Unnoticed in the Russia Hysteria, Sly Trump Just Cut Illegals Off Welfare

The carrying out of President Trump’s quiet welfare reform is going to require the states to cooperate. The Democrat-controlled states are going to stonewall because if they can’t give their nonwhite constituents welfare and other goodies, what else have they got?

White House

(b) Within 90 days of the date of this order, the Secretaries shall each submit a report to the President, through the Director of the Office of Management and Budget and the Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy, that:

(i) states how their respective agencies are complying with 8 U.S.C. 1611(a), which provides that an alien who is not a “qualified alien” as defined by 8 U.S.C. 1641 is, subject to certain statutorily defined exceptions, not eligible for any Federal public benefit as defined by 8 U.S.C. 1611(c);

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Trump Wants to Reform Welfare, Claims “people are taking advantage of the system”

The obvious question to ask is if Trump proposes welfare reform, will the establishment Republicans like McCain, Ryan, Graham, and so forth really support his efforts or will they sabotage them?

Get ready for 2018 and the battle to end Bill Clinton’s welfare system.

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Overhauling welfare was one of the defining goals of Bill Clinton’s presidency, starting with a campaign promise to “end welfare as we know it,” continuing with a bitter policy fight and producing change that remains hotly debated 20 years later.

Now, President Donald Trump wants to put his stamp on the welfare system, apparently in favor of a more restrictive policy. He says “people are taking advantage of the system.”

Trump, who has been signaling interest in the issue for some time, said this past week that he wants to tackle the issue after the tax overhaul he is seeking by the end of the year. He said changes were “desperately needed in our country” and that his administration would soon offer plans.

For now, the president has not offered details. Spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said more specifics were likely early next year. But the groundwork has already begun at the White House and Trump has made his interest known to Republican lawmakers.

Paul Winfree, director of budget policy and deputy director of Trump’s Domestic Policy Council, told a recent gathering at the conservative Heritage Foundation that he and another staffer had been charged with “working on a major welfare reform proposal.” He said they have drafted an executive order on the topic that would outline administration principles and direct agencies to come up with recommendations.

“The president really wants to lead on this,” Winfree said. “He has delivered that message loud and clear to us. We’ve opened conversations with leadership in Congress to let them know that that is the direction we are heading.”

Trump said in October that welfare was “becoming a very, very big subject, and people are taking advantage of the system.”

Clinton ran in 1992 on a promise to change the system but struggled to get consensus on a bill, with Democrats divided and Republicans pushing aggressive changes. Four years later, he signed a law that replaced a federal entitlement with grants to the states, placed a time limit on how long families could get aid and required recipients to go to work eventually.

It has drawn criticism from some liberal quarters ever since. During her presidential campaign last year, Democrat Hillary Clinton faced activists who argued that the law fought for by her husband punished poor people.

Kathryn Edin, a professor at Johns Hopkins University who has been studying welfare since the 1990s, said the law’s legacy has been to limit the cash assistance available to the very poor and has never become a “springboard to work.” She questioned what kinds of changes could be made, arguing that welfare benefits are minimal in many states and there is little evidence of fraud in other anti-poverty programs.

White Genocide: Black Welfare Office Employees LIE About Benefits to White Applicants

A member of the GLP forum posted what he says was his experience as a white man applying at his local welfare office. His post and several responses make up this post.

I can’t verify the truthfulness of his experiences, but OP’s (the Original Poster’s) story is interesting and plausible as an example of black ingroup solidarity.



epidemic of suicides of white people, don’t know how welfare system works, get lied to by black case managers

this has happened to me, I never tried to use welfare in my life and thought I’d just go get a little help. First of all, ALL the case managers are black women, even in the whitest of white suburbs. they actually DO have some great job training programs and I was told flat out there was NO job training. when i later realized they had some awesome opportunities and tried to sign up i was told i had already been offered ImPACT job training and turned it down
Later I will hear about these black women and the detailed help they get on career training , they go through and select all their vo tech courses for them like they are their mother.

My god, the fucking EVIL of these people trying to MURDER us in every way is absolutely unbelievable. this is how white people are repaid for doing all this missionary work in Africa, donating all this money their whole lives to help blacks.

my point was there are so many white people who need help from government for the first time in their lives, if you need welfare it really is life or death , you have to be totally on the edge of death to quality and these white people are getting pushed away and cheated out of help and end up killing themselves.

see they do it area by area so the unemployment rate in black areas is AlWAYS high so they ALWAYS get qualified but white areas are ALWAYS marked as low unemployment so they get nothing. it’s OUTRAGEOUS

Selected Responses to OP:


The impetus and desire for genocide among humans will never go away.

