“Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli Guilty in Federal Fraud Case, Claims “witch hunt”


There’s a lively debate on the Internet about whether Martin Shkreli, called the most hated man in America for jacking up the price of a drug by 5,000 percent, is a Jew. He claims to be an Albanian Catholic. Part of that debate revolves around arguments about whether he would have been charged with a crime if he were a Jew, since Jews (Bernie Madoff excluded because he stole from other Jews) often get a free pass from the legal system.

Where there is no debate is that the major Wall Street banksters have never been put on trial. Some keen observers of the financial scene liken Shkreli to a sacrificial lamb, thrown out in a high profile sacrifice to keep the public pacified.

Bankers walk free.

Shkreli’s bad boy attitude toward repricing the drug his company acquired the rights to also showed the general arrogance of Big Pharma, which the Pharma Bro wasn’t part of. He was just a bit player who revealed that the emperor had no clothes.


A federal jury Friday found notorious “Pharma bro” Martin Shkreli guilty of three counts of securities fraud — but acquitted him of five other criminal counts related to hedge funds investors and a drug company he founded.

The split verdict in Shkreli’s trial came at about 2:37 p.m. on the fifth day of jury deliberations, after a more-than-month-long trial in Brooklyn, New York, federal court.

At that trial, prosecutors claimed Shkreli had defrauded multiple investors in his two hedge funds out of millions of dollars, only to repay them with stock and cash that he looted from a the biotech company he created, Retrophin.

While the seven-woman, five-man jury clearly accepted some of the prosecution’s evidence, it rejected other parts of their argument.

The mixed decision perplexed many in the courtroom, including the 34-year-old Shkreli, who first drew widespread public scorn in 2015 for raising the price of a lifesaving drug by more than 5,000 percent.

He looked over quizzically at one of this lawyers, Marc Agnifilo, each of the three times that Judge Kiyo Matsumoto interrupted a set of “not guilty” announcements she was reading off of the jury’s verdict sheet with a “guilty” one.

A juror who was quoted anonymously by the New York Times, said “In some of the counts at least we couldn’t find that he intentionally stole from them and the reasoning was to hurt them.”

Matsumoto did not set a sentencing date. That will happen after prosecutors and defense lawyers argue how much, if any, money Shkreli should be ordered to forfeit, and after defense lawyers ask her to overturn the guilty verdicts.

Shkreli, who remains free on $5 million bail, faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

But he is sure to receive a far-less-severe punishment than that, given his lack of a criminal record, and other factors.

“I think we are delighted in many ways,” said Shkreli said outside of the courthouse.

“This was a witch hunt of epic proportions and maybe they found one or two broomsticks but at the end of the day we’ve been acquitted of the most important charges in this case.”

He almost immediately afterward used his new Twitter account, @samthemanTP, to comment on the outcome of the case, and also started a livestream on YouTube from his apartment.

Styx: Trump Now Supposedly Being Investigated by FBI For Obstruction of Justice (Video)

In 11 minutes Styx makes some points about Mueller’s investigation of Trump that you probably won’t hear anywhere else.

Trump Calls “witch hunt” on Russia Accusations


Tweeter @redpilldropper notes that (((they))) want a civil war. Apparently, they can’t stand losing so they would rather destroy the country in hopes of a more overtly form of Communist dictatorship after the war ends in (((their))) favor. They are collectivists in their hearts, minds, and souls.

Trump responds to their hatred and divisiveness:

NBC News

President Donald Trump on Thursday declared himself the target of a “witch hunt” a day after the Justice Department announced the appointment of a special counsel to investigate alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election.

“With all of the illegal acts that took place in the Clinton campaign & Obama Administration, there was never a special councel (sic) appointed!” he weighed in Thursday morning on Twitter, his favored form of communication.

“This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!” he followed up.

With all of the illegal acts that took place in the Clinton campaign & Obama Administration, there was never a special councel appointed!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 18, 2017

At a White House lunch with anchors on Thursday, Trump was asked about the appointment of a special counsel.

“I believe it hurts our country terribly, because it shows we’re a divided, mixed-up, not-unified country,” the president said. “And we have very important things to be doing right now, whether it’s trade deals, whether it’s military, whether it’s stopping nuclear…And I think this shows a very divided country.

Trump added, “It also happens to be a pure excuse for the Democrats having lost an election that they should have easily won because of the Electoral College being slanted so much in their way. That’s all this is. I think it shows division, and it shows that we’re not together as a country. And I think it’s a very, very negative thing. And hopefully, this can go quickly, because we have to show unity if we’re going to do great things with respect to the rest of the world.”

At a joint press conference later with Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos, Trump said he “respects” the naming of a special counsel but added, “I hate to see anything that divides” the country.

The president again insisted there was “zero” collusion with the Russians. “There is not collusion between, certainly myself and my campaign, but I can only speak for myself,” Trump said. “Believe me, there’s no collusion.”

Trump also directly responded to reports that he asked then-FBI Director James Comey to stop the investigation into former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, saying “no” twice when he was asked at the press conference if he tried to halt the probe. “Next question,” the president said.

And Trump called talk of impeachment “ridiculous — everybody thinks so.”

