Trump is the MAN! Real Women Appreciate Real Men!

Last year, bikini photos of the woman on the left, Ice-Ts wife Coco, were mistaken for photos of the president of Croatia and went viral. That’s Madam President on the right. Very attractive, I think you will agree.

Yesterday, Madam President got some more attention. This time for her looks of adoration given to American president Donald J. Trump.

Check out the photo collage in the Tweet below.


Here are a few more photos of her.

Trump Laying Hands on Glowing Orb of Arabia Mystifies Internet

The glowing orb is a world globe. You can see that quite clearly in the video ebedded below.

The official story explaining the cradling of the globe by President Trump is that it symbolizes the solidarity of America with the Middle East in the fight against terrorism.

A straightforward alternate explanation is that the event is a public Illuminati ritual intended to show the world that Trump is a New World Order globalist.

You can make up your own mind on what’s the symbolism. Watch the video and see if you spot any clues. Melania is present at the ceremony without a headscarf, if you think that’s important.

Uh oh, somebody is skeptical of the official story.

Dusky Driver Mows Down Pedestrians in Times Square, One Dead, 22 Injured



One of the problems with Latinos is that they exhibit a high rate of mental illness that leads to violence. The race realist would say that Latinos should have their own country (Mexico, Dominican Republic, etc.) where they can deal with their own kind as they see fit.

The killer in this story is probably going to cop an insanity plea. That will mean that he’s going to be out on the streets at some time in the future. Where his mental illness will come back and be played out a second time.

NEW YORK, May 18 (Reuters) – A former U.S. Navy sailor slammed his car into pedestrians in New York City’s packed Times Square on Thursday, killing an 18-year-old woman and wounding 22 people, and authorities said there was no indication it was an act of terrorism.

Witnesses said the motorist mounted the sidewalk in a burgundy Honda sedan and sped along more than three city blocks, knocking people over before the car hit a pole and came to rest at 45th Street and Broadway in Midtown Manhattan.

Police who took the driver into custody identified him as Richard Rojas, 26, of the New York City borough of the Bronx. They said he had been arrested twice for drunken driving in 2008 and 2015, and once earlier this month for menacing.

There was “no indication” it was an act of terrorism, Mayor Bill de Blasio told a news conference at the scene.

Initial reports of the incident brought to mind vehicle attacks on pedestrians like those seen in recent months in Britain, France, Germany, Israel and Sweden.

“People were being hit and rolling off the car,” said Josh Duboff, who works at the nearby Thomson Reuters headquarters. He said he leaped out of the way to avoid being struck.

Shoes were scattered on the sidewalk. A woman’s body lay covered with a bloodstained blanket. A police officer kept vigil nearby, sadly shaking his head.

The dead woman was named by police as Alyssa Elsman, an 18-year-old who was on vacation with her family from Michigan.

Car goes airborne in Times Square:

Friends of Rojas are interviewed:

Libtard MSNBC calls it an accident:

Raw footage of the crime scene:

Disturbing video:

As liberals step forward to defend the killer, never forget the victim.

We will remember!

See more photos and information on Alyssa at Heavy.

Colored BBC Reporter Grabs White Woman’s Tit During Live Interview, She Slaps Him


A mulatto reporter for the BBC got an unfriendly slap after copping a feel live on the air during an interview. The excuse: It was an accident.

The problem is that muh nigga had no right to touch anyone, least of all attractive white woman. In Texas, she would have pulled out her pistol and shot him.

He should be charged with sexual assault.

If you’ve ever wondered what your licence fee money pays for, it’s this: a BBC man grabbing a woman’s boob on live television.

One wag observed, ‘Bet Ben Brown felt a right t*t!’

The incident unfolded during a live broadcast, with the woman (a Corbyn supporter) butting in saying, ‘Absolutely fantastic’.

Brown then pushed her away – with his hand landing accidentally on the woman’s secondary sexual organ.

She then slapped him – before walking off laughing.

On Twitter he said that the boob-grab was ‘completely unintentional’.

