Police Searching for 4’11” Asian Female Mari Lou Danley in Connection with Vegas Mass Shooting


37 seconds. A woman warned this woman that many would die. Mari Lou Danley?

7 minutes of video of the shooting taking place.

9 minutes. Police press conference. Mari Lou Danley is wanted. The police spelled it Mari, not Mary.

Internet sleuths have allegedly identified the shooter.

Make no assumptions at this point. Eventually, probably within 24 hours, the truth will come out.


I think this is the shooter from Mandalay – Stephen Paddock – Possibly
Shares a residence with Marilu Danley




The name and address were mentioned on the police scanner.

I hope we don’t go harassing this guy before we have confirmed that it’s him by police.

It’s possible he is just the homeowner and that he is renting to Marilou and maybe someone else…

Agree. The records may be misleading.

However, he’s been fingered on Twitter.


Here’s a pic that’s allegedly of Stephen Paddock with Mari Lou Danley. Click on the link to view it.


Here’s a Tweet with his “last” photo:

There’s this to consider:

Free Republic

“If Marilou Danley is the wife of shooter Geary Danley and she was an employee at Mandalay Bay then she might have helped him get a machine gun and ammo boxes or magazines into the hotel.”

True. The question is where did he get the machine gun in the first place…

OK, so the Internet has fingered two different guys as the shooter.

Let me repeat. Make no assumptions. The truth will come out.

43 Anti-White Commercials (Video)

Get through the first one and the commercials advertise brands you’re more likely to be familiar with. The Seven-Up commericial at the 3 minute mark or so is especially disgusting.

All of the companies featured and their ad agencies deserve to be annihilated. By any means necessary.

Twenty one minutes.

From the youtube comments:

‘ll never buy shit from any of these motherfuckers. We need to find out who the ad agencies are and pay them a visit. I hope you continue to make more of these. As you know the ADL is now censoring Youtube.

WTF???!!! Jared Kushner Registered to Vote as a Female!!! Is He A TRANNY???


An accident they say.


The Hill

Presidential son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner is registered as a female voter in New York, according to public records.

Registration records show that when Kushner, who is married to first daughter Ivanka Trump, registered to vote in 2009, he apparently checked a box classifying his gender as a female.

Democratic opposition research group American Bridge first spotted the error, which Wired then reported first.

“Kushner can’t even fill out the most basic paperwork without screwing it up, so it’s a mystery why anyone thinks he’s somehow going to bring peace to the Middle East,” Brad Bainum, a spokesperson for the group, told Wired about the mistake. “Would anyone but the president’s son-in-law still have a West Wing job after repeated disclosure errors and a botched a security clearance form?”

Kushner, who has a vast portfolio of issues at the White House, has had to amend his federal security clearance forms multiple times to include meetings with foreign contacts.

He told congressional investigators that the mistakes have been due to a “miscommunication” with his assistant.

Prior to 2009, his New Jersey voter registration noted his gender as “unknown.”

I’ve only watched parts of the following videos. What’s intriguing is that a number of people have their suspicions about the correct gender of certain Trump family members.

These tranny accusations are pretty far out from my perspective. I’m publishing them here so you can examine the idea and decide for yourself who, if anyone, is a transgendered individual. Still, this business of Kushner’s sex on the voter registration roles is weird if you stop to think about it.

Gab Faces Shutdown Over Andrew Anglin Censorship (Videos)

Nothing fancy here, just a clear explanation of how and why free speech platform Gab was facing being shut down because of a Andrew Anglin joke about Charlottesville’s Heather Heyer. Gab infuriated the Free Speech Internet by telling Anglin he had to take down a joke. Twelve minutes.


Apparently, White Nationalist Emily Youcis has been banned from Twitter because she reposted Anglin’s Heather Heyer joke.


Here’s a second video on the Gab situation. Less than eight minutes by James Allsup.

The Mad Jewess offers measured criticism of Anglin.

