Students Wear White Puzzle Piece Pins Signifying White Guilt


Ho, ho, ho.

My usual reaction when I read these kinds of stories starts with the question, “Who starts this sh*t?” Sometimes I can find a photo of them, sometimes not.

Aileen Ida, pictured above, started the sh*t you’re about to read.

She’s too stupid to understand that she’s helping genocide her race out of existence. Judging from her chubby cheeks, I would guess her boyfriend is a Dindu Nuffins.

Lancaster Online

A group of students at one local college is looking to raise awareness about what it means to live with “white privilege.”

The Elizabethtown College Democrats are launching a project Saturday in which they will ask students and others to wear a white puzzle piece pin every day to encourage them to think deeply about how racial identity affects their life, directly or indirectly.

The project was borrowed and adapted from a Lutheran pastor’s similar effort in Wisconsin.

Aileen Ida, president of the College Democrats, said she believes the conversation on white privilege is especially necessary in Lancaster County and Central Pennsylvania because of the demographics — predominantly white but with areas of “heightened diversity” like Lancaster city and Harrisburg.

According to the latest census data, Lancaster County in all is 83 percent white, 10 percent Hispanic, 4 percent black and 2 percent Asian.

Ida said she’s excited to see how the project could spur discussion on racial identity.

“This project will encourage people to have conversations about race and how their inherent white privilege has a part in the systematic oppression of minorities — whether or not they purposefully participate in the system,” she said.

The group is hoping to have at least 100 people committed to wearing the pins by Feb. 17, and they will continue to hand them out to anyone interested for the rest of the semester.

Ida said she hopes participants commit to wearing the white pins for at least one month.

A follow-up is also being planned for later in the month for participants to have an outlet to confidentially share their stories of their own racial identity — written on larger white puzzle pieces.

Apparently, Chubby Cheeks writes for the college paper, The Odyssey Online.

say no to white genocide

(((Critics))) Rave Over New Negro-Worshiping Documentary “I am not your Negro.” (Video)

The deceased gay Negro James Baldwin’s unpublished work has served as the inspiration for a new documentary that has critics raving. The trailer is embedded above.

In this documentary history of the Negro in America, old black and white footage shows a white person holding a hand lettered sign that says:


Who indeed, other than the left who needs the Negro in order to beat the white population into submission, via accusations of white oppression leading to white guilt.

As his Wikipedia page reveals, James Baldwin was a huge influence on liberals desiring to push the “civil rights” and homosexual agendas on America.

This is one movie I won’t be seeing.


Amren Publishes Large Selection of Free Pro-White Printable Posters

Amren has published posters that can be printed and distributed wherever a patriotic white citizen of Europe or America might wish.

Two samples are embedded here along with a pro-white video that appears on the Amren page.

You can bet that when these appear on university bulletin boards next to the anti-white propaganda that there’ll be a firestorm of leftist outrage that “white supremacy” appeared on campus.

Here’s the short video:

Here’s one more sample, this one aimed at Europeans.

White Woman Goes to AFRICA to Rescue Negroid Sprog Abandoned by Parents Who Believed Him to be a WITCH

Imagine being a Nigger in Africa today.

You’re as brown and as dumb as a dog turd. You can’t feed yourself. You’re told that whitey has oppressed you. And before whitey came along and did you wrong, “We wuz kangz.”

Imagine being a cracka in the West today.

You’re book smart but street stupid. You can feed yourself but because you’ve been told by the media and the rest of the System that you’re a POS because you’re white, you want to feed every Nigger you see.

Even by the standards of dumb white liberals, Anja the Rescue Lady is the dumbest of the dumb.

Pictures of a starving child sipping water from a rescue worker’s bottle hit the headlines last year.

Hope had been abandoned by his parents, who thought he was a witch, and spent eight months fending for himself on the streets at just two-years-old.

People from all over the world donated more than $1million (£801,100) to help the child after Anja Ringgren Loven, a Danish rescue worker, found him to the streets.

Hope was rushed to hospital to receive medication to remove the worms from his stomach and have daily blood transfusions.

Today, one year on, the now-healthy three-year-old will start school.

Heartwarming pictures shared by Anja, the founder of African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation, show the happy boy dressed in his red school uniform ahead of his big start.


In a Facebook post, she wrote: ‘On the 30th of January 2016 I went on a rescue mission with David Emmanuel Umem, Nsidibe Orok and our Nigerian team.

‘A rescue mission that went viral, and today it’s exactly one year ago the world came to know a young little boy called Hope

‘This week Hope will start school.’

