Texas Mom Catches Son Naked in Bed with His School Counselor


A 33 year-old school counselor was going to leave her husband of five years for her student lover.

If he doesn’t get a divorce pronto, he’s a fool.

The husband is a teacher at a different school. Imagine if he were caught in bed with a girl. The feminist SJWs would be screaming, “Hang the pedophile.”

The criminal justice system tends to go lighter on women. One reason is that they often plead that they’re in love with their junior boyfriends.

New York Post

A Texas middle school counselor turned herself in to police after a student’s mom allegedly caught her in bed with her teen son, according to authorities.

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Tucker Carlson: Why Are They Trying SO HARD to Defend Stormy’s “Honor”?

Tucker Carlson offers the opinion that some people deserve respect more than others. Having sex with strangers on camera for money is in Tucker’s world enough reason to not respect President Trump’s chief accuser, Stormy Daniels.

Tucker’s issue is with those libtards and feminists who say that doing porn is dignifying and empowering.

Ten minutes.

There’s a discussion thread on this video at GLP, where most of the comments are negative toward Stormy.

Principal Catches Teachers Having Sex in Elementary School Classroom: She Says There’s Nothing Wrong with it


Latin Lothario Justin Pinto was in his first year of teaching. It looks like his last year as well. He’s already been fired.

According to sources, Pinto wanted to bang every female teacher in the school. The aging race traitor Wilhide may not have been his only teacher lover.

Consider their trysts a win for students, though. Neither of the lovers has been accused of sex with students.

Daily Mail

Florida elementary school teachers, Justin Pinto and Samantha Wilhide, were caught having sex in a classroom by the school’s principal.


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Repulsive Race-Mixing Whore Kendra Wilkinson Live Tweets Argument with Ex-Husband

One of the ex-“girlfriends” (prostitutes) of Hugh Hefner jumped from an old white man to a asslete, Hank Baskett, above with Wilkonson.

Hef must be looking pretty good to the race-mixing mother of mulattos now. Even if he is dead!

Will Baskett pull an O.J. on her? Probably not, but if I were her, I’d be packing heat.


Kendra Wilkinson took to Twitter on Tuesday to tweet about an argument she had with her ex Hank Baskett.

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Trial Starting for Vile College Girl Who Allegedly Had Consensual Sex with 2 Black Footballers , then Made False Rape Accusations to Keep White Guy on the String

Nikki Yovino, pictured above, allegedly had a threesome with two nog football players at a university party.

The nasty slut then started worrying about the future reaction of the white guy she was interested in when he heard she was slutting around with niggers. At that point, claiming she was raped might have seemed a good idea.

I wish there was some way to put race traitor Nikki in prison at the same time as the two nogs. Nigs who engage in consensual sex with white women ought to face a severe punishment, such as castration.

However, the nogs are being painted as the victims here, so they’re going to get away with their muh dikking.

The News Tribune

A young woman accused of making up rape allegations against two college football players to gain the sympathy of another student she wanted to date is going on trial this week, and claims that she was pressured into confessing are expected to play a key role.

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Key to the City and Stormy Daniels Day Today in West Hollywood

West Hollywood’s faggot mayor (watch the ABC7 report embedded above) is behind the publicity stunt that reflects the hatred of Donald Trump by degenerates everywhere.

The mentally diseased (and otherwise diseased) fags interviewed by ABC7 view Stormy as a civil rights hero, not as the perverted prostitute she really is.

Think of all the real heroes who’ve never gotten a key to the city and their own day and then try to wrap your head around this lowlife being so honored.


WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (KABC) — Adult-film star Stormy Daniels will receive a key to the city of West Hollywood to honor her legal battle against President Donald Trump.

Maybe Stormy can get another giant tat while she’s in West Hollywood:

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Family Suspects Foul Play in Death of 18-Year-Old Model in Pajeet Doctor’s Home

You know that your country is fuxated when the two people involved in a mysterious death are both foreigners. The dodgy male is one of the ugliest Hindu types you’ll ever see. His claim of consensual sex with the dead girl in the story only rings true because the POS dope dealing Pajeet is a wealthy doctor.

Indiawest reports that aspiring model Olya Langille was a Russian from Arkhangelsk. Someone should have warned her about drugs and darkies. Since she was adopted as a child by an American couple in Jew Jersey, someone did have the chance to warn her. Maybe she didn’t listen.

Miami Herald

A night of alcohol, drugs and sex ended with an 18-year-old woman dying in the Fort Lauderdale apartment of a Broward Health doctor, NBC6 has reported.

To be honest I have a negative opinion of Russian females who come to the States. I had a couple of sisters from Russia in my class at the university who were cheaters. Since then, I’ve read many stories and comments on what lying whores these Russian women are.

This one partied hard and died young.

I’d like to see the POS Pajeet who allegedly supplied her with drugs go to prison for life. Actually, putting him to death would be preferable, but not allowed under American law.

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