“Everything” Hurts: Disgraced Felon Doctor Dragged Off Plane Playing Up Injuries for Lawsuit?

In World War II it was called malingering.

A soldier would exaggerate the extent of his injuries in order to avoid returning to battle.

What it’s called today, I’m not sure. Insurance companies know what I’m talking about. A claimant exaggerates the extent of his injuries in order to get a larger settlement from the insurance company. Let’s just call it fraud.

The Vietnamese immigrant dragged off a United flight, a drug dealing faggot, is still hospitalized while claiming that “everything” was injured. People live through severe car wrecks with less damage than this liar. He’s clearly setting up United and the airport police for a big, big lawsuit.

New York Post

The Kentucky doctor who was violently dragged off a United Airlines plane is currently recovering in a Chicago hospital, according to a report Tuesday.

David Dao, 69, of Elizabethtown, Ky., told WLKY.com from his hospital bed that he was not doing well.

When asked what hurt, Dao replied, “Everything,” according to the TV news channel.

His loved ones said Dao was grateful for all the support he received after the now-viral video of the incident sparked major backlash against United on social media.

“The family of Dr. Dao wants the world to know that they are very appreciative of the outpouring of prayers, concern and support they have received,” his lawyer, Stephen Golan, wrote in a statement to CNBC.

The cop seen dragging off muh gook is a black man. Hey, I’m calling out all the criticism of the cop as anti-black racism. If the cop were not black, America wouldn’t have gotten twisted into a pretzel defending the Asian.

I stand with United and the blacks. I’m outnumbered for sure. The Telegraph reports that the black officer has been suspended. Yeah, blame the black man!

What say you?

Watch on youtube, if you prefer:

UH OH! Mexican Pulls a Gun on Utah Cops, Gets Shot a Lot (Video)

Watch on youtube if you prefer. The shooting took place in February. The video was released by police three days ago.

The shooting was justified. Sanchez took off running and fired at the cops. Big mistake on his part. He’s dead.

Three Arrested for Setting Fire that Collapsed Atlanta Bridge


First, the basics:


ATLANTA – Three people were taken into custody in connection with a fire on I-85 that caused a bridge to collapse, according to the state fire marshal’s office.

Basil Eleby, 40, has been charged with first degree criminal damage to property and criminal trespassing. Authorities have not yet said what led to the charges.

Eleby will appear in court Saturday morning.

Two other people were given citations for trespassing and were released.

Channel 2’s Mark Winne learned one or more of the individuals involved may be transient.

Channel 2 Action News has learned Eleby has been arrested several times before. He has been booked on charges including possession of marijuana and cocaine, criminal trespass, simple battery, and simple assault dating back to 1995.

Let’s fill in some detail with reporting from Heavy

Eleby appears to have a criminal history with multiple previous mugshots, according to Mugshots.com. ABC News reported that all three suspects were in the Fulton County Jail, and that they were interrogated throughout the day, although authorities have not said yet what led them to the trio.

According to 11Alive.com, Fulton County Jail records show Basil Eleby “had been arrested 19 times before for drug, battery, assault and other charges. An April 2014 mugshot shows Eleby after he was arrested for charges related to the sale and trafficking of cocaine.”

Thick black smoke billowed into the sky as the blaze erupted. USA Today reported that “Flames are erupting underneath an Atlanta interstate as black smoke is billowing under all sides. Local officials are on the scene and working to determine a cause.”

Drivers were left stranded:

There’s not much that can be said that hasn’t been said before. Blacks are a retarded group who often appear not to understand cause and effect. That they cost the hard working white taxpayers big money is not debatable. Old Basil is just costing working people more than usual for a single dindu. Perhaps worse than the monetary cost will be the time spent driving alternate routes and the traffic snarls caused by the bridge collapse.

Eleby? Lock him up and throw away the key. Let him live on bread and water. Or put him to work on a work farm paying for the bridge reconstruction.

Video Shows Illegal Mestizo Piece of Sh*t Threatening to Kill President and Melania Trump: Help Find Him!

In about a minute and a half, a foul-mouthed Mestizo rants enough to put him into prison for years. Followed by deportation.

God, this Mexican (or whatever) reminds me too much of our local braggart Mexicans.

I think this one has been drinking. Indians can’t hold their firewater without turning crazy.

Anyway, if you know who this scumbag is, turn him in to the FBI immediately.

Satisfying Video: Feminist Social Justice Warrior Taught Lesson by Cop

Make sure to have the sound on. The squeals are a delight to the ear in this 10 second video.

Angry Keith Olberman Says We’re “Trump’s Gestapo” in New Video

Crazy Keith is at it again, spewing lies with a great deal of anger and emotion. His intent seems to be to stir up the stupid ones to the point where one of them assassinates Trump.

If only Trump were purging Hispanics and banning Muslims. Olbermann’s whole premise is just liberal bullsh*t.

He should be ashamed of himself, but I guess the money (from Soros?) is too good to pass up. He should have stuck to sportscasting. His news analysis sucks.

Watch on youtube, if you prefer.

Raw Story

Olbermann suggested that at a certain point, it is no longer “just a Muslim ban or just a purge of Hispanics, it is a series of acts intended to terrify Americans into submission. It is a series of acts intended to silence those that would object, and turn them into human sheep.”

“It is in fact a series of acts of terrorism against the people of the United States of America and Donald Trump, it is your doing, and in due time you will atone,” Olbermann said.

Movie Glorifying Negroid Faggotry Wins Best Pic After Embarrassing Mixup


Haha. Told ya. I knew this was going to be a night of Negro and immigrant worship in Hollywood.

I, probably like you, don’t watch any award ceremonies anymore. The so-called talent is in reality no-talent. None of them mean anything to me. They’re garbage.

Nonetheless, from what I have read, it must have been great to see Hollywood screw up by announcing the wrong movie had won. Then, (picturing in my mind) a group of jive-ass Niggers get invited to the stage to replace the Jews who thought they won.

Priceless. If it didn’t happen exactly that way, don’t tell me until tomorrow. Just thinking about the Nogs taking over Hollywood for a few minutes, with Jewish tails tucked between their legs is so much fun to contemplate.

The Best Picture Oscar went to Moonlight, an LGBT lovefest populated by blacks only. Hollywood is so cucked!

At the 89th Academy Awards, La La Land was announced as Best Picture winner—until the speech given was interrupted to announce that Moonlight actually won. It’s a shocking end to an awards season that pitted Damien Chazelle’s tribute to classic Hollywood against Barry Jenkins’s portrait of a young black man grappling with his sexuality.

Watch how the incompetent idiots handle their stupidity:

Watch the trailer for the so-called “Best Picture” here:

The Russians hacked the envelope. I love it:

I checked for a Trump Tweet to get his reaction to the situation, but there’s nothing yet, so enjoy the above Tweet.