White Serial Killer Pleads Guilty to Six Murders


According to this 2015 story at Masslive, admitted serial killer William Devin Howell hated prostitutes. His choice of victims reminds us of London’s Jack the Ripper.

Unlike Jack the Ripper, Howell didn’t get away with his deadly fixation on prostitutes. Howell could never be accused of a hate crime, however, since hating prostitutes doesn’t carry an extra penalty. Besides, Howell killed white, black, and brown alike.

The world loves a color-blind serial killer. Hey, he’s not so bad. He’s not a racist.


HARTFORD, Conn. — An East Coast drifter who authorities say killed seven people in Connecticut during a 2003 series of slayings and sexual assaults while driving a van he called the Murder Mobile pleaded guilty on Friday in connection with six of the slayings.

William Devin Howell pleaded guilty to six counts of murder during a hearing in New Britain Superior Court. Howell, who’s 47 years old, is expected to be sentenced in November to 360 years in prison.

The Hampton, Virginia, native previously was convicted of manslaughter in one victim’s death and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. The guilty pleas Friday confirmed that he is the most prolific serial killer in Connecticut history — not including the killers in mass shootings such as the Newtown school massacre.

The bodies of all seven victims were found buried in a wooded area behind a strip mall in New Britain. Three bodies were found in 2007, and the other remains were discovered in 2015 when authorities went back to the site.

Howell’s lawyers said his guilty plea avoids a trial and saves taxpayers nearly $1 million.

By pleading guilty today, William Howell wanted to spare the victims’ families further emotional pain through a lengthy and drawn out trial that would have taken several weeks, if not months,” the lawyers, Jeffrey Kestenband and William Paetzold, said in a statement.

New Britain State’s Attorney Brian Preleski praised a task force of local, state and federal authorities that investigated the killings and expressed “our deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of these innocent victims.”

All seven victims disappeared in 2003, when Howell was mowing lawns and working other odd jobs. They were identified as Joyvaline Martinez, 24, of East Hartford; Diane Cusack, 53, of New Britain; Mary Jane Menard, 40, of New Britain; Melanie Ruth Camilini, 29, of Seymour; Marilyn Gonzalez, 26, of Waterbury; Danny Lee Whistnant, 44, of New Britain; and Nilsa Arizmendi, 33, of Wethersfield.


Howell was arrested in May 2005 in Hampton, Virginia, in connection with Arizmendi’s death and later pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

He sexually assaulted three of the women and kept one of the bodies in his van for two weeks, sleeping next to the body and calling the victim his “baby,” according to an arrest warrant affidavit. He also told a cellmate there was a monster inside him, described himself as a “sick ripper” and called his van the Murder Mobile, according to the warrant.


One of the many stories on Howell stated that he used crack cocaine with at least one of his victims, if that’s relevant.

Howell told the cellmate the first person he killed was a woman he raped in his van, the warrant said. The cellmate, who described his conversations with Howell to authorities, said Howell told him he strangled the woman and hit her in the head with a hammer, the warrant said.

Howell also told the fellow inmate he kept the woman’s body wrapped up in his van because it was too cold outside to bury her, the warrant said. He said he cut off the tips of her fingers, dismantled her bottom jaw and disposed of the body parts in Virginia, the document said.

Authorities said they found in the van blood that matched the blood of one of the victims, along with videotapes of Howell having sex with women.

Police said drug use was a main connection among most of the victims.

Howell called the burial site his “garden” and said the victims should have known they were going to die because of the lifestyles they led, the warrant said.

The seven killings topped the Connecticut body count of serial killer Michael Ross, who killed six women in eastern Connecticut and two in New York and was executed in Connecticut in 2005. Connecticut no longer has the death penalty.


The New York Daily News among many media outlets also has this story covered.

9 Iraqi Sh*tstains Arrested for New Year’s Day Gang Rape on German Woman in Austria

Schwedenplatz station vienna austria

So many news stories reveal the flawed nature of the Middle Eastern Muslim. These dirtbags were welcomed into Europe and then immediately repaid the hospitality with vile acts of violence.

They love their religion of peace and love because it permits and even encourages their CRIMINAL NATURE WHICH IS IMPRINTED ON THEIR DNA.


BERLIN (AP) — Austrian authorities have arrested nine Iraqi men on suspicion of rape for an attack on a German tourist in Vienna on New Year’s Day, police said Monday.

The men range in age from 21 to 47 and are all either asylum-seekers or recently were granted asylum, Vienna police spokesman Paul Eidenberger told The Associated Press. They were arrested at several locations in raids Saturday and Sunday, he said.

