“Australia is at a crossroads …”: Police Issue Warning to Protesters Ahead of Lauren Southern’s Perth Speech

If you found this post by scrolling down the homepage, you’ll see that it appears before two other posts on Lauren Southern’s Australian events.

The two other posts deal with video of protests inside the hall where Lauren was speaking on Friday and with what went down outside the hall as Antifa tried to stop people from attending her presentation.

On Sunday she and Stefan Molyneux are presenting in Perth, Western Australia. It appears that the police are serious about stopping violence by leftist protesters, unlike the Portland, Oregon police in America, who let the left run wild.

WA Today

WA Police have urged protesters to keep demonstrations peaceful ahead of controversial commentator Lauren Southern’s planned speaking engagement in Perth on Sunday evening.

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Videos: Antifa Disrupt Lauren Southern’s Melbourne Speech

It sounds like the Aussie Tweeter above thinks there should be no go zones for white people with a point of view in Australia.

Screw him.

Being able to speak criticism of Muslim immigrants legitimizes that criticism.

Scroll past the story and the two Twitter videos taken inside the speaking hall for my criticism of Lauren’s alt-light approach to immigration.

Daily Wire

On Friday night in Australia, an “anti-fascist” protester rushed the stage in attempt to attack Canadian right-wing commentator and activist Lauren Southern, but was instead scooped up by security guards and carried off the premises.

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“Nazis” Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux Met by Protesters Battling Police in Melbourne

The press and protesters seem to be ignoring Stefan.

There’s nothing like a pretty face to sell clicks, I suppose. I put his name in my title since he’s supposed to be speaking with Lauren.

Anyway, the good news is that Lauren Southern was able to say a few words against immigration of nonwhites into Australia without being stopped or run out of town by hard-core leftist thugs.

Radio New Zealand

More than 100 protesters blocked the Hume Highway outside Somerton’s La Mirage Reception and Convention Centre ahead of Ms Southern’s Friday night event.

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Australian Public Agrees: We Should KILL Lauren Southern (Video)

Less than seven minutes of man on the steet interviews by Lauren herself, pretending to be an anti-fashist interviewer. Not everyone agreed that Lauren should be killed, but plenty enough did agree.

The video may shock as you see how nonwhites dominate in Oz now.

Sample youtube comments:

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Lauren Southern on Oz TV: “I feel zero shame whatsoever for being white.” (Twitter Video)

About 30 seconds of our girl facing off against a nonwhite TV talking head in Australia.

OK, white women, will you be willing to say that you’re proud of being white?

You don’t have to do the salute, but it’s OK if you do.

Defense Contractor Terminates Alleged White Supremacist Following Demands from Social Justice Warriors


Alleged white supremacist (in reality, freedom fighter) Michael Miselis has been fired (or forced to resign) from his job at Northrup Grumman, where he was a systems engineer.

Miselis is also a doctoral student at UCLA. Efforts are underway to kick him out of school and thus deny him his degree.

Part of the evidence used to demonize Miselis is seen in the below video, where he defends himself against an Antifa attacker in Charlottesville’s Unite the Right rally last August.


Defense contractor Northrop Grumman confirmed to HuffPost that, as of Friday evening, an employee who held a government security clearance while engaging in a violent white supremacist group is no longer employed.


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Poland Kicks Out Sweden-Bound Richard Spencer, Who’s Now Sporting a New Mustache

Although the fake news press constantly gets off to calling Richard Spencer a white supremacist, he’s actually a white identitarian.

It’s disappointing that Poland, which is doing some things right about the Muslim invasion of Europe, has sent him back to the United States, rather than let him go through to Sweden, which was apparently his plan.

I assume that Poland wished to placate the Jews, who were offended by the “Nazi salutes” at one of Richard’s appearances.


An American white supremacist has been told to return home from Europe just days before he planned to speak at an “alt-right” conference in Sweden.

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