Styx weighs in also with negative criticism of Anglin. Slate’s denunciation of Gab, which mentions Styx, does not meet with Styx’s approval. He advises to NEVER APOLOGIZE.

Read the Slate article here. Slate falsely claims that Gab is a Nazi site.

Alt-Right Tech People Working to Create a Free Speech Internet

After going through a discussion of banned “hate” sites, this article describes the efforts by Gab to create an alternative Internet that would allow so-called “hate speech” to be expressed free of worry.

Gab is looking for venture capitalists to fund the new Internet.

Excerpt from Slate

Utsav Sanduja, the chief operating officer of Gab, described the “Free Speech Tech Alliance” to me as “a group of 100 engineers plus from Silicon Valley who are working with us behind the scenes to create an alternative infrastructure.” The movement’s goal is to own its own servers and run its own web hosting, domain registrar, DDoS protection software, cloud storage services, and encryption technology, not to mention social networks like Gab and other “free-speech”–centric alternatives, like a YouTube replacement called PewTube. Sanduja claims Gab has received “hundreds of applications” to join the alliance, which he says is purposefully being kept small in order to protect the identities of its members who fear losing their jobs at Silicon Valley companies. Though it’s unclear where exactly they work, at least a handful are on Google’s campus, Sanduja claims.

Gab is building off the work of a number of existing alternative web services hailing from the far right. Pax Dickinson, the former chief technology officer of Business Insider who left the company after Gawker revealed his racist- and rape joke–filled Twitter account, has started his own alt-right crowdfunding platform called Counter.Fund. There’s also Hatreon, a free speech–centric Patreon alternative, which states in its guidelines that “Hate speech is protected speech.” There’s an alt-right-friendly version of Wikipedia called Metapedia. There’s even a small alt-right dating website, Wasp.love, with the tagline, “Preserve your heritage! Be fruitful and multiply! Join WASP.love today!” Though these services are platforms for people who traffic in hate speech, they’re different from the message boards and forums of Stormfront and Gab, where white supremacist and anti-Semitic ideas are discussed and incubated, and where perpetrators of hate crimes like Dylann Roof and Anders Breivik find encouragement and become indoctrinated.

Dickinson is trying to appeal to investors, though he doesn’t seem hopeful. “Leftist VCs leap at the chance to signal their Leftism, regardless of how stupid the project is,” Dickinson lamented last week on Gab. (He declined to be interviewed for this piece.) Still, alt-tech adherents are convinced that there is a market for their services. “I expect the earliest adopters will be those with the most fringe and radical views who have already been kicked off of YouTube and other platforms,” said Anthony Mayfield, creator of PewTube. “But as the definition of someone who is a bad person who isn’t allowed to say things online begins to grow, I think the users of my platform and others like it will continue to become more and more mainstream.”

In the past two weeks, a handful of far-right video bloggers have jumped onboard to promote the nascent movement, including Styxhexenhammer666, a popular libertarian video blogger, whose two videos about the effort have notched almost 70,000 views. Others have posted “call to action” videos, rallying technologists to join the movement to build “new ‘free speech’ platforms,” which have also attracted thousands of viewers. While these might not read as huge numbers, they suggest a movement with a groundswell of grassroots support.

Here’s one Styx video mentioned by Slate:

Here’s the second Styx video calling for a new Internet:

Here’s a call to action:

Richard Simmons Libel Lawsuit Against National Enquirer Reportedly Dismissed


This is good. You can now falsely call your enemy a tranny and get away with it as far as the courts are concerned. That’s assuming this landmark legal precedent holds up.

If it does, by the same token, you should be able to call your enemy a homo and get away with it.

If you’re an amateur lawyer, read this story and extrapolate how we can use this to our advantage.


In what could establish a landmark legal precedent, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge indicated Wednesday (Aug. 30) that he plans to dismiss Richard Simmons’ pending defamation lawsuit against the National Enquirer, Variety is reporting. The New Orleans-born weight-loss guru sued the tabloid publication in May over a published report alleging he was in the process of transitioning to become a woman.

