Women Assaulted by Antifa at Berkeley Tell Their Stories to Stefan Molyneaux

The first woman’s husband is still in the hospital with broken ribs.

This second woman was wearing a red Make Bitcoin Great Again hat when she was attacked.

As Stefan notes, having the police stand down created a dangerous situation. Strong police action is going to be required or else someone is going to be killed by the extreme left.

Denmark Latest Country to Report Sex Attacks on Women by Degenerate Mudslime Weirdos

europe map sex attacks

The story out of Denmark reads like a “racist” rant by a Donald Trump or an Andrew Anglin, but it’s a story told by a Syrian refugee himself.

He admits his fellow Muslims can’t control themselves around a woman or a GIRL.

Scroll to the bottom of this post for a Hot German Bikini Girls that shows what it is that drives the Muzzie male bonkers.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

Danish women have become the latest to report being groped by migrant men who ‘simply can’t handle’ the sight of a girl.

Officials in one town say they have experienced a harassment problem since a camp hosting 365 asylum seekers opened in November.

Victims have also been targeted in nightclubs in two other towns where one local says Syrian migrants ‘go nuts’ if they see a woman.

random danish girl

The reports come days after similar warnings were issued across Europe about the rising number of sex attacks by gangs of migrants.

Rafi Ibrahim, a Syrian who has lived in Denmark for years, said new migrants don’t know how to behave around women in Western society.

He said: ‘If they see a girl, they go nuts. They simply can’t handle it.

‘In Syria and many other countries, it is not normal for a strange woman to smile at you.

‘Those girls who are harassed aren’t necessarily scantily-dressed or drunk. Sometimes it is enough just to be a girl.’

It comes after more than two hundred women reported being sexually assaulted by groups of mostly Arab or North African men in Cologne during the New Year celebrations.

Police say 553 criminal complaints have been filed, with about 45 per cent involving allegations of sexual offences, and most of the suspects identified so far are foreign nationals.

The attack have been seized by right-wing groups as evidence that chancellor Angela Merkel’s open door policy is a failure.


Merkel’s open door policy is not a failure. It’s a deliberate effort to break up Germany into a number of smaller countries (Balkanization) or simply destroy the country via a civil war.

Those who cannot be named are behind that effort, motivated by payback for the Holocaust, or perhaps also for financial reasons. Or maybe the members of that tribe are simply crazy.

Germans must arrest Merkel. It’s called a putsch. You can read about Hitler’s failed Beer Hall Putsch at Wikipedia. A putsch against Merkel must not fail.

Hitler-Putsch, München, Marienplatz

Beauty such as shown below is not part of the Middle East way of life.

Groped between the legs and a firework thrown into a hoodie: Brave female victims reveal the horrifying details after attacks by sex mob of 2,000 ‘North African and Arab’ males in Cologne


Daily Mail

Police fear the violence in Cologne may be linked to a known criminal gang who use sexual assault as a means of distraction, as more than 100 women have so far reported being assaulted.

Two more victims have spoken out today on German TV, after they were sexually assaulted and attacked with fireworks during the city’s New Year’s Eve celebrations.

One woman, known only as Jenny, suffered serious burns when a firework was shoved into the hood she was wearing.

‘I heard a sizzling sound in my hood,’ said Jenny. ‘I somehow tried to get the firecracker out of the hood. Then it fell into my jacket and burned everything.’

She added: ‘The scars will be permanent. I was lucky that it didn’t explode.’

Police say the wave of attacks were perpetrated by groups of ‘Arab or North African’ men in the city centre, in what they described as a ‘new dimension in crime’.

Another distressed victim, who did not want to be identified, told Euronews: ‘We were fondled, I was groped between my legs. My friends were also fondled. My boyfriend tried to pull me away. There was quite a big group of people, maybe thirty or forty,’

But Cologne’s mayor Henriette Reker has insisted that there is no evidence the men involved in the attacks were refugees.

‘There are no indications that there are people involved here who have received accommodation here in Cologne as refugees,’ she told a press conference.

reker cologne germany mayor

The women victims are speaking out, at least some of them, while other women have launched protests. Where the hell are German MEN in all this?

michelle victim cologne

One of the first victim’s to speak out, an 18-year-old named only as Michelle, described being surrounded by a group of 30 ‘angry’ men who groped her and her friends then stole their belongings as they fled.

Witnesses and police have described men working in ‘coordinated’ groups to grope women who were unable to escape, while two women reported they were raped.

Michelle’s shocking testimony comes as the city’s own council today admitted its town centre was now a ‘no-go area’ for women, while it has emerged similar attacks occurred the same night across Hamburg and Stuttgart.

And while German media and authorities stand accused of covering up previous incidents to avoid stoking tensions, there are fears the upcoming carnival celebrations in Cologne will see a repeat of the brazen attacks.

Both Cologne’s police chief and Germany’s public broadcaster yesterday apologised after they were accused of attempting to cover up the extraordinary attacks.

On New Year’s Day police said the celebrations had passed off peacefully with a ‘jolly atmosphere’. But then dozens of women said they had been robbed and sexually assaulted during the night.

The victims’ testimonies come as protesters angered by authorities’ alleged inaction held demonstrations last night.

Truth seekers and truth tellers have been talking about government coverups for years now, at least since the Kennedy assassination in the U.S. Now, there’s absolute confirmation of a cover up in Germany. That’s a big breakthrough. The power elites never admit to their dirty deeds.

It comes as Cologne city councillor Judith Wolter wrote a letter urging people to avoid the city centre after declaring it unsafe ‘for women’ in the wake of the attacks.

Mrs Wolter, a council group leader and opposition councillor, also warned the upcoming carnival should be considered equally dangerous.
She wrote: ‘The area in and around the central station, the cathedral and the adjoining area towards the banks of the Rhine can be for tourists [and locals] no longer considered – even in normal times – as safe.’

Describing months of petty crime in the area, including drug dealing, robberies and thefts, she warned it should now be classed a ‘no-go area’.

‘Especially for women, it must be assumed that there is a high security risk here in the evening and night.’

She said the upcoming carnival should be considered a ‘similar situation’ in which police are unable to guarantee revellers’ safety.

And so we have the truth about Germany today–vast areas that are “no-go zones” for white people. It’s that way in France and England too. And of course, in America, the black big cities should be classed as no-go zones.

Think for a moment about the soon to be Isamified chaos that may not even bear the name Germany very soon. Then watch this 1938 film of beautiful, peaceful, white, Christian Germany. This is what we can have if we have the WILL to reclaim our lands–our inheritance, our birthright.