Congressional intern yells ‘Mr. President, f— you!’ at Trump in U.S. Capitol

A crazy female feminist intern who presumably will never adjust to the fact that Hillary Clinton lost turned her foul mouth toward President Donald Trump today.

While we don’t know who she is or what she looks like, a good guess might be something like this.

Or this.

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Mysterious Russian Phone Calls Unnerve El Paso, Texas

Are those pesky Russians trying to influence the heavily Mexican population of El Paso, Texas, into voting for Donald Trump?

Or are they just trying to make a dishonest dollar?

This is one of the more unusual stories you’re likely to read.


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – There is a good chance you or someone you know may have received a call from Russia over the past few days.

Recently, a large population in El Paso got the mysterious call. In most cases, it’s been a missed call or the person answers and no one is on the other line.

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Pomeranian Doggo Dies on Delta Flight

Since I’ve never flown in the cargo hold of a jet airliner I can’t say what it’s like. Several comments at source site TMZ suggest Alexandro, the Pomeranian pictured above, died from extreme temperatures, hot on the ground and very cold in the sky.

If so, airlines should not be transporting animals as cargo.


Another dog took off on a commercial airliner and when the plane landed … it was dead.

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UFO Shadowed U.S. Aircraft Carrier for Days in 2004, Alleged Pentagon Report Says


The American Navy’s alleged encounter with a UFO is an older story that resurfaced on several news sites within the last few days.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t believe the Navy has actually confirmed the sensational story as the press has been reporting it.

Since UFOs are outside my area of expertise, you’ll have to make up your own mind about whether this story is fake news.

Fox News

A supersonic UFO shaped like a Tic-Tac stalked a U.S. aircraft carrier for days before vanishing into thin air, according to a bombshell Pentagon report.

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Justice for Beaten, Starved, Tortured, Murdered Nanny as Brown Couple Found Guilty of Her Murder



Both brown persons implicated in the death of a white French nanny in London, England, have been found guilty of murder.

The brown woman delusionally believed that her nanny was having sex with her white ex-boyfriend, a famous pop star in Britain whose life she tried to ruin when he broke up with her. The nanny had never even set eyes on Mark Walton of Boyzone.

Really, this story is another in the long line of stories that serve as a warning to white people to avoid becoming intimately involved with blacks and browns.


LONDON — A London couple delusionally obsessed with a former boy-band star were found guilty Thursday of murdering their French nanny and burning her body on a bonfire in their backyard.

A jury at the Central Criminal Court convicted 35-year-old Sabrina Kouider and 40-year-old Ouissem Medouni after six days of deliberation.


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Suicide by Drowning: Coroner Releases Black CDC Researcher’s Cause of Death, Family and Public Skeptical

After Dr. Tim Cunningham, pictured above, went missing in February, there was widespread speculation that he had discovered that the flu vaccine was the cause of the winter epidemic of flu deaths and that as a result he was kidnapped and murdered.

If he was murdered, the killer(s) made it look like something else.

The medical examiner says he killed himself, presumably by jumping into the Chattahoochee River.

Pardon us for being skeptical, Mr. M.E.


Medical examiner releases CDC researcher’s cause of death
ATLANTA – The death of an Atlanta researcher whose body was pulled from the Chattahoochee River has been ruled a suicide by drowning, the Fulton County medical examiner said Tuesday.

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SIX THUGS Nearly Beat to Death 60 Year Old Ex-Wrestler in Dispute Over Parking

I’m calling bullsh*t on the story that Tom McGee, pictured above after being beaten, was involved in a parking dispute with some fellows who just happened to be around.

The savages who beat him were undoubtedly casing the area in order to plan a burglary, robbery, or a murder.

The press will also not tell the public that the savages were black.

I believe I”ve found the Twitter of one of them. He’s a drug dealer with beautiful white young girlfriend, possibly underage.

I can’t officially say any of that for legal reasons, though. I don’t want to be sued. After all, a heavy drug related Twitter account doesn’t prove you’re a drug dealer.

If Tom McGee were not in such good shape, he’d be dead.

The suspects should all be charged with attempted murder, but they won’t be. The only thing that stopped them was when the neighbors poured into the street warning them that the police were coming.

CBS News

MAR VISTA, Calif. — A former pro wrestler was beaten severely in front of his Mar Vista home Tuesday and neighbors said it all apparently began over a parking dispute. CBS Los Angeles reports as many as six young men beat Tom Magee, who will be 60 in July.

YouTube video shows Magee when he weighed 265 pounds and fought with what was then called WWF in the ’80s.

A true Goliath in the ring, Magee later became a neighborhood watchdog.

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