President Trump May Actually Name a NonJew to the Supreme Court, and a Protestant at That

The current makeup of the United States Supreme Court is all Jews and Catholics. There’s not a Protestant among them.

That may be about to change once President Trump names his pick for the High Court. Expect a bitter confirmation battle, complete with horrific smears by the leftist Democrats in Congress.

Brother Nathanael reports that there’s only a single Jew on Trump’s long list, while his alleged short list, which has recently emerged, has none.

The Brother writes:

Jews love Hillary’s abortion stance. Why not? Like their father the devil, Jews are murderers from the beginning. I mean, Jews pushed through Roe vs Wade.

Let’s take a look at those the rumor mill has on Trump’s short list.

Excerpt from Politico

President Donald Trump has narrowed his first Supreme Court nomination to three finalists, with 10th Circuit judge Neil Gorsuch and 3rd Circuit judge Thomas Hardiman emerging as front-runners while 11th Circuit Judge Bill Pryor remains in the running but is fading, according to people familiar with the search process.

Trump interviewed at least those three finalists in New York during the transition, according to a person familiar with the search. Trump himself said Tuesday he would make a selection for the court’s empty seat next week and summoned top Senate leaders to the White House to discuss his impending choice to replace Justice Antonin Scalia, who died nearly a year ago.

“The president wants to move as quickly as he can,” said Leonard Leo, one of Trump’s advisers on the court pick and a top official at the Federalist Society.

Leo declined to discuss Trump’s short list, but he praised both Gorsuch and Hardiman effusively.

“Under our Constitution, the power rests with the people, and that was at the core of Justice Scalia’s legacy, and you heard from President Trump’s inauguration that is the core of Trump’s agenda, and that’s very much the core of what Neil Gorsuch’s record is as a jurist,” Leo said. “He’s an excellent writer. He’s got sharp analytical ability, strong intellect and he’s got a lot of strength and courage. Those are things that the president very much wants in a nominee.”

“Hardiman,” Leo added, “shares many of the same qualities.”

Leo went on to say that Hardiman is “an extraordinarily talented and smart jurist” who has “a very direct and understandable writing style.”

As Gorsuch’s fortunes have risen, Pryor’s have dimmed. A 2006 George W. Bush appointee, Pryor is currently the subject of raging debate on an off-the-record group email list that includes many in the conservative legal and political communities, including many Republican Senate staffers, thanks to his decision to join the majority in Glenn v. Brumby, a 2011 opinion that protected transgender people from workplace discrimination.

“I think everybody on this list probably has something I’m not going to agree with. I think that decision with Pryor probably would be the one that would fall into that category,” said Carrie Severino, chief counsel and policy director of the Judicial Crisis Network, a conservative legal organization.

John Malcolm, who oversees a legal center inside the Heritage Foundation, acknowledged that “Bill Pryor has been getting attacked from the right. Which is strange to me.”

Politically, Pryor’s nomination would spark outrage on the left — liberal activists are likely to mobilize around his statement that Roe v. Wade is “the worst abomination of constitutional law” — without fully unifying conservatives.

Firmly in Pryor’s corner, however, is a longtime friend and fellow Alabama native likely to join the Trump administration soon: attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions, who is pushing hard for his nomination, according to two sources familiar with the conversations.

Profiles of the potential nominees at NPR state that Pryor is a Catholic, snf Hardiman probably a Catholic since he attended Notre Dame.

Phyllis Schafly’s Eagles reports that Goresuch is an Episcopalian.

In doing my research for this post I discovered that all of these judges, while demonized as conservative ideologues by the left, actually have made decisions either favorable to abortionists, faggots, trannies, or other liberal special interest groups.

Life is complicated. It would be great if a judge came along and said leave abortion, sodomite marriage, and other legal issues to the states. Having nine black robed lawyers decide what our culture will be is an abomination.

Negro Vigilante Patrol Sent Home by Fort Worth Police

A foolish group of Negros armed themselves and went on patrol in a mixed race neighborhood after a Negro woman was arrested last month.

The vigilante group sought to protect Negros from being arrested by cops.

The cops had something to say about that.

Fox News

Authorities in Texas stopped an armed patrol and a group of young boys Saturday who said they were out to patrol the streets after a woman seen struggling during an arrest said she didn’t feel safe in her neighborhood.

According to Fox 4 News, the support for Jacqueline Craig in Fort Worth lasted about 20 minutes. Neighbors said the group had someone yell through a loudspeaker while others were screaming profanities. They said they were worried the march could’ve become violent.

Jacqueline Craig’s arrest was covered on saboteur365 on December 22. To the eyes of a white person, the arrest looked justified. It involved a dispute between Craig and a white man unfortunate enough to be her neighbor.


