That Skyscraper Climbing Racoon Whose Plight Captivated the World is Safe


Washington Post via NOLA

As a raccoon spent much of Tuesday climbing a 25-story skyscraper in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, the world watched, terrified that this suspense story would end in a tragic plummet. (It didn’t.)



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Florida Shopper Gives Away New Generator To Help Stranger In Hour Of Irma Need

A Latino gentleman is being hailed as a hero as Hurricane Irma roars toward South Florida on Saturday. The touching story has gone viral as the public looks hopefully to see the goodness in people come out rather than the stupidity, meanness, and selfishness.

Thank you Ramon Santiago for your contribution to holding Western civilization together.


A shopper in Florida is being hailed as a hero after he selflessly gave away a new generator he had just bought to a woman he thought was more in need.

Ramon Santiago insisted that Pam Brekke take his machine after he saw her burst into tears at a Lowe’s store in the Conway area of Orlando on Thursday, per multiple reports.

With Hurricane Irma barreling toward the region, Brekke had been frantically trawling the area for a generator that she hoped would secure her father’s oxygen supply should his Sanford home lose power.

But after traveling 30 miles to the outlet in a bid to purchase one of its 216 newly delivered generators, she was devastated to find she’d just missed out.

Thankfully, Santiago was on hand to save Brekke’s day. And without even asking her why she was distressed, he handed over his purchase.

WFTV reporter Nancy Alvarez shared heartwarming footage on Facebook Thursday of Brekke effusively thanking Santiago.

“Everything is OK, everything is fine,” Santiago told Brekke as the pair hugged, before she labeled him “a beautiful man.”

The heartwarming video has now garnered more than 13 million views and prompted a plethora of positive comments about Santiago’s good deed.

“God bless his heart. This was beautiful of him,” wrote one Facebook user, while another described Santiago as “an awesome guy.”

“World’s Hottest Weather Girl” Has Unfortunate Wardrobe Malfunction

mexican weather girl

The story isn’t much. A Mexican TV weather girl wears form fitting pants, thus revealing her vaginal area to viewers.

This fluff was among the most read stories at the Daily Mail this morning. There’s nothing to it other than what it reveals about the character of Mexico.

First, as an intelligent person, I want my weather reporting done by a dedicated meteorologist, not a sex symbol.

Second, the tag “world’s hottest” reveals the exaggeration that Mexicans practice.

Third, the Latina knew exactly what she was doing. There is no “wardrobe malfunction.” This is simply the way many Mexican women dress. Modesty is unknown there.

Fouth, the Mexican female is being actively promoted by the press to European-Americans as being highly desirable.

In short, this viral story is a psy op.

Daily Mail

A Mexican weather reporter has gone viral after she experienced an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction live on air.

Susana Almeida, a presenter on 4 Televisa Guadalajara, was performing her day job when eagle-eyed viewers spotted her trousers had given her a camel toe.

However the beautiful brunette appeared completely oblivious to the trouser mishap and carried on with her reporting duties with a beaming smile on her face.

Gordo the Dog Hit By Suspect’s Vehicle In Police Chase Comes Through Surgery ‘Like A Rock Star’

Gordo undergoing surgery (Source:

Gordo undergoing surgery (Source:

This is the latest information on Gordo that I could find at 1 AM Central time.

CBS Los Angeles

CULVER CITY ( — Gordo, the dog struck by a vehicle during a high-speed chase Wednesday in South LA, came through surgery to repair his badly-damaged leg “like a rock star.”

Gordo underwent the expensive surgery to see if one of his back legs could be saved.

The wild police chase began around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday in South LA. Two suspects in a stolen van led authorities through city streets before eventually hitting the 1-year-old Poodle mix, around 9 p.m.

One of Gordo’s hind legs was injured, but the white puppy managed to make his way back to his owner’s front door, yelping to come in.
The dog was rushed to the City of Angels Veterinary Hospital in Culver City for treatment.

“He has a fractured hip and the top of his femur is fractured as well, and there’s a deep muscle laceration running up the back of his leg,” veterinarian Erich Stumpp said Thursday afternoon.

