Kike or just a cockroach mutant.

    Glad for your review on dialog with Marina, and yeah, just go with it. It happened, out of any expectations.

    • All this being said, slavery, America’s original sin, has permanently wounded us as a nation.

      Time to bind up the wounds as best we can and move on.

      • @Marya, disregarding who you might be, I would say that you exaggerate, excessively. Slavery is no one’s “original” sin, particularly not American. Slavery is sin since ancient times, all Nations and Races were involved. It exists even now, in this very moment.

        Nowadays Americans have nothing with past slavery, as responsible (not all Americans) from those generations, are gone long time ago. Hence, I don’t know what sort of wounds you are talking about, unless you are trying to play, naively or maliciously, already infamous Race Card.

        Ex slavery is just convenient political tool of scoundrel Libretards and opportunistic Blacks, and that’s all what it is. So who you are – naive American, scoundrel Libretard or opportunistic Black?

      • I fervently, truly, wish “they” had picked their own cotton, but I’m with you, it’s time to get on with life.

  14. There’s only one race. We range from light to dark. We are all going to die. There is no race that’s made to live forever. We all get old and get sick. What makes us different is the person living inside the white body, black body, brown body etc and not the color of your eyes and skin. we did not make ourselves. I sometimes wished we had that power to make our own selves but unfortunately we don’t.

    • So who chooses your parents for you?

      No one is a victim – but have all resposibility for his own destiny, and again have a life with this outer layer of molecules, a body of flesh and blood. Everyone has it’s roots in heaven, and is a soul. We are in reincarnation, and have karma. There is a law who rules. “God”, or the sun, was called “the seven ray god”. Look at the Liberty statue… an Mithra, etc. The word “races” comes from the word “rays” (the suns rays). This is SO important to understand.

      We have different origins from above, in heaven. A man is not a women, and a women is not a man. The races should have their places, and absolutly not been mixed = destroyed. Where have a mixed children it’s roots…

      It’s now all about devolution, degeneration, destruction and death… – so everythings integrity is under attack.

    • Bravo Tammy. Bless you, you are a peacemaker, and you’re right, we don’t get to choose our parents or grandparents and beyond.

  15. Another one that advertises wish, and in accordance with subject such assertion has no basic logic.

    All of you One Race “Scientists” are falling in the same trap. What you are calling Race is Humans actually, where word Race indicates on substantial differences immanent to Humans. There are next significant differences, which we recognize as nations, in the case you didn’t know. Even one nation can contain further differences.

    Our differences mean different cultures, which condition our instinctive affiliations and associations, which is why we mostly tend to associate and mate with our own. Thru history countries were formed on the national premises and civilizations were marked by different Racial characteristics.

    Exactly the same goes in animal world, where giraffes do not mate with elephants for instance. Luckily, animals do not suffer from psychological, “sociological” and “political” anomalies that would lead them to unnatural mongrelization.

    Yours – “We are all going to die” – true, even flies and mosquitoes die, and we are not the same.

    Yours – “There is no race that’s made to live forever. We all get old and get sick” – true, nothing lives forever. If you didn’t notice, here you admitted that Races do exist, with yours – “There is no race that’s made …”

    Yours – “What makes us different is the person living inside the white body, black body, brown body etc.” – CORRECT, exactly that is the origin of our critical differences. Personality, attitude, customs, temperament etc. are different as you said in – “white body, black body, brown body etc and not the color of your eyes and skin.”

    Yours – “we did not make ourselves” – true, and why would we, as Mother Nature already took care about that

    Yours – “I sometimes wished we had that power to make our own selves” – That is the core of the problem – WISHES, which became liberal’s retarded DOGMA to make unnatural out of natural, which mongrelization actually is.

    Yours – “but unfortunately we don’t” – at least you do recognize this, while Libretards and their social engineers don’t, and that is why THEY are creating problems and tensions, which under normal nonpolitical circumstances wouldn’t even exist.

    As Race Realist, which you and Libretards are calling Racist, I admit that everybody has right to leave as he/she wishes, with whom he/she wishes, as long as his/her wishes do not interfere with mine or vice verse. I prefer SEPARATE White residing areas, which would suite my wishes, which is MY RIGHT, while you and yours can have diverse areas, as you wish, which is YOUR RIGHT.

    Now be fair and tell me, which side is trying to DENY RIGHTS to the other side?

  16. Well I certainly hope that you get your white homeland and I further hope that it is just like the Europe you’re so proud. When it happens and I truly pray that it does, my only wish that all the people there adopt the historical settings that the popular media is so fond of showing, live exactly as your ancestors would have done. Don’t bathe, cannibalise each other, adopt torture and mass murder, let’s not whitewash the truth now.
    I can only assume that the fatherland you’re imagining will be in England, since you just love the culture so darn much. Very good, I live there now. When us non whites leave to accommodate all of your extended white family then please fall back into the pre-60s social hierarchy because without non whites to feel racially superior to, the human need to form any significantly large society into a complex hierarchy will mean that eventually (and rather quickly I imagine when you realise that there are menially jobs that need to be done) your society of racial realists will have to decide who amongst you is inferior and then how will your family fare?
    I suppose then your lovely homeland will see the sort of bigotry that happens when a group who were united against a common enemy (the non whites who ruined everything and are so easy to spot because they look different) realise that race and ethnicity are quite divergent. Perhaps that’s why Europe engaged in thousands of years worth of wars. Who will the people with the low IQs and propensity to commit crime genetically be then?
    By the way for someone purporting to be intelligent you do talk rubbish, racial realism would not mean distancing yourself from the negative aspects of your own “race” as you more than happily admitted. You would take the good with the bad and that’s why I hope that all the “white trash” (I think is the phrase) will have a home in your new country, which since you’re so realistic and fair minded will have to sustain itself with no outside trade and without natural resources from the poor low IQ’d persons who just happen to come from resource rich areas with tropical climates.
    Why is it so hard to accept that you’re a racist? Possibly because even though you believe that your face makes your superior to others, you still think you’re a nice person? That’s a relative thing, so just accept that you’re racist and get to work on that White Haven. The delusional denial is the most disgusting part of what you wrote even though you completely ignored the aspect of environment on IQ or the fact that different social structures make the IQ test unreliable as a global measure.

    • @Candice Goddard, although you addressed Paladin, let me jump in here, as I assume that disrupting Paladin from his more important routine with your pathetic whining would just waste his time. You are obviously not stupid, and If you had TRY to READ and UNDERSTAND, everything written here, your comment might have some valuable substance, instead of already ubiquitous cliches.

      Candice Goddard, how interesting, non-White person with White name, who is deeply consternated that some Whites don’t like non-Whites, which is immediately “explained” as a horrible Racism. I just wonder, what your interpretation of Racism is, could it be HATE or PHOBIA maybe, as these two are the most popular denotations from Libretards vocabulary, and are hastily adopted by people like you and yours.

      Let me explain why your apparently scholar comment has no ground.

      YOURS – “so fond of showing, live exactly as your ancestors would have done. Don’t bathe, cannibalise each other”

      RE – Which ancestors don’t bathe, are you saying that Europeans (speaking generally) as civilization don’t bathe. Are you saying that toilet, shower, soap, shampoo, towel, detergent and countless other cleaning inventions and gadgets came from Africa for instance?

      YOURS – “torture and mass murder”

      RE – these two were and are primaries of all civilizations and “civilizations”. How about the latest one, ISIL for instance.

      YOURS – “I can only assume that the fatherland you’re imagining will be in England, since you just love the culture so darn much. Very good, I live there now”

      RE – Holly crap, why are you living in a culture that don’t bath, cannibalize each other, torture, mass murder etc.

      YOURS – “When us non whites leave to accommodate all of your extended white family then please fall back into the pre-60s social hierarchy”

      RE – We did that thru all our history with our own resources and they are still in abundance, without need for alien services. When you will go, because you WILL HAVE TO GO, we will simply fall back in “pre-60s social hierarchy”

      YOURS – “because without non whites to feel racially superior to”

      RE – This is your and of yours, the main aberration. Who the hell needs the feeling of Racial superiority, or any superiority at all. I for instance, need the feeling of order, calm and safety. I have no desire for being superior to anyone, not even to my dog.

      YOURS – “the human need to form any significantly large society into a complex hierarchy”

      RE – It existed always and everywhere, even prior of “pre-60s”

      YOURS – “I imagine when you realise that there are menially jobs that need to be done) your society of racial realists will have to decide who amongst you is inferior”

      RE – This is wrong attitude, which is why I, as a Race Realist or Racist, see you and yours as incompatible with our culture. I am not exposing Racial eventual or factual inferiority as something essential; same as I am not doing that to my dog. It just is as it is and everybody is supposed to do his best in accordance with abilities.


      YOURS – “I suppose then your lovely homeland will see the sort of bigotry that happens when a group who were united against a common enemy (the non whites who ruined everything and are so easy to spot because they look different)”

      RE – WRONG AGAIN, common enemy are WHITE LIBRETARDS, and they are the ONE that I (we) primordially hate. Marxist Jewish Oligarchies are of course on top if this, but they are completely different subject, which wouldn’t have that much weight, if there would be no White Libretards.

      YOURS – “realise that race and ethnicity are quite divergent”

      RE – You are right, ethnicities could be quite divergent, but not that much as Races, which is why Multi-Racial Multiculturalism cannot work, ever.

      YOURS – “Perhaps that’s why Europe engaged in thousands of years worth of wars”

      RE – Europe only? You are conveniently forgetting or you just don’t know that Europe experienced extremely brutal invasions from other Races, thru all her history. Educate yourself a bit more on that subject before you ridicule yourself.

      YOURS – “Who will the people with the low IQs and propensity to commit crime genetically be then”

      RE – Not then, they are already here, in White’s everyday lives, and Americans call it Black on White Crime.

      YOURS – “By the way for someone purporting to be intelligent you do talk rubbish, racial realism would not mean distancing yourself from the negative aspects of your own “race” as you more than happily admitted”

      RE – You come to the point, we do admit our own negative aspects, whereas you and yours don’t. For Blacks in America for instance, only “Black lives do matter”. Our “negative aspects” Libretards completely side with this slogan.