They are alleged to have taken the woman from Vienna’s downtown Schwedenplatz and then assaulted her in an apartment where two of the suspects lived. The woman was in town visiting a friend but had become separated from her during the New Year’s celebrations, Eidenberger said.

Police say the men have denied the accusations.

The 28-year-old victim from northern Germany went to the police later on Jan. 1, saying she couldn’t remember where the attack took place but that she knew something had happened, Eidenberger said. The woman, who had been drinking and suspects she was drugged, has no recollection of being taken to the apartment, but police were able to use video surveillance and other evidence to determine the location, he said.

They also used DNA evidence to link at least four of the men to the crime, but “all were involved,” Eidenberger said.

Prosecutors are now applying to a court to have the men held as they continue their investigation. Monday was a holiday in Austria and prosecutors’ office phones went unanswered.

Austria was one of the main routes through which hundreds of thousands of asylum-seekers traveled into Europe last year. The influx eventually prompted the government to set limits on asylum applications that sparked a series of border closures, shutting down the Balkan route used by many migrants.

Hillary Clinton, one of the wicked witches of the West (along with Angela Merkel), will bring millions of these scum to the United States. And yet we are told that women support Hillary.

Has the world gone insane?

Don’t answer. I won’t like your answer.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Angela Merkel

Ghanian Gentleman Tells Court He Prays for God’s Forgiveness After Conviction for Multiple Money Scams

Sigismond Segbefia

The Ghanaian starring in this story is in the U.S. LEGALLY. Meanwhile, decent white Christians can’t get in. The presence of this maggot offers evidence that the role of the government is to destroy the white majority, while turning the former USA into a crime infested turd world sh*thole best called Amurkistan.

Siggy stole close to a million dollars and gets two years in prison? More evidence that the legal system in America is a corrupt sh*tstain on the nation’s reputation for justice.

Post Gazette

An African con artist who took the identity of a McDonald mailman and an Army sergeant to romance women online and fleece them is headed to prison.

Calling his crimes “egregious,” U.S. District Judge Gustave Diamond on Tuesday sentenced Sigismond Segbefia, 29, to two years in federal prison and ordered him to pay more than $1 million in restitution to his victims.

One of them was a 61-year-old widow, identified only as being from the eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh, who wired him $220,000. Another was a Colorado lawyer who sent him more than $500,000. Six additional women sent a combined $85,000.

Then there was the South Korean steel company that wired him $375,000 after he posed as the agent for singer Pharrell Williams in pretending to arrange for a concert in Seoul.

The scams were all similar in that Segbefia pretended to be someone else — postal worker, military man, music agent — to rip off vulnerable or gullible victims who wanted him to be who he said he was.

“We’re seeing more and more of these cases all the time,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Greg Melucci.

Segbefia perpetrated the fraud while living in Silver Spring, Md., but will be deported to his native Ghana after he serves his prison term and will leave behind his 3-year-old daughter.

“I would like to apologize to the court,” he said. “I’m really very sorry for what I did. I pray every day. I pray to God to forgive me.”

Segbefia pleaded guilty last year to mail fraud and aggravated identity theft following an FBI investigation that began in October 2014.

Agents said he adopted the identity of a 54-year-old McDonald mailman and enticed eight women around the country whom he met on dating sites into wiring money to an account he established in Maryland. Much of the cash ended up in bank accounts in Ghana and South Africa.

The FBI said he had help in his schemes, and in the case of the steel company firm was a bit player and not the mastermind, but the odds of catching anyone else overseas is slim.

In the romance fraud, Mr. Melucci said Segbefia used the McDonald mailman’s name and ID to set up an account on ChristianMingle.com in which he pretended to be an Australian selling medical equipment.

He struck up a relationship with the local woman and said he was having trouble sending his medical devices to England and needed help. She knew him only from their online chats, but she ended up wiring him $200,000 and induced a friend to send $22,000.

In a similar scam with the Colorado victim, he posed as an Army sergeant deployed in Afghanistan who needed money because the United Nations had taken control of his accounts. He also told her that he was returning to the U.S. with gemstones valued at $7.5 million and that he needed to pay taxes and fees to bring them into the country.

What a clever liar this one is. Any judge taken in by his apologies and claims to prayer is a fool. At least we’re rid of the black bastard.

“That’s what that n*gger deserved:” Georgia Executes Murderer Despite Juror’s Words

kenneth fults executed

Should a punishment be overturned because a juror has used the word “nigger?” No, of course not. But that’s what the legal team of the now executed Kenneth Fults, pictured above, unsuccessfully argued to the Supreme Court.

