Study Shows IQ has been Falling Since 1975, Reversing the Flynn Effect

A study by scientists of three-quarters of a million Norwegian males has turned up some disturbing evidence that average IQs are falling.

I’m not sure whether nonwhite immigrants to Norway are pushing the intelligence quotient down or not. It seems unlikely since the drop off began in 1975.

If humans are getting dumber instead of smarter, the effects on society and culture will be enormous. Picture Western civilization that looks like the people of Walmart.

The IQ levels of young people have been steadily falling for the past few decades, according to new research.

The decline is believed to have begun following the generation born in 1975, and indicates that the slow rise in intelligence observed over much of the 20th century has come to an end, says The Times.

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Driver Charged in Wild Garbage Truck Crash That Destroyed NINE Cars

Wow! Drunk at 5 in the morning. That’s a bit unusual.

Garbage truck driver Anthony Castaldo must have a bad drinking problem to be hitting the sauce that early in the morning.

He’s one lucky guy, though. He didn’t kill or injure anyone.

Still, a big garbage truck can do a lot of damage in a brief moment.

New York Daily News

A garbage truck driver who walked away from a wild crash that wrecked nine cars on a quiet Brooklyn street walked out of court Sunday after posting $5,000 bail.

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New White Welterweight Boxing Champ Says He’s Bringing Title Belt to Trump’s White House

Colby Covington defeated a Latino challenger Saturday night.

Excerpt from ESPN

“All I want to say is this is the real championship belt,” Covington said. “I’m taking this belt to the White House and putting it on Donald Trump’s desk.

“Woodley is a coward. You can’t run. You can’t hide. I’m coming for you. This is the real championship belt. If you got something to say, come see me.”

Asked if he could help Covington take his belt to the White House, UFC president Dana White said after Saturday’s card, “I can make that happen.”

U.S. Suicide Rates Up Sharply Since 1999

As this post was being put together, news broke that leftist celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain is dead, having committed suicide. His death is going to be one of the top stories of the day. The election of Trump to the presidency may have played a role in causing the Trump-hater to kill himself.


Let’s get back to the general topic of suicide, which is going to be even more discussed with the death of Bourdain.

Only Native Americans have a higher suicide rate than whites, as seen in the graph below.

The bar graph below shows that the suicide rate among whites is much higher among males.

Excerpt from NPR.

Suicide rates have increased in nearly every state over the past two decades, and half of the states have seen suicide rates go up more than 30 percent.

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Australian Corporate Exec Leading Secret Life as Poo Jogger Resigns

Street sh*tting is not part of Euro man’s culture.

What satisfaction one would obtain from soiling the footpaths in your neighborhood is beyond me.

There’s so much crazy behavior going on in the world today that it’s impossible to process it all.

The Guardian

A Brisbane corporate manager who is alleged to be a serial public defecator after being photographed with his pants down on a suburban street has quit his job.

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South Dakota lawmaker: Let businesses ‘turn away people of color,’ later apologizes


White people are thinking in terms of segregation after a failed social engineering experiment of forced integration in America. Blacks are thinking of it too, demanding their “safe spaces” away from whites while following whites to the ends of the earth.

Naturally, the (((powers that be))) will see to it that you’re swatted down if you utter the words you’ve been thinking about.

Is a man really free if he must accept all customers who come knocking on the door of his business? There is no plausible argument for “civil rights” as currently defined in American law, if freedom is your highest value.

Argus Leader

A South Dakota lawmaker on Monday said businesses should be able to turn away customers based on race.

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Ominous: Judge Who Cut “Rapist” Brock Turner Some Slack Ousted by California Voters


Bad news for normal young males came on Tuesday in the form of a recall vote that replaced Jewish Judge Aaron Persky with a female judge committed to exterminating male heterosexuals.

Feminist mob rule is on the way, folks. Get ready for it.

CBS News

SAN FRANCISCO — Northern California voters on Tuesday recalled a judge from office after he sentenced a former Stanford University swimmer convicted of sexual assault to a short jail sentence instead of prison. Voters opted to oust Santa Clara County Judge Aaron Persky. He was targeted for recall in June 2016 shortly after he sentenced Brock Turner to six months in jail for sexually assaulting a young woman outside a fraternity house on campus. Prosecutors argued for a 7-year prison sentence.


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