Hope was discovered walking along the streets by Anja in January 2015.

He had been abandoned by his family near Uyo, southern Nigeria.

Anja rushed the boy to hospital where he quickly gained weight.

He later had surgery for hypospadias – a genital birth defect where the urethra emerges somewhere on the shaft or at the base of the penis, rather than at the tip.

A series of heartbreaking photos posted on Facebook showed the emaciated boy being looked after by humanitarian workers.

He is now well and regularly features on Anja’s Facebook page.

Anja moved to Africa three years before she discovered Hope wandering around the streets.

Along with her husband, David Emmanuel Umem, she runs a children’s centre where kids can receive medical care, food and an education.

The couple also started building their own orphanage at the end of January.

After rescuing Hope, she wrote on the organisation’s website: ‘I have seen much here in Nigeria over the last three years. I’ve spared you many experiences when we’ve been on rescue missions.

‘Thousands of children are being accused of being witches, and we’ve seen the torture of children, frightened children and dead children.

‘The images here show why I am fighting, why I sold everything I own.’

Not only does Anja the Rescue Lady save Negroid sprogs, but she also saves Negroid adults. She’s married to David Emmanuel Umem. They have their own little sprog too, pictured. Just what the world needs–another Nagger.

When you put the tats together with the marriage and everything else, you have one batsh*t crazy lady. But not to worry. She will be put out of her misery soon. As she’s being raped, murdered, and dismembered by a coon, she’ll welcome her fate as the giant hand of justice exacting its revenge on evil whitey.



USA Today: Whites Killed MLK, Now We Honor Him

USA Today published a Martin Luther King Day column in which the writer tried his best to make all white people feel guilty for the death of the liberals black saint.

I don’t remember whites being given the chance to vote on killing MLK, although if whites had been given such a vote, I’m sure that many would have gone thumbs up, while others would have turned a thumb down to it. When James Earl Ray (or whoever) killed King, he had already pissed off many of his earlier supporters by his antiwar stance. He was pretty well marginalized by 1968, so there was no really good reason for anyone with any sense to want him dead.

Whites did not kill King. While I can’t speak for other whites, I can say that no one I know honors him either. But a white liberal writer isn’t satisfied with the Day St. King has been given. He wants us to feel bad too.

USA Today

My dad called Martin Luther King an “agitator.” I bet a lot of white dads did. Seems like every time Dr. King showed up somewhere, things got torn up or burned up.

So we killed him. Not me, of course. I’m not a racist. But who thinks he is?

A pretty strong case can be made that LBJ or other elements in the U.S. government killed KIng for his opposition to the Vietnam war. James Earl Ray, like Lee Harvey Oswald, was just a patsy.

In any case, “whites” did not kill him, no matter what the liberal preacher who wrote this article says.


We have a Negro problem in America. As you read the rest of this nonsense, don’t expect the author to even mention it. Negros are the perpetual victims, you see.

Continue reading

Racists Anonymous Group Touted as One of Several Cures for “White Privilege”


Does it make you feel guilty because you object to your own extermination by a hostile elite?

If so, then you too can join Racists Anonymous and receive counseling by blacks who can help you overcome your “racism.” We all know that blacks can NEVER be racists, so their wise and wonderful counsel will undoubtedly do wonders for you.

Heatstreet reports that a black pastor, the Reverend Ron Buford, created the 12 step organization.

Buford says we’re all racists. I suggest he speak for himself. When you ignore race, you do so at your own peril. Don’t believe me? Ignore the fact that blacks do most of the murders in Chicongo and see how long you escape being shot.

Legal Insurrection

Last week, we covered the videoptaped torture of a mentally disabled Chicago teen at the hands of 4 black thugs, who taunted him with anti-white and anti-Trump insults.

Meanwhile, progressives are still fighting the vast, alt-Right conspiracy whenever and wherever they can. For example, now there is a “Racists Anonymous” group, an Alcoholics Anonymous-type organization offering a recovery program for people struggling with their “white privilege”.

The program is the brainchild of Reverend Ron Buford, a black pastor who worried that conversations about race left him angry and white participants guilty. He says he realized the need for the self-improvement program after witnessing Trump’s rise to power.

Racists Anonymous is a 12-step program, and meetings begin with everyone in the room announcing that they are, in fact a racist (step one is, of course, admitting you have a problem). The white people in the group discuss their experiences with their own racism, minority attendees discuss experiences encountering racism in society.

Fascinating. I would be interested to learn about how the Chicago teen felt about his “white privilege” while his scalp was being lacerated with a knife by his abusers.


