Link to saboteur365 Twitter page

Since WordPress has been making noises about permanently banning this site for advocating violence and making death threats (which we have a policy against), I’ve set up a Twitter account in order to stay online if the worst happens.

I intend to reestablish this site on a different host if permanently banned here, which might take awhile. I would use Twitter to keep in touch regarding the name of the new site, which I hope would keep the saboteur365 name. I’m still figuring out how Twitter works.

Don’t be offended if I edit one of your comments. I know the left has this site on it’s “destroy” list, so I MUST be extra careful. I think leftist trolls periodically try to sneak something in that’s not (((kosher.)))

However, sometimes even things that we write that have no intent of a threat are misinterpreted by leftists who go running to WordPress to complain.