Ocasio-Cortez Story Challenged by Former Co-Worker at Taco Bar and by Conservative Radio Talker


Townhall reports that the increasingly nonwhite Democrat party sees Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as the future of that party. She calls herself a “Democratic socialist.”

Democratic Socialism apparently only involves sharing other’s money, not your own.

Following the brief story of AO-C’s unprincipled greed is a related story of a white man who’s standing up to her.

Page Six

… one waitress has a bad memory of working with Ocasio-Cortez, 28, as Ocasio-Cortez tended bar during the very busy Cinco de Mayo celebration in 2017.

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Feminist Gook Student Strips During Thesis Presentation to Protest Jewess Professor Opining Her Shorts Were Too Brief

A female gook (or chink, to be technical) presenting her senior thesis in class rebelled when her female Jew professor questioned the appropriateness of her revealing clothing.

See what she did:

Daily Mail

A senior at Cornell University has stripped down to her underwear to present her thesis in a bid to fight ‘oppressive beliefs’ after claiming her professor questioned the shorts she was wearing.

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Mystery Meat Feminists Install “Dismantle Whiteness” Mural on USC Campus

It looks like a damn sign to me. How is a sign a “mural,” as the press is reporting?


A mural intended to spark conversation and to “challenge racism, sexism and xenophobia” was installed on the University of Southern California campus this week.

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Jigaboo Longtime Congresswoman Gets 5 Year Sentence for Fraud

According to a jury a Dindu Nuffins did do sumffins. A judge did do sumffins too. He sentenced the 71 year old to 5 years in prison.

Blacks in positions of authority seem to be charged with crimes far more often than their proportion in the population would indicate.

You don’t think that sticky fingers are part of their genetic makeup, do ya?

The Root

In 1992, Corrine Brown of Jacksonville, Fla., was the first African American from that state to be elected to Congress since Reconstruction. She served 12 terms until this January, when she lost the 2016 Democratic primary both due to corruption charges and gerrymandering of her 5th Congressional District.

On Monday, a federal judge sentenced Brown to five years in federal prison after she was convicted last May on 18 corruption charges ranging from mail fraud to filing a false federal tax return in relation to her One Door for Education charity, which prosecutors allege she used as a personal “slush fund” for herself and her associates.

I’ve succeeded in tracking down more details on the crimes of this Negro thief that the national media are omitting from their stories. This criminal really wasn’t very clever in terms of concealing her corruption.

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Black Nurse Who Condemned White Women’s Sons as Racists and Rapists No Longer Employed at Hospital


Fox News

A nurse at one of the largest hospital systems in the nation who sparked an internal investigation after posting a controversial tweet reportedly “is no longer an employee” at Indiana University Health.

Taiyesha Baker, a nurse at the hospital, allegedly posted a tweet Friday under the account “Night Nurse,” saying that white women are raising sons who are “rapists,” “racists” and “killers.”

In a statement Sunday, a spokesperson for the hospital said “A recently hired IU Health employee tied to troubling posts on social media this weekend is no longer an employee of IU Health,” Fox 59 reported.

“Every white woman raises a detriment to society when they raise a son. Someone with the HIGHEST propensity to be a terrorist, rapist, racist, killer, and domestic violence all star. Historically every son you had should be sacrificed to the wolves b___,” the tweet read.

An IU Health spokesperson confirmed after the post was discovered that Baker is a registered nurse, but declined to reveal the hospital where she is currently employed.

“IU Health is aware of several troubling posts on social media which appear to be from a recently hired IU Health employee,” the hospital said in a statement. “Our HR department continues to investigate the situation and the authenticity of the posts. During the investigation, that employee (who does not work at Riley Hospital for Children) will have no access to patient care.”

Baker claimed to work in pediatrics in previously deleted tweets.

According to public records obtained by Fox 59, Baker was issued a nursing license on Oct. 30.

Heavy offers an in-depth look at Taiyesha’s Tweeting. She’s been a naughty Nog.