No matter how much you hate another race, you always want the right person punished for a crime. I doubt there’s a white person in America who would prefer that an innocent black be put to death over a guilty white man. It’s not part of human nature to want to see a murderer escape justice, even if he’s a member of your tribe.

Sky News

Georgia has executed a man convicted of murder despite one of the jurors in his trial saying “that’s what that n***** deserved”.

Kenneth Fults, who is black, was given a lethal injection of pentobarbital on Tuesday at the state prison in Jackson.

The 47-year-old inmate admitted killing a white neighbour, 19-year-old Cathy Bounds, during a burglary 20 years ago.

On Tuesday, the nation’s highest court rejected a last-minute petition by Fults’ lawyers for a stay of execution.

The one-sentence statement said the case had been presented to Justice Clarence Thomas, who is African-American.

The petition asked the court to consider Fults’ claim that a member of the jury who imposed his death sentence was racially biased.

The juror, Thomas Buffington, wrote in a 2005 sworn affidavit: “I don’t know if (Fults) ever killed anybody, but that n***** got just what should have happened.

“Once he pled guilty, I knew I would vote for the death penalty because that’s what that n***** deserved.”

“Black Hitler” Pimp Facing 7 Year Jail Term

sherman gamble

Blacks are always and everywhere about “muh dik.” Sex is never far from their primitive minds. Thus, they make excellent pimps, although I’m not sure the word “excellent” is the right word. Let’s just say that it suits the black male personality to pimp out women.

If sex is always lurking in that pea-sized brain, so is violence. Sherman Gamble was on trial for assaulting one of his prostitutes, an act that also involved him proclaiming himself “black Hitler.”


New York Post

A Manhattan jury Wednesday found the self-proclaimed “black Hitler” pimp not guilty of the most serious charges against him, but convicted him of assault and other crimes for torturing a prostitute who had withheld her earnings.

After a two-week trial in Manhattan Supreme Court, the jury found Sherman Gamble, 55, not guilty of sex trafficking, strangulation and rape. He had faced as much as 25 years on the top count.

But they convicted the mild-mannered flesh peddler of assault, promoting prostitution and endangering the welfare of a child. He still faces up to 7 years on the assault charge alone.

“The jury saw that the most serious crimes were baseless,” said defense lawyer Liam Malanaphy as he left court while officers marched a glum-looking Gamble back to jail.

Earlier in the trial, Gamble’s victim took the stand and broke into tears as she recounted the horrifying ordeal in March of 2014 after she was caught keeping some of her cash.

The 24-year-old testified that Gamble held her captive for three days, yanked out chunks of her hair, choked her until she lost consciousness and forced her to turn tricks.

“He told me I was the type of b—-h who needed to be regulated, and I needed a guerrilla pimp,” she said at the trial before Justice Jill Konviser.

Insofar as I am aware, Gamble’s accuser has not been identified. We know that muh dik loves dem white wimmenz, as Martin Luther King proved, but most likely Gamble took his anger out on one of his people.

Watch the real black Hitler speak below: And let Sherman Gamble rot in jail.

Warning: The retarded nigga in this video is one crazy anti=white racist.

Thug with Long Rap Sheet Slashes Woman’s Face in “Random” Attack

woman_slashed_video morris bazemore

amanda morris

amanda morris before

Ban knives, Mr. President? People don’t slash people, knives do. Right?

Maybe your efforts would be better spent trying to protect the public from a failed legal system. Kari Bazemore, the suspect in this case, was released from jail last month without having to post bail. He assaulted another woman in that case. All in all, he’s been arrested 32 times, but you Mr. President, have stated that you want to empty out the prisons because there are too many blacks in them.

Bazemore’s race has not been reported yet, but I assume sir that you would call him a victim of racism if he’s black or brown. And release him to do his dirty deeds again and again.

Excerpt from the New York Post

A young woman’s daily walk from the subway to her job at Whole Foods took a terrifying turn on Wednesday when a man slashed her face in a random attack in Chelsea.

“I was at the wrong place at the wrong time,” said Amanda Morris, 24, of Brooklyn, who was cut on the corner of Seventh Avenue and West 24th Street at around 5:35 a.m. “He wanted to scar me, and that’s why he went for my face.”


Police later arrested Kari Bazemore, 41— who had been arrested and released just days earlier for allegedly punching another woman in the face during another random attack, on Dec. 30.

Witnesses told cops they saw the suspect flailing his arms and talking to himself shortly before the attack. Morris had a feeling she should stay far away from the “suspicious” man, who was walking several feet ahead of her as she strolled up Seventh Avenue with her earbuds in.

“I thought he was homeless or drunk or something, because he was wobbling around and didn’t have any direction,” she told The Post.

