Viral Video: A man touches the buttocks of a waitress and then …


You’re not going to believe this!

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Viral Video of Young White Guy Confronting Super Ugly Lezzies Draws Police Attention

Two dykes, apparently “married” to each other, claim that an unidentified young white male (seen above) tried to run over them with his truck, jumped out, and then began threatening them for no reason.

The police say that’s not the way it went down, but Portland SJWs were in a snit three days ago when this story broke. Since then, there’s been no new developments.

No one could be blamed for thinking that a couple of crazy lebians are creating fake news.

However, there’s an unpleasant surprise twist to this story that I’ve add to the bottom of the post.


PORTLAND, Ore. – Video of a young man’s tirade filled with threats and repeated homophobic slurs against a same-sex Portland couple went viral after the women posted it on Facebook, and a Portland Police Bureau spokesman says authorities are investigating the confrontation.

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Roseanne Explains the Valerie Jarrett Tweet: “I THOUGHT THE BITCH WAS WHITE!”

The left has taken to social media to proclaim that (((Roseanne Barr))) is dangerously mentally ill.

She’s not. Not any more than she ever was, anyway.

She’s frustrated, as we in the alt-right are, over the insane political correctness that destroys people in a Stalin-like frenzy that I never thought would come to America.

It’s sad to see her begging for forgiveness when she did nothing wrong.

After the story excerpt you can watch the video of her screaming, “I thought the bitch was white,” in defense of her so-called racist Tweet that destroyed her. It’s that video that’s drawing the attention, not the one above. And believe me, the attention is all negative.

ABC News

A new video shows Roseanne Barr discussing the racist tweet she posted earlier this year about a former Obama administration official that prompted the cancellation of her eponymous sitcom.

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Black Survivor Says Family Told Life Jackets Not Necessary as it’s Revealed that 9 of 17 Duck Boat Victims Were Black

Duck Boats and storms must be racist.

What are the odds that the majority of the victims of Thursday’s tragic accident would be black?

The Coleman family of Indianapolis was nearly wiped out by a storm that ended their Branson vacation forever.

Fox News

A woman who is reportedly among the survivors of a duck boat that capsized in a Missouri lake on Thursday claimed that the vessel’s captain told passengers that wearing life jackets wasn’t necessary.

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“Fuck Donald Trump” Sign in Gook’s Front Yard Leads White Gentleman to Vehemently Object


Enemies of the founding stock of America, that would be white people, turn out to support a couple of gooks and their yard signs, which include one that says, “Fuck Donald Trump.”

The gook needs to be taught a lesson in good manners. The police won’t do it, claiming the sign is protected by the First Amendment.

A white male tried to reason with the slant, but got grief for his efforts.

There’s a video of the encounter on Twitter that I’ve embedded at the bottom of this post.

Any reasonable member of the founding stock might find himself hating gooks after watching the encounter.

Charlotte Observer

Tin Nguyen and his partner, Cat Bao Le, say they will continue to confront white supremacists and hatred after an unknown white man banged on their door, yelled racial slurs, threatened to call police, and argued with them about a sign in their yard that says “F— Donald Trump.”

The man told Nguyen and Le, “I’m gonna get you, n—–.”

Nguyen is a 38-year-old lawyer in Charlotte who defends people in immigration cases and whose mother and father were refugees from Vietnam in the late 1970s. Le, 37, is also Vietnamese-American and is executive director of the Southeast Asian Coalition, a youth and advocacy organization in Charlotte.

Both are disgusting PARASITES. Advocacy organization my a**!

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Two Year Old Plays with New Best Friend (Twitter Video)


A new boy and a dog video went viral on Twitter this week.

Here’s the story. The video is embedded below.

My Fox8

SAVAGE, Minn. – A fence couldn’t stop a 2-year-old Minnesota boy from playing fetch with his new best friend, Dozer, the neighbor’s Labrador retriever.

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Trump Says F U to his Critics, Invites Putin to Washington This Fall

Trump doubles down. Can he convince the dumb dumb public that meeting with Putin isn’t treason?


US President Donald Trump has announced that he will invite his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to a meeting in Washington, DC, drawing protest from the top Senate Democrat, who had earlier questioned the two leaders’ summit in Helsinki.

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