Do not ever forget that.

It will never ever go away.

Humans are predisposed to genocidal acts. You just haven’t seen much of it lately because it has taken different and more covert forms – but it is still there in essence.

Blacks in the USA collectively want to perpetrate genocide. They don’t have the power to but if given it they would do it and very much desire it subconsciously.

You can see it when they talk about why they protest the anthem. Follow their thoughts to their logical conclusion and it is clear genocide is their goal, even if they themselves do not fully realize it. It’s an overwhelming desire to just ‘smash’ and ‘destroy’


I don’t think you understand how deep this black social worker shit goes. DEEP.

The person who reviews the complaint hasn’t had skin lighter than taco meat since 1941.

I tried to get on with the Texas workforce commission (employment help through the state), and they told me that my only option was to send resumes to fast food places. Fortunately, I was able to find a driving gig making $175/day 6 days a week.

System didn’t want me and it actually forced me to do better for myself. Now the question is, Does the unemployment office really help people out of the system or does it keep them dependant of the system? Go see how many non-whites are there and you will get the answer.


thank you for sharing your experience because this is EXACTLY what they told me, and when black people go in there, you find out all the shit they do to get blacks into high paying jobs it is UN BELIEVABLE. in fact, this whole scam is why you see all these blacks in all these tech jobs they get coached there and get their training paid for by these social services so they don’t want whites taking up their limited spots, since the employers pay for these spots they are very highly prized opportunities worth 5 thousand, 10 thousand dollars just for the training alone, nevermind the future income potential.

I suspect this happens to VAST MAJORITY of whites, it’s just a hunch but the fact that so many whites have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE that such opportunities even exist.


They do the same thing here but its white eastern stars.the freemasons control my local economy and only their childraping buddies get the sweet jobs.mostly the freemason priority is at least one leader in each gov office and they have.post office,ssi,drivers license,courts,judges,police,health dept,welfare,cps.so its not a race thing its a power thing.500votes wins an office in my county.at least 500 (freemasons and eastern stars/plus family members )in my county.

Click on the link to GLP to read more responses. OP’s post touched a nerve at GLP.

Useful Idiots

Seen at WaitWhat’s Twitter

White Man Reports Being Surrounded by Somali Parasites at Tim Hortons Coffee Shop


Contact made with ETs.

Well, the Somali might as well be from another planet since they’re not human. Not in the way that white people understand humans.

A white man has been driven out of a coffee and donut shop after a group of obnoxious Somali came in to hang out.

He’s rejecting the enemy’s propaganda. If they’re not human, how can they be American? And why should working people have to support them?


I’m at Tim Hortons sitting near a dozen UNEMPLOYED WELFARE PARASITE Somalian Muslim Refugees

Here in the Midwest, there is a chain of donut shops called Tim Hortons. I’m taking a break at one and there are at least 12 Somalian Muslims that arrived and sitting near me, talking very loudly in their native language, dressed in Muslim garb and headgear, but every last one driving a piece of shit car. They all shuffle aimlessly when walking, as if used to having a daily routine of having nothing to do. Only two of these welfare parasites even ordered anything. They’re just talking up tables, yelling, laughing, and UN-FUCKING-EMPLOYED.

THANK YOU Libtards for further burdening us working taxpayers with more useless, anti-American Muslim FILTH.

Now, I need to stop posting so I can go back to work to continue supporting these welfare parasites that YOU fuckers wanted to bring here.

By-the-way, they’re ALL black. What a surprise.

In the few minutes since I posted this and was leaving, FIVE MORE of the fuckers shuffled in! Most are dressed either in Muslim robes or old used Goodwill clothes. They are all living off our welfare system and living in section 8 housing.

What’s the fucking point of bringing them HERE???
They’re just a festering pox on our system and there are NO white people in this Tim Hortons!! These Black Muslim fucks have run off all the MONEY-SPENDING WHITE PEOPLE!!!

Last time I’m stopping here myself.

Businesses that go black, rarely come back. Bye, bye Tim Hortons unless you can figure out a way to control the presence of diversity.