“Smash Space” School Principal Tenders Resignation

Barbara Leiss is another victim in the craziest witch hunt you’ve ever heard about. Her “kindness certified” school forgot to show her kindness.

CBS Local Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ/AP) — An elementary school principal in Montgomery County who set up a “smash space” designed to let teachers hack away at a chair with a baseball bat to relieve tension has resigned.

Kensington Parkwood Elementary School Principal Barbara Liess said in a letter sent home to parents last Wednesday that she regrets her decision. She says the space was set up March 8 and she got the idea from reading business articles about companies providing ways to reduce stress.

Sarah Sirgo, a director of school support and improvement for the Montgomery County school district, told families the district doesn’t condone this sort of behavior and officials are committed to providing employees with wellness support.

This week, Liess sent this letter to parents:

Dear Staff and Families of Kensington Parkwood Elementary School:

I am honored to have been the principal of Kensington Parkwood Elementary for the past ten years. In that time I have worked with the most talented and dedicated staff to serve a truly wonderful community. We have all worked together to create a school for which we can be proud.

During the last ten years we have successfully grown and maintained our practices as an arts integration school; one of the many things that sets Kensington Parkwood apart from other schools. Together we have also created a welcoming and truly inclusive special education program and have embraced social emotional learning through our restorative circles and social skills lessons. In addition, we have nurtured the growth of future educators through our partnership with the University of Maryland. I will forever look back on the work we have done together with pride.

Recent events have been a distraction from the positive things we have been able to achieve. Therefore, in light of the care that I have for our staff, students, and community, I have decided to seek a new position in Montgomery County Public Schools. I will remain at Kensington Parkwood through June 30, 2017 in order to support a successful transition to the 2017-2018 school year.

Dr. Sarah Sirgo, director, School Support and Improvement, will be in touch with you in the coming days regarding next steps in the principal selection process. I am confident that the candidates for this principalship will be able to build on the work we have achieved together.

The time I have spent at Kensington Parkwood Elementary School is among the most memorable of my professional career. I look forward to my next steps and thank you for all your support.


Ms. Barbara Liess


Kindness and smilies? God, how shallow, silly, and feminine.

I’m defending Barbara over her smash space, but the kind of touchie feelie junk seen in the Tweets is just that. Junk. A temporary feel good that does NOTHING for education.

This is what America’s woman-run schools have become. My old principal, Miss Duplantis, would be appalled. There was a tough old bird of a woman who made sure the kids focused on learning and not all the insane nonsense that Barbara’s Twitter page shows.

Buzzfeed Publishes Staff Note Re Golden Showers Story: Anticipating Trump Lawsuit?

Haha. Libturds have been made to look like fools up and down the line. This evening is almost as good as election night.

Sourced from Reddit’s the Donald subreddit.

Breaking: 4 Chan Trolls Planted Fake Trump Golden Showers Story to Utterly Destroy Trump Haters in Media and CIA (#fakenews)



All the intense warfare taking place tonight between liberal sh*ts and the alt-right community of Trump supporters is being fought on Twitter and 4 Chan.

The mainstream press is hours behind, as liberals fell for a prank perpetrated on one Rick Wilson, a libtardass who hates Donald Trump.

The evidence is in the Tweet below:

Get it? 4 Chan trolls made up a ridiculous story about Trump in October I believe, fed it to Trump hater Rick Wilson who ran with it, and who then turned it over to the CIA, which included it as evidence that Trump was controlled by the Russians.

Microchip weighed in before his next suspension from Twitter celebrating how the CIA and several Trump haters have been made to look like fools:

As folks with common sense are noting, if the CIA can be successfully trolled by 4 chan “Nazi” types, then the CIA needs to be totally dismantled and rebuilt from scratch.

Link to relevant 4 chan thread

You can’t stump the Trump.

smiling pepe the frog

These latest Tweets from Trump show that he hasn’t been informed yet that the cat is out of the bag. He’s still playing defense. After he learns the real story, he should follow Microchip’s advice and sue the hell out of buzzfeed.

That Baseball Player Who Criticized the Charlotte Rioters Has Been Banned from Baseball for Life


Steve Clevenger is likely out of baseball for good. Failure to adhere to the politically correct narrative has earned him a trip to the gulags in spite of his apology.

ABC News

The Seattle Mariners has suspended catcher Steve Clevenger for the remainder of the Major League Baseball season over controversial tweets in which he called the Black Lives Matter movement and President Barack Obama “pathetic.”

Clevenger posted a series of comments on Twitter on Thursday, two days after Keith Lamont Scott, a 43-year-old black man, was fatally shot by police in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Mariners catcher appeared to suggest that those protesting against Scott’s shooting should be locked up “like animals.” He also mocked athletes who have been protesting by kneeling during the national anthem at sports events.

“Black people beating whites when a thug got shot holding a gun by a black officer haha s–t cracks me up! Keep kneeling for the anthem!” Clevenger tweeted on Thursday.

“BLM is pathetic once again! Obama is pathetic once again! Everyone involved should be locked behind bars like animals,” another tweet from his account read.

So the left lauds Colin Kapernick’s protest, while silencing Steve Clevenger. Yeah, that sounds about right.

He’ll never work in baseball again.

Mark Dice’s video has over 1,400 comments. There must be a lot of baseball fans out there.