Woman Follows Maxine Waters’ Advice, Verbally Abuses Former Trump Adviser Steve Bannon in Bookstore

From a kid in a MAGA hat to the famous rough-hewn face of Steve Bannon, if you’re known to be a Trump supporter you run the risk of being the victim of verbal abuse up to physical assault.

This is a good time to remind everyone not to verbally abuse anyone, even the stray liberal or black much less a regular, who comments on the site. Disagree with their ideas all you like, but no name calling, please. I periodically have to go into a comment and clean out an insult or verbal abuse.

Todd Starnes

Former White House staffer Steve Bannon was accosted Saturday by a screaming leftist inside a Richmond, Virginia bookstore.

“Piece of trash,” the unidentified woman yelled.

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Mom Shoots New Zealand Dude Who Flew to U.S. to Hook Up with 14 Year Old Daughter

The pedophile Kiwi looks like he’s part nonwhite.

When Americans think of crime and criminals we don’t even remotely begin thinking about New Zealand. That’s undoubtedly because the Kiwis haven’t experienced a full scale invasion from Africa that we in America know anything about.

Besides sheep, the main way that New Zealand enters our consciousness is as a refuge from the breakdown of society, say because of World War III. The Guardian published a story earlier this year on billionaire preppers buying estates in New Zealand in order to have a refuge against the apocalypse.

Anyway, the Kiwi in this prominent news item must not have taken into account how well armed Americans are. He lucky to be alive so he can spend the next 20 years or more in an American prison.

If he is white, I hope he loves black people.


A 25-year-old who was shot after allegedly breaking into the home of a United States teenager was supposed to start a university course in Auckland in July.

Instead, Troy Skinner is now likely to face charges in the United States of breaking and entering with a deadly weapon with the intent to commit rape, robbery or murder.

Skinner allegedly tried to break into the home of the 14-year-old in Goochland, Virginia, after meeting her online.

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“Filthy” Red Hen Hit by Alt-Right Protests Even as It Remains Closed for Now

President Trump received a barrage of press criticism for the Tweet you see above. How dare he criticize a small, woman-owned business!!! He’s a bully who hates women.

The left can’t deal with how upset middle America is with a restaurant that refuses to serve people because of their political beliefs. Most of the protesting against the Red Hen has taken place online, as documented at Wired.

However, some on the alt-right have traveled to Lexington to protest in front of the restaurant.

USA Today

LEXINGTON, VA — A quiet Tuesday afternoon here transformed into a raucous demonstration when people gathered outside the Red Hen to protest the restaurant’s treatment of Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Some carried enormous Trump flags and donned red “Make America Great Again” hats. Others carried signs asking for tolerance and civility. And as the action escalated, many just turned up to watch.

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Red Hen Restaurant Refuses to Serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders Because She Works for Trump

Battle Beagle says that Sarah should have gotten ugly and that her supporters should get ugly with the Red Hen restaurant.

I’m with the Beagle:

Since Richard Spencer lives in the area, let’s hope that he goes into the Red Hen wearing a MAGA cap and a White Pride t-shirt. After he’s kicked out or poisoned, he can sue them, as Sarah should be doing, but isn’t.

Sky News

Donald Trump’s press secretary says she was asked to leave a restaurant because she worked for the US president.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders said on Twitter that she had been at a Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, on Saturday night when the owner made the request.

She had “politely left” the business, she told her 3 million followers.



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White Genocide: Virginia School Named After Confederate Leader Renamed After Barack Obama

Yes, he’s back, at least until an indictment is handed down over the whatever crimes he was entangled with Hillary in committing.

To me it makes no sense to have a 90 percent black school named after a Confederate leader, who probably would be appalled to have his name attached to an institution promoting literacy to those whose IQs are so low that they can’t learn much.

It would be better to rename a white school for J.E.B. Stuart.


The Richmond School Board voted Monday to rename a Virginia school that used the moniker of a Confederate leader to the Barack Obama Elementary School.

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High School Biology Teacher Accused of Sex with Student


There have been quite a few of these women teachers going wild with students that I haven’t had the time to post. Miranda doesn’t look worried at all, unlike some of them who are crying in their mugshots.

There’s no mention of a husband in any of the news reports that I saw, but there appear to be two young children in her life, so she may be a divorced mother.

A high school student isn’t husband material and she should know that.

Now that her career in teaching is over, Miranda may be looking for a babysitter who can sit the children for a few years while mommy is “on vacation.”

Fox News

A Virginia high school teacher was arrested last Thursday after it was discovered that she allegedly was teaching one student a little too much about the female anatomy.

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White Teachers Earn Certificate for Workshop in Pandering to Blacks

Officially, it’s called “culturally responsive teaching.” In reality, it’s don’t make the black kids upset.

Twerking is a nice “cultural referent.” Let’s see … If Shaniqua shakes her ass 20 times and Tyrone watches her ass 80 percent of the time, how many shakes of her ass did Tyrone see?


Nine public school teachers in Albemarle County are now certified in a new teaching method that aims to reduce the achievement gap between students of different backgrounds and ethnicities.

At least there were only 9 retards taking the workshop. Most of them were probably taking the training in order to satisfy a requirement or obtain a raise.

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