      YOURS – “You would take the good with the bad and that’s why I hope that all the “white trash” (I think is the phrase) will have a home in your new country”

      RE – Not “new country”, the old traditional one, the one that existed, and still does and is waiting to prevail again.

      YOURS – “which since you’re so realistic and fair minded will have to sustain itself with no outside trade”

      RE – Don’t mix apple and oranges, monocultural China and Japan for instance, maintain extremely successful outside trade with Third World, without having it in own homes.

      YOURS – “without natural resources from the poor low IQ’d persons who just happen to come from resource rich areas with tropical climates”

      RE – These “poor low IQ’d persons” are poor because of their IQ, they even had no clue what natural resource are, and without colonization they would be still in Stone Age. IMO, they would be much happier, as there is no greatest misery as an Urban Nigger.

      YOURS – “Why is it so hard to accept that you’re a racist?”

      RE – For any Race Realist it’s no problem at all, the problem is that all those that squeak Racist, have no clue what it actually is. Once again, and only for you this time dear Candice an explanation – Race Realist or Racist according to you and yours, is the one who admits that Races do exist, they are different and these DIFFERENCES (ATTITUDE, TEMPERAMENT, HABITS and CULTURE) are ESSENTIAL, not color of skin.

      YOURS – “Possibly because even though you believe that your face makes your superior to others, you still think you’re a nice person?”

      RE – Are you adult or teenager with this kind of question

      YOURS – “so just accept that you’re racist and get to work on that White Haven”

      RE – No need for “White Haven”, there is only one need, everyone on its own, Whites with Whites, Blacks with Blacks, Muslims with Muslims, just how Chinese are with Chinese or Japanese are with Japanese.

      Yours – “The delusional denial”

      RE – The only delusional are White Libretards, which are useful idiots to you and yours.

      YOURS – “the most disgusting part of what you wrote even though you completely ignored the aspect of environment on IQ or the fact that different social structures make the IQ test unreliable as a global measure”

      RE – Who cares about IQ’s reliability, what counts are achievements. However, you should be the happier side, as Blacks invented Whites, according to the greatest among the “great” Blacks, the one and the only one – Al Sharpfart.

      • Achievments can be stolen? Is it an achievment then? And i am very proud that that guy hates guys like me most. Obviously he sees his IQ inferior, desperately trying to find someone where he can claim to have a higher iq, maybe helping it with beating someone after crossing his porch. he is even that blind in his admiration for us, by his inferiority complex, that he overlooks who actually the oligarchy is, and that religion plays not an important role for those peoples lifes, but for their ruling.

      • Beautiful reply. Hey Candice Gotard, don’t you just hate it when a white person exposes your pathetic grunts and insults that you call speech, for the crap it really is? Oh those pesky whites and their frankness. SHOCKING ! Don’t worry though. You can get FREE TREATMENT AND THERAPY from them too. Just go to your nearest Racist, white government controlled, white tax-payer funded Libtard wet-pussy support office and bitch about how, you and/or your poor oppressed and discriminated Non-European Parasitical Homies, felt all Offended by the Unnecessary and Unprecedented Unashamed and Racist use of Bold and Obvious Facts. And If you get one or two of them to shed a couple of tears, you will all, walk away with Freebies, maybe even new phones with airtime to call their buddies in another continent in a bush somewhere to come over and take part in the pillage.

    • ‘Dont bathe and cannibalise each other’

      In Europe?

      Surely you’re confused… Since thats the norm in Africa, never has been in Europe.

      We will be nice and not nice or whatever, that is our internal business. warriors we must be because we have work of that nature thrust upon us.

      Re nicety … Brits ended slavery over a thousand yrs ago in the uk, didn’t allow it in the empire and fought the jews, Africans and Arab on the high seas until we had forced them to stop too.

      And oh look, now we are being made powerless by Jews and Arabs who are starting up their slave markets again as a result.

      What a co incidence!

      You are evidently a race baiting, white hating racist piece of turdery.

      I really, really hope you feel the lash on your ugly flapping face before we string you up with the other traitors.

  17. wQuran “O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other). Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things).” ………….So why challenge what The Creator has made us into?….White race hate is based on nothing more than jealousy and envy at their success in many areas of civilisation and scientific development plus they’re proportionately better looking in many cases! I am not white nor do I wish to be and I definitely know the negative sides as well! Other races should Prove themselves by being better humans and developing a better civilisation than the competition, if you can’t, then accept your inferior positions on the scale…The only problem with the whites is that they partnered up with the Jew who out smarted them out of power and what really makes a Race great “A True Practice of a pure Religion based on a Divine Book and Messenger” And I’m not talking about msm presentations of judeo zionist constructs…but the thick thread of light which was initially seen through Unitarian Christianity and later Sufi Islam presenting the reality of what it is to be a real Human! Intelligent Love! Celebrate the right to be different and to live exclusively amongst ones own kind. Peaceful Competition is what makes progress and hands the torch bearers light to pass from one people to the next more deserving!

    • Jesus Christ…. The Koran has not a single original word in it, has it?

      The trouble with us whites is we allowed a single one of you inbreeders over our threshold… Oh, but there again, it wasn’t us but the filthy fifth column.

      If not for us you’d be scratching your tiny orbs in the desert, looking out for travellers to rob as per.

      May you and your spawn rot from within whilst you yet live on our land.

      Kebab be gone!

  18. Race differences? More than the color of skin. This is touched upon constantly but quickly passed over. All surface blemishes attract the eye and become topics for time wasting arguments. As IF the ripples on a pond and the flotsam on them are enough to explain the body of water, The pond is not its surface but what is beneath. Esoteric. It’s all in the mind and DNA for humans, and between their ears. For whatever reason, [your favorite explanation], the White European Race has got the DNA and mindfulness in heaps. The esoteric qualities of White Men manifest themselves constantly. Their Creativity and Ability to make successfully anything they dream up is extraordinary in the eyes of the other races.
    Look around you, NOW! Everything, everything, everything was created, thought up, designed by White People. The Whities share their knowledge and give away their ideas and are generous with their know-how and come up with even more ideas! No end of this DNA. But, the Africans have got the latest e-gadgets! ‘Cause, bro, deys gits giben dems by dems dopy spooks. The Chinese are good at…..sure, sure, stealing every idea from the pathologically trusting Whites. All the strange races want the White mans lifestyle, free of charge. But, above all. they want some of the White DNA; by hook or by crook.

  19. I am quoting you in saying, “[b]etter to live the truth than to live a lie”. To the contrary, White people have been living a lie and decieving the world for their entire existence. Whites are only 8 percent of the world population as you have stated because as an albino mutated recessive biological being, (1) you are more susceptible to diseases, (2) there are more White people with conception issues (who cannot breed) and (3) a large majority of those who can breed are homosexuals. just to give the top 3 among other reasons.

  20. This is also in reply to your other statement “Without the white man, all of humanity would be living in mud huts, killing each other with stones and primitve weapons.”

    Firstly, throughout history various “white” cultures/civilisations have been living in huts and killing each other with spears while non-white civilisations have prospered in art, science and culture. Ancient China all the way to pre-white influence; the Aztecs, the Middle East (aka birth place of modern civilisation), North Africa, India. So, NO. The white man did not elevate the world to modernity. If anything it disturbed the progress of many.

    Second point. Modern IQ tests also show that Asians have a significantly higher IQ than whites. And Jews, even higher.. What’s your point? Are you saying we should treat Asians better than whites due to IQ tests?
    I know what you’ll say now. Why is everything invented by whites? Because the Western world currently dominates the world. Therefore all the best places for education reside in the West. The next Einstein could be living in a rural farm in North Korea, for all we know.
    ALSO, consider the contributions to science, math, architecture etc from the Chinese and Middle East (The Chinese invented the compass and gunpowder, without which European would not have been able to conquer the world).
    Also, studies show that cognitive stimulation of pre-school age children does wonders for the development of their intelligence. Poor folk, where both parents work and also cannot afford quality childcare miss out.

    Third point. Back to your idea that white people have somehow made the modern world a great utopia. Have they REALLY? Look at “great” Britain. They didn’t rule the world due to their good nature, intelligence and kindness. They were violent, oppressive, brutal, conniving, power-hungry, arrogant and relentless in their quest to dominate and SUBJUGATE.
    They pillaged and looted the lands they conquered. If anything, they sent BACK many developing civilisations. Instead of fairly trading and prospering with other countries, they took what they wanted and gave nothing. (Interesting side note, Ancient China was seafaring long before Britain. And yet, they didn’t conquer and brutalise EVERY fucking person they came across).
    And now in America, white people like you whine about black people trying to fight for their rights. After century’s of enslavement, there are still many who will never accept blacks as equals. America is no longer another white colony. It never will be. You can’t colonise half the world and then cry about the fact that you have to share it with non-whites. It doesn’t work like that.

    • How much money are they paying you to write these comments? Can I get a cut? LOL. The standard rate is $5 per comment, but yours are long, so you must be getting paid by the word.

      • Paladin, no need to pay him, “free-lancing” idiots like this one exist in abundance. Aside of being genuine idiot, he could be just a disgruntled half-Groid, or over-sensibly disoriented Fagg, or seriously confused self-denying White Liberal moron. All three categories are just useless byproducts of our already started demise thru Multicultural Infection, Monsanto-Faggisation and Mongrelized-overpopulation.

        Expanded Euro-civilization was like a replica of ancient Rome, as it was built on Roman foundations, and because of that we probably will go down as Rome did. The only difference is that Romans didn’t know it, while we are aware of that. Paradox is that half of us are willingly, even actively work on own extinction.

        We know what happened after Ancient Rome went down – Middle Ages – but it was European Middle Age, not African or any other, and because of that Renaissance happened. Multicultural downgrade of our civilization is not a future premise for the second Renaissance. With great likelihood it won’t be even next Middle Ages, but rather some sort of regress in a second Stone Age. In such theoretical scenario Mongrelo-Negroids will get chance to prove jay’s fairy tale about their “creativity”.

