Hidden Message? Melania wears “I really don’t care, do you?” Coat on Migrant Visit to Texas

Apparently, Melania Trump’s jacket is an off the rack number that came with the mysterious message already printed on it. In other words, she didn’t take white paint and write the now infamous words on it.

Liberals are interpreting the wearing of the jacket in Washington, but not in Texas, to be an insult aimed at illegal aliens and their children.

The President Tweeted an explanation which I don’t believe for a second.

I have my own explanation, but first the story.


First lady Melania Trump took a trip to the US-Mexico border on Thursday to tour an immigrant children’s shelter, but her trip is getting attention not only for her action, but also for her wardrobe choice before and after the journey.

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Methodists Condemn Jeff Sessions Over Policy Separating Illegal Scum From Their Children

When a father is sent to prison for a DUI, he’s separated from his children.

When mom is sent to prison for her DUI, she’s separated from her children.

Nobody cared about parents and children being separated until it was discovered that an Obama policy of separating children from their illegal parents, whose border jumping is a crime, is being continued under the Trump administration.

It’s all political bullsh*t and it makes me extremely angry.

Now the faggot loving, un-Biblical United Methodist church has jumped in with more bullsh*t.

The Week

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a United Methodist, and he is also the face of the Trump administration’s widely condemned policy of separating migrant children from their families at the border. In a Friday statement slamming the policy as “a shocking violation of the spirit of the Gospel,” the United Methodist Church registered its dissent to Sessions’ use of the Bible to defend the separations:

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Trump Praises Kim, Offers White House Invite, as the Two Leaders Sign “comprehensive” Document

What Trump and Kim signed in Singapore is still under wraps.


Excerpt from Yahoo

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un signed a “comprehensive” document on Tuesday following a historic summit in Singapore aimed at the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

There were no immediate details on the contents of the document but Trump said he expected the denuclearization process to start “very, very quickly”.

Trump has Tweeted a short video summary of the entire summit, complete with dramatic music:

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New White Welterweight Boxing Champ Says He’s Bringing Title Belt to Trump’s White House

Colby Covington defeated a Latino challenger Saturday night.

Excerpt from ESPN

“All I want to say is this is the real championship belt,” Covington said. “I’m taking this belt to the White House and putting it on Donald Trump’s desk.

“Woodley is a coward. You can’t run. You can’t hide. I’m coming for you. This is the real championship belt. If you got something to say, come see me.”

Asked if he could help Covington take his belt to the White House, UFC president Dana White said after Saturday’s card, “I can make that happen.”

Melania Throws Rudy Under the Bus Over His Stormy Comments

It appears that it was a mistake for Donald Trump to employ Rudy Giuliani as one of his lawyers.

It also appears that the president’s wife either wants Rudy gone from the team or just wants him to shut up.

Weird, bizarre, odd responses came tumbling toward Rudy from several directions in response to his statements that the FLOTUS believes Trump didn’t have an affair with Stormy Daniels and that the porn actress is not someone to be held up as a role model.


Rudy Giuliani shared his thoughts about Donald Trump‘s alleged affair with Stormy Daniels — and first lady Melania put Giuliani in his place.

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President Trump Commutes Sentence of Black Woman That Brought Kim Kardashian to White House

Heh, heh. I suspect that President Trump is a sucker for the pleas put forth by attractive women. It didn’t take him long to do exactly what Kim Kardashian (West) wanted him to do.

Now let’s see if Trump can make a short, fat Korean Kim happy on June 12 in Singapore.

There’s a video of the happy black woman thanking Trump embedded at the end of this post. She seems sincere and has pledged not to let anyone down.


President Trump has signed a commutation for Alice Johnson, currently serving a life sentence for a nonviolent drug offense, according to a source with direct knowledge. The Washington Post first reported last night that he had been considering pardoning Johnson.

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Tennessee Hatchet Murder Suspect Previously Arrested Near White House, Secret Service Says


Monday, Domenic Micheli allegedly savagely murdered an ex-boss who had fired him 14 months ago. About six weeks ago he had been arrested outside the White House. It’s reasonable to assume that he was out on bail on the White House arrest charge. You do have to wonder how the mentally disturbed man passed a sanity test, assuming he took one.

Is it just me or does Micheli look to be mixed race to you?

USA Today

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A man wanted for killing a fitness-center manager Monday with a hatchet had previously been fired by his victim about 14 months ago, police said.

A manhunt is on for the suspect, 36-year-old Domenic Micheli of Nashville. The victim, 46-year-old Joel Paavola, 46, of the Nashville suburb of Franklin was attacked with the hatchet and another “cutting instrument” at about 7 a.m. CT at a Balance Training location in Belle Meade, a 3-square-mile city within Nashville that has about 3,000 residents.

U.S. Secret Service said Micheli was arrested in Washington, D.C., on April 27 for driving his car to a checkpoint near the White House and refusing to move. He was arrested without incident, they said.

Another photo of Micheli, who is on the run:

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