Jones vs. Kelly: Finally Over?

The embedded video above shows Alex Jones, Mike Cernovich, and Steve Pieczenik talking about the lies and distortions that Megyn Kelly brought to the table with her segment on Jones Sunday night.

NBC is blocking the publication of Megyn Kelly’s “interview” with Alex Jones on youtube. You can watch it on the Megyn Kelly webpage.

Kelly’s interview is a hatchet job. Until I heard the biased language coming from Kelly and her guests I never knew that anyone considered the Fat Man to be offensive because of his presentation of alternate views of some of the major news events of this century–9/11, the Sandy Hook shootings, Obama’s birth certificate, and more. The thing that bothered most of the conspiracy realists I follow was his failure to address the Jewish Question.

You have to believe that the sudden mainstream media interest in Jones is related to his relationship with President Donald Trump. By smearing Jones, some of the mud splatters upon Trump too.

When you consider that the press smears Trump a dozen times a day, seven days a week with their fake news narratives, why would anyone trust the press to tell the truth about Jones or any other “deplorable”?

Furthermore, when you consider the Neocon’s love of war and hostility to freedom, why would you trust the government to tell the truth?

All of the stories related to Kelly’s 17 minutes of anti-Jones, anti-Trump material stick with the narrative that Jones is evil and dangerous.

Excerpt from Variety

The one strong takeaway from the entire segment was that Jones is newsworthy and dangerous because he has the ear of our volatile president. The segment starts with that sentiment, and then proceeds to enumerate various situations in which Jones is a concerning public figure (including an interview with Neil Heslin, who lost his son in the Sandy Hook tragedy). Then it ends. To be sure, Kelly is right to observe that the connection is worth investigating. But the “Sunday Night” segment doesn’t seem like investigating; it’s instead a wind-up to a punch with no subsequent impact.

At least Variety acknowledges Kelly’s failures. But that’s probably because liberals hate her for her prior association with Fox News.

Excerpt from Deadline

One of Kelly’s fiercest critics, watchdog site Media Matters, called the broadcast “a report that was originally billed as a self-promotional head-to-head showdown with Alex Jones but got turned into “a well-edited investigation of the dangers posed by an unstable megalomaniac with millions of loyal fans, including one in the Oval Office” owing to a “well-deserved firestorm of denunciations.”

Insisting that Kelly deserves little credit for the changes the org warned its damage already had been done, saying “the network’s impotent reaction to Jones’ own grabs for media attention may allow the nation’s biggest producer of conspiracy theory media to come out the winner of tonight’s program.”

Jones seemed to agree. On YouTube, he live-streamed himself breaking open a bottle of champagne and calling the broadcast a big win.

Kellybots will follow her lead and spend Monday at the watercooler at work echoing the nonsense that Jones is dangerous. He may be loud and he may not get everything right and he may even be controlled opposition, but questioning 9/11 and Sandy Hook is patriotic, not dangerous.

The dirtbags at NBC and the liberal media don’t understand the appeal of Alex Jones. I could only find one article that treats him fairly.

Excerpt from American Thinker

Considering the longer term, Jones is in touch with and riding the wave of a powerful new meme that’s gaining currency worldwide. Its adherents believe that the game is stacked against the middle class as powerful and often unseen Deep State actors, globalists, the media, academia, popular culture, government bureaucracies, and other corrupt players conspire to transform for the worse life as we know it. Peaceful opposition to this onslaught is, as Jones has defined it – the Infowar. The Internet and the new media are making more plausible a worldwide wake-up call and a paradigm shift in information, awareness, and action. And they aren’t going away.

Meanwhile, one wonders what the NBC suits are thinking now about their widely reported $15 million-plus investment in their new golden girl, Megyn Kelly. She is decidedly not an Infowarrior or open in the least to the emerging new paradigm. And as her work at NBC is demonstrating, she is not even a good journalist.

Styx, not a fan of Jones or Kelly also gets it.

Twitter reactions:

U.S. Military Intelligence Wants to Talk to Mark Dice (Video)

Mark states in the above video that his youtube channel receives a billion hits a day! That popularity has attracted American military intelligence, which according to Mark, is looking for ways to shut down alternative media. That billion hits a day must add up to some serious advertising income for Mark.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Dec 1, 2016

A U.S. Military inteligence group wants to study me and my YouTube channel to figure out why I’m so popular. United States Special Operations Command reached out to me requesting to send a team of researchers to my studio to watch me work for days, and to talk with me about my popularity.

Mark writes:

They’re trying to study the rising independent media outlets like myself, in order to try to stop us, because we’re getting too powerful. This is getting creepy as hell. Subscribe to my channel if you’re new here because you’ll get new reports every day exposing the liberal lunatics and their manipulation of mainstream media.

