Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Has Threatened Friend of the Alt-Right, Actor James Woods

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, the vile Michael Avenatti, has threatened to smear actor James Woods because of a Woods Tweet mocking Avenatti.

Jewish controlled Hollywood has blacklisted James, not because of his behavior toward women, but because of his vocal support for President Trump.

Woods, like all of us on the alt-right, wants that wall and more that we also favor.

Avenatti, on the other hand, is apparently driven by his hatred of President Trump.


Michael Avenatti is fighting back against James Woods, threatening to expose the actor’s “#MeToo issues” in an exchange of words via Twitter on Saturday morning.

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Imbecile Basketball-American Draymond Green Refused Trump Visit, But Got Played by Jews During Israel Tour


Israel’s president Reuven Rivlin was blessed with the presence of the Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green this week.

The Trump-hating NBA player was used by the Jews to make some nice Jewish propaganda. See above photo.

The world has noticed.

Jews have been using blacks for propaganda purposes for decades.

Hey you black people, wake up!

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“piece of sh*t” Sacha Baron Cohen Pretended to be Wounded Vet to Get Interview with Sarah Palin


Mocking and ridiculing Sarah Palin was the left’s favorite sport in 2008. They’re still at it.

Palin, like everyone else in the GOP’s extreme pro-military wing, has never met a wounded vet she didn’t like.

Until she met a fake one in the person of a heavily disguised Sacha Baron Cohen, a Jew of the sort who gives Jews a bad name.

New York Daily News

Sarah Palin claims she was duped into participating in Sacha Baron Cohen’s Showtime series.

The former vice presidential candidate penned a lengthy post on Facebook in which she said she was tricked into an interview for “Who Is America?”

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50s Heartthrob Who Kept his Faggotry Secret Dead at 86

Tab Hunter’s abnormal sexual attraction to men was an open secret back in the day. Women who fell for the good looking star probably were unaware that he had no interest in them when there was man meat to be had.

Excerpt from The Guardian

Hollywood heartthrob Tab Hunter, the beloved boy-next-door of 1950s Warner Brothers classics like Battle Cry, The Burning Hills and Damn Yankees, died Sunday at the age of 86.

The likeable Tab had a big hit record. Here he is singing on the Perry Como show in 1957.

Tab Hunter (not his real name) had a Jewish father and German mother, according to his Wikipedia page. That may explain partly his degenerate lifestyle.

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Nude Model Offends Jews with Naked Pics Taken with Western Wall Background

Belgian nude model Marissa Papen travels the world taking nude photos in public locations. She apparently made sure that no Muslim holy sites were in her Israeli photos. However, she didn’t mind offending her Jewish hosts with the photo above. That’s the holy site, the Western wall, in the background.

If you had to pick a side, would you ally with the offended Jews or with Marissa?

Before answering, there’s more nude photos of her interspersed in the story. The last one will interest you the most, I think.

Ynet News

Belgian nude model Marisa Papen recently posed in full frontal nudity on the background of the Western Wall, the most sacred place to Judaism which is visited by hundreds of devout believers every day.

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Unfunny Jew Sacha Baron Cohen Trolls Trump to Promote His New TV Show


The Jewish owned entertainment industry is giving a Jewish loser a chance to bash President Trump on TV.

People who like stupid, cruel humor must like Sacha Baron Cohen. It’s not his Jewishness that offends the rest of the population, but his degenerate mind and mouth.


Sacha Baron Cohen is lining up a return to TV, and has teased his comeback in a video trolling Donald Trump.

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French Website Removes Ad for Auschwitz Showerhead, May Seek Criminal Charges Against Advertiser


War souvenirs are always of interest to collectors.

Perhaps a Holocaust museum would have bought the shower head, which undoubtedly gassed many a Jew during World War II. Or maybe not if the Holocaust stories are a giant money-making hoax.

Since the advertiser apparently believes that the Holocaust was real, it’s hard to see why the ad was removed and why the website is pondering bringing him to the attention of the police.

Times of Israel

A classified advertisements website in France removed an ad marketing a secondhand showerhead as coming from Auschwitz.

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