    • Howdy jay, or jay-gay, or Negro-jay, or whatever,

      I could bet that even you, as an author of this quite amusing but moronic post do not sincerely believe in own hastily scratched “masterpiece”. Let me sanitize your highly “argumentative” statements –

      YOURS – “throughout history various “white” cultures/civilisations have been living in huts and killing each other with spears while non-white civilisations have prospered in art, science and culture”

      RE – This is exactly what the “greatest” Negro “philosopher” and “historian” Al Sharpfart preaches to his audience. If he said it, than it “must” be the “fact”

      YOURS – “the Middle East (aka birth place of modern civilisation)” –

      RE – Wrong, the Middle East was the birth of ANCIENT civilizations, NOT MODERN!

      YOURS – “The white man did not elevate the world to modernity”

      RE – Hmmmm…seriously? Let go with the latest only – You know this one (Internet) that you are using to “honor” us with your “genius”. If you are “fingering” black keyboard, I hope you don’t think it was invented by some Groid.

      YOURS – “If anything it disturbed the progress of many”

      RE – WOW!!! This one is the mightiest from the arsenals of your “wisdom”. How did you figured out such “fact”, on your own, or somebody helped you? Did you smoke something brain damaging? However, I am considering a possibility that you might be even right, as the creation of Urban Niggers wasn’t a real progress for Negros. Instead of remaining a version of Jungle primates, they “regressed” in concrete Urban Niggers, loosed version of Jungle Primates.

      YOURS – “Modern IQ tests also show that Asians have a significantly higher IQ than whites. And Jews, even higher”

      RE – Well, it’s nothing wrong with that, even if that would be just a SIMPLE FACT. The FACT is that FAR EAST Asians ONLY, are the smart ones. However, concept of IQ measuring is quite dubious, because there are many other factors that influence human smartness. For Far East Asians there are other significances to their success, and that is their genetic predisposition to assiduity, diligence, perseverance and self-discipline. In spite of that, they are the ones that migrate to WHITE countries, be it America or Europe or Australia. Even mighty Japan and his absolutely amazing nation didn’t been creative as people of European descent were. They were masters in improving what Euro-Peoples invented. In spite of their great culture, even Japanese adopted Western life style. Furthermore, many, women predominantly, tend to imitate even personal Euro-appearance thru plastic surgery, which says a lot.

      What I am trying to present here is not that we Whites are all good and just perfect like Gods, far from that, but Euro-civilization influenced the world and not vice-versa. As of Jews, yes these motherfuckers are the smartest one, and they rule the world, but not because of their smartness only, they function organized like Sicilian Mafia, on the premise of nepotism, and that is why they dominate.

      YOURS – “Why is everything invented by whites? Because the Western world currently dominates the world. Therefore all the best places for education reside in the West”

      RE – Quite purposeless ascertainment, as you conveniently forgot to mention that “the best places for education” were CREATED by WHITES, which is why WHITES DOMINATE. If Negroids, according to yours – “prospered while Whites were living in huts”- Why Negroids never made a single school, not to mention universities, before Whites came to Africa. Is that because they, as per Al Sharpfart, forgot that they “invented” Whites?

      YOURS – “ALSO, consider the contributions to science, math, architecture etc from the Chinese and Middle East”

      RE – No one ever said that others didn’t CONTRIBUTE anything, but as you said, it were CONTRIBUTIONS, but on a significantly minimal level, and definitely nothing from Negroids.

      YOURS – “studies show that cognitive stimulation of pre-school age children does wonders for the development of their intelligence”

      RE – Which resulted that existing standards were, or have to be gradually lowered, to meet Negroid “standards”, to satisfy diversity, which is “our strength”. Until this very moment, I never found an official explanation – how the hack diversity is “our strength”.

      YOURS – (this one is a remarkable sample of your epic stupidity) – “Look at “great” Britain. They didn’t rule the world due to their good nature, intelligence and kindness. They were violent, oppressive, brutal, conniving, power-hungry, arrogant and relentless in their quest to dominate and SUBJUGATE

      RE – And they succeeded in subjugation because they swam across oceans or were rowing in canoes armed with stone sparrows and axes

      YOURS – (second remarkable sample of your epic stupidity) – “They pillaged and looted the lands they conquered. If anything, they sent BACK many developing civilisations”

      RE – Are you comedian? What could have been items that colonizers have “pillaged and looted” from native tribes – stone arrows and axes maybe? On the contrary buddy, they built everything what never existed in apish Africa. Even nowadays idiotic feeding of Black Africans is going on and on, including medical aid. Without that help Negros wouldn’t breed like cockroaches, as Mother Nature would take more ergonomic care of that problem.

      YOURS – “After century’s of enslavement”

      RE – I don’t know a single White that enslaved a single Negro, ever. Black Slavery is gone 160 years from now, and still many assholes keep playing on that “trump” card, which is obsolete and meaningless. Affirmative action, synthetic diversity, welfare and similar crap are Negro benefits that render Negros in parasites, which is their best role.

      YOURS – “there are still many who will never accept blacks as equals”

      RE – I will never accept Blacks, equals or not equals, same as they will never accept me. We are genetic adversaries, and that is THE FACT, and nothing can change that. Separation or segregation is the only solution in having some sort of bilateral relations. Everything else is just pissing in the wind for both sides. Multiculturalism and diversity are plain fantasy, although Jewish Mafia and their Liberal collaborators conspire exactly on that subject.

  21. Listen jokers. The ‘black race’ was brought to North America as free labour. The free labour on which this country was built. You want your white separation? Please go get it. Get the fuck out of this land that was never yours. You didn’t build this. Step the fuck back, and go home. No one wants you here.

    • And whites have been paying for that “free” labor ever since, including a price in blood and treasure called the Civil War.

      The black race was purchased by Jews (and whites) from other blacks in Africa who had already enslaved them. Better a slave in Africa or in America? Today, there’s still slavery in Africa (and Asia). Not so much in America.

      Picking cotton is not exactly equivalent to building America but blacks keep saying they built America. Like they built Africa, I suppose. After the white man’s fertile mind created mechanized cotton picking equipment, blacks were obsolete farm equipment. The great black leader Marcus Garvey wanted blacks back in Africa, where they are better suited to the way of life. He was right.

      • Its the economy stupid. Wasnt cotton the single most important export item of the south and paid for the mansons? the cotton picking and processing equipment which was used in America was actually invented and mechanized in china. The slaves did not only pick the cotton. They built the mansons, the mills and the infrastructure … Have you ever built anything? building isnt just happening after a plan and instructions, it requires skills and creativity, unlike giving hate speeches and blowing inheritages. You cannot take a step in the south without profiting of black labor and ingenuity. They were the real pioneers, though forcedly. What did you personally do of which others practically profit? The slaves cared for their “masters” and the crazy manson ideas of these, as if they have been neglected babies. Maybe because nearly everyone has lost children during the capture, the transport or under the harsh living conditions and sadistic treatment… And there was no material compensation for that, when in the usa every divorce with a rich bitch, because a younger one came along, results in a big material tamtam over having sukked at her breasts?

      • How convenient of you to omit mention of the genocide of whites on the island of Haiti. Every French man, woman, and child dead. Because they underestimated the black propensity for mass murder.

        It’s obvious you are a mulatto who hates his white half. Talk to your mudshark mother about that but don’t bring your neuroses here.

    • Yeah, I know, it’s a bad filling being Negress, being member of the only and absolutely useless Race on the whole Earth. If colonization of Africa would have never happened, you miserable creatures would still “flourish” in your “highly sophisticated” Stone Age. It would be much better and to be honest – fair.

      Yours – “You didn’t build this” – Are you serious with this, did Al Sharpfart told you that. Take a deep breath, try something almost incomprehensible for you – Try to think. Now, if you managed to bring yourself in such stage, try to figure out on your own, who built America and how.

      Picking cotton, cleaning toilets, shoes, streets and serving Whites at table isn’t building. Sponging welfare isn’t building too. So be kind and try to enlighten us with your discovery.

      • Lew, they can’t say I don’t give them a forum to express their ideas. Since they resent having been brought to America, you might think they would be anxious to get back to Africa to be with their cousins. But nooooooo.

      • What do you built? Who cleans for you? It does not make you superior, if you do not have provided primary production, contruction and cleaning, but it makes you dependent. White supremacists are dependent on whatever.

      • Also: IN Central Africa iron was not much but a little bit earlier melted and processed than in Central Europe. IN concern to copper and bronce the time differences were even a bit larger, especially if you include Northern Africa into the comparrison. The making of modern steel was copied by british engineers from Indian practices. Thes improved the methods and industrialized them, but still handycraft steel from East Asia remained better..

  22. Eek ! This kind of thinking is cold and loveless. I disagree completely. I liked your blog on Conspiracy Realists. I like your writing. I’m American and the greatest thing about America is its diversity. We have a little of everything and it’s f*ing wonderful. It’s crazy wonderful beautiful. It’s interesting. Do you only want to eat vanilla ice cream from birth to death? Have you ever tried chocolate or pistachio? I agree that races have racial characteristics. I don’t agree that any one race is superior to any other race. My dream is a dream of Love. It’s a beautiful dream and it gives me hope and joy. And I see love at work around me in a million different ways. I try to focus on those things because they bring happiness to me and my happiness extends to my family which extends to my community which extends to the world. World Peace Bro.

    • But surely you would not deny those who prefer to be among their own that right. We need a white ethno state just like the Jews have theirs. Those who prefer diversity can have their diverse country, but not allowing an ethnostate for European peoples is racist, is it not.

      • Did you notice Paladin, whenever you respond to all those “progressive” and diversity-loving grumblers with pure logic and fair arguments; they never come back, not even with a mildest counter-argument. If they do, it’s usually with hysteria, insults and neurotic aggression.

        The basic difference between us and them is that they DEMAND that we ALL have to leave under THEIR conditions, whereas we just want separation from them. Liberals are extremely liberal for their cause, while extremely restrictive to opponents.

      • Good. Like I say, you’re boring now. But it’s good you’ve revealed your anti-white obsession. In your last post would you mind stating clearly where your ethnic roots lie. Africa, Middle East, Asia?