Code Pink Kebab Going to Jail for Disrupting Jeff Sessions Senate Hearing


Actually, since I can’t find any biographical information on the woman that the press says was convicted for laughing at Attorney General Jeff Sessions, it’s best to say that whatever ethnicity she is, she’s a professional protester who really needs to see some jail time.

Snopes reports that the kebab (or married to a kebab at one time?) has been previously arrested for assaulting a cop and disorderly conduct.

The liberal press is reporting that the Code Pink scum was arrested for laughing. Not so. Fake news.

The sand turd was busted for disrupting a Congressional hearing and then fighting the police when she was asked to leave. Two others were also convicted of the same crime yesterday.

NBC News

An activist was convicted Wednesday on criminal misdemeanor charges for laughing during Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing.

Desiree Fairooz, 61, a long-time member of activist group Code Pink, was arrested on January 10 during the hearing’s opening statements. Tighe Barry and Lenny Bianchi, also members of Code Pink — who were dressed as members of the Ku Klux Klan as commentary on what Code Pink describes as Sessions’ racist past — were also arrested for causing a disruption.

Barry and Bianchi were escorted out of the Kennedy Caucus Room and arrested first. Less than 30 minutes after the two men were removed from the room, Fairooz was removed and arrested, according to a government motion.

Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby testified during his opening statement that Sessions’ record of “treating all Americans equally under the law is clear and well-documented,” and it was following this remark that Fairooz is alleged to have let out a laugh.

The government motion describes two bouts of laughter.

“In response to this statement, Defendant Fairooz, who had been sitting with Defendants Barry and Bianchi before their disruption and removal, let out aloud [sic] burst of laughter, followed by a second louder burst of laughter,” the document reads.

But Ariel Gold, campaign director for Code Pink who was sitting near Fairooz in the Kennedy Caucus Room, told NBC News that the noise was less than a cough.

“I would describe it as a reflex. It was such an appalling statement for Senator Shelby to make … this is such an absurdity that Mr. Sessions has a record of treating Americans equally, that she just reflexively let out a noise,” Gold said. “I was sitting about two people away, and I would say the noise was quieter than a cough.”

The case went to trial on Monday and closing arguments were made on Tuesday.

Fairooz was found guilty of disrupting Congress and parading/demonstrating on Wednesday afternoon, according to U.S. Attorney spokesman Bill Miller. Barry and Bianchi were each found guilty of parading/demonstrating and unlawful display but were found not guilty of disrupting Congress.

Miller said each charge is a misdemeanor with a statutory maximum of six months in jail and/or a $1,000 fine.

“Since CODEPINK formed at the start of the Iraq war, we have continuously been in the halls of Congress and in the streets standing up against war, militarism, and hatred. That Tighe, Lenny, and Desiree were convicted for peacefully protesting the hatred and racism of Jeff Sessions is an affront to justice and contrary to the kind of peaceful tolerant world we all deserve to live in,” a group spokesperson said in a statement emailed to NBC News.

Code Pink’s statement drips with hatred for the rule of law and for civility. The women need to go to jail and actually ali-Fairooz should be deported afterward, even if she were born in America. We’ve let too many of these America haters and their sense of entitlement stay in the country. Ship her to North Korea and let her try protesting Kim Jong Un.

Freshman Harrison Brown Identified as Victim of UT Knifeman


Kendrex J. White was arrested within minutes of murdering Harrison Brown on Monday in Austin, Texas on the University of Texas campus. White’s weapon of choice was a large Bowie knife, which he used to stab three whites and one Asian. Police have not yet reached a conclusion about whether the attack will be classified as a hate crime. Neither has anyone at the university had the guts to say “White Lives Matter.”

This post is in two parts. The first part honors the life of a fine young man who was the victim of an out-of-control crime problem in America.

The second part reaches into the life of Kendrex J. White, the alleged knifeman, to see what if anything can be learned that might prevent future attacks such as this one. Perhaps the most intriguing evidence is a video showing White engaging in a mock beheading for a school project and an article that speculates he was an antifa who targeted frat boys during his killing spree.

Harrison had a great love of music. This Facebook video of him singing has gone viral, with over 600,000 views so far.

