White Footballer Sentenced to Community Service for “Rape” of Negro Teammate


When the story of the anal rape of a retarded Negro football player by a white kid first broke, I posted this piece on Saboteur365.

What’s most important to know about this story, which has broken huge in the world-wide media Saturday night, is that the parents of the “special needs” black youth who was allegedly assaulted are white. They are seeking $10 million in damages in their civil lawsuit.

Excerpt from a long article at The Guardian

An Idaho judge has sentenced a white former high school football player to just 300 hours of community service with probation for his part in an attack on a developmentally disabled African American team-mate, insisting the case had been wrongly portrayed by the media as racially or sexually motivated.

In a series of extraordinary remarks, district judge Randy J Stoker on Friday accused the press and the public for misrepresenting what happened in a rural Idaho high school locker room on 22 October 2015, lamenting “people from the east coast have no idea what this case is about”.

Judge Stoker sounds like President Donald Trump. Media vermin will alway twist, distort, and lie to push the agenda that all whites are racist a**holes just ready and waiting to oppress the poor sad Nigra.

John RK Howard, who is now 19, was originally charged with forcible penetration by use of a foreign object for an attack on a 17-year-old in the Dietrich High School locker room after football practice.

The victim’s family, who are bringing a civil case, allege he was subject to sustained racist abuse and bullying in the months leading up to the incident, which involved the insertion of a coat hanger in his rectum. However Stoker was insistent the case, which has prompted nearly 150,000 people to sign change.org petition to have the judge removed from the bench in Idaho, had been misconstrued.

“This is not a rape case,” said an emphatic Stoker. “This is not a sex case. This started out as penetration with a foreign object … Whatever happened in that locker room was not sexual. It wasn’t appropriate. There’s nothing in this record that supports anything close to the sexual allegation against this young man.”

“In my view, this is not a case about racial bias,” the judge continued, addressing the pale young man at the defense table. “If I thought that you had committed this offense for racial purposes, you would go straight to the Idaho penitentiary.”

Well, now I don’t like what I’m hearing from the Judge. Why should a racially motivated penetration be punished more severely? He doesn’t say.

According to the civil lawsuit filed by the victim’s family, their son had been the focus of long-term racial bullying and abuse. Howard taught him a song that glorified anal rape and the KKK, and members of the football team called him slurs including “nigger”, “chicken eater”, “watermelon” and “Kool-Aid”.

But on Friday, Stoker brushed aside those assertions. The victim “was not targeted, which dispels in my view any claim of a racial incident”, Stoker said. “Another individual who was involved said [the victim] was called ‘fried chicken’ because [he] said it was his favorite food … I don’t think it’s a racial slur.”

Haha. Blacks try to turn everything into a racial slur. White people eat fried chicken. And watermelon. At least, in the South we do.

My bottom line is this: Who the Hell put a retarded Negro on a high school football team? He would be too stupid to contribute anything. I can only conclude tha this experiment in diversiy came to its logical conclusion. Of course the players would resent Mr. “fried chicken.” Everyone hates affirmative action who’s experienced it.

fried chicken black

Tranny Walks into 7-11, Begins Hacking Customers with an Ax

Evie Amati has a male appendage but considers himself a woman. This “chick with a dick” will have to learn to act more lady-like if he expects to pull off the switch.

These faggots are dangerous, as two victims of “her” ax swinging can testify to.

Excerpt from news.com.au

TERRIFYING video has emerged of the moment a young woman strolls into a suburban 7-Eleven with an axe and then hacks into two customers waiting to be served.

CCTV footage shows the bloody rampage second by second as it takes place inside the 7-Eleven at Enmore, in Sydney’s inner west, in the early hours of Saturday morning.

It is 2.19am and a blonde 24-year-old strolls casually into the store carrying an axe.

She is wearing black shorts, a dark singlet top, black sandshoes and, in her right hand, a long-handled black and red axe.

The 7-Eleven, which sits at the rear of a service station on busy Stanmore Road, is lit up and has a customer waiting at the cash register.

As police and paramedics are called to the bloody scene at the 7-Eleven, bystander Nathan Wood says he chases the axe-wielding woman down the street until she allegedly swings the axe again at the person behind Mr Wood.

Police converge on Stanmore Road and a short time later a police dog allegedly finds Ms Amati lying in the front yard of a property along the road.

Police claim to find an axe nearby. Police arrest and handcuff her and she is taken to St Vincent’s Hospital for assessment, and later transferred to a cell.

Ms Hacker and Mr Rimmer are both taken to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital to be treated.

Ms Hacker later describes the terrifying attack which left her with a skull fracture, and Mr Rimmer with more serious head injuries.
“She just came with full force and swung and struck the man across the face,” Ms Hacker told Network Ten.


Lesson: Avoid any contact with tranny people holding an ax or other weapon. These people are usually crazy anyway. Don’t take any chances.

The last couple of paragraphs hint at the motivation. Tranny Evie wanted her pills for free. He’ll get them, I suppose.