  23. It’s hard to hold a conversation because you are horribly hateful which feels violent and menacing. Let me ask you a question. Are you married? Do you have a happy wife? my guess is no, not married… if married, wife unhappy.
    It’s hard for me to imagine a woman being happy with a person so hateful to the majority of the globe.
    You’re so cruel towards all the people who were just slaughtered. It’s hard to want to continue in a conversation. I originally liked your blog about conspiracy realism. But now you make me feel very sickened. Truly.

      • I bet Paladin, she won’t come back with more specifics, because she exhausted her “specifics” with your marital status, which is up to her, “crucial” for “sane” reasoning.

        Look at her sentence – “You’re so cruel towards all the people who were just slaughtered”

        How can anyone be cruel to slaughtered people, they are already dead. Probably she meant those that were not slaughtered, and she is not blaming their slaughterers, but you??? I didn’t know you joined the ISIS Paladin, how could you?

        OK, enough satire, lilisoleil is typical representative of lily-minded egalitarian loons who lost their center of gravity and float lost in their phantasmagorical “realities”, convinced how righteous they are.

        In another post I already presented my assumption that Liberal Lefties must suffer from some kind of physical brain damage, similar to brain damages caused by huge blasts in the war, which up to the latest discovery affect soldiers diagnosed with PTSD, which has been explained in an excellent article – “What if PTSD Is More Physical Than Psychological? – A new study supports what a small group of military researchers has suspected for decades that modern warfare destroys the brain”.

        Instead in the wars, liberal lily-minded egalitarianism and irrational altruism are obviously caused by internal “hyper-progressive” phantasmagorical blasts within their sculls, which render them incapable of understanding reality. What else could be a reason for such cognitive disability?

      • Ann Barnhardt has two new posts that she should read if she thinks I’m mean.



        It’s very typical of liberals to claim that the deaths of others at the hands on blacks, nonwhites, Muslims, etc. are my fault. If only I were nicer the dead folks would be alive because somehow I drove the shooter to do his deadly deed.

        In this case I suppose it’s cruel to draw attention to the attraction of faggots (a cruel word to her) to the butthole of the same sex. I guess it’s also cruel of me to simply say that I don’t want faggotry pushed in my face all the time. And I don’t want Christian bakers to be financially ruined by fags who insist that we ALL approve of their anal fixations. As to the word “faggot,” let’s not forget that alt-right icon Milo Yianopollis, who is gay, calls his speaking tour, “The Dangerous Faggot Tour.”

    • Dear lilisoleil, you are probably unaware how “lucky” you are. As a lefty loon you are safe to broadcast yourself in your blog with real name and appearance, because we “cruel” Right-Wingers, White-Nationalists and Race-Realists would never riot in front of your home or call for your killing. In contrast, your “compassionate” Lefty brothers and sisters, not to mention Black Lives Matters gangs and “peaceful” Muslims, would declare and ardently follow imminent fatwa to denigrate or even kill someone so improvident from our side.

      The best evidence – Trump rallies vs. Bernie & Hillary camp – GUESS which side regularly and violently interferes the other.

      As of “cruelty” to “slaughtered”, I am not sure about your residence, could it be some remote isolated swamps or even the Moon. Do you have any knowledge about behavioral achievements of “slaughtered” Muslim “refugees” here in Europe? Thanks to “altruistic” support from “progressive” loons like you, our EU Oligarchs “successfully” flood our cities and neighborhoods with “slaughtered” people, who in their holly gratefulness respond with violence, rapes and pedophilic attacks on our children. Although minority, they already keep proclaiming how they will conquer Europe, take our women and behead all remaining infidels.

      Are you a masochist maybe, do you crave for some “good” brutal gang-rape; “slaughtered” people call it taharrush game. What happened in German Cologne was just some innocent fun, while rape epidemic exploded in all countries that took in “slaughtered”. If you long for such fun I can direct you to places that might satisfy your eventual affection.

      However, be aware, as long as police and other Law & Order institution are predominantly White you can count on them, to certain extent off course. Once this will be gone, you will never know when and where you and your children might become objects of taharrush game, performed by “slaughtered” people.

  24. This is all very interesting and I have enjoyed reading your blog and comments from others. I would like to point out that if all races were separated or segregated whites would then struggle with maintaining their identify of superiority and resort to other means. I suggest reading “How the Irish Became White” by Noel Ignatiev.

    Unfortunately the ideas in this book and ‘point of the story’ will likely be lost of most readers. When Humans are faced with an idea that contradicts their current beliefs our natural instinct is to fight against it — we will steadfastly hold on regardless of an abundance of evidence. We seek things that support what we already think and logic is out the window. We may have multiple experiences that support the new idea, but when we finally come across something that supports what we already thought our hearts sing “I knew it!”. We will point to the news and other 2nd-hand experience, but slander these same sources as unreliable when it benefits us to do so. This is human nature and our minds developed this way to help us survive in a complex world.


    This combined with the impact of narcissism (which I believe is a factor HERE) make it so difficult to see the truth. Even though you seek to find a share the truth; an endeavor I greatly respect. Narcissism is rampant among white Americans in particular. Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance (among other things). Behind the illusion of supreme confidence lies a fragile self-esteem that quivers at the slightest criticism. In other words, you can’t handle the truth.

    • First, I sent your other comments to the trash as they violated the comments policy against hurling insults at me or other commenters.

      This comment is legit. Thus, it is approved.

      I’ll toss the question back at you. Why would anyone wish to deny the white race its own homeland?

      • As we already now Paladin, you will not get that answer. These creatures never explain anything. For a decade I have been combing countless forums and blogs, in pursue for any trace of logical argumentative respond on that subject, but to this very moment, NO LUCK.

      • Lew, he has a wordpress blog but I haven’t checked it out. I will. I’m guessing it’s very liberal in its opinions.

        There’s no valid reason for whites not to have their own homeland, so any reasons that liberals can come up with can be rejected pretty easily I think.

      • I already checked it, nothing there, empty starter. From the way how he asked – “why in your opinion should America only be white?” – I assume he is non-White, and same as Libretards, they never explain anything, which is of no surprise because MSM and establishment assholes too, never explained why – “diversity is our strength”. Probably they all are aware that this slogan is total nonsense, as real life already debunked it.

      • Care to mention the homeland stolen by the Jews from the Palestinians? Care to mention the hundreds of times in history that Europe was invaded by Muslims from the South and Asians from the East?

        DNA and archeological evidence shows that Europeans were on the North American continent before the later arriving Asians who walked to the West Coast of America and then spread east, where they genocided the whites.

        Last I saw there were millions of American Indians, so as killers, my white ancestors were massive failures.

        If you’re in favor of the genocide of the Caucasian race, and you’re white, you could start with yourself.

    • I’m back! Actually I am a white, female, nurse Who doesn’t see race as anything more than melanin! Why would you separate people out so they all have their own land? First off there is not enough land to do that. Once you separate by race you would have to separate by sexual orientation because then straight white people won’t want to share with gay white people.

  25. I really enjoyed reading the attempts made at rational thought and reasoning…. although the subject matter ultimately WILL NOT allow such thought to any productive conclusion. I will add just a few things to the discourse. Where these facts lead us ..IDK.

    1). European history is predominately “black” history, from the kings, to the pope’s, to commoners, and yes… even Shakespeare (so glad You like his work, as I do as well). Most modern courses in European history start after 1490/Grenada…. because before that… it really wasn’t European. Only after the 30 years “race” war, did Europe become white. How…? lack of respect given by the people in power (blacks) and white pussy.

    Don’t blindly reject this…. research it. White-washing has left a trail, so You cant claim not to see it.

    Now, I’m not saying this to try and one-up anyone. Just saying that we shouldn’t draw lines that don’t exists. Regardless of who did what … We’re all here now… right or wrong and should make the best of what we have.

    2). Al Morocco/Amexum/America was a Moorish colony hidden from white Europeans, not even appearing on their maps. After the Moors were defeated in Europe, prize law and “aggressive negotiations” lead to the land being revealed and white Europeans setting sail immediately to claim the prize land in the 1490’s. When they arrived, they saw the black native peoples of America… and you should research what happened next.

    Again, not one-up anyone, but when you say whites made western society, you are totally wrong. In fact, I challenge anyone posting to prove that they did, with one condition, that known white-washed sources not be used to support your arguments. That would be like using the movie “Gods of Egypt” to prove that the Egyptians were white.

    We have bigger problems than worrying about race here and there. Besides, We are mind/spirit beings anyway, and my intercourse with you required only that I have hands to type and convey my thoughts. Thoughts and intentions are the meat of humanity… not bodies… If I were gradually made white over 20 generations… I would still be me. You’ll always be you too, so lets get together and play some music of go surfing. Those lines don’t exist…only grudges held onto by spiritual infants and children. Stop pouting and come play with your neighbors…Brothers … and Sisters.

    • You must really have low self-esteem and an inherent feeling of worthlessness to come here and propagate such fairy tales. Very rarely do I audibly laugh at things I read online, so congrats on that. Shakespeare black, Europe formerly black….you’ve been online reading stories from others with too much imagination, too much time on their hands, and who suffer from the same feelings of no self worth such as yourself.

      I get it tho. When your real history is massively lacking in contributions to modern society/technology/civilization/etc. and large numbers of people of your race live worse today than whites did thousands of years ago, it’s a huge blow to your ego and a giant dose of reality as to your place in the world.

      Whitewashing=”We’re frustrated that whites accomplished (whatever the subject at hand is) instead of us so we’re going to claim that we really did it instead of them. Nevermind the fact that there’s a ton of evidence proving us wrong”.

  26. Holly crap Paladin, what did you do to “RIGHTEOUS” again? Obviously something “inconceivable” did upset Left insects that vermin came buzzing on your blog.

    I will take a chance and cast a bit disorderly some of my ad-hoc composed thoughts.

    Left dogma is like a hornets’ nest, you poke it and all the hell opens. Alt-Right is poking in this vile dogma and vibrating Lefty insects are “turning themselves off” a mass – they are “humbly willing” to “explain” the “truth” by trying to mock “infidel” Alt-Right. As it happens, some insects from time to time try to crap on this blog too.

