White House Petition to Declare George Soros a Terrorist Almost at Magical 100,000 Signatures

We’re closing the gap fast. Once the petition hits 100,000 signatures the government has to respond.

That’s not the purpose though. Let Microchip explain via these statements I copied from his Tweets:

let me know when you figure out that it doesn’t matter of they are made into law, it’s for agitprop

If a petition happens to be turned into policy, great, but I don’t give a shit if it does or not. It’s effective either way.

It’s about planting an idea in their head and subliminally influencing them to act on it. It’s not that hard to comprehend.

In reference to his successful antifa petition, Microchip wrote this:

Reason the Petition worked is because it forced everyone to “look at” and “consider” the question, “What is #AntiFa”? Everyone engaged.

We want everyone in America talking about George Soros and asking why he’s funding our destruction. The government isn’t going to arrest him (at least I don’t think they will), but the more he’s exposed as an evil-doer, the less effective any organization that takes his money will be.

GLP Forums has a long thread on the petition. The national media are paying attention:

Link to Zerohedge petition article.

Link to RT petition article.

New Petition Asks the White House to Label George Soros a Terrorist


Spread the word to those who are awake and willing to listen. The White House petition calling for the government to name George Soros as a terrorist needs more signatures to reach the magic 100,000 mark.

But as one GOP candidate found out, don’t notice that Soros is a Jew or you’ll be called an antisemite. See Scott Wagner’s story below in this post.


The “puppet master” might just have the strings on his U.S. marionette cut, if those who support a new petition have their way.

A recently published petition on the White House website asking for billionaire currency manipulator and protest consigliere George Soros to be declared a terrorist is now circulating and gaining support. The petition has a goal of gathering 100,000 signatures and currently stands at just above 40,000 signees.

The petition claims Soros, who is known to many as the man who funds many anti-democracy protest groups, has “attempted to destabilize and otherwise commit acts of sedition against the United States and its citizens.”

Here is the body of the petition:

Whereas George Soros has willfully and on an ongoing basis attempted to destabilize and otherwise commit acts of sedition against the United States and its citizens, has created and funded dozens (and probably hundreds) of discrete organizations whose sole purpose is to apply Alinsky model terrorist tactics to facilitate the collapse of the systems and Constitutional government of the United State, and has developed unhealthy and undue influence over the entire Democrat Party and a large portion of the US Federal government, the DOJ should immediately declare George Soros and all of his organizations and staff members to be domestic terrorists, and have all of his personal an organizational wealth and assets seized under Civil Asset Forfeiture law.

Soros, 87, is no stranger to controversy outside the U.S. as he has been monikered “the man who broke the Bank of England” and “the man who broke the Bank of Thailand.” Essentially, Soros works to devalue a country’s currency, all the while betting against the strength of said currency, in order to line both his and his investors pockets. He’s also been instrumental in fueling an ideological Civil War through funding various protests.

Make no mistake: Soros’ motivations and actions are completely questionable, and much like England and Thailand, some say Soros has set his sights on crippling the U.S.

Meanwhile, a GOP candidate for governor in Pennsylvania has been skewered as “antisemitic” for calling Soros a “Hungarian Jew.”


YORK, Pa. (AP) – A Pennsylvania state senator seeking next year’s Republican nomination for governor says he doesn’t plan to apologize for calling billionaire Democratic donor George Soros “a Hungarian Jew” with “a hatred for America.”

Sen. Scott Wagner told the York Daily Record on Monday that “everybody’s getting their knickers around their ankles over this and there’s no reason for that.”

Wagner’s comments were recorded by an opposition tracker at a tomato festival in Pittston last week.

He says if Soros was Catholic, he’d have called him a Hungarian Catholic, and meant no offense by it. He says his comments weren’t meant to be disrespectful or racist.

On Monday, the state Democratic Party described Wagner’s comments as anti-Semitic.

Wagner says he has a long record of donating to the York Jewish Community Center.


White House Antifa Petition Explained by Microchip in Nice Politico Writeup

The alt-right Internet saboteur who calls himself Microchip was interviewed by a Politico reporter recently. The outcome of that interview was the article that is the focus of this post.

The true identity of Microchip is not known. For an anonymous Tweeter to shift the national conversation from “Nazi” violence in Charlottesville to Antifa terrorist activity in a week is a remarkable accomplishment.

Here Microchip explains what he’s doing and the basics of how we can win via smart thinking.


A popular online petition to designate as domestic terrorists leftists known collectively as the “antifa” was written by a well-known pro-Trump troll. The petition gathered enough signatures this week to require a response from the White House.

