NFL: White Fan Taunts $21 Million Black Raider Player, Confrontation Ensues

The confrontation between a white fan and a black player captured on video does nothing to help the NFL’s declining reputation with the American public.

That’s a good thing if you care about living in a healthy society. The fan and player even got it into on social media. Fan is short for fanatic and anyone who invests his being in giving a **** about the NFL is not mentally healthy.

Watch the physical confrontation on youtube, if it works better for you.

New York Post

Donald Penn bent, but he never snapped.

The Pro Bowl left tackle of the Raiders entered into a shouting match with taunting fans in the Oakland parking lot after his team lost a 30-17 game to the Ravens on Sunday, dropping the Raiders to 2-3 as frustration builds, but the giant never threw down.

Penn, in his 11th year, exited his car as a group of fans heckled, the apparent leader wearing a Raiders shirt. Penn, all 6-foot-5 and 305 pounds of him, approached the fan and started screaming, the only discernible words not flattering.

“What you gonna do, b—h ass n—-a,” Penn screamed, with nothing between the fans and the offensive tackle but a small metal barricade and a few security guards.

Penn never lost control and returned to his car.

“He threw a bottle at my car but I should of stayed in the car he was tryna get me to react so he could sue me glad I took a sec 2 think,” Penn tweeted Sunday night.

Penn, who has been in Oakland since 2014 after seven seasons with Tampa, signed a two-year, $21 million deal last month.

247sports reports that the fan in the video is 27 year old Sal Chevarria. He and the player exchanged words not just in person, but also on social media, as seen below.

Therapy Dogs are Bringing Comfort to Las Vegas Massacre Victims (Twitter Video)

Good dogs!

Diseased Illuminati Moron Lady Gaga Pleads for Gun Control


Here we go again with the left lumping white shooter Stephen Paddock in with Muslims, Black Supremicists, KKK, and other politically motivated shooters with a political cause.

Lady GAG, who makes the right GAG but is no lady, has pleased her (((masters))) in the record industry with a couple of Tweets.


Pop megastar Lady Gaga said “blood is on the hands of” Congress and President Donald Trump if they don’t unite and enact gun control legislation in the wake of the mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival in Las Vegas Sunday night.

“This is terrorism plain and simple. Terror bares no race, gender or religion. Democrats & Republicans please unite now #guncontrol,” the “Poker Face” singer tweeted Monday.

Responding to a statement from House Speaker Paul Ryan, Gaga said, “blood is on the hands” of lawmakers who don’t pass increased gun control measures after the horrific shooting that claimed the lives of at least 50 people and injured more than 400 others.

The loon got loonier.

Lady Gaga announced that she’s “doing a 20 minute moment of meditation/silence/prayer on my InstagramLive for calming of the planet.”

“My intention is to connect us all through inner peace. I believe we can calm inflammation in the world by calming each other. #meditation,” the six-time Grammy-winner wrote on Twitter.

How about meditating to get the NFL players to stand during the National Anthem while you’re connecting us, GAGA???!!!

Las Vegas shooting: Paddock placed cameras in hotel, Trump deflects gun control


If you believe there is something fishy about a wealthy, elderly white man plotting and carrying out what is said to be the worst mass shooting in American history, then file away the police statement that the suspect had placed cameras at the peephole and outside his hotel room door. The police have provided no photos of the alleged cameras.

Who purchased the cameras and how much expertise would it take to set them up? The cameras show an extraordinary intelligence and ability to plan. Since the police claim the suspect killed himself, I expect they’ll tell us that his burial insurance policy was paid up too.

Families of victims have a right to all information that investigators dig up. I wonder if any of the families are suspicious that Paddock could be a patsy or that there could be a second or even third shooter? Police should be asked point blank at coroner’s inquests about why the nagging questions about this case persist into the second day in spite of the media silence about anything that doesn’t fit the narrative.

Meanwhile, in Washington, unlike Obama, President Trump wisely deflected questions about gun control.

Excerpt from BBC

Stephen Paddock, the gunman who killed 58 people and injured more than 500 in Las Vegas on Sunday, set up a number of cameras in and around his hotel suite.

Two cameras in the hallway and one in the peephole allowed him to see if “law enforcement or security” were approaching, police said.
Officers are still trying to determine why Paddock, 64, opened fire on a concert from the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

However, they do know there was a high degree of planning.

Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo told reporters on Tuesday: “This individual was pre-meditated. Obviously pre-meditated, the fact that he had the type of weaponry and the amount of weaponry in that room.
“It was pre-planned extensively and I’m pretty sure he evaluated everything he did in his actions.”

Undersheriff Kevin McMahill suggested the attack may have stopped when Paddock was disturbed, shooting a security guard.

The shooting – the worst in modern US history – has sparked debate over US gun laws, but President Donald Trump has said the discussion over what, if anything, needs to be done was “not for now”.

He earlier described Paddock as “a sick man, a demented man”.

But a senior US homeland security official, speaking on condition of anonymity to news agency Reuters, said there was “no evidence” of “mental illness or brain damage”.

Nor have police found links to any foreign or domestic terrorist organisations.

