Narrative Change: Modern Britons are Descended from White People, Not Black Cheddar Man


Well, that was quick.

You’re not going to believe this.

The ancestors of today’s British were white, not black!

You and I are probably descendants of the “Beaker people.”

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

Stonehenge has a proud place in Britain’s history as one of the wonders of the world and the best-known prehistoric monument in Europe.

But, according to a major new study, modern-day Britons are barely related to the ingenious Neolithic farmers who built the monument 5,000 years ago.

Instead the British are related to the ‘Beaker people’ who travelled from modern-day Holland and all but wiped out Stonehenge’s creators.

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Prince Harry Has New Job Promoting Nonwhite Immigration to Britain

Prince Harry has a darkie fiance and now he’s going to be using her to help promote Britain to youth around the world via a group called the Commonwealth.

Don’t know what the organization called the Commonwealth is? Well, read on.

Excerpt from Bustle

Things are really falling into place for Prince Harry — he’s found everlasting love with magical goddess Meghan Markle, this week he got to see Hamilton, and now he has a new job! Indeed, according to The Times, Prince Harry’s just taken on a role to make the Commonwealth “relevant to a younger generation,” which sounds fairly necessary considering I am technically a member of the younger generation and I don’t even know what the Commonwealth is.

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Britain: Filthy Somali Tells Girl He’s Raping She Couldn’t be a virgin because “you’re white.”


An eleven year sentence for Ahmed means he’ll be out in five or six, ready to rape another white girl.

The British justice system needs a dose of tough love injected into it. For the Nog rapist, he’ll be enjoying the company of his fellow Nogs in prison. That’s not much punishment. The cat o’nine tails offers better possibilities.

A rapist has been jailed for 11 years after he held a sharp piece of wood to a teenager’s throat as he attacked her.

Actually, the rape of a child should be punishable by death, after the cat o’nine tails have done their job.

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Ex-Boyfriend on Trial in Britain for Frenzied Stabbing Death of Molly McLaren


I saw this case of murder perpetrated by a white ex-boyfriend on his ex-girlfriend at the Daily Stormer.

Just when I think that Andrew Anglin might truly be working for the cause of the survival of the white race, he pulls a stunt. In this case, he interjected an editorial note condoning the murder of Molly by Jason Simpson, on the grounds that she was a crack whore who had it coming.

Anglin’s eccentric hatred of women is a bit offputting to say the least.

Condoning murder by white men of white women really isn’t where the alt-right needs to be.

When I was a boy, my uncle (who eventually married nine times) told me that women are like streetcars. There’s another one coming along in a few minutes.

That was good advice. Too bad Simpson couldn’t have affected the same attitude.

Kent Online

A hero has told of his horrifying battle to try to save the life of university student Molly McLaren as he ex-boyfriend repeatedly stabbed her in her car – and continued even after she stopped screaming.

Benjamin Morton said he tried in vain to slam the car door on Josh Stimpson’s leg to stop him knifing Molly, but he just shut the door and carried on the attack.

Stimpson, 26, of High Street, Wouldham, near Rochester, admits manslaughter, claiming diminished responsibility, but denies murder.

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Teen Selling Virginity Online to Raise $$$ to Buy Parents a House: Thanks, Jews!


Thanks to Jewish financial manipulation and the importation of massive numbers of migrants into the U.K., the cost of a basic necessity is through the roof, beyond the reach of working class white people.

And also thanks to the Jewish corruption of Western women and human sexuality, we have another bimbo attracting worldwide attention for her offer of prostitution.

One thing that would slow down this nonsense would be if one of these whores was bought by an Arabian billionaire who caused her to permanently disappear.

A teenage model is auctioning off her virginity online and claims bidding has started at £890,000.

The 18-year-old Italian student said she wanted to use the cash to fund studying in the UK and buy her parents a house.

The young woman, named online as Nicole, said she realised when she was 16 her virginity was “precious” and decided to auction it off when she turned 18.

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South African Blacks Destroy H & M Store After Monkey Ad Campaign (Video)

South African blacks claim that being compared to monkeys is racist. And then they go and act like monkeys!

Be aware that the 28 second video automatically goes to another video when this one ends. The subsequent videos offer more coverage of the South African Nagger protests over Monkey hoodie boy.

Naggers Divided as Meghan and Harry Visit London’s Harlem


The Royal family is a white tradition, and a costly one at that.

Thinking that a mulatto princess (or duchess or whatever) is going to ignite Negroid support for the Royals is foolish. All it will do is make the Negros in Britain feel more empowered and more entitled.

Eventually, the Royal family will cease to exist in a multicultural Britain.

The sooner the better in this Yank’s opinion.

NBC News

Brixton has been dubbed “London’s Harlem” and became synonymous with the city’s Afro-Caribbean community following mass migration to Britain at the end of the Second World War. Race riots during the 1980s brought it infamy.

On Tuesday, Prince Harry and his American wife-to-be Meghan Markle visited the south London neighborhood for their second official event as an engaged couple.


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