Crime Chart Shows USA Violent Crime Rate and Mass Shooting Rate Lower Than Most Industrialized Countries

Over the last 24 hours liberals have gone totally insane, blaming Donald Trump for murdering children. The idea is to confiscate all guns owned by private citizens in America, to make children safe. After all, who doesn’t want children to be safe? Well, Trump and the alt-right. According to libtards, we want them dead.

Ann Coulter cites Battle Beagle’s work at putting together a comparison on mass shootings. I can’t find his bar chart, but the source table below shows the facts.

For the benefit of libtards, Battle Beagle created the following graphic on understanding per capita data.

If the USA were still 90 percent white, the American results would look even better since some nonwhite groups commit crimes at higher rates than whites and Asians

One Young Officer Killed, Two Injured as They Tried to Serve a Warrant on Negro


Given that the name of the dead cop killer was Tierre Guthrie, I’m going out on a limb and calling him black. The M.O. in this murder case fits that of a black male, who became agitated over a minor arrest warrant and then became violent. Locust Grove, Georgia, the site of the tragedy, is 40 percent black.

No photo or other information is available about Guthrie. The dead police officer was a father of one, expecting a second child with his wife any day now.

It’s cases like these that make me flare up with hatred for these black bastards.


HENRY COUNTY, Ga. – What started as an attempt to serve a warrant, ended up with the shooting death of a local police officer and two others injured when a man opened fire on them.

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Skinhead Draped in Italian Flag Guns Down African Migrants in Italy

All black targets!

A SKINHEAD draped in an Italian flag was bundled to the ground by cops hunting a gunman who wounded at least six people in a “racist” drive-by shooting.

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University Gives Darkie Football Player Award for Completing Court-Ordered Community Service for Assault


Washington State U. literally rewarded a Pacific Islander football player for obeying court orders associated with a criminal conviction.

It shows how low into the depths of depravity universities have sunk.

New York Daily News

Washington State linebacker Logan Tago was given the University’s CCE Community Involvement Award Thursday after he completed 240 civil engagement hours this past fall. While the Washington State website says Tago “volunteered,” the service was actually court-ordered.

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White Dad Tries to Attack Olympic Molestation Doctor Larry Nasser During Sentencing Hearing

Excerpt from NBC News

Chaos erupted in a Michigan courtroom during Larry Nassar’s sentencing hearing on Friday as a father of three girls who say they were molested by the disgraced gymnastics doctor charged at Nassar and was taken down by court officers.

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Angry Guy Beat Negro Nearly to Death with Baseball Bat After Learning His Sister Spent the Night with Him


The entirely justifiable attack took place in Auburn, Washington.

Unfortunately, the Negro is likely to survive and be a cripple, necessitating support by the white taxpayer for decades to come.

The last name of the wannabe baseball player suggests he’s Hispanic. I suspect that if he were white Anglo-Saxon, this case would be getting wider play.

Excerpt from the Seattle Times

The man accused of attacking DaShawn Horne with a baseball bat became enraged when he learned his sister had spent the night with the young African-American man, Auburn police said. He has been charged with malicious harassment, the state’s hate-crime statute.


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Two Rat-Faced Beaners Arrested for Attempted Murder After Running Over a Cop

Wikipedia explains what an illegal sideshow is, which is essential to understanding what happened in this story. It’s stunt driving on a public street and it was started by our dindu friends in the 80s in Richmond, California.

CBS Local San Francisco

RICHMOND (CBS SF) — Two teens have been arrested and charged with attempted murder after allegedly running over a Richmond police officer as he attempted to break-up an illegal sideshow early Sunday morning, authorities said.

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