The petition asks the Pentagon to designate antifa groups — the term is short for anti-fascists, including some of the leftists who confronted white supremacist groups in Charlottesville, Virginia — as terrorists, “just as they rightfully declared ISIS a terror group.” It was posted last week to the “We The People” website, a forum that allows anyone to submit and vote on petitions, with the goal of proposing homespun policies to the White House.

The petition’s viral dissemination on social media is a tactic aimed at focusing conservatives on a common enemy, the petition’s writer, who goes by the moniker “Microchip,” told POLITICO.

Even if the petition fails to yield policy changes — the most likely outcome, Microchip himself predicts, since the Pentagon does not designate terror groups — he said the submission has already done its job: help shift the narrative toward decrying “leftist violence” and galvanize conservatives.

The last time I checked the petition was around 300,000 signatures and had garnered third place among all-time most signatures on a White House petition.

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Alt-Right Fail: 67 America First Rallies Cancelled in 36 States in Response to Boston Antifa Victory

The only way to stop the Antifa is to sign the petition, force the government to declare them terrorists, and then hold the group’s leaders, including their bag man George Soros, in prison for life.


ACT for America is canceling its America First Rallies, previously scheduled for Saturday, September 9, “out of an abundance of caution” due “to the recent violence in America and in Europe.”

The national security organization will instead replace the 67
rallies organized across 36 states with an online “Day of ACTion.”
In a press release, exclusively given to Breitbart News, event organizers say the reason for making the difficult decision “is to contribute to the de-escalation of rising tension and violence in America while pursuing the organization’s goal of a safe and secure America.”

ACT for America is deeply saddened that in today’s divisive climate, citizens cannotpeacefully express their opinion without risk of physical harm from terror groups domestic and international.

In recent weeks, extremist and radical organizations in the United States and abroad have overrun peaceful events in order to advance their own agendas, and in many cases, violence has been the result. Given the security issues of organizing public events, the responsible decision is to deny this opportunity to Neo-Nazis, Antifa, the KKK, and ISIS inspired individuals and groups. ACT for America’s membership is patriotic citizens whose only goal is to celebrate America’s values and peacefully express their views regarding national security.

The original goal of the rallies was to show support for “common sense ‘America First’ security policies proposed by President Trump” — policies that “prioritize real protectionover political
correctness, and celebrate American exceptionalism.”

“ACT for America has notified all its volunteer team leaders and organizers of [these changes], and requested that all local event planning be terminated,” the press release adds. “Any events that continue to be scheduled for this date do not have the sponsorship
or endorsement of ACT for America, and the organization’s name may not be used.”

Additional details regarding the “Day of ACTion” will be released soon. You can get the latest information by visiting actforamerica.org.

You’ve seen the video of the elderly woman who was dragged while holding onto an American flag. You’ve seen them smash people in the head with bike locks. Yet the politicians in America are afraid to name the Antifa. In Boston, they’re praising them as “peaceful” social justice warriors.

For now, the petition offers hope. In the longer run, it may be that a civil war is going to be necessary.

Jeff Sessions, you can help stop a civil war. Take down the Antifa. What are you waiting for?

Little Bitch Paul Ryan’s Response to Charlottesville Demonizes GOP Base as Nazis

House Speaker Paul Ryan has a town hall meeting scheduled on CNN tonight that conflicts with President Trump’s address to the nation about American military operations in Afghanistan.

CNN is promoting him as the anti-Trump, which is easy to do, because he rides on every politically correct cuckservative position he can.

Today, apparently to curry favor with CNN, he insulted the GOP voter base by implying that Trump followers are Nazis.

Microchip, the author of the White House petition calling for the feds to declare the Antifa a terrorist group, calls Ryan’s words a passive-aggressive response to the petition. He also suggests that we understand what Ryan is up to.

Few people want to be labeled Nazi, but if you identify the left as the true danger to America, then you are a Nazi. According to the little bitch Ryan.


Headlined “Let There Be No Confusion,” Ryan writes on Facebook:

“I still firmly believe this hate exists only on the fringes. But so long as it exists, we need to talk about it. We need to call it what it is. And so long as it is weaponized for fear and terror, we need to confront it and defeat it.

That is why we all need to make clear there is no moral relativism when it comes to neo-Nazis. We cannot allow the slightest ambiguity on such a fundamental question.”

Later, he adds: “This is a test of our moral clarity. The words we use and the attitudes we carry matter. Yes, this has been a disheartening setback in our fight to eliminate hate. But it is not the end of the story. We can and must do better.”

Now, Ryan — and/or Republican — haters will note that nowhere in that statement does the Speaker actually say the words “Donald Trump” or “President Trump.” And they will — and should! — point out that Ryan very publicly disavowed Trump in the wake of the “Access Hollywood” tape but has pushed the president’s agenda in Congress nonetheless.

