Whale in Trouble Off Jersey Shore May Have Been Saved by Big “grand slam” Rescue Operation

Just a little story about the everyday white male hero.

And a grateful young whale.


SANDY HOOK – A team of federal responders successfully disentangled a distressed humpback whale in the Sandy Hook Bay Wednesday in a high-stakes, intricate operation that may have saved the animal’s life.

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Papa John’s Pizza Founder RESIGNS, APOLOGIZES for Saying “Nigger”

Ironically John Schnatter was on a conference call basically saying that it’s not OK to say “nigger” anymore even though Colonel Sanders said it all the time.

The (((PC police))) dug up the info that Schnatter said “nigger” and made him an example of the “We will destroy you” cultural Marxist mindset.


John Schnatter, the founder of Papa John’s Pizza, has a net worth of $1 billion, according to Forbes. The first Papa John’s was founded in Jeffersonville, Indiana, in 1985. It now has over 5,000 stores worldwide employing more than 23,000 people.

Schnatter, 56, resigned as chairman of the world’s third-largest pizza delivery company after using the n-word during public relations training on the issues of race.

Leftards are probably all over social media claiming that Papa Johns pizza is no good and their founder is a piece of excrement.

Meanwhile Colonel Sanders is laughing from the big fried chicken stand in the sky filled with smiling darkies munching on the secret recipe.

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“Racist” Actor James Woods Dropped by His Liberal (((Agent)))

At best, James Woods is a weak race realist, but we still love him here for his defiance in the face of political correctness, a defiance that’s largely cost him his career.

We also like him for his refreshing politically incorrect interest in dating young women.

Sample of James’ so-called racism:

Page Six

James Woods, one of Hollywood’s most outspoken conservatives, says his agent dropped him as a client on the Fourth of July, citing patriotism.

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White Man Who Attended 2013 Halloween Party in Blackface is Indefinitely Suspended

A white male New York City government supervisor (MTA) is in a heap of trouble over a Halloween costume he wore five years ago.

He went as a black lawn jockey.

He hath defiled the sacred Negro gods.

His punishment hasn’t been decided yet. For now, he’s suspended while officials look over his union employment contract to see what they can do to sacrifice him to appease the angry Negro deities.

New York Post

The MTA has suspended the high-paid railroad boss who got a promotion even after his underlings reported photos of him in blackface.

Officials confirmed on Thursday that they have put general supervisor Richard Ranallo on ice “indefinitely” by order of Metro-North president Catherine Rinaldi.

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That Walmart Carjacker Shot Dead by a Good Samaritan was NOT a Negro or a Teen


Carjacking is normally a crime associated with blacks and Mexicans.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a Muslim or Jewish carjacker.

White people also seem to be underrepresented in this fun hobby that gives you a new car, at least for a little while.

Tim Day, a white male long out of his teens, must have wanted a new vehicle really badly.

He wanted a vehicle for free, but he paid a very high price.


TUMWATER, Wash. – An armed civilian is being hailed as a hero Monday after he killed a gunman who injured three other people during a wild rampage that began in Olympia and ended at a Tumwater Walmart store on Father’s Day.

Tim Day’s shooter remains unidentified, which is a good thing.

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Key Figure in UFO Sightings Group MUFON Sparks Division Over “Racist” Remarks

First, this bit of race realism started the virtue signaling by other MUFON members.

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Harvard Hospital Taking Down Portraits of White Men


The soft genocide of the white race marches on in a hospital in Massachusetts.

Dr. Betsy Nabel, who has a Jewish look to me, is leading the charge to remove portraits of American medical pioneers because they’re all white males and that offends the chocolate and brown medical students of today.

F*ck the students and f*ck Betsy, who’s also served as the chief medical adviser to the NFL.

The medical pioneers whose portraits are being dispersed inspired generations of medical students. Since hatred of the white race, especially males, has replaced the old Caucasian drive for excellence, no student today wants inspiration from a race that the browns can’t even remotely begin to compare with.

Excerpt from Washington Free Beacon

Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, is taking down its prominent display of its past medical legends because too many are white men.

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