Mexico Imploding: Riots, Looting Over Increased Gas Price (Videos)

The five days of unrest in Mexico since the new year hasn’t been on the U.S. news much. Sitting within 150 miles of the Mexican border as I am, it’s natural to worry about a huge flood of new invaders rushing the border and pouring into the United States.

The videos below show Mexicans acting like blacks act in America from time to time. I’ve never seen Mexicans behave quite this way.

NBC News offers a selection of still photos, including the one above.

GLP offers a thread with the first three videos below. I’ve added a fourth one. This may turn out to be one of the biggest under reported stories of the year.

If Mexico goes into full collapse mode like Venezuela, then there’s going to be big trouble for the U.S. Trump’s wall isn’t up yet. A million starving Mexicans rushing the border checkpoints would create chaos. Not even Trump would have the guts to order that the Mexicans be fired upon by American troops.

This commenter on youtube helped put the last video in perspective:

Adolf Goldstein Shekelblatt1 minute ago
+Steven Gutierrez Gutierrez
Hey Pedro, if the white race falls, the entire world falls. Who do you think created and maintains western civilization? Your kind votes for communists 70% of the time. Without whites you’ll be back to feudalism within 2 generations.

We will be monitoring the Mexican situation as events warrant.

Full Text: Vladimir Putin’s Letter to Donald Trump

The (((press))) characterizes Donald Trump’s relationship with Vladimir Putin by using the insulting term “bromance.”

Real, serious men have serious work to do to undo the idiocy of Obama. Flashpoints over the globe leave us far less safe after eight years of Obama and the prior eight years of Bush.

Finally, two real men will be able to sit down together and hash out our differences.

The Duran

Dear Mr. Trump,

Please accept my warmest Christmas and New Year greetings.

Serious global and regional challenges, which our countries have to face in recent years, show that the relations between Russia and the U.S. remain an important factor in ensuring stability and security of the modern world.

I hope that after you assume the position of the President of the United States of America we will be able – by acting in a constructive and pragmatic manner – to take real steps to restore the framework of bilateral cooperation in different areas as well as bring our level of collaboration on the international scene to a qualitatively new level.

Please accept my sincere wishes to you and your family of sound health, happiness, wellbeing, success and all the best.

V. Putin

The Donald called Putin’s Christmas letter “very nice.”


“A very nice letter from Vladimir Putin; his thoughts are so correct,” Trump said in a statement. “I hope both sides are able to live up to these thoughts, and we do not have to travel an alternate path.”

The release of the letter — which was confirmed as authentic by Moscow — comes days after Russia loudly voiced complaints about its relationship with the US under the Obama administration, and after ambiguous remarks from Trump about the need to “strengthen and expand” US nuclear capability to counter nuclear adversaries.

At his annual year-end news conference on Thursday, Putin said that the US and Russia “need to discuss ways to normalize our relations. During his election campaign, Trump said it would be proper to normalize and it can’t be worse, and I agree with him.”

A Kremlin spokesperson criticized the poor relationship with the Obama administration in an interview Wednesday.

Dumb PC Aussie Police in “shock” that Muslims Planned Christmas Day Terror Attack

Good news: Aussie police have stopped a planned Christmas day terror attack.

Bad news: They can’t believe that Muslims would do such a thing.

Conclusion: Aussie police learned police work by studying a book called “Detective Work for Dummies.”


THE first person to face Melbourne Magistrates’ Court over the alleged failed Christmas terror plot has been denied bail, according to reports.

Abdullah Chaarani will be back in court in April after police foiled the alleged planned attack on city landmarks including Federation Square and Flinders Street Station.


Six men and a woman were arrested and five males aged between 20 and 26 remain in custody.

It comes as members of the Victoria Police Multi-faith Council said they were “united in our shock and condemnation of the alleged planned terrorist acts in the Melbourne CBD”.

“These alleged acts were not acts of faith, ethnicity or culture,” the group said, in a statement provided by Victoria Police.

“They were opposed to the principles of all religions. They were alleged acts of criminality that do not reflect the harmonious values we collectively strive to promote.

“We stand together for cohesion and harmony and are confident that Victoria’s multicultural and diverse community will unite in the face of these challenges in a positive and peaceful way.

I’m laughing my butt off at the nonsense spewed by the Victoria police. It’s worse than Obama’s nonsensical statements about Muslim terrorists.

stupid gif

“Anything that disrupts our unity only gives strength to those who try to divide us and as such, acts of racism or victimisation will not be tolerated.”

The suspects, believed to have been inspired by the Islamic State, are all expected to appear in court today charged with acts in preparation of a terrorist event. Four are Australian-born with a Lebanese background and one is an Australian citizen born in Egypt.

Police will allege they were planning to use improvised explosive devices to kill or injure large numbers of people.

“This is one of the most substantial terrorist plots [to] have been disrupted over the last several years,” said Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. “This news will be of great concern to all Australians. We congregate in public places for Christmas, for New Year’s Eve. It is a time of happiness and joy.

“These terrorists sought to disrupt it. They have been thwarted.”

A major multi-agency operation by Victoria Police, the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) foiled the alleged plot.