“I didn’t find anything alarming myself. I didn’t find anything out of the norm. Police officers have guns, but they don’t protect,” Roderick Smith, a spokesman for Craig, told Fox 4 News. “She said it meant a lot to have complete strangers come and try to protect her, when the individuals that she pays, which is the Fort Worth Police Department, failed to do so.”

Fort Worth Officer William Martin was captured on video wrestling Craig to the ground before arresting her and her two teenage daughters last month. Craig had been arguing with a man who she said had physically confronted her 7-year-old son for littering. In the video, Craig can be heard telling the officer that the man had “grabbed and choked” her son.

Martin is seen engaging Craig in a conversation that quickly escalates. He asks why she hadn’t taught her son not to litter. Craig says regardless of whether the boy littered, the man did not have the right to “put his hands on him.” The officer says, “Why not?”

Martin was suspended without pay for two weeks, and is now preparing to returning to the neighborhood on the same patrol.

Smith told Fox 4 News he doesn’t think the patrol would’ve happened if Martin hadn’t been reassigned to the same neighborhood.

Police stopped the armed patrol and asked them to put the weapons down. No arrests were made.

thats racist gif

Media Crowing About Trump’s Low Numbers, But Here’s What They Won’t Tell You

I’ve been looking at news stories that claim that Donald John Trump’s Inauguration Ceremony had fewer in attendance than the Kenyan’s ceremony. There’s also stories that say that Trump’s TV ratings for his inauguration were lower than Mr. Hope and Change’s ratings.

So, what is going on here? Is the media lying?

Well, they lie all the time, so it wouldn’t be anything new. But for the sake of argument, let’s suppose that’s the truth–Trump’s numbers were smaller.

Let’s analyze this together.

The media is doing everything possible to delegitimize the Trump presidency. We know that. Thus, these stories about the numbers are being put out for the same reason. The idea is to demoralize Trump, his team, and all of us who voted for him.

To put it rudely, “F*** that sh**.” It’s not going to work. It just increases our resolve. At least it does mine. I’m in this fight for the long haul and I’m in it to win. Trump isn’t going to be scared off any more than you or me.

Now, why were Trump’s numbers smaller, again assuming they were.

First, D. C. is a typical “Nagger” city. The people who turn out for an Inauguration are heavily drawn from the local population. Naggers turned out in droves to see their fellow Nagger sworn in back in 2008 and 2012. There just aren’t enough whites in D.C. to get Trump’s numbers up to the Kenyans.

Furthermore, D. C. is a typical liberal city, with most of the residents dependent on a parasitic federal government for their incomes. Trump promised to “Drain the swamp.” D. C. residents are the swamp creatures. They stayed in hiding on Friday.

The other thing about the crowds in D. D. on Friday is this: The left had promised violence and they delivered. The person with a family wanting to bring the kids to the ceremony would obviously think twice before exposing them to possible harm.

There was also a huge amount of Internet chatter about Trump being assassinated. No one would want to get into the line of fire. I’m sure that helped keep the crowds smaller than the Kenyan’s crowds.

Now let’s turn to the TV ratings. Trump’s “deplorables” are mainly hard working white people who had to work on Friday. Obong’s people were heavily welfare recipients who eagerly tuned in to see their boy sworn in and to hear what new gibsmedat he had in mind for them.

Add in the factor that public schools were in some cases boycotting the inauguration because the leftists in charge of classrooms across America didn’t want the kids to see the “orange Cheeto” (a racist term) sworn in.

Subtract the blacks who had no interest in watching Trump and realize that whites were mostly working, and the TV audience for Trump is naturally going to be smaller.

Does this matter?


It only matters because the leftist press has another chance to demonize Trump as a loser. They don’t want a white male president. It’s as simple as that.

Ignore the garbage reporting and fight on. To use my old tag line I haven’t used in a while: Sabotage the System.

New Evidence Hints at Identity of Legendary Plane Hijacker D. B. Cooper: Did He Work for Boeing?


Plane hijacker D. B. Cooper is a hero to all the white people I know.

He said “F*ck you” to the System without hurting anyone.

I’d like to think that he lived a good life after jumping out of the plane he hijacked with $200,000 in tow. Realistically, if he did survive the jump, the fear of discovery, followed by life imprisonment would make it difficult to live serenely.

Alleged new evidence has surfaced that may offer clues about his true identity.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

New evidence uncovered by scientists examining D.B. Cooper’s necktie has led to a shocking new twist in the recently closed, unsolved case.

A team of vigilante scientists, the self-titled Citizen Sleuths, devote their time to exclusively researching the mysterious hijacking, in which Cooper parachuted from a plane with $200,000 and was never seen again.

After examining the JC Penney tie left behind by Cooper, the Sleuths discovered a number of rare elements on its surface, which indicate that Cooper may have worked as an engineer for Boeing before the historic hijacking.

Haha. Cooper wore a J. C. Penney clip on neck tie. That sounds about like me back in the day.

