Australian Public Agrees: We Should KILL Lauren Southern (Video)

Less than seven minutes of man on the steet interviews by Lauren herself, pretending to be an anti-fashist interviewer. Not everyone agreed that Lauren should be killed, but plenty enough did agree.

The video may shock as you see how nonwhites dominate in Oz now.

Sample youtube comments:

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Lauren Southern on Oz TV: “I feel zero shame whatsoever for being white.” (Twitter Video)

About 30 seconds of our girl facing off against a nonwhite TV talking head in Australia.

OK, white women, will you be willing to say that you’re proud of being white?

You don’t have to do the salute, but it’s OK if you do.

Woman Follows Maxine Waters’ Advice, Verbally Abuses Former Trump Adviser Steve Bannon in Bookstore

From a kid in a MAGA hat to the famous rough-hewn face of Steve Bannon, if you’re known to be a Trump supporter you run the risk of being the victim of verbal abuse up to physical assault.

This is a good time to remind everyone not to verbally abuse anyone, even the stray liberal or black much less a regular, who comments on the site. Disagree with their ideas all you like, but no name calling, please. I periodically have to go into a comment and clean out an insult or verbal abuse.

Todd Starnes

Former White House staffer Steve Bannon was accosted Saturday by a screaming leftist inside a Richmond, Virginia bookstore.

“Piece of trash,” the unidentified woman yelled.

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Defense Contractor Terminates Alleged White Supremacist Following Demands from Social Justice Warriors


Alleged white supremacist (in reality, freedom fighter) Michael Miselis has been fired (or forced to resign) from his job at Northrup Grumman, where he was a systems engineer.

Miselis is also a doctoral student at UCLA. Efforts are underway to kick him out of school and thus deny him his degree.

Part of the evidence used to demonize Miselis is seen in the below video, where he defends himself against an Antifa attacker in Charlottesville’s Unite the Right rally last August.


Defense contractor Northrop Grumman confirmed to HuffPost that, as of Friday evening, an employee who held a government security clearance while engaging in a violent white supremacist group is no longer employed.


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Sharpton: Royal Wedding Shows White Supremacy on its Last Breath

Race baiting Al Sharpton took to the microphone and declared the end of white supremacy because of a retarded prince marrying a jewlatto actress.

That marriage proves nothing other than that Prince Harry is a fool.

New York Daily News

Al Sharpton said the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who is biracial, is a sign that white supremacy is “on its last breath.”

In 1960, Sammy Davis married a white Swedish woman. There have always been and always will be race traitors.

It’s not the end of the world when miscegenation occurs. The best thing to do with race traitors is to do what the Vietnamese did with their women who had mated with blacks and given birth to Negro sprogs.

I’ll give you one guess what that was.

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Media Sh*tting on Themselves Praising Black Preacher Who Ruled Over Royal Wedding

Black Twitter has seen Jesus and he is Michael Curry, pictured above, the Royal Wedding preacher who dropped a black turd in the milkpail.


WINDSOR, England (Reuters) – African-American bishop Michael Curry electrified the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with a barnstorming sermon on the power of love that won smiles in the ancient British chapel and praise across the internet.

Curry, the first black head of the Episcopal Church in the United States, started by quoting civil rights hero Dr Martin Luther King and powered on citing spirituals, medieval poetry and the experiences of slaves in the American south.

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Science Explains Why Harry and Markle Will be Divorced Within Five Years

Harry and Meghan are now hitched.

We can easily see that it’s not going to work out. The Royals probably know too, but are playing along so as not to be accused of racism.

Abstracting from race and getting into human nature, the following piece is one of the best I’ve ever read that explains why some people make so much trouble for others.

The title is “She’s Trouble”—But So Is He!
Evolutionary Psychology Says Meghan and Harry Will Divorce

It’s a total of 2,000 words and even more when the comments are counted. I’m extracting about 500 words.


When British Conservative politician Ann Widdecombe dared to say what any rational person believes about the soon-to be-royal Ms. Meghan Markle (“I think she’s trouble”) she was branded a “racist dinosaur” . [A ROYAL PAIN Celebrity Big Brother’s Ann Widdecombe branded a ‘racist dinosaur’ after saying Meghan Markle is ‘trouble’ because of ‘her background’, By Fay Strang, The Sun, January10, 2018] In fact, the deeply religious Widdecombe, ensconced in the UK’s “Celebrity Big Brother House,” didn’t mention Markle’s ethnicity or the fact that this is a mixed-race marriage at all. But given the psychological and strongly genetic factors that predict divorce, this whole marriage is “trouble.” A “super-forecaster” acquaintance–whose meal ticket is his ability to make correct predictions—reckons about three years to separation, five or six years to divorce.

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