All fair. And warranted.

But, it’s also important to note that politics abhors a vacuum. And that people will, inevitably, move to fill such a vacuum. And that is exactly what Ryan is doing here.

As I wrote at the time, Trump’s “on many sides” comments — and then his doubling down two days later — was not solely a political failure but also a moral one. It wasn’t about what we expect from a Republican. It was about what we expect from a leader in a moment of genuine outrage and anxiety. Trump’s cluelessness about what he needed to do in that moment — and his stubborn refusal to acknowledge that, maybe just maybe, he hadn’t handled it the right way, left a giant gaping leadership hole in the country and the party.

Ryan, in this statement, is moving to fill it — to show that he understands the stakes of events like Charlottesville and what it means to the country in a way Trump doesn’t or can’t.

Forget the CNN editorializing. This is huge on its own.

The man who is third in line to be president should something happen to Trump and Pence refuses to acknowledge the existence of the absolute disgusting hatred of white people, Christianity, and America by the violent left.

Mobocracy: White House Petition Calls for ARREST of Donald J. Trump

trump big smile

Liberals are so unused to witnessing a real man speak that they can’t abide the Donald’s desire to see aggressive, resisting, disruptive “protesters” (thugs) treated roughly as they’re fighting ejection from turf that Donald Trump paid for.

Advocating violence is only illegal under very limited circumstances, which this linked article discusses in a clear and non-hysterical manner.

Huffington Post

A White House petition calling on the Obama administration to arrest Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has gotten more than 79,000 signatures, but it’s probably going nowhere.

The petition — created March 13, by someone known only as “P.M.” from Los Angeles — calls on the Obama administration to arrest Trump for inciting violence among his supporters. Several Trump rallies have turned violent, with protesters and members of the media getting beaten up or forcefully accosted. Trump himself has embraced these aspects of his campaign.

That last bolded statement is so much bullsh*t. You may recall a Time magazine reporter fighting with a Secret Service agent at a Trump rally. Reporters and “protesters” can set off a violent confrontation by their behavior, which has nothing to do with Donald Trump, who certainly has NOT advocated beating anyone up.

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America’s Down-Low Gay POTUS Calls for Outlawing Gay Conversion Therapies


NewsweekLogo-1 [Converted]

In a move aimed directly at Christian conservatives, the gay man from Kenya who is allegedly the president of the United States has called for an end to a technique that may very well cure people of that mental sickness called homosexuality.

Gay conversion therapy, as it’s called, probably won’t turn every faggot undergoing such therapy into a flaming, woman-chasing, heterosexual, but it may help some and even cure a few.

That’s why it MUST be outlawed as part of the gay agenda in America. It just wouldn’t do to spoil the narrative that gays are born that way.

In a free country, gay conversion therapy, which is just talk, would never be outlawed. But the pretense that America is a free country is just that, a pretense.

If Christians are starting to feel like a persecuted minority, I can’s say as I blame you. The goal is clear. Exterminate Christianity by any means necessary. Softly in the beginning, but getting harsher and uglier every day.

Christians have a choice as to which Christ they decide to follow. The soft, meek Jesus that liberal churches preach or the manly, angry Jesus who was tough as nails. I vote for the latter.

New York Times

President Obama is calling for an end to such therapies aimed at “repairing” gay, lesbian and transgender youth. His decision on the issue is the latest example of his continuing embrace of gay rights.

In a statement that was posted on Wednesday evening alongside a WhiteHouse.gov petition begun in honor of Ms. Alcorn, Mr. Obama condemned the practice, sometimes called “conversion” or “reparative” therapy, which is supported by some socially conservative organizations and religious doctors.

The petition has received more than 120,000 signatures in three months.

“We share your concern about its potentially devastating effects on the lives of transgender as well as gay, lesbian, bisexual and queer youth,” the statement, written by Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to Mr. Obama, says. “As part of our dedication to protecting America’s youth, this administration supports efforts to ban the use of conversion therapy for minors.”

In an interview on Wednesday, Ms. Jarrett said Mr. Obama had been moved by the story of Ms. Alcorn’s suicide. But she said the problem went far beyond Ms. Alcorn.

“It was tragic, but I will tell you, unfortunately, she has a lot of company,” Ms. Jarrett said. “It’s not the story of one young person. It is the story of countless young people who have been subjected to this.”

Mr. Obama will not explicitly call for a federal law banning therapists from using such therapies on their patients, but he is open to conversations with lawmakers in both parties, White House officials said on Wednesday. Instead, he will throw his support behind the efforts to ban the practice at the state level.