Using an electron microscope, the scientists were able to pull more than 100,000 particles from the tie, which contained traces of ‘rare earth elements’.

‘They’re used in very narrow fields, for very specific things,’ said Tom Kaye, associate researcher for the group told King 5 News.

Such elements included Cerium, Strontium Sulfide, and pure titanium. They were used at the time of Cooper’s hijacking by Boeing in the production of their Super Sonic Transport Plane.

Boeing was cultivating high-tech equipment, like radar screens, in the 1960s and 1970s which utilized the elements found on Cooper’s discarded tie.

‘The tie went with him into these manufacturing environments, for sure, so he was not one of the people running these (manufacturing machines),’ Kaye said.

‘He was either an engineer or a manager in one of the plants.’

It has been 45 years since DB Cooper hijacked a plane and then parachuted into the woods somewhere around the border of Oregon and Washington with $200,000, which would be worth more than $1 million today

It has been 45 years since DB Cooper hijacked a plane and then parachuted into the woods somewhere around the border of Oregon and Washington with $200,000, which would be worth more than $1 million today

Kaye and his team are appealing for members of the public with experience in aerospace engineering during that time period to help them investigate further.


If Dan Cooper were found today and I was on a jury, I would vote NOT GUILTY even if he confessed. Heroes are hard to find. I wouldn’t put one in prison for any reason. It’s called jury nullification. I also would vote any and all members of the Bundy family not guilty of any charges lodged against them.

White people have to learn how to stand up for each other. Making D. B. Cooper a representative hero of our race is a good place to start.

Murdered in Jail? Man Who Left Bacon Sandwiches at Mosque is DEAD


The Sun

A MAN put behind bars for a racist attack on a mosque earlier this year has died in prison.

Lag Kevin Crehan, 35, who was jailed in July after launching an attack on Jamia mosque in Totterdown, Bristol, died just two days after Christmas, a prison service spokesperson announced.

An independent investigation has been launched into the 35-year-old’s death.

Crehan was half way through his 12-month prison sentence at HMP Bristol.

The inmate was part of a racist gang which attacked Jamia mosque on January 17 this year.

The gang left rashers of bacon on the door handles of the mosque, and put bacon sandwiches on the doorstep.

CCTV footage of the racially motivated attack depicted two men standing by a St George flag with “no mosques” written on it.

Crehan was slapped with a one-year jail term at Bristol Crown Court in July for the racially-aggravated public order offence.

His accomplices, Mark Bennett, 48, Alison Bennett, 46, and Angelina Margaret Swales, 31, were also sentenced.

Mark Bennett was handed a nine-month sentence, while Alison Bennett was given six months, and Swales four – both suspended for two years.

Speaking on Crehan’s death, a spokesperson for the Prison Service said: “HMP Bristol prisoner Kevin Crehan (D.O.B. 29/08/81) died in custody on Tuesday 27 December.

“As with all deaths in custody, the independent Prisons and Probation Ombudsman will investigate.”


Sh*tstorm Sparked by White Cop’s Arrest of Black Woman in Fort Worth, Texas

A white homeowner living in an integrated subdivision filled with colored ladies and their sprogs allegedly laid hands upon a 7 year old sprog who was littering his yard. Black mom called the police and then the fun began:


FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Protests against the Fort Worth Police Department are planned for Thursday evening after a video of an officer’s confrontation with a family goes viral. That officer is now on restricted duty.

Jacqueline Craig called Fort Worth police to report a neighbor who had allegedly grabbed and choked her seven-year-old son after the child supposedly littered in his yard.

In the video, the Craig explained to the officer what happened. At some point the officer asked the her why she didn’t teach her son not to litter. She responded by saying whether her child did or not, the man didn’t have the right to choke him.

In the video, after the officer asked her why not, the argument escalated. The officer took the woman to the ground, handcuffed her and pointed what appears to be a taser at another woman, reported to be Craig’s 19-year old daughter, Brea Hymond. Both women were detained.

The woman who shot the original cell phone video was also arrested. Jacqueline Craig and Brea Hymond were released from jail around 2:30 p.m.

The video has sparked several calls for civil rights protests in downtown Fort Worth.

Fort Worth Police released the following statement shortly before 2:00 p.m. Thursday:

On Dec. 21, at approximately 10 p.m., the Fort Worth Police Department received information regarding a Facebook video post that captured a Fort Worth police officer arresting three individuals on Rock Garden Trail.

The Internal Affairs Unit began to immediately review the video and subsequently initiated an internal affairs investigation. The investigators interviewed two of the three arrestees at the Fort Worth City Jail within two hours of the department learning of the incident.

The investigators worked throughout the night and into the morning interviewing witnesses and reviewing video evidence; including video from a body worn camera that was active during the incident.