    Left’s main weapons are Mass Deception and Mass Destruction, where Communism (Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and others) serve as the best evidence. Nowadays, complex conglomerate of (((PTB))) with subordinated Plutocracy and dogmatic servants is just successor of seemingly late Communist Globalism. Red flag has been abandoned, but Corporately modified commie-formula remained.

    Recently PJ posted a strong inspirational quote – “The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it lose. It will defend itself” – which is why Lefties (utterly degenerate state of mind), hate the truth more than anything else. It makes them frantic, hysteric, mad, etc. – they literally chimp out when “impertinently” faced with.

    Be it lion or not, the truth has to be defended from the herds of Lefty hyenas.

    Hyena is predominantly scavenger, while Lefty hyenas scavenge on a destruction inflicted by them, which is what they are doing everywhere, under pretext of progress. The most “progressive” Left project is of course infamous multiculturalism.

    When we deal with themes about Races, Nations and ethnicity, although often unfair for individuals, emphasize is on GENERAL, particularly when we are facing large numbers.
    In the whole developed part of the world Negroids for instance are unnecessary species. They had purpose as agricultural tools in previous centuries, but now? I have no idea what purpose they might have had in Africa and why Mother Nature created them at all, but it’s up to her. I fully comply with her wisdom of placing them in Africa, and Africa only.

    Multiculturalism is an artificial political project in a strong collision with fundamental biological principles on which Mother Nature (God to believers) created everything. To our planet we Humans are just living organisms, no better no worse from others, and I doubt that we are supposed to whimsically negate the laws of our Mother Nature.

    In a conflict with Left, I am prone to count on the Mother Nature laws in helping us from this multicultural madness. We know that our body rejects any foreign object that penetrates our skin or is implanted by any other means, which is a normal defensive reaction. Same as a healthy body rejects foreign objects, presumably healthy Race too is supposed to reject alien Races. Awareness of our identity is our immune system, and if such awareness is gone, we become defenseless, exposed to all kinds of trans-Racial infections.

    Two AIDS diseases exist nowadays in a strange correlation. The first one is known as Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, where chimpanzees supposedly were identified as the source of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) infection in humans. This one is biological.

    The second one, Lefty AIDS disease is psychological – (Acquired Identity-Deficiency Syndrome), where the source of this HIV (Human Identity-Deficiency Virus) is artificially and ill-intently spread on low-resisting Whites as a mental infect. We are witnessing how carefully orchestrated diversity-infection is currently running with at least 300 miles per hour and will soon reach supersonic speed if it will not be stopped.

    Europe is the continent of autochthone nations and every nation represents identity of her people. America has been created by Europeans (Anglo-Saxons predominantly) and European ancestry for sure has significant role for the identity of Traditional White Americans (Real Americans actually). If you lose your identity you become easy handled nobody, which is why (((PTB))) are working so hard on the mongrelization of Racial and National appurtenance of White people.

    We know why (((PTB))) are doing this, but why Liberally marinated ordinary masses comply with this vile genocidal agenda is beyond comprehension. Even bacteria has some defensive mechanisms for the purpose of own survival and hastily develops new ones if necessary. Hence, can we conclude that Liberals are below of even bacterial intellectual levels? It seems they are.

    Although (((PTB))) as a multicultural control room are the epicenter of all Earthly woes, to us, far from the centers of decision makings, Negroids and Muslims are the subject of our main concern, because they like insects (Whites=Agriculture – Negroids=Insects) flood our physical space and we interact with them daily. Annoyance of their presence in our lives could be compared with annoyance from the vermin that affects our comfort. In fighting vermin we use repellants, insecticides and even mechanical devices like fly killing rackets or “fly fuckers” to get rid of nuisance.

    The point is that until the problem with Left retards remains unsolved, solely fighting incoming vermin would have no effect. How to cure Left liberal retardance is a subject of separate study.

    Comedian pen named as ” J Rock” with his seriously derailed “elaborate” on – ” European predominately ”black” history” – must be some Al Sharpfart’s history student. I have to “admit”, his “discoveries” left me “deeply impressed”.

    • Bingo. The key word is identity. Strip us of our identity as a people of European descent and we end up lost and powerless. It is our history of accomplishments and righteousness that define us. Every race invented roads (or at least paths), but it was the European who created the concept of schools, hospitals, plumbing, etc. that has made civilization what it is. If America were still white instead of a diversified clusterfreak of racial turmoil and tension, we would be on Mars by now. We lose so much of our “crop” to the insects you refer to that everything else is falling apart.

    • Eh, lost my reply, Lew. Anyway, to keep it short, identity is everything because it reminds us of our amazing collective accomplishments as a people. If only the insects weren’t around bothering us.

  27. I feel like a kid in a candy store having found this place! I have lived all over the world, including England for five years, and never known any black people. There just weren’t any, even in London back in the ’70’s. My father was a diplomat and CEO, a public figure, and we did have black staff, who were treated like family. My father raised me to live by the Golden Rule and to judge by a persons character and behavior, which is what is natural for me. I am a fair and kind person by nature. When I was in my 30’s my life turned upside down and – long story short- I became “poor.” I had to come back to the U.S. from England – never intending to stay here as England is my home, where my heart will always be. I discovered, basically over night that I was destitute, in this big country, where everything is too big, too loud, vulgar, coarse. … I have moved around trying to find a somewhat quiet corner where I could live in peace. Being amid the unwashed masses, as it were, I now have met and seen many black people. Three years ago I moved to Connecticut. Now, all I know of Connecticut is from my past, before I became poor. I only knew the Connecticut of Meryl Streep, Katherine Hepburn, and Martha Stewart. The *quaint & charming,* olde New England, old money elitist Connecticut. The Connnecticut of Harvard and Groton and all the other elitist private schools – OOPS! I’d never heard of the damned ” Freedom Trail” !I had NO idea ths t this state was so heavily populated by blacks! I found a sweet little 1930’s bungalow with room to garden and made the arrangements online. Now – I am the only white person in a black neighborhood! And – although I had never heard the term before – I have become a race realist. For these past few years I have made my observations and, being in the trenches, it is inevitable to come to certain conclusions. But, I have NEVER had another human being with whom I could discuss these things, other than my daughter, who feels the same way. So – I apologize for the length of this – it is just such a relief to be able to dialogue with intelligent, rational, like-minded people! And, Saboteur, your post is absolutely spot on with my own thoughts and feelings! With the added bonus that you also love England! ( although my heart is quite broken seeing what has happened there – full of blacks, turning into a clone of an American inner-city war zone with the filth, squalor, violence, drugs, and crime that they seem to inevitably create wherever they go. Devastating! Anyhoo – pleased to meet you!

    • Welcome, Scared White Female. We all need someone of like mind to talk to. You will find many here who understand your feelings. Regular commenters Cartier McCloud and Dark Side of the Moon are women. Eric is from England. Robert from Australia. Lewgc from somewhere in Europe. Most of the rest are from the US.

      If it’s possible for you to move, think about doing so. I use Wikipedia a lot to check out the ethnicity of towns. There are places where there a few blacks. My mother’s house is located in a small town in Alabama where there are almost no nonwhites of any kind. It’s very crime free and peaceful. Like America used to be.

      I’m moving to a rural county where there isn’t a black within 10 miles of me. I used one of the online race maps to confirm that. It’s not the skin color, it’s the behavior that offends.

      And yes, I feel a great kinship for England. Like you I mourn what has happened, but I’m hopeful that Brexit cans save what’s left.

  28. Hi, first time commenting here, previously just a lurker. A common theme I’ve noticed in this comments section among those who are non-white dissenters is not the rejection of the separatism itself, but anger at the fact that the blog writer is writing positive things about the white race when explaining his desire for separation. The fact that the conveniences of modern life and the relative luxury that humanity has lived in over the past couple of hundred years, compared to the previous thousands, is attributable to the white race frustrates them to no end. And the thought that whites having their own homeland would mean leaving non-whites to their own devices scares the hell out of them, so they respond in anger. The very idea of not having the luxuries and comforts that whites have provided for them, bc it would then be on themselves to provide those things, is literally the unthinkable.

    Anybody who is honest with themselves knows that they would prefer to exist around those that are like them. However, this idea of separatism is argued against and causes fear in non-whites because they are the ones who stand to lose the most were this ever to occur.

    • Thanks for commenting. They follow us everywhere and then cry racism when we try to maintain standards. It’s either human nature of maybe their lack of intelligence coming though. Anyway, you have spoken the truth. Thanks, again.

  29. Recently I had a duel with someone who presented himself with – “I’m not particularly left wing, I am a moderate conservative” – which I doubt, because babbling about Racism is always Leftie patent. Our back and for could suit to the existing Race Realism theme.

    ME – …Usually chronic Libretards respond out of touch with whatever. Are you one of them? As of “Pres. Obama”, I don’t see this porch clown as president. He was installed as a puppet, to serve (((“higher goals”)))

    SOMEONE – People who use racist terms like “porch clown” are not worthy of being read

    ME – Interesting conclusion. Please be nice and point on which part of “porch clown” is Racist and why it would be Racist at all. “Trustworthy” MSM constantly denigrates Trump as Racist, without any evidence, which is Lefties MO since Communism has been invented.

    SOMEONE – Porch clown is derived from “porch monkey” a racist term that dates to the early 20th century. Who do you think you’re fooling about that, yourself?

    ME – As you brought this infamous and maliciously domesticated Race Card out of your socially-inconsistent Anti-Racist sleeve, you just PROVOKED me to TRY to enlighten you and all your Anti-White/Anti-Racist sellouts on the subject of Racism.

    There are multiple official definitions of Race:

    1. A category of humankind that shares certain distinctive physical traits
    2. A group of people identified as distinct from other groups because of supposed physical or genetic traits shared by the group
    3. Inherited temperament or disposition -This one is epically annotated as “Obsolete”, in spite of being fully consistent with first two definitions.

    Liberal (((Marxist))) “scientists” and ultra-Left SJW often ardently preach that existence of Races is “social construct” and that there is only ONE “RACE” – “HUMAN RACE” – ???

    OK, if there is “Human Race”, what or who are then the other Races. Animal Races maybe – ???

