Richard Spencer’s “Course Correction” Coincides with Daily Beast’s Smear Job (Video and Story)

In a 24 minute video Richard Spencer questions whether to continue his college speaking tour.

This youtube comment explains the issue if you prefer not to invest 24 minutes of listening time. Comment by Cojax Gormacules:

Richard, If I could make one suggestion- these public events cause a lot of legal troubles for our guys. I think we should do a moratorium on public rallies until such time as we have the infrastructure to handle that. Antifa has paid organizers, lawyers on board who will work for free to get them out of jail when they get arrested, and safety nets for their guys. We don’t have any of that. We also don’t have the good will of the local residents. I think it would be best to do somewhat like casapound does, do community service events to get the good will of people, and then we can set up shop in that area and do rallies and the locals will JOIN IN. We can’t keep running into these college campuses, lose more of our guys because they’re in the monkey cage, and get bad press for no return. Let’s do an alt right/NPI soup kitchen. It’s better for recruiting and image than twenty college talks. I’m on D’marcus’ server if someone from NPI wants to pop in and talk, let’s get something like this going. Hail victory!

Meanwhile, the propagandists at the Daily Beast must have worked hard to put together a hatchet job that hits all the right notes.

Title: ‘Alt-Right’ Ringleader Richard Spencer: We Attract the Mentally Ill

The word “ringleader” strongly implies a criminal. Furthermore Spencer didn’t exactly say that we attract the mentally ill. That’s a clickbait headline that leaves out the important context in Spencer’s statement.

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Antifa Threats and Violence Nearly Shut Down Richard Spencer’s MSU Speech

Once upon a time, the left pretended to stand for free speech. That was just a ploy to get pornography legalized and accepted by normal people.

Today, there’s no pretense. The left routinely engages in threats and violence in order to shut down speakers who aren’t hard left.

The press cooperates by throwing around the term “white supremacist,” a smear that even Donald Trump has experienced over and over.

I looked at three stories about Richard Spencer’s MSU speech on Monday. The Chicago Tribune offers a biased report, but it’s still better than HuffPo and the SPLC came up with.

Spencer failed to turn out a large crowd of students. The truth is that there were probably many who wanted to hear him but were too afraid to run the gauntlet of terror set up by the left at MSU.

Chicago Tribune

Fights broke out between white supremacists and protesters Monday as anti-fascist activists, students and community members converged in and around Michigan State University to counter a speech by white nationalist Richard Spencer.

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Richard Spencer’s Speech at MSU Tonight Prompts Libturd Student and Faculty Fundraiser for Leftist Causes

The rat bastards in charge of Michigan State University have done everything legal to stop Richard Spencer from speaking on campus.

In spite of their attempted censorship, he’s speaking tonight anyway.

However, they put him in the university’s cattle pavilion in the middle of a field, away from the main campus. Richard may be speaking while standing in a cow patty.

His campus appearance is expected to draw large numbers of leftist protesters, some of them violent Antifa. From a police perspective, this could get interesting.

Lefturds are responding by setting up a fund for faggots, African immigrants, illegals, and other garbage that has washed ashore in America. Naturally, there’s a JEW behind the effort.

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Woman School Teacher in Florida Outed as White Nationalist by Jew Rats at Huffington Post

It’s unclear how the Christ-killers at the Huffington Post learned about the true identity of an attractive white female school teacher who had a white nationalist podcast, as well as Twitter and Facebook accounts.

She used a screen name for her work for the cause. Perhaps someone recognized her voice while listening to her podcast or perhaps she confided in someone who should have remained in the dark.

She was foolishly bold and brave, showing her face in the following “racist” video. An enemy may have sent the link to HuffPo.

In any case, the rats at HuffPo got wind of Dayanna Volitich’s political beliefs and have begun what is clearly a crusade to have her fired and blacklisted.

Huffington Post

Florida middle school social studies teacher was removed from the classroom while her school district investigates a HuffPost report that she hosted a white supremacist podcast under a pseudonym, shared anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and suggested that Muslims be eradicated from the planet.

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Richard Spencer’s Operation Homeland Trolls the Jews Before AIPAC

It looks like some pro-white people had some fun posting “antisemitic” political flyers at American University in Washington, D.C. ahead of the upcoming Jewish political fest, AIPAC.

No one was arrested, so good job guys. Er, goys.

Jerusalem Post

Students at American University on Thursday found entrances to a campus building covered in posters that read “No More Wars for Israel,” put up as part of a campaign spearheaded by alt-right activist Richard Spencer.

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Richard Spencer et. al. Set to Speak in DETROIT on Sunday

The alt-right is having a meeting this Sunday with Richard Spencer and at least three other alt-right figures speaking. The conference is being held in a secret location within the city of Detroit.

The next day Spencer is scheduled to speak on the campus of Michigan State University. It’s the MSU appearance that may lead to national press coverage if the Antifa shows up.


ANN ARBOR, MI – White supremacist Richard Spencer plans to speak at a conference in metro Detroit leading up to his scheduled appearance at Michigan State University on March 5.

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Police Confirm: Head of the Republic of Florida Says School Shooter NOT a Member


The only thing that the sheeple will remember is that the ADL said that Nikolas de la Jesus Cruz was a white supremacist. With that “k” in his first name he must be Russian. Maybe he hacked the election too.


Local law enforcement sources have not found a connection between accused Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz and a Tallahassee-based paramilitary group.

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