Simmons, who — before unexpectedly withdrawing from the public spotlight in early 2014 — was well-known for his flamboyant manner and style of dress, expressed support for the trans community in his initial filing, which also named Radar Online as a defendant. At the same time, though, he insisted he was not transitioning.

But while the Enquirer story might be false, Judge Gregory Keosian’s tentative ruling asserts that being misidentified as transgender doesn’t rise to the standard of defamation, which is defined by exposing someone to hatred, contempt, ridicule or abuse.

“While, as a practical matter, the characteristic may be held in contempt by a portion of the population, the court will not validate those prejudices by legally recognizing them,” Keosian wrote in his ruling, according to Variety.

The decision, if finalized in coming days as expected, is believed to set a new legal precedent, contending that misidentifying someone as transgender doesn’t necessarily harm their reputation. Similar rulings have focused on race, and Keosian’s decision would appear to argue that a person’s transgender status should be held to the same standard.

While some have characterized the ruling as a counterintuitive legal victory for the trans community, Simmons’ lawyers responded by arguing that it is rooted more in idealism than reality.

A public figure for decades who long showed an affinity for the spotlight, Simmons in 2014 abruptly disappeared from public view, secluding himself in his Hollywood Hills home. He has since refused every request to be interviewed in person, leading to all manner of speculation about the reasons for his seclusion, ranging from his health to rumors that he was being held hostage by his housekeeper.

That speculation even spawned a hit podcast, “Missing Richard Simmons,” which — while not authorized by Simmons — became an online sensation in early 2017.

Simmons has maintained that he is in good health but that he simply wants a break from the spotlight. Multiple visits to his Hollywood Hills home by Los Angeles police, prompted by rumors regarding his well-being, led a law enforcement source in March 2017 to confirm to the website TMZ that Simmons is “perfectly fine.”


I can’t finish a post about Richard Simmons without saying that he’s the only allegedly homosexual person I can think of that I accept.

He’s never gotten into promoting the LGBT agenda. He loves his fans and they seem to feel the same way. And why not? His whole life has revolved around teaching fat women how to lose weight and feel better about themselves. He was a fat kid himself so whatever struggles the obese go through, he’s experienced. Furthermore, he’s a self-made “man” from a lower middle class New Orleans background.

Richard needs to get out and about again. Becoming a recluse like Howard Hughes is probably not a good thing.

Nostalgia from 1990!

Blue Ivy Carter is so ugly (One Minute Racist Video with Comments)

Blue Ivy Carter is the name given to the sprog created by Beyonce and Jay Z.

One minute. Hilarious. Heavily downvoted.

Published on Feb 14, 2015

she is so ugly!! accepted! she is famous because beyonce’s daughter! Jay Z like a cannibal! Jay is incredible ugly

Haha. Great comments:

I’m disgusted by you , this channel, and the fact that this channel is still up, people like you don’t deserve to post shit, nobody should call any little kid ugly especially comparing them to the stereotypical white blond hair blue eyes girl, everyone is beautiful in their own way, but you are one of the ugliest people I’ve seen

I disagree blue ivy is Cute! She looks like a baby gorilla!

Who goes after children like that??? Whoever made this video is probably ugly as fuck like their personality. That child is beautiful. This is why I flagged this. Everybody else should flag this shit too!!! Lastly, why did you mark the white child as beautiful and the black child as ugly? This video is very racist and had many grammatical errors.

Likes and comments dont match…

Wow. Just… wow. I literally cant even right now. I mean I’m literally shaking and crying. I can’t believe that someone would say that a black child is ugly and a white is pretty, it’s like nazi germany. Black people are prettier and smarter than whites but they are victims of white privilege and oppression. It’s 2016, if you’re white and dont agree that white people are ugly, it means you’re a racist. Only evil racists think that blue eyes and blond hair are pretty, these traits are anti-diversity.

God damn that nigglet is yuckkk

Why doesent beyonce get a post natal abortion with this abomination ? Dear beyonce, thats what you get when you breed with an ugly coon.