Sign it! New White House Petition Calls for Expulsion of Maxine Waters from Congress

With 27,000 signatures on the first day of a needed 100,000 signatures, this petition looks like a go.

Sign, but be aware that the White House requires you to provide identifying information, as I recall.

Expulsion For Maxine Waters – Remove Her From Congress
Created by A.M. on June 25, 2018

It’s time for Maxine Waters to go.

Waters has crossed a dangerous line, calling for attacks and violence against all Trump officials.

What Waters said, when she called on Americans to “push back” against Trump officials, and make it impossible for them to shop, eat out, or go to gas stations, is one of the most irresponsible statements anyone could have said, let alone a so-called Democrat leader.

It is especially dangerous to call for public attacks at a time in our country when liberals are so wildly unhinged and violent, have no control over their emotions and are brainwashed by fake news and hoodwinked by lying, sleazy politicians like Maxine Waters.

Under the circumstances, censure is not enough for Maxine Waters.

Waters should face expulsion for what she’s done.

Congresswoman Waters has responded on MSNBC by denying that she said what she said.

Read more about her denial at Time magazine.

White Female Targets Boyfriend During Deadly Shooting Spree at Youtube’s California HQ Before Killing Herself


Now we have the distraction from the “caravan” invading the U.S. from the south.

Will there be another David Hogg created by the media in the wake of this shooting? After all, normal people are sick of Hogg.

This act of violence probably is surely organic rather than manufactured since the shooter was a white female. The media’s preferred shooter is a white male. We’re still awaiting identification of the shooter, however. We know that “white” covers a lot of ground with the police and media.

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Fox News Laura Ingraham Shares a “Neo-Nazi’s” Tweet

I’ve inserted Mark’s Tweets in my posts, based on their content. I had no idea who he was. The liberal press isn’t letting Laura Ingraham’s Tweet pass.


The media is really out to slander people if this Tweet motivates someone to insinuate that Laura is a Nazi. Like when she waved at the crowd at the Republican convention last year.


Raw Story

Fox News host Laura Ingraham caused controversy Sunday by sharing a tweet by a British neo-Nazi with links to former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke.

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Trump’s Retweets of Videos Exposing Muslim Menace Sparks Condemnation by Establishment


President Donald Trump retweeted three Tweets from Jayda Frasen on Wednesday morning, sparking outrage from the American and British establishment.

It may not be politically correct, but truth is truth. And Trump has proven over and over that he’s willing to speak it.

Jayda’s troubles with the British police for critizing Muslims are covered at Newsweek.

Notable for his support for Trump’s Retweets is the response from David Duke, covered in the CBS story below.

First, these three items appeared on Trump’s Twitter earlier today:

CBS News

President Trump’s online endorsement of videos posted by a leader of an extremist UK fringe group is prompting reaction both in the United States and abroad.

The videos were tweeted out by the account held by Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader of the far-right U.K. political party “Britain First,” which is known for promoting an anti-Islam, anti-immigration and nationalist agenda. The group is estimated to have only about 1,000 active members, and its rallies around the U.K. draw supporters numbering only in the hundreds.

Following Mr. Trump’s retweets of Fransen, numerous lawmakers in the United Kingdom raised their concerns over the president’s subtle support of the group.

Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokesperson said in a statement in response to the retweets, that it was “wrong for the president to have done this.” The statement added:

“Britain First seeks to divide communities through their use of hateful narratives which peddle lies and stoke tensions. They cause anxiety to law-abiding people. British people overwhelmingly reject the prejudiced rhetoric of the far-right, which is the antithesis of the values that this country represents – decency, tolerance and respect.”

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labor party tweeted, “I hope our government will condemn far-right retweets by Donald Trump. They are abhorrent, dangerous and a threat to our society.”

A member of Parliament, Yvette Cooper, took to the floor to condemn Fransen’s remarks, tweeting that the UK government “can’t stay silent” on Mr. Trump’s tweets, calling it “disgraceful and dangerous.”

Brendan Cox, husband of the Labour party lawmaker Jo Cox who was killed by a man who shouted the name of the group at the time of her slaying, tweeted in response to Mr. Trump’s retweets Wednesday morning, saying he has “legitimized the far right in his own country, now he’s trying to do it in ours. Spreading hatred has consequences and the president should be ashamed of himself.”

Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet, of Colorado, called Mr. Trump’s retweets “irresponsible and disgraceful.”