“I have to be honest, I don’t know if he’s going to be able to keep that right leg or not, but we’re going to have surgery to evaluate him this morning,” Stumpp said. “There’s a lot of three-legged dogs out there that do just fine.”

By 4 p.m., Gordo was still in surgery.

Doctors told KCAL9’s Kristine Lazar that they ultimately believed they could save the leg.

KCAL9’s Serene Branson picked up the story Thursday evening following Gordo’s two-hour operation.

“Gordo is a doing wonderfully,” said Dr. Annie Lo, “he was a rock star under anesthesia.”

The doctor also told Branson that Gordo is lucky to be alive and has a long road ahead.

Dr. Lo helped perform the operation to repair his broken hip joint and pelvis.

“What we did was remove the ball portion of the joint,” Dr. Lo said, “so a false joint can form and have scar tissue like it was normal.”

To donate toward Gordo’s medical bills, click here.

Staffers at the hospital told Branson that if there is money left over after Gordo’s surgery, donors will have the option of getting a refund or donating the remainder to the Culver City’s K-9 unit.

The two suspects inside the van, Yovany Ervin Rodriguez, 21, and Gwendi Yarubi Valenton, 26,were arrested and booked on suspicion of unlawful taking of a vehicle.

Breaking: Dog Struck, Injured During CHP Pursuit Involving Allegedly Stolen Van in South L.A.

UPDATE, 9 AM CENTRAL TIME: Gordo is in stable condition, but is expected to undergo surgery and possibly lose a leg because of his injuries.

This link provides the newest information as of this writing.

Most of the posts on saboteur365 are done overnight. You wouldn’t believe how big this story was for night owls tonight, as twitter came alive with tweets showing concern for little Gordo the dog.

This post offers the latest as of about 4 am central time.

There’s video of the chase available by clicking on the link to KTLA.


A stolen white van involved in a wild police chase with the California Highway Patrol on South Los Angeles surface streets struck a dog a short time before the pursuit ended, injuring the pet.

The chase lasted a little more than an hour before it was terminated on Manchester Avenue west of Central Avenue.

It began around 8 p.m. in the area of 77th Place and Central Avenue after the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department ran the license plate on the vehicle and it came back as being stolen, according to sheriff’s Lt. Jason Wolak.

Deputies tried to stop the vehicle, but the driver wouldn’t pull over and a pursuit was initiated, Wolak said.

The Sheriff’s Department and the Los Angeles Police Department were involved in the chase before the California Highway Patrol took over.

The van, which had its headlights off throughout the pursuit, was seen veering across lanes and into oncoming traffic, and driving erratically through parking lots and on sidewalks. It almost hit at least two vehicles on separate occasions, aerial video over the pursuit showed.

At times, the vehicle appeared to be driving at a high-rate of speed and was seen traveling on the wrong side of the road.

Pursuing officers attempted multiple PIT maneuvers during the chase, two of which failed. After one of the maneuvers, the van spun around and lost two tires on its left side. The van continued along on the street and began to spark as the driver continued to evade authorities.

Officers were able to successfully employ a PIT maneuver on the third attempt and stopped the van around 9:10 p.m.

Surrounded by law enforcement personnel, the male driver and a female passenger slowly got out of the vehicle and appeared to surrender before they were handcuffed and taken into custody.

A short time before the pursuit ended, video showed the van hitting a white dog as it was walking down a quiet residential street.

The dog, named “Gordo,” was badly injured and was rushed to City of Angels Veterinary Specialty Center in Culver City, his owner said.

As he anxiously awaited the condition of his beloved pet late Wednesday, Santos Son told KTLA that his dog was like family to him.

“I love him so much,” Son said.

Veterinarians eventually assessed Gordo’s condition and said the dog was going to be OK, according to Son.

He was expected to be released from the hospital on Thursday around 10 a.m.

The animal hospital said it has received an outpouring of support for Gordo and that phones were ringing off the hook.

Anyone who wanted to donate and help the family cover the cost of Gordo’s veterinary expenses could visit the animal hospital’s website by clicking here.

Pray for Gordo if you have a mind to.