    Anti-Racial “anthropologists” driven by uncontrolled bias “coincidentally” omitted that by saying HUMANS only, they would avoid being caught in own inconsistency. However, it’s not the end in this Anti-Racist confusion, because if there are NO RACES, how the hell RACISM could exist. How come that Racism is not marked as “social construct”?

    If (Races = Social Construct) then (Racism = Social Construct), hence non-existent, pure fiction.

    As you probably already figured out on your own, Racism is actually the subject of INTERPRETATION. My interpretation, based on my personal stance toward this mess, is more realistic and logical. I am Race Realist (RR) or Racialist, which is Racist when INTERPRETED by Anti-White/Anti-Racist Lefties.

    Every RR understands that Races DO EXIST, that they are different, mostly incompatible, and also quite hostile to each other, which is just REALITY. Evidence is in Everyday Life! Playing the ostrich by burying the head in the sand to deny REALITY serves only to widening confrontations. Thanks to Liberal mental AIDS (Acquired IDENTITY Deficiency Syndrome), Whites are the only Race that are internally confronted with this “social construct”.

    As RR, I have to EMPHASIZE that conception of superiority, supremacy or inferiority between Races is needless. Apple and orange for instance, none is superior or inferior to other, they are just DIFFERENT! As fruits are different in shapes and tastes, so are the Races DIFFERENT in their ADVANCEMENTS, CULTURES, VALUES, TEMPERAMENTS, VISUALLY, etc. Mother Nature obviously respected differences, which is why she separated us territorially.

    Next sample should figuratively expose Left hypocrisy and inconsistency in their INTERPRETATION of Racism:

    WW2 – Occupation of France by Germans – French women mating with Germans – After the war French people treated these women as traitors and even executed them, because Germans were enemies. Mark this – Germans, SAME RACE!

    Nowadays – TW “immigrants” (swarmers and infiltrants actually) in Europe for instance, Muslims particularly, and MAJORITY ARE HOSTILE. Their attitude, intentions and deeds reveal that FACT. I have to admit that generalization is unfair to certain individuals, but when we are faced with huge numbers it is unavoidable.

    Expressing any opposition to this illegally infiltrated and hostile “immigrants” Lefts mark as Racism
    Expressing any opposition to Racial interbreeding (even raping) Lefties also mark as Racism.

    Compared with French-German WW2 situation, we have now a PARADOX were Lefties as ACTUAL TRAITORS accuse PATRIOTS for PATRIOTISM.

    Early (((Marxists))) invented Communism, and their invention failed. Later (((Cultural Marxists))) “invented” Multiculturalism and Diversity, which they advertise as “Our Strength”, but conveniently “forgot” or “accidentally” omitted FACTUAL interpretation of that dubious “STRENGTH”.

    Communism was Synthetic Social Construct
    Multiculturalism is also Synthetic Social Construct

    Synthetic shirts, pants etc. in direct contact with skin tend to irritate, because synthetic is unnatural and nature resists to unnatural. Our body resists transplanted organs. Why the hell when one Race resists the other Races that is suddenly unnatural. To defy body’s immune reaction many Anti-Rejection Medications were developed, but problems remain. In defying Racial-Immune-Reaction Lefties invented Racism as an antidote, but problem remains as Mother Nature is stronger.

    Problem is because Anti-White/Anti-Racists mental sensors malfunctioned, and no wonder that failed, because Lefties have NO COMMON SENSES.

    (((PTB))) knows that, which is why Liberally Retarded White masses are perfect assistant to their vile goal of reshaping the Natural World in a monomorphic synthetic one, of course under (((NWO))).

  30. I recently saw a headline that again confirmed a buried science news story I read over 17 years ago. It mentioned a study confirming the correlation between a child’s skull diameter at birth and their later IQ scores. I noted that the article mentioned this was the 4th or 5th study to confirm this, and wondered why these findings were repeated so often. I learned that the earlier findings were also a premise in the Bell Curve book. So, it’s reasonable to conclude that the SJW’s continue to try every way they can to deny or rewrite reality, and continue to fail when confronted with hard fact.

    • As you’re part of a country that has a relatively white homogenous population, you have the great benefit of being able to judge others who don’t have that same convenience without truly knowing what we have to go thru or deal with. Last I checked, Scotland was over 95% white, correct? This is common among white American liberals as well. Most don’t have to live within 5 miles of another race, therefore they don’t have to deal with the disadvantages of having to do so. They don’t see the problems and discord it causes as they get to go about their everyday lives only seeing and interacting with those who are like them. So they think that WE must be the problem, since it’s a problem they’re free from themselves and don’t have to endure. That sound about right?

  31. Your ideology was well presented as personal introspection. I understand your argument of race realism, as being keenly aware of color of skin, but I have several questions on how your ideology is diverging, and hope you will afford some indulgence in an academic conversation.

    1. Skin pigmentation is typically based on region. And for the sake of brevity into the science, dark melanin dominates light. What I am wondering though is your argument based specifically on the collective here in the United States or globally?

    2. Are you proposing that your identity is based on your skin color? And what happens when a person migrates from a different country?

    3.Are you excluding or including the economic value of an education systems into your perspective?

    4. You mentioned IQ per/ratio based on races: Is that current valid research? Have you considered how economics impacts IQ per/ratio. Rich vs. poor? Or how the cycle of poverty impacts the perceptions of an entire community. Here is why I ask. Per ratio, Black Americans are among poorest, and while there are those who have excelled, this community as a whole has not broken the barrier from low income. There is a multitude of research regarding economics and education on the impact of communities, so for the sake of argument, correlation is fact: higher the income, the higher the education. However, your ideology is concluding based on research (not sure of the variables) You seem to go a step further by almost insinuating that color is a distinction in human species.

    Your argument marries well through an economic perspective, but I do not see the correlation you’re presenting on skin pigmentation that excludes an economic parallel.

    I am hopeful these question spark further exploration into your own perspective. And out of curiosity would be interested in the education and economic level of those who are sharing your ideology.

    *current research is being referenced within the past 10 years

  32. I thought that the Jews were regarded as the best educated people in the world and even the most well off. The Jews spread out all over the world from when the tribe of Israel fell, and went to Germany, England etc so most likely most people in such places have some Hebrew bloodline, but that don’t mean they are what’s called Jews nowadays, by the majority of fools who don’t even know what Jew means.
    The Word Jew only came about after Jesus Christ and to be a Jew you have to be a believer in the OT and reject Jesus Christ, it’s got nothing to do with race at all, as anyone can become a Jew, just as anyone can become a Christian.
    Most people who claim to be Jewish are not of the Hebrew’s or even the tribe of Israel or Judah at all.

    As far as racism goes who cares, I have never met a person in my 50 + years that was not some how racial, I would point out that there is a scale from 1 to 10 in regards to racial prejudice however and I will point out that I have never met a person in my life who was not prejudice, because all people are and if anyone thinks they are going to get rid of racial prejudice you will be pushing shit up hill.

    I don’t mind another pointing out something about a race, but if it’s blatant racial prejudice then I take that person as a foolish dolt, because prejudice is not knowledge but just to do with ignorance.

    One could point out the truth to any society that has failed or with it’s progress or we can point to how it, or ours why is degenerated.

    Sin is the number one thing to deal with, race or how IQ bright people are just can not cut it, if you can’t deal with Sin a society is finished.

    Political Correctness only works to go about trying to digging up anything it can use to fool and mislead and tear a society apart, it’s position on racism and gender are just tools it uses to create division, while such satanic PC Nazis sit back laughing their guts out as how stupid and pathetic the masses are and all the while they have their real plans set in action all going smoothly, no wonder the Satanist truly call such people their cattle.
    Where do we see harmony in PC never, it’s only a one way street where they only come the heavy with anyone who does not agree with them. such are nothing but Bastards !

  33. It just amazes me that nobody notices that the blacks are the most racist people in America with the exception of Muslims.

    Affirmative Action is racist and a contradiction to equality because it’s exclusive to a certain race, or group which of course, segregates these races or groups from the others and is discriminatory and in my opinion, is a deliberate dichotomy afforded by those who stand to gain monetarily. 
    (politicians left and right)

    In opposition, Equality is inclusive for it includes all races, and is not discriminatory; nor does it segregate; therefore, Affirmative Action is racist and devoid of equality, and does not promote integration but segregation only. How’s that an advantage for the advancement of ONLY colored people…🤐

  34. I never had problems with any sort of black racism, being a redneck. Actually those blacks you mean may be classists. We see your priviliged upbringing from miles away, especially if we attended university too, of course working at the same time to make a living. Never saw them priviliged folks on the best parties … Having priviliges makes you dump, boring and weak. To stop working and being the dog of priviliged folks even more so. Face the class realism!

  35. Am i a jew, if i am intellectual? Despite my upbringing, class origin and hard earned, enduring muscle structure? I would be proud of that …

  36. Blacks have statistically lower IQ scores than whites but whites have a larger gap with Northeast Asians such as Koreans and Japanese (NE Asian kids grade out at around 115 IQ, white Americans are around 90 and African Americans 80 and below, Sub Saharan Africans even lower… basically retard level for non-sub saharan populations). These are STATISTICAL and consistent scientific numbers for POPULATIONS YMMV for any individual white black or asian test taker

    But for that matter, white Americans grade out 10 points lower than white Europeans’ (Western Europeans are at a statistically normal 100 IQ, American whites are 90ish). Also if you’re a white American living today, you are statistically likely to be STUPIDER than your great grandparents, since American IQs are dropping by generation

    I know you’ll blame “race mixing” or some such for that decline and the gap with Asians (just like people erroneously blame latino or Jewish admixture for declining heights of Americans versus other nations) but it’s likely native. For example, obesity and the hormones in our GMO, government-subsidized food is counterintuitively contributing to declining heights by triggering early puberty etc. It’s own our poor choices as Americans and as parents and workers, voters and citizens that have caused all of this.