The involved officer has been placed on restricted duty status by the Chief of Police pending the outcome of the internal investigation. Since this is an internal investigation, state law limits the information that may be released, including the officer’s body cam footage.

The Fort Worth Police Department enjoys a close and cooperative relationship with our citizens; one of transparency, mutual trust and respect. The Fort Worth Police Department expects every officer to treat persons they encounter with that same trust, respect and courtesy.

We acknowledge that the initial appearance of the video may raise serious questions. We ask that our investigators are given the time and opportunity to thoroughly examine this incident and to submit their findings. This process may take time, but the integrity of the investigation rests upon the ability of the investigators to document facts and to accurately evaluate the size and scope of what transpired. We ask our community for patience and calm during this investigation process.\

The executive director of the ACLU of Texas, Terri Burke released the following statement on the matter:

“We regret that the FWPD is giving the officer 48 hours to prepare his report on the incident. That leaves us with only the video on which to rely for information. When the mother of a seven-year-old boy calls the police to report an assault on her son, the responding officer should expect to find her distraught. In this instance, the officer ignored basic community policing standards and his own responsibility to de-escalate the confrontation. This incident and countless others like them demonstrate that for people of color, showing anything less than absolute deference to police officers —regardless of the circumstances — can have unjust and often tragic consequences. This fundamental injustice is also a threat to public safety. If a Black woman in Fort Worth can’t call the cops after her son is allegedly choked by a neighbor without getting arrested, why would she ever call the cops again?”

The arrested colored ladies were released. It appears from the photo below that neither of them missed a meal.

MSM Proves Its Hatred of Whites by Challenging Trump’s Picks as Too White

The linked news story (fake news, really) is a month old, but it offers an insight into the minds of the diversity-obsessed journalists today who can only thinly disguise their hatred of white males. I believe the writer of this piece, Matthew Artz is a Jew.

Without justifying why, he apparently thinks that having nonwhite people in the Trump administration should be the President-elect’s first priority.

Excerpt from Mercury News

Trump’s White House: How white will it be?

So far all five of the Trump’s first picks for key White House adviser and cabinet posts have been white men, several of whom have been accused of being racist or anti-Muslim

From the moment Donald Trump first uttered his slogan about “Making America Great Again,” his critics countered that what he really wanted was to return to an era when white men ran the ship of state.

So far the president-elect is doing little to dispel their fears. Trump’s first five picks for key posts are all white males, several of whom are causing chills to run down the spines of civil libertarians.

Multiple news outlets Friday reported that Trump has settled on Alabama GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions, as his pick for attorney general; Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as his national security advisor; and Rep. Mike Pompeo, a Republican from Kansas, as his CIA director. Those selections come on the heels of Trump announcing that Steve Bannon, executive chairman of the alt-right website Breitbart News, will be his chief strategist, and Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus will serve as chief of staff.

The early appointments have already fueled fears that Trump is preparing to stock his administration full of hard-line white male loyalists.

But David Brady, a senior fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, said Trump might not pay a political price for doing so. “His supporters are not going to be upset by the fact that he did this,” Brady said. “Those are the people he cares about.”

Pompeo, a former Army officer, is a Tea Party devotee who played a leading role in the House investigation into the 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya.

Sessions and Flynn, two of Trump’s most devoted allies during the campaign, are the more controversial picks for a president who has been accused of fanning racist and anti-Islamic sentiment.

In 1986, the Republican-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee rejected Sessions’ nomination to a federal judgeship after hearing testimony from former colleagues that he had referred to the NAACP and other civil rights groups as “un-American” and “Communist-inspired,” according to the New York Times. One African-American colleague testified that Sessions referred to him as “boy.”

Flynn, who was fired by President Barack Obama as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, has claimed that Islamic law is spreading in the U.S. On Twitter, he shared fake news stories and wrote, “Fear of Muslims is RATIONAL.”

Trump’s early picks appear to be a break from the precedent set by former President Bill Clinton, who had campaigned on a pledge to assemble a cabinet that “looks like America.” One of Clinton’s first cabinet selections was Donna Shalala to lead the Department of Health and Human Services. He was also insistent on having a female attorney general, although his first two picks had to withdraw their candidacies before Janet Reno got the job.

George W. Bush quickly picked Colin Powell, an African-American, as his secretary of state. He was later succeeded by another early appointee of Bush’s: Stanford Provost Condoleezza Rice, who first served as national security adviser and is also African-American. She later went on to serve as secretary of state.

President Obama’s first official cabinet selections included Hillary Clinton as secretary of state and Eric Holder, who is African-American, as attorney general.

Trump’s predecessors picked neocons and losers.

The people want to win. Trump is picking winners. Doing the opposite of what Clinton, Bush, and Obama did is a good thing.

To put it another way, Trump is hiring on merit, hiring people with a proven track record of success in the private sector. Success in a government bureaucracy is exactly what we don’t want.