But “Racists Anonymous” isn’t the only special, new offering for race-conscious liberals. You can now purchase a racial indulgence in the form of a Safety Pin Box.

Spend between $25 and $100 a month to receive a box that helps you be a better ally. That’s the business plan set up by Grand Rapids, Michigan entrepreneurs Marissa Johnson and Leslie Mac, at least.

Every month, they send their subscribers the Safety Pin Box, which Vice reporter Evan McMorris-Santoro describes as being “designed to wake up white people to the realities of being black in America.”

…The Box has only a few hundred subscribers (it would be fun to do a pool estimating how many of them are white Brooklyn liberals), Johnson and Mac are donating some of the proceeds to black female activists, and liberals and lefties themselves have been highly critical of the exercise.

Finally, in conjunction with the Women’s March on Washington, there is the Complicity Cleanse. The goal of this activity is lofty: Freeing yourself from the “triumph of patriarchy, sexism, xenophobia, heterosexism”…and, of course, racism.

After you sign up, you will be sent a “menu” that contains a daily dose of information, resources, questions, actions, challenges– little things to do every single day. The idea is to create a platform of presence in order to forge habits that divest our complicity from the mechanisms of oppression. Once we are aware of our entanglements, we can earnestly begin to dismantle all that allows for the pernicious “-isms” of American identity. Everything on the menu is a suggestion, that will hopefully become a contemplation, a conversation, an act, and eventually an awakened pattern. Little by little we will lesson our enurement with white supremacist, patriarchal rule, and our complicity in the suffering of others.


No word on whether you have to wear a Pussy Hat when you take that cleanse, however.


“We don’t tip black people,” Note to Waitress Incites Media Propaganda Blitz

This story is breaking out worldwide on every news website in the world. There’s multiple levels of false spin that I raise after the story itself.


Customers at a restaurant in Virginia are rallying to support a black waitress who received a a racist note instead of a tip at the weekend.

Waitress Kelly Carter said a couple had written on the receipt: “Great service don’t tip black people.”

Owner Tommy Tellez told BBC News the response has been “phenomenal”.

People have been dropping by the restaurant to give Ms Carter cash, Mr Tellez said, and a YouCaring campaign has raised over $300 (£245) for her.

Her regular customers have been dropping by to give her hugs.

Tipping is customary in the US, where restaurant servers often earn less than the minimum wage, with tips supposed to make up the difference in pay.

The white couple who left the note appeared to be in their mid-20s, and left after spending $30.52 (£25) on food.

Ms Carter told local media that one of the diners had even complimented the breakfast she served them on Saturday.

She says that she would gladly serve the pair again, adding “one hateful remark cannot stop me” and that she would recognise them if they returned to Anita’s New Mexico Style Cafe.

“My arms are still opened to him,” she said, offering to serve them again.

“That’s him, not me,” she said during her morning shift one day after the incident, adding that “he only hurt himself. He only makes me stronger.”

Anita’s owner Mr Tellez said that Ms Carter has “handled it very well” and that he agrees with her desire to serve the pair again.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right”, he told the BBC, adding that the note was “appalling, disheartening, and outrageous”.

He thinks political rhetoric from the 2016 presidential campaign means that “racism has certainly been on the table the last 18 months” and has thrown fuel on “a fire that has never gone out” in the US.

Ms Carter says she really does hope to see the couple again.
“Just me serving them will let them know they did not get the best of me. And I truly mean that.”

This is one of the most effective pro-black propaganda pieces ever to hit the news. It has just about everything going for it. Briefly,

1. They threw in the “Trump is a racist” idea very subtly toward the end. Which is intended to quash all criticims of Black Lives Matter or the illegal immigrant invasion of America.

2. Pity the poor black individual. Victimized again. The “blacks are always victims” narrative is advanced.

3. Blacks are loving and noble. Look at how the Negress would serve the evil racists again.

4. Whites must go hug blacks for every slight ever perpetrated upon them. Whites must acknowledge that they are subservient to the Negro god. Negro worship is our new religion.

5. Misguided white altruism toward blacks is promoted.

6. Implicit is the idea that white people MUST accept a black waitress, i.e., that whites have no right to say, “I want a white waitress.”

7. This story diverts attention away from serious issues of black criminality and other genetic issues that arise among African-Americans.

The story as reported at the Express claims that over $2,000 has been raised for the waitress. That’s ridiculous, given how many white people (and nonwhites for that matter) have serious medical problems that they can’t afford to address.

White guilt has been stirred up by the press. We really have to do something about whites who are so stupid as to fall for this nonsense.