#420: It’s Hitler’s Birthday Today

Love him or hate him, it would be hard to deny that the alt-right’s spiritual predecessor is Adolf Hitler’s National Socialists.

Thus, it’s certain that many will be secretly (or openly) celebrating today, April 20, the day on which Adolf Hitler was born in 1889.

The number “420” is also associated with weed, but we won’t go into that.

Have you asked Walmart to bake you a Hitler’s birthday cake? How about one of those feminist, liberal bakeries? If Christian bakeries can be forced to bake a “gay” wedding cake, then fairness would dictate that a Jewish baker bake a swastika cake.

So, how do you plan to celebrate #420?

This photo was taken in color on April 20, 1939, Hitler’s 50th birthday.

Evalion sings Happy Birthday to Hitler in this video ripped from her channel:

I’m updating this post with a corrected title and a few birthday tribute videos:

Inspirational Quote of the Day: Jerry Lee Lewis on God Given Talent

On the Ground Action Report from the Battle of Berkeley (Two Videos)

In the top video, which goes for seven minutes, there’s a live action interview with antifa punch girl Louise Rosealma (aka Moldylocks) that starts at about the 3 minute mark and goes for a minute. I have trouble understanding her answer to the question about an old woman who was injured by the antifa but others claim she laughs it off. At about 4 minutes, based stick man is seen in handcuffs after his arrest.

The second video lasts four minutes. It is composed of different footage of the Battle of Berkeley. Watch the blonde in a reddish sweater tear into some black clad antifa. At about the 40 second mark, Moldylocks takes her punishment. The video then goes on to capture more of the action.

These videos convey better than words what it’s like to be on the field of battle in America today.

Grateful Freed Whale Doris Puts on a Show


Excerpt from The Telegraph

humpback whale rescued after being trapped in fishing nets for several hours has shown no ill effects from her ordeal by putting on a stunning show for tourists.

The 20-tonne mammal – known as Doris – thrilled onlookers as she frolicked off the coast of Cornwall at Falmouth Bay.

Sightseers on a local wildlife cruise were treated to the sight of the gentle giant breaching the surface a total of 25 times.

Keith Leeves, who has run AK Wildlife Cruises for many years, described the moment as ‘pure joy’.

He said: “We know it’s the same whale that got herself entangled in nets in Devon because we could see rope burn marks on her.

“So we know this is Doris.

“But thankfully she was freed by the RNLI and conservationists and there she was putting on a magnificent show on her journey to the Atlantic.”

Last month the 45ft humpback got tangled in whelk pot lines off the South Devon coast around 100 miles away.

She was in danger of drowing from exhaustion as she got herself into difficultes at Blackpool Sands near Dartmouth.

But she was saved in a three-hour rescue as the RNLI and the British Divers Marine Life Rescue joined forces with local fisherman.

A team of nine eventually managed to board a fishing boat and haul the whale to the surface to expose her tail and cut the rope tangled around it.

Capt Lees said whale sightings were becoming increasingly common around this time of year.

He added: “Last year we sighted humpback whales off the coast of Falmouth on April 8.


Here is a short whale video showing whales singing that you may enjoy.

Australian Man Brendon O’Connell Given 3 Years Jail for ‘Insulting the Jews’ – Now Forced into Exile

To Americans accustomed to freedom of speech, the Brendon O’Connell story will seem incredible. But such is the reality of life in much of the West: Criticize a Jew and go to prison.

Media Whores NZ

Perth Australia local Brendon O’Connell was handed down a 3 year jail term by a Perth magistrate court for denying the holocaust online and ‘insulting’ a Jewish man on the streets of Perth one day by calling him a “homicidal racist”. We are unsure what the exact death toll is in Palestine so far, or Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria – or the 911 attacks for that matter – but 3 years in jail for raising the issue does seem a little over the top.

Brendon was then bashed over the head by a prison guard when he arrived in jail, fracturing his skull – presumably as a welcome message from the mafia – and upon his release found himself facing even more charges from the so called ‘Australian’ legal system, with the Israeli Ambassador even stepping in to help get him convicted again. At that point Brendon fled his homeland and sort political asylum in Iran and is currently in Malaysia.

In this first video Brendon explains his situation – and the second is the original ‘insult’ to the poor persecuted Jewish lad on the street – followed by some of Brendon’s work alleging how the Israeli State bribes and controls most Western political and legal systems these days and their Global spying network – Israel now being an IT “juggernaut” thanks to the “Intel Inside” chips in all of our computers & phones , as also alleged somewhat by our own Nicky Hager & Greg Hallett

Brendon O’Connell’s full channel linked below – and his Paypal details for any donations – people who expose allegations of Israeli supremacy and mafia operations seem to often have their funding sources cut by the banking system, as happened to NZ author Greg Hallett.

These are Brendon’s opinions expressed below, based on his research – and we support the freedom of expression and free flow of information.

U.S. Nuclear Target Map! Do You Live In a Death Zone?

Lew Rockwell

A few days ago I was doing research on nuclear war, world war 3, and potential nuclear targets and safe distances from those target sites when I came across the NUKEMAP.

The U.S. nuclear target map is an interesting and unique program unlike other nuclear target maps because it lets you pick the target and what size nuclear device that the area your chose is hit with and then shows the likely effects and range of damage and death that would be caused by that nuclear device if it hit and detonated on your chosen target area.

The NukeMap looks to be fairly accurate as to the blast area, fallout and damage but of course all any U.S. Nuclear Target Map can do is represent an educated guess as to effects of a nuclear blast from and to a given area.

If you’re curious to know if you’re living in a nuclear death zone then go over and give the NukeMap a try if nothing else you’ll be entertained for a few minutes. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and look to the right side and click the “Don’t log usage data” before choosing and nuking your target.

I used the NukeMap set to the closest possible nuclear target to my location, that being Oak Ridge Tennessee and according to the map I’m safe from the detonation blast of the largest Russia bomb the Tsar Bomba, however, thermal radiation could be an issue.

According to the site Thermal radiation can cause:

Third-degree burns extend throughout the layers of skin and are often painless because they destroy the pain nerves. They can cause severe scarring or disablement and can require amputation.

Not good… however, there is some “good news” according to the U.S. Nuclear Target Map below [above] from Wikimedia Commons…

As you can see Oak Ridge Tennessee isn’t shown as a target on the map, but then the nuclear target map is from 1984 so those targets might have changed and or more target areas added to the list, and who knows where the bombs will land during a nuclear exchange, one could go off course and land right in my bedroom…

But, then with nuclear detonations it’s usually not the blast that but the radioactive fallout that kills the most people, and as you can see from the map below the most likely path of radioactive fallout across the U.S. from potential target areas. However, radiation can and will spread around the globe if it enters the jet stream.

Have you considered and planned for nuclear war? Are you living in a nuclear target area? What are your plans if and when a nuclear world war three begins?

I know that most of you don’t want to think about it but we are heading towards a nuclear world war three, possibly within the next few months, but more likely within the next five years.

Jews Don’t Want High Spirited Tara McCarthy Talking about Jews


I like this girl. If only I were young enough to woo her!

In this video, Tara spends an hour chatting with Professor Kevin MacDonald about the JQ and more.