    The point is, you might want to dial back your emphasis on IQ. It’s not really a winning argument for white America. Liberals are very savvy, follow their lead, the reason they decry IQ tests is because blacks score lower. You don’t see them claiming Fully Automatic Timing that hands generations of blacks the world record for the 100 meter dash as “culturally biased” Don’t include things in your argument that do not help your case about white superiority

    Also if you admire morons like Ben Carson etc then I hate to break it to you but honestly your issue is simply that you’re OLD. 40 years younger and you’d admire Jay Z or Lebron for their accomplishments and skill as you do as Old White Guy who admires Ben Carson. People often have a hard time putting themselves in other ppl’s shoes… even their own children or grandchildren. Given the proper context you’d be just like they are. Yes blacks are violent (statistically and empirically speaking) but you are afraid of them because you are old and haven’t had enough exposure to normal black people doing normal things. Even if 1/3 of blacks are locked up at some point in their lives, it means that 2/3 of black males are not. Yes black criminality is off the charts compared to other populations but it’s not like the MAJORITY of blacks are violent. It’s that perspective you are missing. If you were younger and more plugged in 90% of the crap you are upset/scared/agitated about would be nothing to you.

    I’m not picking a side but there’s a reason why many old Americans are FOX news and their granddaughters are raising a half black baby. YOU ARE THE EXACT SAME PEOPLE where do you think they came from? You just aren’t acculturated with modern American society and stuff scares you as you get older.

    • Excellent review of actual reality, however you missed the point, the MAIN POINT, that rampant “diversity”, is MALICIOUSLY PLANED and DELIBERATELY EXECUTED socio-synthetic process with which ONLY Euro-Race HAS TO perish. I assume that you are acquainted with Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, which is in full implementation (particularly in EU) as we speak, and is known as MULTICULTURALISM. I also assume that as an obvious scholar you are aware which people exactly are behind that plan and who are those that follow ORDERS strictly. If by any chance you have no idea what about I am talking, I am offering you EVIDENCE, and not just “any evidence”, but the firm one, firm like FORENSIC EVIDENCE, which you can authenticate personally.

      You should understand that White-Nationalism is NOT ABOUT SUPREMACY or superiority of one Race over the other, it is primordial survival instinct which is immanent to every living organism in preservation of own existence. The problem is that Cultural Marxists thru extremely aggressive and viciously planed miss-educational concept managed to modify White younger generations where AntiFa zombies are just the tip of such derailment.

      Of course, Cultural Marxists are not alone in this business, as we are faced with a complex alliance of enormous power from those on top that spreads down to the base. IMO, there are three pillars of this alliance, which I am seeing as follows

      FIRST PILLAR – Financial Industry (Banksters – Wall Street) and International Corporations

      SECOND PILLAR – Administration, INTERNET-MASTERS, MSM, Entertainment, Education, NGOs, etc. which are almost ALL in possession or penetrated by Ashkenazim Jews, and check this to understand why Jews – “How the Jews took over America” – ***https://chechar.wordpress.com/2011/06/30/how-did-the-jews-take-over-america/***

      THIRD PILLAR – White Left consisted from plethora of provenances – Socialists, Communists, Irresponsible Liberals, Psychologically Tempered Hedonistic Youth, LGBTQ Deviants, etc. This group has been trimmed or influenced by toxic Cultural Marxism, product of infamous Frankfurt school (Frankfurter Schule), which initiated tectonic social changes that seriously damaged Euro-civilization … and we know (((who))) “scientists” that invented it were.

      FOURTH PILLAR – White Women in general, where I would recommend you that CAREFULLY read this professionally brilliant expertize – “Why Females Prefer Immigrant Males” – ***http://www.heretical.com/sgs-2002/wfpim.html***


      If you might be interested I am providing you abundance of reliable sources (Internet Links), which are due to WP limitations closed within asterisks, so you have to copy active link and paste it in new tab or window of your browser. For easiest reading the rest is separated in three sequential parts

      Next THREE PARTS are my view of CURRENT PROBLEM with “immigration”, or more preciously – ORGANIZED RESETTLEMENT of millions from Third World to Europe.

      • PART-1 in RESPOND to Walter Koons

        It’s not a secret anymore that decomposition of European Nations (White Race) and consequently disappearance of EXCLUSIVELY European Nation States, is PLANED and is elaborated some time ago in the year 1925, by author Richard Coudenhove Kalergi in his manifesto Praktischer Idealismus (Practical Idealism). Project is well known as Coudenhove Kalergi Plan, which is nothing else but Euro-Race soft GENOCIDE thru instigated CROSS-BREEDING with Stone-Age Negroids and Medieval Muslim herds from Third World. We can say that Kalergi Plan is “composed” as a future REQUIEM for late Euro-Race.

        For better understanding of current rampant “migration crises” or rather saying ORGANIZED RESETTLING of mostly YOUNG MALE hordes from Third World, which are absolutely INCOMPATIBLE with Euro-civilization, also utterly worthless and mostly hostile – NEXT EXCERPTS ARE TAKEN FROM WIKIPEDIA –


        “According to his (Kalergi) autobiography, at the beginning of 1924 his friend Baron Louis de Rothschild introduced him to Max Warburg who offered to finance his movement for the next 3 years by giving him 60,000 gold marks. Warburg remained sincerely interested in the movement for the remainder of his life and served as an intermediate for Coudenhove-Kalergi with influential Americans such as banker Paul Warburg and financier Bernard Baruch”

        Coudenhove-Kalergi also proposed Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” as the Anthem of Europe in 1929, and it is.

        “Pan-Europeanism earned vivid loathing from Adolf Hitler, who excoriated its pacifism and mechanical economism and belittled its founder as “a bastard.” Hitler’s view of Coudenhove-Kalergi was that the “rootless, cosmopolitan, and elitist half-breed (Jew)” was going to repeat the historical mistakes of Coudenhove ancestors who had served the House of Habsburg. In 1928, Hitler wrote about his political opponent in his Zweites Buch, describing him as “Aller welts bastarden Coudenhove”

        “In an interview in the first Pan-European Congress in 1926, Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi expressed the support of Jews by the Pan-European movement and the benefits to Jews with the elimination of racial hatred and economic rivalry brought by the United States of Europe. In his book Praktischer Idealismus (Practical Idealism), written in 1925, he describes the future of Jews in Europe and of European racial composition with the following words –

        THE MAN OF THE FUTURE WILL BE OF MIXED RACE. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals”

        “Instead of destroying European Jewry, Europe, against its own will, refined and educated this people into a future leader-nation through this artificial selection process. No wonder that this people, that escaped Ghetto-Prison, developed into a spiritual nobility of Europe. Therefore a gracious Providence provided Europe with a new race of nobility by the Grace of Spirit. This happened at the moment when Europe’s feudal aristocracy became dilapidated, thanks to Jewish emancipation”


        Paradox of French Revolution is that it served as early precursor to nowadays Globalist NWO, where old nobilities were destroyed, to open doors for new vile “elites”, rotten scoundrel Jewish (AshkeNAZI) Zionist Cartel. By resettling some 7 – 8 million Ashkenazim Jews from Europe to America, between two main world wars, thru an extremely well planned and executed manoeuvre, they managed to penetrate system and take over WASP’s America.

        For Global Strategy of International Jewish Zionists, creation of Israel was just secondary to the prime one – HIGH JACKING America from Americans.

      • PART-2 in RESPOND to Walter Koons


        1. Killing members of the group
        2. Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group
        3. Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part
        4. Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group
        5. Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group


        1. ENFORCED IMMIGRATION – in only White countries
        2. ENFORCED INTEGRATION – in only White living spaces
        3. ENFORCED ASSIMILATION – Entertainment industry and MSM promote Diversity and miscegenation 24/7/365
        4. ENFORCED INDOCTRINATION – Anti-White Education and Massive Anti-White propaganda

        EU is just Washington’s vassal, whereas Washington’s Politicians are utterly corrupted and sold-off puppets of Globalist NWO, which is complex alliance of Banksters and Corporations on top, followed by Powerful Jewish Lobbies and supported directly by subdued Administration and indirectly thru owned MSM, and Entertainment industry.

        Special place and mission in that enterprise had and have SUBVERSIVE Education and Academia with disastrous consequences, perfectly explained by Yuri Bezmenov (ex-Soviet KGB deflector), in his1984 interview – EVERYTHING on that subject – ***https://duckduckgo.com/?q=yuri+bezmenov+interview&t=hb&ia=videos*** –

        Or shorter videos with particular subject –

        Yuri Bezmenov: Deception Was My Job (Complete) – ***https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3qkf3bajd4***

        Destroying a society – ‘Media Rapes your mind’ – Yuri Bezmenov (former KGB agent) – ***https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOEweZtlonQ***

        How To Brainwash A Nation – ***https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeMZGGQ0ERk***

        Former KGB Agent explains: The destruction of America from within – ***https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABWlyt2ldKw*** –

        However, to fully understand how AshkeNAZI Monster-Cartel occupied America, everybody should read this – “How the Jews took over America” – ***https://chechar.wordpress.com/2011/06/30/how-did-the-jews-take-over-america/*** – and here is one powerful excerpt from that amazing article –

        “The invasion of Palestine, strategically important though it is, nevertheless stands in the shade of the vast invasion of America. During the short half century since Jewry adopted Zionism, some ten millions of Jews have been dumped on the shores of North America to displace Americans biologically and economically, to live parasitically on the American organism, to distort the social and spiritual life of the nation. The volume of the invasion has been such that even the slumbering, politically-unconscious white American has begun to blink his eyes and look around him in amazement, as he becomes gradually cognizant that his native land has passed into the possession of scheming, power-hungry, money-grubbing, total aliens”

        The whole article is a masterpiece, a brilliant presentation how ZIONIST Jews (WW2 REAL VICTORS) conquered America and consequently the rest of Euro-civilization.

      • PART-3 in RESPOND to Walter Koons

        EU Parliament with its COMMISSARS resembles late Communist USSR, and beyond any doubts it is under overwhelming Globalists influence, if not COMMAND alone … from US of course. Goldman Sachs is one of main players with its boss LLOYD BLANKFEIN and his people like –

        PETER SUTHERLAND – UN Special Representative for International Migration January 2006 – 9 March 2017 / Chairman of Goldman Sachs 1 July 1995 – 1 May 2015 / Director-General of the World Trade Organization … this monster regularly lectures in EU parliament on mandatory immigration quotas from outer Third World.

