More Evidence That Charlottesville Mayor Set Up WNs to be Killed (Video)

Sorry to be dribbling these videos out one at a time, fam, but I’m posting them as I find them.

It’s important to get the truth out as soon as possible. If Trump had more of the truth at his disposal, he might have called out Jewish Mayor Mike Signer as the thug, instead of labeling his base with that word.

#BLM Vs #AltRight Parking Garage Battle (BRUTAL!) #Charlottesville #UniteTheRight

This one is gold. I promise. Part of it is in another video I posted here, but this one shows more of the events leading up to the attempted murder of whites by BLM.

Eight minutes. Clearly the First Amendment was trashed in Charlottesville.

More to the point, as David Duke just wrote on Twitter (where I saw this video), The Red Terror Begins.

Communist Thugs in Military Uniforms Attack Peaceful Alt-Right Marchers (Video)

The Virginia State Police pushed the alt-right marchers right into the arms of the antifa, who were armed with bats. Watch!

H/T to N Ireland 14.

Charlottesville victim of racist beating wasn’t victim at all (Banned Video)

The truth about who was responsible for the Charlottesville violence.

Hurry, before youtube removes this truth video again.

Published today. Five minutes.

What Does the Antifa Want?

Big media tells part of the truth about the antifa while slandering the alt-right in the article at the heart of this post. This piece is worth a read anyway.

What I infer, although it’s not explicit, is that antifa would execute half of white America while keeping the living half in line with threats of death. These people are psychos.

Send this one to your Congressman and ask him to disavow the antifa.


When white supremacists gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday, they were met with throngs of counter-protesters who showed up to oppose the bigotry and hatred. Many of those counter-protesters are being broadly categorized as “antifa,” and that has a lot of people wondering what antifa is, and just as importantly, what exactly antifa wants.

The term “antifa” is a little bit vague. Although it’s often used to refer to individual organizations and groups, it’s used just as frequently to refer to the broader organizational strategy that those groups adopt. The phrase is short for “anti-fascism,” and yet not everybody who opposes fascism qualifies as antifa. Furthermore, there’s no centralized antifa organization in the United States, just a network of autonomous groups; as such, there’s no “official” antifa mission statement.

Generally speaking, though, antifa is leftist political movement whose central focus is fighting racism — especially state-sponsored racism, which includes fascism. It is strongly opposed to President Trump and the alt-right, and has organized many protests and counter-protests since Trump’s election. Although Antifa isn’t the only progressive movement that’s active right now, it tends to be more radical and militant than, for instance, something like the Women’s March. Many antifa groups and protesters have no compunctions about resorting to violence.

A good case study of antifa played out in February, when right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak at UC Berkeley. Protesters — not all of them antifa — stormed the Berkeley campus demanding that the administration cancel Yiannopoulos’ speech. Although those demands initially went unanswered, the administration finally relented when protesters began smashing campus windows and setting things on fire.

After the speech was canceled, two leftist activists explained why the Berkeley protest was an example of “exemplary antifa action.”

“Fascists must be stopped,” Hart Eagleburger and Jack Rusk wrote at Left Voice. “They must be stopped at all costs. And this includes confronting them violently in the streets, since they will undoubtedly unleash a whirlwind of violence upon us if we are so negligent as to allow them to grow significantly.”

This gets at one of the core animating beliefs of antifa: Because racists and fascists ultimately want to inflict violence on innocent people, it’s justified to use violence to stop them from doing so. To support this reasoning, antifa will sometimes point to a quote from none other than Adolf Hitler, who said in 1933 that his then-nascent Nazi movement could have been stopped if its opponents “had from the first day annihilated with the utmost brutality the nucleus of our new movement.”

Some see antifa as a sort of mirror image of the alt-right, and although the respective ideologies are in direct opposition to each other, there’s some truth to that comparison. Both movements are not official organizations, but loosely-connected groups of like-minded believers. Both are very fond of using Internet memes to spread their messages, both are generally militant and not open to compromise with their opponents, and both have some followers who use violent tactics at protests.

Not surprisingly, just about every wing of the conservative movement, including both pro- and anti-Trump contingents, uniformly despise antifa and its followers.

Any one with sense, not just conservatives would despise the antifa. See what I mean about journalists slanting their writings to leave the reader with false impressions.

5 Videos Showing Charlottesville Car Crash

There’s some different footage and some overlap in the remaining videos. There’s also some talking heads and bad camera work. As far as I can tell, when you’ve seen these, you’ve seen all the video available.

Put any related videos into your comments if you like.

This next one has some slow motion footage.

The last one has a different angle.

Pray for Pinky the Pink Dolphin

Pinky is too close to that big ship. Pray that Pinky isn’t run over by a boat.


A local Louisiana celebrity is back in the headlines.

Pinky the dolphin got its name and infamy from its unusual color. This “porpoise” is pink!

The dolphin was first spotted in 2007 as a calf swimming with its mom and has reappeared several times over the past ten years.

Pinky popped by again on Saturday afternoon, swimming in the Calcasieu Ship Channel near Hackberry and was captured on video by Bridget Boudreaux, who was on a boat cruise when she spotted the swimmer.

“I about fell out the boat,” Boudreaux told KHOU. “I was like, wow, that’s not a regular dolphin, that’s a pink dolphin.”

Boudreaux claims Pinky wasn’t alone, the animal was swimming with a group of dolphins including another pink porpoise. Unfortunately, Bordeaux was not able to get both on video.

According to WFLA, this second “Pinky” may be the original’s calf.

Experts are unsure why Pinky is pink, but believe it could be a form of albinism or a rare genetic mutation.

Whatever made Pinky pink doesn’t matter to the dolphin’s numerous fans. The people of Louisiana who know about Pinky adore the dolphin and are quick to post pictures of any sightings they have online, sometimes on Pinky’s own Facebook page.