The alleged attack was set to include an “explosive event” and could have killed or injured a “substantial” number of people, Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said in a press conference this morning.

“We believe that there was an intention to conduct what we call a multimode attack, possibly on Christmas Day,” he said. “The possible locations that we have been working on have been Federation Square, Flinders Street Station and St Paul’s Cathedral.

“We’ve gained evidence that we believe is of a reconnaissance mission being conducted at that site. We believe there was an intention to attack in relation to that area, most likely on Christmas Day.”


What They’re Not Telling You About the Assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey

PJW discusses the Middle East to provide context to Monday’s assassination of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey without once mentioning Israel.

Nor does he mention Obama’s promise to retaliate against Russia for stealing the election from Hillary Clinton.

PJW correctly characterizes Turkey as no true friend of the West, but stops there. The relationship between Turkey and Israel is not explored, as it should be. It’s within the realm of possibility that a hit on the ambassador was ordered by Israel or the U.S., or both, but Watty doesn’t bring that up either.

Russian president Putin has stated his determination to have good relations with Turkey and to create a peaceful Syria. He asks who gave the orders to the assassin:

Putin, no dummy, suspects that Obama/Hillary (via the CIA) put the hit out, as discussed in the comments section at Zerohedge.

The MSM is treading lightly on this story of murder and political intrigue:

The Daily Beast

ISTANBUL — Russia’s ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, was shot and killed in Ankara on Monday by a young Turkish policeman who cried out that it was “revenge” for Russian bombing that killed civilians in Aleppo, witnesses said.

Karlov was attending the opening of a photography exhibition at a city gallery close to the U.S. Embassy when the assailant approached him and fired at close range.

The gunman was dressed in a black suit, the standard plainclothes uniform for protective security details, and got into the event by claiming to be Karlov’s bodyguard, witnesses said.

As he started to fire, he shouted in Turkish that he was avenging the deaths of civilians in Aleppo and in Arabic that his action was a part of jihad or holy war.

“We will not forget Aleppo, we will not forget Syria,” he said in Turkish. “No one can be safe as long as our brothers there are not. Get out of my way.”

Then he declared in Arabic, “Allahü Akbar!” (God is great!), and quoted a follower of the Prophet Mohamad, ‘We are the ones who pledged Bai’a (fealty) to Mohammed on the terms of jihad as long as we live.”

Several Turkish media outlets are now reporting his identity as 22-year-old riot policeman Mevlut Mert Altintas and the mayor of Ankara has said that he was off-duty at the time of the incident. The Daily Beast cannot confirm this information.

Reaction in both Russia and Turkey has been swift, incensed and conspiratorial.

Alexey Pushkov, the former head of the foreign affairs committee of the Russian State Duma, or lower house of parliament, has claimed the killing was a direct result of media “hysteria” concerning Aleppo, purveyed by “enemies” of Moscow. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a far-right Russian nationalist parliamentarian, claimed that the West orchestrated the shooting to prevent Turkish-Russian rapprochement following close to a year of a breach, which has gradually narrowed in recent months.

Holocaust-Themed Ice Skating Routine Draws Strong Rebuke from Jews

As I looked at the lovely performance by two Russian ice skaters, a skating routine condemned by some, I see a sad, sensitive remembrance of Jews who died in German prison camps during World War 2.

Thus, it’s puzzling that anyone would criticize the performance on the grounds that it’s tasteless. There is no “holocaust denial” nor is their anything but respect implicit in this performance.

What I believe is going on revolves around the woman skater’s link to Russian president Vladimir Putin. She’s the wife of Putin’s spokesman. The skating provides his critics with the chance to tar and feather him indirectly as antisemitic or maybe just as an insensitive creep. Alternatively, the critics may just be sourpusses who criticize everything.


Tatiana Navka, the wife of Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, sparked controversy after delivering a Holocaust-themed figure skating performance with Andrey Burkovskiy.

Sporting striped uniforms with gold Stars of David to portray Jewish prisoners in concentration camps, the two skated on Saturday night to the Israeli song “Beautiful That Way” that was used in the movie about the Holocaust, Life Is Beautiful. They skated for a Russian reality TV show, CBS News reported, citing Israeli media outlets.

The performance drew criticism from viewers who found the routine offensive.

Navka posted a series of photos from the performance on Instagram, prompting backlash in the comments. One user wrote, “Tasteless. Insensitive. The Holocaust is not happy entertainment,” while another commented, “You make me sick.”

Navka wrote in her post that the performance was based on Life is Beautiful, one of her favorite movies, and that children need to remember the Holocaust.

“… children need to remember the holocaust.” Tatiana seems anything but the kind of person who would make anyone “sick.”

This whole fake outrage thing has gotten completely out of hand. It’s a weapon in the hands of those who want to restrict freedom of thought and freedom of speech. Intelligent people should see through the charade and reject this kind of “fake news.”

Putin himself came under direct fire in 2015 for skipping the Auschwitz liberation anniversary celebration after sort of being disinvited.

I’m sure he cried over that one. (/sarc)

putin crying