Goodnight Apex: Sudanese thugs get decked (Video: Oz Fights Back)

10 seconds. Whites win. Read the comments at youtube.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Jun 14, 2017

Two Aussies defend themselves in a fight against four Sudanese in Beaumont Street, Hamilton.

11th June 2017.

The Australian press is full of ****:

A VIDEO posted to social media purporting to show a group of men engaged in a street fight has gone viral.

The 10-second Snapchat video, titled “Goodnight Apex: Sudanese thugs get decked”, was first uploaded to YouTube by far right-wing group Party For Freedom Australia on Wednesday.

“Two Aussies defend themselves in a fight against four Sudanese in Beaumont Street, Hamilton, 11th June 2017,” reads description of the video, which was filmed at the intersection of Beaumont and Cleary Streets in Newcastle, opposite The Kent Hotel.

The Apex Gang is believed to be behind a series of carjackings, home invasions, assaults and robberies in Melbourne over the past year. Despite the gang being reported as predominantly of Sudanese origin, Victorian police say it is made up of “Australian-born offenders”.

There have been no reports of the Apex Gang being in Newcastle and there is no evidence that the men in the video are members of the gang, police say.

According to the Party For Freedom website, the fight broke out at about 1am on Sunday. “The Sudanese troublemakers were drinking in the Hotel Kent verbally abusing patrons while trying to start fights with anyone in the hotel,” it says.

However, understands this version of events is incorrect, and that the four men were never inside hotel itself as they had previously been banned from the venue.

Although the video claims to show the “Aussies” defending themselves, the video itself only shows footage where the “Aussie” men appear to be the aggressors.

Chief Inspector Terry Burns from the Newcastle Police said officers were called to an alleged brawl outside the Oasis Food Court on Sunday morning “involving a number of males”. “Two males were still on the scene when police arrived, however all other parties had left,” he said.

“The two males were being treated for minor facial injuries. At this stage we’re still appealing for people to assist us with the identity of a number of persons that were involved in the fight. Inquiries are ongoing. We’ve released the CCTV and we’re confident we will obtain their identities.”

No one has yet been charged over the incident. “We’ve actually appealed for them to come forward before we knock on their doors,” Insp. Burns said.

Party For Freedom Australia was founded by controversial anti-Islam campaigner Nick Folkes, and first gained attention in 2015 with its presence at Reclaim Australia rallies. The group is known for its anti-immigration and anti-multiculturalism views.

Mr Folkes was branded “extremely rude” by Sky News host Andrew Bolt after about 10 members of the group stormed a service at the Gosford Anglican Church last August wearing Arabic-style dress and shouting slogans through a loudspeaker.

Earlier this year, Mr Folkes appeared on the SBS show The Truth About Racism, hosted by Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied. He later claimed the show was “hijacked”, branding it a “stitch-up from the get-go”.

The video, which has been viewed nearly 45,000 times, has attracted a large number of racist comments too offensive to be published here.

Blacks always start stuff. The Australian press is just more fake news like the American press.

Giant Hulking Black Ape Attacks White Student at Wake Forest High School (Video)

Youtube commenters that I surmise to be white have rushed to defend a Nigga who violently attacked a white student in the hallway at Wake Forest High School in North Carolina.

These liberal race traitors deserve to have their asses beaten by a huge monster Nigga like the one named Micah, who shows black lack of self control in the short video above.

Published on Mar 5, 2017

A video posted to Instagram and Twitter by a Wake Forest High School student showing an altercation between two students and a teacher has been shared thousands of times.

The video, posted to Instagram by Tyler Goodell, who identified himself as a Wake Forest High School student on his Instagram page, shows a black student pulling a white student to the floor before a female teacher intervenes. Attempts to contact Goodell on social media were not immediately returned.

The video contains profanity.

In his Instagram post, Goodell gave his version of the context of the incident. He said the black student, a friend named Micah, was defending himself against racial harassment that Goodell says has been going on for months with no action from the school.

Goodell said that Micah and a student who was harassing him argued last week and that the white student threatened Micah and his family before using a racial slur against him. Goodell also said that the teacher in the video provoked Micah and that the teacher claimed that Micah hit her.

Micah was suspended for more than 10 days, Goodell said in his post, but the student who allegedly harassed him received no punishment.

Twitter users have hounded the WCPSS Twitter account demanding an explanation, calling for action or criticizing the school system over the alleged incident.

White Students Turn Back on Black Basketball Team

So it’s OK to have an all-blacks basketball team in this day and age of diversity and multiculturalism?