Paddock, who appears to have killed himself before police stormed his hotel room, had no criminal record and was not known to police.

However, police found 23 guns in Paddock’s hotel room, as well as firearms and explosives at his home. In total, across three locations, 47 firearms have been recovered, officials said.

Photos from the hotel room of guns used in the attack have been obtained by Boston 25 News.

Police still consider the woman thought to have been his girlfriend, Marilou Danley, “a person of interest”, he said. She is in the Philippines.

“We are in conversation,” Sheriff Lombardo said.

The shooting has prompted calls for reform to US gun laws.

But Mr Trump – who has been backed by the National Rifle Association, and spoke often of protecting the Second Amendment during his campaign – has tried to steer clear of leaning too far either way.

After visiting Puerto Rico on Tuesday, he said “perhaps that [time] will come” for a debate.

Earlier, he had said: “We’ll be talking about gun laws as time goes by.”

Mr Trump, whose position on gun control has changed over the years, gave no further detail.

Mr Trump also declined to call the attack domestic terrorism.

Vegas shooter had 200+ reports of suspicious activities, large financial transactions in casinos

As real revelations about the Las Vegas massacre slows to a crawl, reporters are becoming increasingly inventive about taking nothing and baking a cake with it.

This piece by ABC News’ Mike Levine offers the misleading title of this post, along with recycled information about the gambling habits of suspect Stephen Paddock.

He was a gambler. So what? Is Hillary Clinton going to suggest that we shut down gambling in Las Vegas because gambling turns white males in mass shooters? There’s zero evidence at this point that Paddock’s lifestyle was in any way threatened by his gambling activities. That could change, of course.

ABC reports that Paddock wired tends of thousands of dollars (other sources specify exactly $100,000) to the Philippines last week, possibly to his Flip girlfriend.

ABC News

As authorities pick apart the life of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, they have come across one major thread of suspicious behavior: how he handled his money.

Paddock’s recent financial transactions have become a key focus for investigators looking to learn more about the Nevada man and why he launched the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

As ABC News first reported Monday, Paddock recently sent tens of thousands of dollars to someone in the Philippines, where his girlfriend was at the time of the attack, and authorities are still trying to determine who received that money, sources familiar with the matter said.

In the last three years alone, more than 200 reports about Paddock’s activities, particularly large transactions at casinos, have been filed with law enforcement authorities, ABC News was told.

While some of the reports centered around “suspicious activity,” most were “currency transaction reports,” which casinos are required to file with the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network when a person withdraws or deposits more than $10,000 in cash.

The number of reports prompted by Paddock’s activities reflects — at the very least — how routine it was for him to gamble with large sums of money.

In one case, Paddock recently won $40,000 on a slot machine, his brother, Eric Paddock, told The Associated Press.

Las Vegas shooting: What we know about suspect Stephen Paddock
“That’s the way he played,” Eric Paddock said.

One law enforcement official noted “currency transaction reports” are “not necessarily suspicious,” especially “if you’re a high roller.” As for “suspicious activity reports,” 13,736 were filed last year with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, according to Treasury Department statistics.

According to the AP, Eric Paddock described his brother as a multimillionaire and said they had business dealings and owned property together.

He said he was not aware that his brother had gambling debts.

A source familiar with the matter told ABC News that Stephen Paddock was a “responsible gambler. He paid his bills, and he came back,” adding that there was “no indication of any [financial] stress, any debt, any problems at all.”

“He was a very consistent player,” the source said. “The notion of his winning or losing $40,000 seems very much within his norm.”

The FBI has already briefed some lawmakers about what they’ve found so far as agents dig into Stephen Paddock’s past.

“Bottom line, this man was a gambler, but I do not believe there is sufficient evidence to show that he was under stress financially from gambling at the time this incident occurred,” the top Democrat on the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Missouri, told ABC News.

Paddock’s longtime girlfriend is originally from the Philippines, and she is believed to have been there when he launched his deadly assault in Las Vegas, killing 59 people and more than 500 others attending a country music festival. She is expected to return to the United States Wednesday.

Asked about the reports associated with Paddock, a Financial Crimes Enforcement Network – or “FinCEN” — spokesperson said the agency “does not comment on specific reports filed by financial institutions,” but added, “FinCEN provides access to its database to authorized law enforcement and regulatory users and the data has proven to be extremely useful to investigators.”

The FBI declined to comment for this article.

Also revealed earlier today is that Paddock slipped and fell in a casino, leading to an unsuccessful lawsuit in 2011.

Video: Turning your AR-15 into a mini Gatling Gun! (GAT CRANK) | Super SlowMo 4K

Seven minutes of rapid fire fun, with a machine gun effect.

Over 2 million views. The Las Vegas massacre is drawing new attention to this video.

Second Shooter? 7 Second Twitter Video Shows Lower Floor Broken Windows at Mandalay Bay

Broken windows, bottom left side.

Second shooter? Lots of people who’ve seen what appear to be the second set of broken windows believe so. Furthermore, he taxi driver video I just post has some of the shots sounding close while others sound far away.