As is usual, the standard, useless candlelight vigil offer assurances of mutual love was held in Harrison’s honor.

The University of Texas school newspaper remembered him with this article.

UT Daily Texan

Harrison Brown, 19, wasn’t only a UT student — he was a musician, a son, a brother and a kind friend.

On Monday afternoon, Brown, an undeclared freshman, was killed in an on-campus stabbing outside Gregory Gymnasium. Three other students were injured in the incident.

Austin bishop Joe Vásquez led a memorial mass for Brown, a practicing Catholic, at the University Catholic Center Tuesday night. All members of the UT community were welcome, filling the church to capacity with some standing at the back.

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The Black Attack: Young Scholar of Color Stabs Three White, One Asian on U. Texas Austin Campus


The University of Texas at Austin, the UT System’s mother campus with around 50,000 students, has some work to do to root out the Nazi white racist students who attend that Communist run institution of higher learning.

Can you believe that white students shouted to police “There he is” when a black freedom fighter was seeking out more whites to administer Black Justice to. I mean, come on, you white youths: Take the stabbings you deserve for your white oppression and white privilege and get over it.

The next time, boys and girls, that you see a black male freedom fighter stabbing whites, cheer him on, invite him to stick the blade in you.

Your professors tell you that whites should be genocided out of existence, don’t they? So, get with the program. Let a good black man do his job and take your death as Black Justice.

Fox News

A student at the University of Texas Austin attacked his fellow undergraduates Monday with what authorities described as a “Bowie-style hunting knife,” killing one man and injuring three others.

UT Austin Police Chief David Carter identified the suspect as 21-year-old Kendrex J. White, who was taken into custody without incident near a gymnasium. Fox 7 reported that White was a biology major and was expected to graduate in 2018.

Here’s a Twitter photo of heroic Kendrex suffering at the hands of his white oppressors. Really, the students and professors need to protest this kind of injustice. No black man should ever be arrested for any reason FREE KENDREX NOW. BLACK JUSTICE SEEKERS LIVES MATTER.

Here I go again, posting on things CNN doesn’t want you to know about.

University President Greg Fenves decried what he called an “unconscionable violent attack” and announced that all classes and activities had been canceled for the day.

“This breaks my heart … that any of our students were touched by tragedy,” Fenves said.

The stabbings unfolded at around 1:45 p.m. Central Time near Gregory Gym, home to the school’s women’s volleyball team. Carter said an officer responded to an initial report of a stabbing and arrested the suspect. The chief added that three other victims were found approximately a block away.

There was no immediate word on the conditions of the injured and authorities did not provide a possible motive for the attack. Three of the student victims were white and the fourth was Asian, Carter said, without noting which victim was deceased. The suspect is black.

Student Rachel Prichett told the Associated Press she was standing in line at a food truck outside the gym when she saw a man with a large knife approach the person standing behind her.

“The guy was standing next to me,” Prichett said. “He grabbed him by the shoulder and shoved the knife in it. I just started running as fast as I could.”

Another student, Ray Arredondo, said he was walking to his car when a mass of students near the gym started running.

“They were just screaming, `Run! Get out of here!”‘ Arredondo said.

Lindsey Clark said she saw the suspect get tackled by police as he was running toward the entrance of Jester Hall, a complex of dormitories and classrooms. She described him as wearing a bandanna and gray sweatshirt and said he appeared quiet and subdued as police held him on the ground.

“You could see and hear people running and screaming: `There he is!”‘ before he was tackled by officers.

University Police Chief David Carter said it would be “premature” to discuss the suspect’s motive and “what was going through his mind.”
Arredondo later saw what looked like CPR being performed on someone outside the front door of the gym. Another student was sitting on a bench being treated for cuts to the head or neck, he said.

Authorities cordoned off the scene as a large contingent of state and local police, including officers in helicopters, swarmed the area.
The University of Texas is blocks from downtown Austin and the Texas Capitol and is one of the nation’s largest universities.

The attack occurred in the central campus, just a short walk from the administration building and the landmark clock tower that was the scene of a mass shooting in 1966.

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