“In my gut, I knew he was not right. I knew he was on drugs or something because of the way he was walking.”

The creep slowed down as Morris continued walking, letting her pass him — then suddenly dashed toward her, and slashed her down the nose and lips with a razor or boxcutter.

“I felt like I got punched in the face,” Morris said. “It was like, oh that’s weird, why would someone punch me? Suddenly, blood was all over my hands, and I started crying.”

It happened so fast, she never got a glimpse of the suspect’s face. He fled across the street and ran south down Seventh Avenue.

Feeling faint, Morris ducked inside the Malibu Diner, where workers gave her a towel for her gushing wound.

“They looked at the cut and said it’s definitely caused by a knife or razor — it couldn’t have possibly been done by somebody’s hand,” she said.

“I was freaking out, and I didn’t really know what to do.”

A diner employee took her to the Whole Foods, where Morris’ supervisor called the cops.

At Bellevue Hospital, she received seven stitches for the deep cuts and was sent home at around 10 a.m.

Cops found surveillance video of the attack, showing the disturbing moment the assailant darted toward Morris with his weapon.

A mounted cop later recognized Baze­more near St. Patrick’s Cathedral at around 6 p.m., sources said.

Bazemore, who lists a Bronx address, was taken to the 13th Precinct station house and charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

He already had 32 arrests dating back to 2000, records show.

In the Dec. 30 assault, he punched a 32-year-old woman in the face on East Eighth Street, causing bruising and swelling to her right cheek and eye, according to police.

Bazemore was charged with misdemeanor assault in that case and released without bail later that day.

According to records, he was also arrested last year for grand larceny and weapons possession. It was not clear how those cases were adjudicated.

Morris said she’d never seen him in the area before, and this was the first time she’d ever run into trouble on her way to work.

“It’s pretty safe,” she said. “I’ve never felt uncomfortable — or thought of anyone as a threat.” Now she wishes she’d trusted her “gut instinct.”

Lock the animal up and throw away the key. Better yet, change the law so that serial violent offenders like him can be executed.

Bazemore looks like a Negro in the surveillance photo at the top of this post, although it’s hard to tell for sure. Miss Morris appears to be Puerto Rican, although she would have appeared to be white to Bazemore. Thus, do we have a hate crime here? The NYPD and the media will never tell us. But we know there’s an undeclared race war in America and that everyone is a combatant, even women walking home from work.

Two Mexiturds Arrested for Murder of UCLA Coed Andrea DelVesco


Eric Marquez, a UCLA student, is one of two suspects arrested for Andrea DelVesco’s murder. His mother picked up on the “dindu nuffins” meme, except she spoke it in Spanish. Her boy is the “perfect son” according to squat monster mom.


Medina could face the death penalty if the DA goes for it. Both of these scum offer evidence that Donald Trump is right. Mexico is sending us her criminals. The fact that one of them was able to attend the prestigious UCLA shows just how badly screwed white youth are by “die-versity.” The fact that he was going to be a medical doctor says even worse things about American higher education.

My News LA

A UCLA “perfect son” student and his friend from Fresno were charged Tuesday with the stabbing murder of a 21-year-old UCLA student whose body was discovered after a fire at her Westwood apartment.

Alberto Hinojosa Medina and UCLA student Eric Marquez, both 22, both pleaded not guilty at the Airport Branch Courthouse in Los Angeles to charges stemming from the stabbing death of Andrea DelVesco.

Medina is charged with burglarizing an apartment in the 10900 block of Roebling Street on Sept. 21, then entering DelVesco’s apartment in the same block, stabbing her to death and setting the apartment on fire, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

The Fresno man is charged with one count each of murder and arson of a dwelling and two counts of first-degree burglary. The murder charge against Medina includes a special circumstance allegation of murder during the commission of a burglary, along with an allegation that he personally used a knife.

DelVesco’s body was found inside her apartment by firefighters. The 21- year-old Austin, Texas, woman — a member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority — was entering her fourth year at UCLA studying psychology and Spanish, and was facing drug-related charges at the time of her death.

Marquez’s mother said her son is a hard-working student who wants to be a doctor.

“He’s a perfect son,” she told the paper in Spanish, with her younger son translating, adding that she doesn’t believe the allegations.

If DelVesco’s murder was related to her drug charges, then one might speculate that she was killed to keep her from testifying against the suspects. In my experience with Mexican students, there’s a good chance that Marquez was dealing drugs, as many of them are.

Don’t buy that Bush family bullsh*t about “family values” and “acts of love.” Mexicans are a greedy, lazy, violent race that should be avoided. They don’t like Euro peoples, either.