Rep. Don Beyer, D-Virginia, called on the White House to clarify the president’s remarks, and “stop spreading bigotry.”

Meanwhile, former KKK imperial wizard David Duke appeared to defend the president, saying Mr. Trump “brings to light what the lying, fake news media won’t.”

And On Fransen’s own Twitter account, a message appeared lauding Mr. Trump for sharing the Britain First message with his “around 44 million followers!”

Fransen later tweeted that she was “facing prison time for criticizing Islam” in light of Mr. Trump’s support, saying “Britain is now Sharia compliant.”

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders also responded to the outcry later Wednesday morning, telling reporters “regardless of the video, the threat is very real.”

She added, “the president has talked about the need for strong borders and strong security since the campaign trail, that’s not a secret that’s something he’ll continue talking about and continue highlighting in a lot of different venues and avenues.”

Asked if the president’s retweets were an endorsement of the “Britain First” movement, Sanders replied, “Not that I’m aware of but he does endorse a strong national security and endorses strong borders.”

The fact that Trump would risk infuriating the world establishment the way he did today may be the biggest story of the year. We need him to keep pushing back against political correctness and for the truth.

NFL’s Big Bucks in Big Sunday Brawl (Video)

The NFL might fill those empty stadiums with more of this black vs. black action. It’s too bad Colin Kaepernick wasn’t there to get his African people to take a knee. I didn’t notice any whites involved in the action, but I’m wondering if there are any white players on those two teams.

About a minute and a half. Almost 200,000 views in the few hours it’s been up.

Excerpt from

A fight broke out in the first quarter of Sunday’s Raiders vs. Broncos game that led to three players being ejected, including Denver’s Aqib Talib and Oakland’s Michael Crabtree.

On a second and six run by Marshawn Lynch a little more than three minutes into the game, Crabtree engaged Talib in a block, and proceeded to push him out of bounds before knocking him to the ground on the sideline. From there, Talib pulled off Crabtree’s helmet as he was surrounded by a group of Broncos. Raiders players began pushing the Denver players circled around Crabtree, leading to a brawl between the teams.

Crabtree walked away at first, but then he exchanged punches with Talib, who still had his helmet on.

In the end, Crabtree, Talib, and Oakland guard Gabe Jackson were ejected from the game. Jackson was ejected for pushing an official.

After the ejections, Lynch escorted Talib past the Raiders’ sideline as Crabtree stayed around his teammates.

These Tweets isolate the action.

Laura Loomer Gets a NOSE JOB and Tweets Something Really Damning About Bill Clinton


All I have for this post are the two Tweets by Laura Loomer on Saturday.

I wonder what her new nose looks like. Someone should do a side-by-side comparison. That may be it in the pic above. I can’t tell.

Anyway, although you guys don’t like her, I think she wants acceptance. Andrew Anglin was saying bad things about her on the Daily Stormer recently. Blah! You can have at her, but she’s just another alt-light troll with chutzpah.

The second Tweet says Laura has sources that tell her that Bill Clinton allowed Kevin Spacey to have homosexual sex in a presidential motorcade some 18 years ago.

That’s not the big Clinton story of the day, but it may help drive another nail in his coffin if the story gains traction.


Scenes from Black Friday Show Consumer Madness

Daily Caller

One man may be headed home with a broken back or hip after a wild Black Friday fight in a Kmart.

A video posted to Youtube on Thanksgiving night shows a man in a blue jacket approaching another man in a hat. It’s unclear what blue jacket man does next, but the man in the hat grabs him by the by the jacket and slams him into a shelving unit. (RELATED: You Don’t Want To Miss Out On These Bada** Black Friday Deals)

Blue jacket man rolls onto his stomach and holds his back and hip.

A woman, who appears to be shopping with the man in the hat, yells, “he touched him first!”

“He brung [sic] this cart in himself and rolled it there. He took it,” the woman says to the camera, trying to explain the situation. “He took it.”

In the background of the video, blue jacket man can still be seen lying on the floor in pain.

So far, it’s actually been fairly quiet except for the two Dindu girls who shut down the mall in Birmingham, Alabama and the Dindu who was shot in the parking lot of a mall in Missouri, which may have been unrelated to shopping.

Here’s a video of the Alabama incident:

There are plenty of funny “racist” comments on the video. Just click on the title or the youtube logo to read them.

Here’s a selection of the best Tweets as of this writing:

The postmodernist philosophy is that you are primarily a consumer, with no higher values. Don’t fall for it.

More later as events develop.