If she doesn’t lose her nurses’s license, she should only be allowed contact with her fellow Negros. There’s a serious question about whether she would harm white patients.

Black Girl Who Had to Share Valedictorian Honors with White Girl Sues School


A small town Mississippi school is under fire by the liberal media for allegedly having a white girl with a lower GPA share co-valedictorian honors with Jasmine Shephard, a Negress.

The school says the two girls have an equal GPA, but Shephard is suing the school anyway. Shephard is reportedly angry that the unidentified white girl gave her speech first, although the school did let the black girl on stage first after she whined about that.

The most likely thing going on here is that when you have a school full of basketball-Americans, someone had to be #1 among the Shaniquas and Jamals. Shephard probably was bumped up to be co-valedictorian out of political correctness.

Excerpt from Downtrend

The Washington Post broke this horrifying news:

An African American woman has filed a federal lawsuit against a Mississippi school district, claiming a white student was named “co-valedictorian” with her daughter, despite the white student having a lower grade-point average.

The day before Jasmine Shepard graduated from Cleveland High School in Cleveland, Miss., in May 2016, the school awarded her and a white student the title “co-valedictorian,” according to the suit filed Tuesday in federal court in the Northern District of Mississippi. This was a first in the 110-year history of the school, the suit said, and the decision was made.

“Prior to 2016, all of Cleveland High School’s valedictorians were white. As a result of the school official’s unprecedented action of making an African-American student share the valedictorian award with a white student, the defendants discriminated against, says the lawsuit.

The black website The Grio adds:

It was the first time in the 110-year history of the school that there was a black valedictorian.

“Prior to 2016, all of Cleveland High School’s valedictorians were white,” the lawsuit says. “As a result of the school official’s unprecedented action of making an African-American student share the valedictorian award with a white student, the defendants discriminated against.”

A lawyer for the school district has called the suit “frivolous” and claims that the students had identical grade point averages.”

“As such, under school board policy, they were both named valedictorian of their graduating class,” Jamie Jacks wrote in an email. “The district’s policy is racially neutral and fair to students.”

Jasmine’s mother, Sherry Shepard, said it was easy to find out there were discrepancies between the two students grades because the community is so small.

“These children have been attending school with each other since middle school,” she said. “We know the schedule, we know what they take, and we have a good idea where the discrepancy lies.”

According to the lawsuit this situation follows “on the heels of a federal judge’s ruling that the Cleveland School District had failed to desegregate its schools approximately 50 years” after being ordered to do so.

Perpetually aggrieved, aren’t they?

Co-valedictorians are common across the country. Here’s Jasmine’s courses and grades:

Twerking 101 A
Rapping with da hos A
Nails and glitter polish A
Hair weaves A+

Well done, muh jigaboo. Well, done.

Mad Maxine Waters Beyond Genderdome Given a Nice Farewell by Trump Supporters (Twitter Video)

Watch as Trump supporters do a nice job of putting the heat on Rep. Maxine Waters after an appearance in Gardena, California.

Excerpt from Raw Story

The California Democrat, who spoke Saturday at a packed town hall meeting in Gardena, said she worries some Americans will be forced to do what her family did if the Republican health care bill passes. Senate Republicans have pledged to pass a bill before the July 4 holiday.

Some GOP senators have said they want to review the analysis of the bill from the Congressional Budget Office before making up their minds. The budget office has said it will release that assessment early next week.

Waters said the existing bill would deny access to people with pre-existing conditions, cause millions to lose their health care and penalize millennials.

“We can do better than this,” she said.

Supporter Gwen Bailey, 59, who works doing admissions at a hospital, said she worries especially about the people who could lose their insurance and the strain it would put on hospitals.

“It’s a lot that people would be losing,” she said.

Inside, chants of “USA! USA!” could be heard from around 80 protesters who paced back and forth outside the venue.

Waters’ opponents were dressed in pro-Trump garb and called her “Dirty Waters.”