Sympathy for School Kids When Deadbeat Parents Won’t Pay for Lunch


America’s “gibsmedat” philosophy has the working families of America not only paying their own bills, but also picking up the tab for irresponsible people. The array of “free sh*t” that the American parasite can consume without paying for it is mind boggling.

Liberals can always come up with a heart-tugging anecdote like the one that starts this story off. Anecdotes designed to trigger emotions are not the proper basis for public policy.

AP News

US schools rethink meal-debt policies that humiliate kids

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — Teaching assistant Kelvin Holt watched as a preschool student fell to the back of a cafeteria line during breakfast in Killeen, Texas, as if trying to hide.

“The cash register woman says to this 4-year-old girl, verbatim, ’You have no money,’” said Holt, describing the incident last year. A milk carton was taken away, and the girl’s food was dumped in the trash. “She did not protest, other than to walk away in tears.”

Holt has joined a chorus of outrage against lunchroom practices that can humiliate children as public school districts across the United States rethink how they cope with unpaid student lunch debts.

The U.S. Agriculture Department is requiring districts to adopt policies this month for addressing meal debts and to inform parents at the start of the academic year.

The agency is not specifically barring most of the embarrassing tactics, such as serving cheap sandwiches in place of hot meals or sending students home with conspicuous debt reminders, such as hand stamps. But it is encouraging schools to work more closely with parents to address delinquent accounts and ensure children don’t go hungry.

“Rather than a hand stamp on a kid to say, ‘I need lunch money,’ send an email or a text message to the parent,” said Tina Namian, who oversees the federal agency’s school meals policy branch.

Meanwhile, some states are taking matters into their own hands, with New Mexico this year becoming the first to outlaw school meal shaming and several others weighing similar laws.

Free and reduced-price meals funded by the Agriculture Department’s National School Lunch Program shield the nation’s poorest children from so-called lunch shaming. Kids can eat for free if a family of four earns less than about $32,000 a year or at a discount if earnings are under $45,000.

It’s households with slightly higher incomes that are more likely to struggle, experts on poverty and nutrition say.

Children often bear the brunt of unpaid meal accounts. A 2014 federal report found 39 percent of districts nationwide hand out cheap alternative meals with no nutritional requirements and up to 6 percent refuse to serve students with no money.

The debate over debts and child nutrition has spilled into state legislatures and reached Capitol Hill, as child advocacy groups question whether schools should be allowed to single out, in any way, a child whose family has not paid for meals.

“There’s no limit to the bad behavior a school can have. They just have to put it in writing,” said Jennifer Ramo, executive director of New Mexico Appleseed, an advocacy group on poverty issues. “We live in a credit society. I think schools should handle debt like everybody else does: You don’t take away food from children. You feed them and you settle the bill later.”

Spurred by Appleseed and others, New Mexico in April passed its anti-meal-shaming law, which directs schools to work directly with parents to address payments and requires that children get a healthy, balanced meal regardless of whether debts are paid on time.

And so once ALL the parasites learn that there are no consequences for not paying their bills, what do you think they’re going to do?

Getting real, we’re talking here mostly about nonwhite women whose wombs pump out the young ‘uns fathered by one mack daddy after another, just so they can get their gibsmedats.

Sterilize ’em as a condition of being on the dole.

When Jesus Said to Feed the Poor …

Did he really have in mind what you see above?

Did Jesus authorize government to tax workers to death to support what you see here?

Was Jesus really giving heavenly authorization to mankind to create large government bureaucracies so that the person above could overeat?

Does Jesus love obese people more than others?

Was Jesus thinking that feeding the poor would make them harder to kidnap?

Do you think Jesus loved big butts more than small ones, so he said to feed the poor?

Did Jesus advocate the creation of an IRS (Internal Revenue Service) to compel us under threat of imprisonment to shovel more food into the mouths of the poor?

Would Jesus want the U.S. national debt to be in the trillions, with the country facing financial ruin, just so that the poor would be overfed?

Did Jesus mean that you should feed the poor so that they overpopulate, thus creating billions of new, starving poor in an endless cycle of poverty?

Was Jesus asking people to voluntarily feed the poor or was he saying that tyrannical government that forces us to feed others is a good thing?

Candidate Jesus: Vote for me and I will raise your taxes to feed the poor. Did he really say that?