I’m certain that the white students demonized in this story were not being racists, but rather were acting out as social justice warriors, demanding diversity on the team that has no diversity.

Every black basketball team should be forced to integrate. There should be short Mexicans, midgets, little Asians, and big fat Jews on a black basketball team.

NBC News

A school district in Missouri is apologizing after a group of white students turned their backs and waved a Donald Trump sign at the beginning of a basketball game when the opposing team’s players who are predominantly black were introduced.

“Members of our student body acted inappropriately and were insensitive toward our opponents,” the district said in a statement on Tuesday. “The Warrensburg R-VI School District does not condone these actions and apologizes to anyone who was offended by the actions of these students. We will do everything we can to keep incidents like this from happening again.”

The snub took place at Warrensburg High School on Monday evening just before players from Center High School were introduced. Video of the incident showed at least 20 students — many dressed in overalls, cowboy hats and camouflage — turning their backs to the basketball court. One person is seen waving a Trump/Pence campaign sign. The video was first posted by Center High School alum Antonia Nunn and has been shared more than 7,000 times.

Since Trump’s win, many states across the country have seen an increase in racially-motivated incidents.

Correction. There allegedly has been an increase in REPORTED racially-motivated incidents. How many of those are hoaxes is unclear. And why is holding a Trump sign at a public event deemed to be racist? I thought there was freedom of speech in America. Would it be racist if the blacks held an Obama sign?

So why is this being called a racially motivated incident. The real racism is the lack of diversity on the team and the anti-white, anti-Trump mindset of the press and school officials.

You can watch a Negro comment on this incident in this ESPN video.

City Worker Suspended for Expressing His White Identity on Facebook

ollie dixon

This story out of Indiana reveals that a white male city employee critical of the Democrat Convention in Philadelphia is now under investigation by the state police. He’s also been suspended, with calls for him to be fired from his job of 16 years.

Herald Bulletin

ANDERSON – An Anderson city employee has been placed on suspension with pay following the discovery of racially disparaging comments on his personal Facebook page.

James Barber was suspended with pay on Wednesday, Mayor Thomas Broderick Jr. said. The suspension is pending an internal investigation, which may be completed by today, Broderick said.

Information about the postings have been turned over to the Indiana State Police for investigation, Madison County Prosecutor Rodney Cummings said Thursday.

Nonthreatening, politically incorrect words can result in being under police investigation. How tyrannical is that?

Stated in one post: “If vote Democrat and your White your a race traitor.” In another: “I love my white hood and swastika, white power.”

Speaking by phone Thursday night, Barber said, “I don’t consider myself a racist. … It makes me out like some kind of Timothy McVeigh or something. The only thing I did was post some things that are a little inflammatory.”

Larry Russell, board member in Anderson Township, said, “As far as I’m concerned, this is a fireable offense … He’s affecting people’s lives.”

City Councilman Ollie Dixon said he is concerned about the nature of the posts because of racially motivated shootings that have happened nationally.

“Look at all of these shootings that is going around the United States and the world,” Dixon said. “It is pitiful that anyone’s safety is jeopardized.”

As of Thursday, the posts had been removed from Barber’s Facebook page.

The former USA, now the USSA, is in the grip of the kind of mass insanity that roiled Stalin’s Soviet Union and Mao’s China.

Purges of white men (and a few white women) are commonplace, almost daily now. Mr. Barber was merely expressing his political interests as a white man, which would naturally be different from those of other races and ethnic groups.

Obviously, there’s nothing threatening in what Mr. Barber said, but the “party line” now is that if a nonwhite says they “feel” threatened, the the threat is real.

Only an overthrow of America’s dictatorship of political correctness is going to end this madness. The candidacy of Donald Trump is only the start of our efforts to fight back. Each new firing, each new suspension reveals clearly that the white man is no longer the master of his own destiny. He’s little better than a wage slave who is allowed to toil until he drops, so long as he keeps quiet.

storm is coming gif

Watch! Brave Italian Train Conductor Takes on Feral African Savages

The mentality of the thief is deeply embedded in the African. A train conductor is having none of this business that making blacks pay for a ticket is RACIST.

Good job, white man! Good job.

NY Times Headline: H.I.V. Rates Among Gay Men Are Higher in South, Study Finds


Reading the writings and moronic utterings of liberals is a hoot. The way they try to avoid criticizing dindus is hilarious. They will literally dredge up all sorts of idiotic “discrimination” theories to explain away one simple idea: TNB = Typical Negro Behavior.

