Fake News? Russia Says It Can Wipe Out Entire U.S. Navy with ONE Electronic Bomb

Fox News

Russia has claimed it can disable the entire US Navy in one fell swoop using powerful electronic signal jamming.

A news report from the country – where the media is essentially controlled by the state – said the technology could render planes, ships and missiles useless.

The newsreader says: “Today, our Russian Electronic Warfare (REW) troops can detect and neutralise any target from a ship’s system and a radar, to a satellite.”

The news report claims a single Russian war plane flew several times around American destroyer the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea several years ago, disabling its systems and leaving it helpless.

The report also claims they are capable to creating electronic jamming domes over their bases that make them invisible on radar screens.

The propaganda piece even quotes top US General Frank Gorenc as saying: “Russian electronic weapons completely paralyse the functioning of American electronic equipment installed on missiles, aircraft and ships.”

The reporter adds: “You don’t need to have expensive weapons to win – powerful radio-electronic jamming is enough.”

The news comes after Donald Trump dispatched the USS Carl Vinson, powered by nuclear reactors, carrying almost 100 aircraft and accompanied by destroyers, a cruiser, and a submarine to the Korean Peninsula.

And the commander-in-chief is said to be bolstering American deployment in the region by sending the USS Ronald Reagan and the USS Nimitz to the Sea of Japan next week.

Russia, along with China, is said to have sent a spy ship to the area to ward off the task force amid rising tensions in the region.

And Putin urged the US to show “restraint”.

Meanwhile, in response to this story, Popular Mechanics reports that there is no electronic bomb.

The Russian TV report is an explainer on Russian Electronic Warfare (REW) troops, which the reporter claims can “neutralize any target” from “a ship’s system to a radar to a satellite.” This apparently includes synthetic aperture radars on NATO satellites, aircraft, and other platforms, which can form images of targets in the air and on the ground using radar waves. In this case, “neutralizing” doesn’t mean blowing something to bits, but rather jamming its radar sensors to effectively render it blind.

The Russian news report concludes with the bombastic line, “You don’t need to have expensive weapons to win – powerful radio-electronic jamming is enough.” That claim isn’t supported by the actual report, which says REW systems can only shut down enemy radars and hide friendly forces. To actually win a war, you need to kill the enemy and break stuff—something radio waves can’t do.

The Russian television and Sun tabloid story are both blends of real and fake news. Russia’s electronic warfare troops do indeed have some powerful electronic warfare systems—but pay no mind to oddball claims that they can make enemy sailors resign out of sheer fear or win wars singlehandedly.

American Navy Videos: “Aggressive” Russian Fighter Jets Buzz US Warship

russian jet buzzing american ship

This post offers three short videos shot by U.S. Navy sailors on the deck of the U.S. Donald Cook. They show a Russian plane flying fast and low in the Baltic Sea near the ship.

One way to view the actions of the Russian planes is to look at the buzzing as mocking Obama. But that would mean that Vladimir Putin was acting childish. A more stern interpretation involves the fact that the American ships are in the Baltic Sea, near Russia. That in itself could be viewed as an American provocation, requiring a manly response from a manly Russian leader.

Those of us who are antiwar and who reject the use of the American navy in the service of Israel’s interests would probably agree with this youtube commenter, derbigpr500:

What the hell are americans doing in the baltic sea near Russia in the first place? How would americans react if russians put their ships near california, just on the border between us water and international waters? Wouldn’t be so happy even though russians wouldn’t be breaking any law, huh? Fucking hypocrites. Stop provoking Russia and then when they react in a peaceful way, you try to accuse them of being the aggressors. YOU’RE the ones who are half way around the world poking around someone elses backyard, it’s not the other way around. You’re the ones who killed 20 MILLION people in over 37 countries from 1950. until today, and all those deaths were a result of your direct aggression and terrorism, not a single case in which USA acted in a defensive manner. Simply put, USA is the no.1 terrorist in the world, that is clear to everyone who is not an imbecile or isn’t completely brainwashed by the media. We’ve had enough of your shit. Pack up and go home.

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