Investigation Uncovers Plots to Chain the Trains and Shut Down DC During Trump Inauguration

Project Veritas

The latest Project Veritas video reveals DisruptJ20 plot to Chain Trains and Halt the DC Metro.

This video exposes the collusion between the various groups under the DisruptJ20 umbrella. The video shows that DJ20 is not simply a movement of fringe groups but instead a nefarious organization.

These anti-American scum must be totally smashed and never be allowed to exist again. They may call themselves by different names, but they are at heart Communist mass murderers.

Shocking New CBS Investigation Reveals Disturbing Facts about Pizzagate (Video)


Wow! The breaking video embedded in this post is amazing. Kudos to CBS and reporter Ben Swann. Ben has put together a brief (5 minutes and 49 seconds) yet comprehensive report on the strange coded pedophile language and references to Comet Pizza in the John Podesta emails published by Wikileaks.

As you may remember from my previous posts on this subject, #pizzagate involves allegations of a child sex ring operating out of Washington, D. C., involving some of the most powerful people in government.

Everyone in the mainstream media except Ben Swann (out of CBS Atlanta) has dismissed #pizzagate as fake news.

Pray for Ben’s safety. Pray too for a law enforcement agency to investigate #pizzagate to determine once and for all whether the sickening suspicions about child abuse are true.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Jan 17, 2017

After looking at much of the current evidence, Ben Swann asks a very good question…. “Why is no one investing this?”

Below are some of the most relevant Tweets responding to Ben’s “Reality Check” video:

Link to Ben Swann’s Truth in Media Project

One CNN Jigaboo Calls Another CNN Jig a “mediocre Negro” for Defending Trump


Marc Lamont Hill has the fastest mouth in America. I used to see the token Negro professor match wits with Bill O’Reilly on The Factor years ago until Fox fired him.

He’s quite the self promoter. He clearly has an IQ significantly higher than most other gentlemen of color you’ll see on TV. Unlike decent blacks like Larry Elder, Hill is a leftist social justice warrior.


CNN analyst Marc Lamont Hill attacked a fellow panelist Monday for his work on Donald Trump‘s National Diversity Coalition, calling him a “mediocre Negro” being manipulated by Trump.

“I love Steve Harvey and I have respect for Steve Harvey and I think his intentions were appropriate, but my disagreement is the way in which he’s being used by folk like Donald Trump,” Hill said.

“They keep bringing up comedians and and actors athletes to represent black interests. It’s demeaning, it’s disrespectful, and it’s condescending,” he continued. “Bring some people up there with expertise Donald Trump, don’t just bring up people to entertain.”

“You weren’t even there…” responded Bruce LeVell, a member of Trump’s diversity team. “Pastor Darryl Scott, Mike Cohen, they are in the process of bringing all types of people from all over the country, from all different backgrounds. Remember the diversity coalition where we reached out to all different types of people?”

“Yeah, it was a bunch of mediocre Negroes being dragged in front of TV as a photo-op for Donald Trump’s exploitative campaign against black people. And you are an example of that,” Hill shot back.

Unsurprisingly, the conversation immediately devolved into shouting. “I’m not name-calling,” Hill insisted.

Black Trump supporter Sheriff David Clarke called Hill a “jigaboo” after learning about the CNN shootout.

Jigaboo is a fine word. It drew Hill’s attention.

Look at all the fun we’re having now. The next four years are going to be great. Check that. Let’s make it eight years!


Katy Perry’s Latest Video Slams Trump as She Sides with Muslim Terrorists

Race mixing slut (remember her black boyfriends?) Katy Perry says that Japanese internment camps in World War II were a bad thing, but just as bad is Trump’s plan to keep track of Muslims in the interest of public safety.

Her 95 million Twitter followers must be proud of her.

Maybe she thinks Muzzies have big d*cks or something.

Whatever, she’s a degenerate.

New One Hour Interview with Amren’s Jared Taylor

H/T to Originist for pointing out this new interview.

I may not agree with all that Jared Taylor says or his strategies in terms of advancing White Nationalism. Nonetheless, he’s still a good guy who makes sense.

Jared is especially sincere and interesting via the stories he tells during the interview.

Tara McCarthy is the name of the young lady interviewing Jared. Her About page on her site can be accessed here.

Published on Jan 17, 2017
I discuss the reality of racial differences and how we came to understand them with Jared Taylor of American Renaissance.


Please donate if you can because this podcast is funded by viewers like you:

Have A Laugh Video: Puppy Eating a Banana

Even if you’re a dog hater, you’d have to agree that the banana eating puppy is a charmer.

Viral Mudsharking Video: Disgusted Black Man Confronts Interracial Couple Over Their Race Mixing


The video embedded at the bottom of this post offers evidence that blacks are racist. The cameraman questions whether whites are human.

Daily Mail

A shocking video has emerged showing an couple being racially abused as they shared a meal at a restaurant.

The couple, a black man and a white woman, were approached by an ‘interviewer’ who appeared to be trying to subtly record the conversation.

The video, originally posted to Worldstar, begins with the man speaking to himself behind the camera, saying: ‘Look at the f***ery, in a black-owned restaurant.’

He then approaches the couple and questions the nature of their relationship.

He asks: ‘Excuse me, are ya’ll together, like in an intimate relationship?’

The man being recorded laughs uncomfortably and says ‘yes’, then asks the interviewer ‘what’s up?’

That’s when the altercation intensified.

The ‘interviewer’ continues: ‘You couldn’t find no black woman? Like, you had to go that low, to the lowest rung of humanity.
‘If they even humans, it’s arguable that they even humans.’

Ah, the truth comes out. Some blacks believe that whites are not human. I heard that 30 years ago from a black lad who said all whites are “debils.”

The male diner smiles in disbelief at the interaction.

Throughout the video only a glimpse of the white woman’s face is shown.

He continued: ‘Are you that weak?’

Several times while being harassed, the boyfriend attempts to interrupt the man recording and incredibly keeps his cool throughout.

At one point, the black diner calls the man behind the camera ‘my friend’, but the ‘interviewer’ continues to talk over him.

The cameraman says: ‘I just had to ask.’

To which the man being recorded finally gets a word in, and says: ‘What are you asking?’

His interviewer then responds: ‘Well, what’s wrong with you? You couldn’t find no black woman?

‘What was it that made you that weak – that you’d get on your knees and bow to this less of a female – that’s lesser than a black woman in every way.’

The most up voted comment on youtube is this one:

Richard The Lionheart14 hours ago
As a white man I agree with his views. race mixing is disgusting!
Reply 224

Most of comments I scrolled through agreed that race mixing is unnatural.

At the Daily Mail, the comments tend to question whether the video is a hoax. There’s no evidence it’s faked. It’s not one of those ridiculous Joey Salads stunts that seem unreal.

Another popular youtube comment that reflects race realism:

AlfredTheGreat14 hours ago

Imagine if the races were swapped around. This would be all over the news, but no doubt they’ll ignore this. If it isn’t about how bad whites are they’ve got no interest in it