Watch “Broward Coward” Deputy Scot Peterson Run When the Shooting Starts



Embedded in this post is a one minute excerpt from the full two minute video. The excerpt has been captioned by the Guardian to help the viewer understand what went down at Stoneman High in Parkland, Florida. At the bottom of the post is the full two minute video plus an MSNBC analysis of what is shown.


Newly released surveillance videos show school deputy Scot Peterson standing and waiting outside a building at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High as Nikolas Cruz massacred 17 people.

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Parents of Slain DNC Staffer Seth Rich Sue Fox News Over Retracted Story



Am I misremembering when I recall that Julian Assange hinted that the DNC emails published on Wikileaks came from Seth Rich?

If the murdered Seth actually spilled the beans on the DNC, then he’s a hero–a martyr. But for some reason (shekels?) his parents would rather have the world their son died as the result of a random robbery.

Conspiracy theories about any issue are legitimate for the media to cover. Any mental anguish suffered by others is purely their problem so long as the media isn’t on a vendetta.


In the early morning hours of July 10, 2016, 27-year-old Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was shot several times in the back close to his Washington, D.C. home.

Rich, who was working on voter expansion efforts for the DNC at the time, died several hours later at a hospital — and D.C. police have said they believe he’s the victim of a botched robbery attempt.

Robbery gone bad is the standard explanation for assassinations the police don’t want to solve. It’s rather surprising that a patsy hasn’t been fingered as the triggerman.

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Sessions Considering Firing FBI Jackass Andrew McCabe BEFORE He Retires, Costing Him His Pension

That Trump Tweet from last year (above) summarizes the issue of firing James Comey’s Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. McCabe is the jackass who gave Hillary Clinton cover for her crimes.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has until Friday to fire McCabe. After that, he’s got his pension.

I would expect a lawsuit from McCabe if he is fired.

Nonetheless, this is what we mean by “drain the swamp.”

Excerpt from Fox News

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is considering firing top FBI official Andrew McCabe before he officially retires from the bureau in a few days, a move that could deprive the outgoing deputy director of pension benefits, Fox News has confirmed.

Sources said if McCabe is terminated by close of business this Friday, that would mean McCabe would not receive a government pension.

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Jewish Libertarian Larry Kudlow to be Trump’s New Economic Advisor

President Donald Trump has picked another free-trader Jew to be his chief economic adviser at the National Economic Council.

Libertarian Larry Kudlow has a long track record of speaking out on economic issues because of his role as a TV commentator. I used to watch his CNBC show and enjoyed his Republican cheerleading. I’m not sure the economics was sound, but the propagandizing for libertarian free market policies was attention grabbing.

Right now, in the brief time since this story broke in the media, Kudlow is being killed on Twitter by the left. Old examples where he’s been wrong about the economy are being dredged up.

If the alt-right would prefer a gentile from someplace other than Wall Street and TV, the alt-right is also going to weigh in negatively on Trump’s choice of Kudlow.

Business Insider

Conservative economist Larry Kudlow will replace Gary Cohn as National Economic Council director and become the top economic adviser to President Donald Trump according to a new report.

Multiple reports say that Kudlow, who is a CNBC contributor, will be named NEC director as soon as Thursday.

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Outrage as Ugandan Member of Parliament Tells His Peeps to “beat” Their Wives


I believe that Andrew Anglin advocates wife beating.

Maybe he should name Mr. Twinamasiko as the “Official Nigger Mascot of the Alt-Right,” like he’s named a pizza shop and an airline as our official companies.

You can take the jungle man out of the jungle, but he’s still going to behave like he’s swinging from trees.


A Ugandan MP has been told to apologise to victims of domestic violence after saying men should “beat” their wives.

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Britain Denies Entry to Coal-Burning Journalist Lauren Southern in order to Protect Muslim Feels

Many of you know that Lauren Southern, not at all on the alt-right, but rather an alt-light or merchant right figure who goes after the low hanging fruit–Muslims, has a history of romantic involvement with groids.

Then there’s the allegedly 16 year old Lauren with the mulatto boyfriend.

There’s also some evidence that her ancestors include Jews, but as far as I can tell there’s no consensus that she’s actually Jewish.

What she espouses is a cultural explanation for our problems rather than a racial one. That’s the mark of someone in it for the attention and/or the money, and not because of a burning desire to save the West and the white race from extinction.

So what we have is a coal-burning anti-racist being barred from entering Britain. Her anti-racism didn’t stop the British authorities from declaring her persona non grata. Maybe she should have showed them the pics of her with her darkie boyfriends.

Fox News

Canadian right-wing journalist and activist Lauren Southern was barred from entering the United Kingdom on Monday, purportedly over a poster she distributed about Islam in February — making her the latest international right-wing figure to be denied entry to the U.K. after criticizing the religion.

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren Rejects DNA Test to Prove She’s a Chug

There are very few people as dislikeable as Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, and Michelle Obama.

Senator Pocahontas is a liar. More than that, she’s abrasive. Whatever femininity she once had has disappeared into the black hole of leftist/feminist causes.

If she were really a Native American, she’d take the DNA test that she’s been challenged to take.

New York Post

WASHINGTON — Sen. Elizabeth Warren batted down calls for her to take a DNA test to prove her Native American heritage in an interview that aired Sunday.

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