        MARIO DRAGHI – President of the European Central Bank Incumbent / Financial Stability Board (FSB) is an international body that monitors and makes recommendations about the global financial system / Worked at Goldman Sachs from 2002 until 2005. In 2014 Draghi was listed as the 8th most powerful person in the world by Forbes

        JOSÉ MANUEL BARROSO – Current non-executive chairman at Goldman Sachs International / Previously he was the 11th President of the European Commission (2004–2014)

        EU LEADERS –

        ANGELA MERKEL (Jewess and EU ACTUAL BOSS) – presumably APPOINTED by Washington. How to understand otherwise that ex-Communist employee from STASI (ex-DDR) could have become the Leader of German Christian party CDU, and consequently Chancellor. – She floods Germany and EU with TW “enrichments”, and is temporary “forced” to calm down a bit, due to re-election ambition.

        JEAN-CLAUDE JUNCKER – President of the European Commission – He said this – “It is Europe today that represents a beacon of hope, a haven of stability in the eyes of women and men in the Middle East and in Africa. That is something to be proud of and not something to fear” – DRUNK AND LUNATIC

        FRANS TIMMERMANS – Vice President of the European Commission, one of the craziest from the basket of Multicultural Lunatics. Next is his “wisdom” – “The future of humanity no longer belongs to individual nations and cultures, but rather a mixed super-culture. Contemporary conservatives, who value their own traditions and want a peaceful future for their own communities, value a PAST THAT NEVER EXISTED and can therefore not dictate the future”

        TIMMERMANS therefore implies that European culture and heritage are nothing but social constructs and anybody who says otherwise is narrow-minded. He concludes his speech by stating that Europe “HAS ALWAYS BEEN A CONTINENT OF MIGRANTS” and European values inherently mean accepting diversity.

        He expresses concerns that if EU does not increase efforts to ensure diversity gets to every single spot on Earth as fast as possible, the peace in Europe will be at stake – ???

        FEDERICA MOGHERINI – High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy / Member of the Italian Communist Youth Federation from 1988 / in 1996 Mogherini joined the Youth Left after the dissolution of the Italian Communist Party …

        Her “wisdom” – During a debate at the European Parliament … EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said that illegal immigration managed by mafias is “A NEW FORM OF SLAVERY” – at least she is right about Mafia, Brussels Mafia of course. Mogherini also emphasized the worn-out EU slogan calling for “clear, safe and legal channels” for those in need of international protection to come to Europe. “It is a thorny issue, but we must insist” said manic Communist Federica.

        And there are MORE OF THOSE ADDICTED to Third World “immigrants” –

        DIMITRIS AVRAMOPOULOS – the EU’s commissioner for Migration, – “crisis is a major challenge for the EU whose core values: solidarity and respect for human rights, risk being compromised”

        BERT KOENDERS – Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Cabinet Rutte-Asscher on 17 October 2014. – “We cannot solve the refugee crisis by closing borders”

        VINCENT MERTENS DE WILMARS Former Belgian PM – “You will never have a no-risk society”

        GUY VERHOFSTADT the chair of the Group of Liberals and Democrats in the European Parliament – “Lack of EU asylum system is ‘pushing people to come to Europe” -. He calls himself a federalist and believes European countries must further integrate if they want to play a role in today’s globalised world. He is “very disappointed” by the outcome of the EU’s emergency summit on migration.

        WILLIAM LACY SWING – director of the International Organization for Migration, says Europe “cannot stop the arrivals and they shouldn’t”.

        JOSÉ ÁNGEL GURRÍA – has been Secretary-General of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) since 2006 – “Migration is the only hope of certain countries that are ageing”

        YANNICK JADOT, French environmentalist and Member of the European Parliament – “Europe has a moral and legal responsibility to welcome migrants”

        NICHOLAS SARKOZY (Jew) – We CANNOT FORGET him and his famous speech in UN 2009 –

        “The United Nations should avail itself as an instrument for a “NEW WORLD ORDER of the 21st century … In the name of France, I call upon all states to join ranks in order to found the New World Order of the 21st century on the notion that the common goods that belong to all of humankind must be the common responsibility for us all”

        “2009 can be the year of the birth of a new capitalism, of a NEW WORLD ORDER … I call all government, no one of us will be safe making its own politic individually isolated of what the others are doing. We will go together towards this NEW WORLD ORDER, and NOBODY, I’m well telling that NOBODY will be able to oppose himself against it. Because around the world, THE FORCES BEING ON DUTY FOR THE CHANGE are CONSIDERABLY STRONGER than the conservatisms, the immobilism and the opposition to progress”


        “What is the goal? It’s going to be controversial. The goal is to meet the challenge of racial interbreeding. The challenge of racial interbreeding that faces us in the 21st Century. It’s not a choice, it’s an obligation. It’s imperative. We cannot do otherwise. We risk finding ourselves confronted with major problems. We MUST change; therefore we WILL change. We are going to change ALL at the same time. In business, in administration, in education, in the political parties. And we will obligate ourselves as to results. If this volunteerism does not work for the Republic, then the State will move to still more coercive measures”

        TONY BLAIR and his BARBARA ROCHE (Jewess) as Minister of State for Asylum and Immigration … Both should be prosecuted, tried and locked for life, for what they did to UK with their MASSIVE IMPORTATIONS of “immigrants” from Third World.

        Unfortunately, European Leaders are not the only culprits; in Western parts of EU there are millions of equally Liberally Retarded individuals, where Sweden is an absolute winner in this “immigration” race.

        There is no way to blame African Primates as invaders or intruders greedy of better life and welfare, after all, they were and still are WELCOMED and INVITED and NOBODY is stopping them.

        The FACT is that Jewish LEADING ROLE in this business is undisputable, as infamous “legend” Barbara Lerner Spectre honestly acknowledged in her interview to IBA-News, 2010-

        “Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.” – ***https://www.youtube.com/watch?*** … or here ***https://www.youtube.com/watch?***

        However, disregarding Jews and our Leaders, the MAIN CULPRIT is European Liberal Left … millions of irresponsible “do gooders”, out of touch with reality. If Western Europeans would resist the way Eastern does, not a single Negroid or Muslim “refugee-migrant” would enter Europe, ever!

  37. Sorry, I love Walter Williams also, and Thomas Sowell, and Ben Carson, but there are very few people in general that have a high IQ and I don’t think this is genetic, I think this is PROGRAMMING. Sam Blumenfeld explain the dumbing down of the school system and deliberate creation of illiteracy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m–gsPQ4MUY I was lucky, I would have been white trash ( and maybe I still am) but my single, never married, paranoid Mom taught us to read at 3 and 4. ( And Grandma, on a little chalk board from the Dime Store, which was what we USED to have before the Dollar store). And I was tested at a 12th grade reading comprehension in the 6th grade of public screwel. My mother used the school system as a babysitting service. We were also watched by our Grandma until she died when I was 11. After 8th grade, I begged my mother not to make me go to high school. I was shy due to teasing and couldn’t bear more, I was a good reader and loved non fiction and she took us to choose our own books at the Goodwill for ten cents each. I chose college level textbooks like General Zoology, Latin, and Medical Terminology (programmed) We all learned Medical Terminology out of that book and I never forgot it,because “programmed” books are phenomenal for showing all the steps and getting a good foundation laid for any subject. That is my advice for homeschooling parents today- get some good used “programmed” books on basic subjects, they will be older books but they are better books. And get a good OLD dictionary, there is a mini encyclopedia in the front explaining English rules and grammar, and no one is taught these essentials today. And also get a rhyming dictionary, this will help your ruined kids catch up in their understanding of how words are pronounced and spelled.
    My mother used programming, but the good kind. She trained us to think for ourselves and learn all we could.

    One more aspect having to do with IQ. I think that a bunch of folks are assuming IQ is genetic, when it also may be fetal alcohol damage in the womb (I can’t tell you how many times I hear jokes about inbreeding), when I know our county has a very high FASD rate, highest in the state, Believe me, this is hard to deal with on a daily basis. People just can’t make logical judgements and can’t understand what you say. Another possibility is nutritional deficiency in the womb, same problems- there are multiple deficiencies that will not allow the proper brain development- one is cholesterol, and I know people have been PROGRAMMED to hate fat and cholesterol but the reality is it is needed for the brain cells, the tissue cells, the myelin sheaths over the nerve cells. Also all the B complex vitamins are needed for brain and nerve development, and there can be serious developmental problems when these are deficient. Vitamin A, vitamin K2 and magnesium , vitamin D , there are just so many things that will go wrong if the building blocks are not there. So for this to be assumed “genetic” is just a wrong assumption.

    • Yeah, and domestic violence, child abuse, poverty, war etc. all diminish lifelong potential.
      Intelligence has a hereditary component that allows for a wide potential in intellectual capacity formation. Northern blacks will always do better than Texan and Southern whites who are reared by strict disciplinarians who treat their children like dogs.

  38. You had me quite captivated until you started mentioning “comments” and “upvotes”. Fuck off back to Reddit with your precious upvotes. I’d rather listen to hip hop then have to listen to a bunch of millennial faggot redditors debate which pattern of plaid best compliments their fedora for their attendance at the upcoming “Bernie 2020” dance social.

    • You were the beau of the ball, though, right, with your extreme anger about a type of music? I think we found someone too racist for Reddit. Dang, that’s like seeing a Supernova.

  39. Notice how your typical race realist is unwilling to use neutral language, opting for a pejorative every time as they dispassionately expound on the inferiority in others? You prohibit insulting each other, but not those terrible …basically every minority. It’s almost as if your preoccupation with race is rationalisation for some sort of subsurface communal tension. We’ve been infiltrated, let’s insult them away! So much anxiety, you must be sick with cortisol. (That’s like Flint’s lead for our white racists.)
    The faults are in yourselves. Get real about that and get counselling.

    • I have a link to the definition of genocide, which was written by a Jew. I’m posting it later today, as time permits. The point I’ll make here is that the white race is being genocided in America, Europe, South Africa.

      Writing about the extinction of animals and peoples (such as the Tibetans who are being genocided by the Chinese) is my mission. It’s a reasonable one.

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