To use a common phrase seen on many politically incorrect sites, the south is “niggerfuxated.” But read what liberals have to say:

New York Times

More than a quarter of gay and bisexual men in some cities and states in the South are living with H.I.V., according to a new study — a far higher rate than in the country as a whole.

The study shows how much more common H.I.V., the virus that causes AIDS, is among gay black men, especially in the South, as well as how little is being done to prevent its spread in a group whose members face discrimination and are less likely to have medical insurance.

Gay men with insurance are more likely to be in treatment if they are infected or to be using pre-exposure prophylaxis if they are not, both of which significantly cut the chances that an infection will be passed on.

“There are just not enough services,” said Dr. Ronald O. Valdiserri, an AIDS expert at the Bloomberg School of Public Health of Johns Hopkins University, who wrote an editorial accompanying the study.

“It’s not just medical care — it’s housing, employment, vocational rehabilitation and transportation,” Dr. Valdiserri said. “These individuals are fairly vulnerable, and there aren’t enough assets to cope with their illness.”

throwing away money gif

OK, white man, let’s throw away more money to provide those assets for blackie that he is so desperately lacking.

But shhhhh! Don’t say a word to blackie about cutting back on promiscuous sex or even about using condoms.

That wouldn’t be politically correct.

Did the Sheeple Notice? Beyonce’s Anti-White Performance Paid Tribute to Black Panthers, Malcolm X, and #blacklivesmatter at Superbowl

black power salute super bowl

And so the spectacle went down at Sunday night’s Super Bowl 50. Beyonce honored the Black Panthers, a racist group dedicated to murdering whites. One hundred million watched at home, too boozed up to care or too worried about their bets on the game to notice. Tens of thousands of imbecile whites watched in the stands and cheered on their extermination.

It was truly quite a night for blacks, even if their favorite, the racist quarterback Cam Newton, lost and acted like an a**hole after the game.

Daily Mail

Beyonce issued a strong political statement with her halftime show at Super Bowl 50 on Sunday with backing dancers dressed as members of armed rights group the Black Panthers.

The superstar brought the dancers on for her new single Formation which is being widely touted as a rallying cry for the Black Lives Matter movement.

At one point during the song, the supporting performers formed an ‘X’ on the field – thought to reference black rights campaigner Malcolm X – and then raised their arms in the air in a gesture referencing the black power salute by Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the Australian Olympics.

Following the show, several of the dancers were pictured giving the same salute around a piece of paper that reads ‘justice 4 Mario Woods’ – a black man shot dead by police in San Francisco last December. Afterwards Beyonce said that she ‘wanted people to have love for themselves’.

beyonce super bowl

This coming from a Negress whose blonde locks, lightened skin, and narrowed nose, all scream, “I wish I was white.”

Woods was filmed being shot to death by around a dozen armed police officers in San Francisco after apparently ignoring orders to drop a knife in December last year.

Woods was accused of stabbing a man around an hour earlier, but activists hit out at the shooting, saying there were likely other ways to subdue Woods without opening fire, since he wasn’t armed with a gun.

As usual, the dindus are defending a dindu who diddo sumfins.

Several fans hit out at Beyonce over the music video and advocated boycotting the Super Bowl, accusing her of spreading an anti-cop message which only serves to further divide communities.

Writing on the singer’s Facebook page yesterday, Kristen Wickham said: ‘As the wife of a police officer, I am offended by this entire video. Rise above and stay above the strife.

‘For a girl who grew up in a privileged, wealthy family, she has no business pandering to those who didn’t. She has no idea what struggle is.

‘I have unliked you and your husband’s pages, deleted all of your songs from my collection and will never buy another thing associated with either of you.’

Meanwhile Rebekah Simpson added: ‘Planning to boycott the Super Bowl Halftime show. All Lives Matter! I am offended by your song “Formation” and its implication that there is a vast conspiracy in law enforcement against a particular race.

beyonce super bowl justice

All of this nonsense is a distraction, of course. It’s intended to keep us from noticing the really important things. The rotten to the core trade deal called TPP, the debasement of our currency by the Federal Reserve, the chipping away at our privacy and other rights by ZOG. These are the things that matter more than a wannabe white entertainer who’s a tool of the globalist New World Order.

But this story is very, very important at another level. The NWO is now so self confident that the Euro-American is totally neutered that the hatred and desire for our mass murder is out in the open. Not in vague symbols, but raw and uncut.

There will be a revolution or a civil war. Or else we will be exterminated.

How to end this sh*t? As one observer whose name I can’t recall noted, if the top 50 puppet masters in the USA were arrested and stripped of their wealth, we might be able to have our country back.

Jews pollute Western culture