Sh*thole Liberal America: Junkies Openly Shoot Up in San Francisco BART Station (Video)

I saw a headline somewhere last week that said 800,000 people plan to leave California and New York. I hope they stay out of my state.

What liberals create is pure dysfunction worthy of a turd world country. They should damn well stay put and deal with the messes they’ve created.

CBS Local San Francisco

t’s a gauntlet commuters walk through every morning at the Civic Center BART and Muni station.

Regular commuter Shannon Gafford knows people have to see it to believe it. “One morning I said, ‘I got to pull out the camera and show my friends this. They’re not going to believe it,’” he said.

And over the course of a week, Gafford documented his trip to work. His videos show dozens of people slumped along a hallway, open IV drug use, unconscious men and women, and piles of vomit on either side of the hallways.

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World Map Shows Government Corruption by Country

Only European based cultures are capable of governance with minimal corruption. As the West is invaded by nonwhite hordes, the white population is going to lose control and find out exactly what living in a sh*thole is like.

Government corruption leads to bad economic outcomes. Think of Venezuelans eating their pet cats, dogs, and zoo animals due to food shortages.


Source: Statistica

Dumb African Countries Advertise as “Sh*tholes” TO ATTRACT TOURISTS



The countries reportedly labelled as s***holes by President Trump are using the insult to boost tourist numbers.

Trump allegedly called Haiti, El Salvador and Africa’s third-world nations ‘s***hole countries’ during an Oval Office discussion about immigration.

But now some of them are using his words to their advantage – on tourism posters.

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BBC Now Reporting the News in Ebonics (Pidgin) for Colored Folks

Having failed to lift the darker races up, the white race is lowering itself to the level of the darkies.

This is retarded.


Indian woman divorce husband because dem no get toilet

One woman for India don get permission from court to divorce her husband because im no gree build toilet for dem house..

The woman wey dey for her 20’s don dey married to her husband for five years, but na for inside bush she dey poopoo.

Indian law dey only allow divorce for limited circumstances like beating or wicked behaviour.

The lawyer for di woman tell AFP news agency say the judge say to dey make di woman poopoo for outside na one form of torture.
Times of India talk say di court say: “We dey spend money dey buy tobacco, liquor and mobile phones, but no ready to construct toilet to protect the dignity of our family.

“This no be only physical wickedness but also na shock to the modesty of woman.”

Indian media say the woman been don file for divorce since 2015.
To piss and poopoo for open field dey common for villages for India. The government don set target to give every house toilet by 2019, but dat work never really get head.

Get to Know Your Future Chinese Overlords, America (Twitter Video)

Less than a minute of truth about the “model minority.” Don’t watch. It’s bad!

Wall Street Journal Editorial Calls for Open Borders to Keep Wages Down and Profits Up

Back in the day when I described myself to students as a “Reagan Republican,” I was too stupid or brainwashed to understand the truth about immigration. The Wall Street Journal was America’s premier voice of conservatism. I was a conservative. The WSJ favored open borders. I should favor open borders so that capitalism would prosper.

The first inkling that I got that I was wrong came in 1992 when Ross Perot ran for president on an anti-NAFTA platform.

Here in San Antonio, the city fathers kept spewing the nonsense that NAFTA was going to turn SA into a world-class trading city, with the streets paved with gold. A business faculty member, Dr. Lynda Y. De La Vina, had been tasked with “selling” NAFTA to the faculty so that we would all be on board with one voice. Her sales pitch essentially boiled down to “F*ck the workers displaced by NAFTA. We’re all going to get rich by doing consulting work related to the legislation.”

Well, she got rich anyway.

I never spoke up for NAFTA but neither did I speak against it.

After all, I was a conservative. How could I be against free trade?

The Wall Street Journal was advocating for NAFTA then as a step toward a completely open North American borderless country. The globalists at that paper are still at it, all these years later.

Excerpt from Breitbart

President Donald Trump should abandon his merit immigration reform and simply let employers import cheap workers to ensure profitability, the Wall Street Journal recommends.

The newspaper’s Editorial Board declared August 4:

Senators Tom Cotton of Arkansas and David Perdue of Georgia have introduced legislation that would eliminate the green-card preferences for parents, adult children and siblings of U.S. citizens, which in effect would reduce legal immigration by 40%. Foreigners could also apply for up to 140,000 green cards via a government admissions process that awards points based on education, language ability, age, educational attainment and job skills …

[But] any point system is also arbitrary and reflects the biases of politicians—namely, Messrs. Cotton and Perdue—rather than the needs of employers … Employers have a better idea of the skills they need than does the Labor Department bureaucracy …

Every economist knows that employers can only raise wages as fast as productivity and profitability allow. If the cost of labor rises too much for a specific job, employers will simply cease providing the service or move production overseas. That means fewer jobs for Americans too …

The solution, as ever, is a legal immigration system that is generous with visas and flexible enough to meet the demands of a growing U.S. economy. If the White House is serious about passing something in Congress, it needs to recognize that reality.

Read it all here.

You need a subscription to read the full WSJ editorial.

The Breitbart piece goes on to discuss the economic damage that immigration does to Americans. All of us on the alt-right also note the cultural damage.

The Wall Street Journal is owned by globalist Rupert Murdoch.

There are too many good comments at Breitbart to summarize or post, but her’s a sample:

fwcaller spcnrs • 2 hours ago
It is not about jobs or economic growth. It is about voting. The steady, massive importation of big-govt-loving third worlders, who multiply like flies, then providing them amnesty, then watching them vote the first world countries into the ditch, just like they did to the third-world hell holes they escaped from because they voted those countries into the ditch. The jobs/economy matter is a red herring; a diversion. If these companies wanted to make big profits, they would cut workers. They do it all the time to increase their bottom line and push up their stock price. Or they would robotize peasant jobs. So their reasons are phony. They need more ignorant, big-govt.-loving voters.

Mexicans Show Their Love of America in Beautiful, Inspiring Picture

They love America so much they’re saluting our icons. God bless the Mexicans.

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