There’s always the chance that Mark Dice is controlled opposition, paid to be a distraction from the real issues involving Jewish globalists and their desire to enslave the world. What do you think about Mark Dice’s contribution to what he calls “the resistance?”

If he ends up having a “heart attack” like fellow Jew Andrew Breitbart, I suppose then we’ll know he was the real deal.

9/11 Fifteen Years Down the Road Potted with Government Lies

twin towers 9 11

Today being the fifteenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, it seems a good time to reflect on the lie that is the “official story.”

Up first, an excerpt from a piece by Paul Craig Roberts. Following Dr. Roberts analysis of where we are is an excerpt from the Saker on the progress that the 9/11 Truth Movement has made.

Excerpt from Dr. Paul Craig Roberts at

There are many conspiracy theories about 9/11. The US government’s own expanation of 9/11 is a conspiracy theory in which a few Saudi Arabians outwitted the American national security state. Little doubt that many of the more imaginative conspiracy theories were created for the purpose of stigmatizing any skepticism, no matter how well reasoned and supported, of the official story.

When thinking about 9/11, it is important to differentiate expert opinion from improbable explanations.

Among the expert opinion are 2,600 structural engineers and high-rise architects who comprise Architects & Engineers for 9/11 truth and have written to Congress asking for a real investigation, Firefighters for 9/11 truth, Pilots for 9/11 truth, physicists and chemists who analyzed the dust from the twin towers and report finding reacted and unreacted materials used in controlled demolitions, and former government officials who understand that a security failure as great as 9/11 would have produced an immediate and exacting investigation.

These groups of qualified and experienced people say that the official story of 9/11 is false. Architects, engineers, and scientists say that the official story is physically impossible. Firefighters and WTC maintenance personnel say that there were numerous explosions within the towers and that the first explosions were in the sub-basements prior to the buildings being hit by airplanes. Experienced military and civilian pilots say the maneuvers of the aircraft are beyond the capability of the alleged hijackers. Both co-chairman of the 9/11 Commission and the legal counsel have written books in which they have said that information was withheld from the Commission, that the US government lied to the Commission, and that the Commission was set up to fail

In other words, the hard evidence simply does not support the official story.

We know that the official story is false. We don’t know who is responsible or the purpose the event was intended to serve. However, circumstantial evidence strongly supports suspicion of the neoconservatives whose high positions in the government would have enabled them to succeed with a false flag attack and to delay and divert any investigation until the official story was set in stone. We also know from the “dancing Israelis” that elements in the Israeli government had advance notice of the attack as Israeli agents were set up ready to film the destruction of the twin towers.

The attacks had to have been planned during the Clinton administration, which means that Hillary Clinton was in on the mass murder of 3,000 Americans. I wonder how many of the families will be voting for her.

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Truth Researcher Victor Thorn Found Dead, Alleged Suicide


Excerpt from the American Free Press

Prolific author, AMERICAN FREE PRESS writer and seasoned Clinton researcher Victor Thorn was found at the top of a mountain near his home, the apparent victim of a gunshot wound. Family and some close friends contend Thorn took his own life on his birthday, August 1. Thorn would have been 54.

At the peak of his writing career, the author of some 20 books and 30 chapbooks, Thorn had reported for this newspaper for over a decade, writing thousands of articles on myriad subjects from conspiracy to health-related topics. Best known for his investigate research on the Clintons, Thorn wrote the Clinton trilogy—three definitive works that delved into the history of the power couple including their sordid scandals, Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults of multiple women, and the drug running out of Mena, Arkansas while Clinton was governor of the state.

Here’s a short video reporting the death of Victor Thorn:

Below, is a video featuring Victor that I posted in February of this year:

Link to GLP discussion thread on Victor Thorne death

There’s very little information to go on at this point. Whether Victor Thorn (real name Scott Makufka) is another victim of the Clintons remains to be proved.

Alex Jones Exposed as Zionist Fraud


Alex Jones Exposed is one of those websites that focuses on a single target–Alex Jones, who is called out as a Zionist shill. It’s an investigative site that offers strong material. On the homepage, the first thing you learn is that Alex Jones was divorced from his Jewish wife on March 23, 2015. But there’s more.

Here’s a short excerpt from material on the homepage:

1. – Alex Jones was married to a Jewish woman named Violet Nichols, with whom he has three(3) children.

2. – Alex Jones and his Jewish ex-wife and children all qualify for Israeli citizenship under Israel’s “Law of Return”.

3. – Alex Jones is funded by at least thirty-four(34) Jewish sponsors and advertisers who financially support his radio show and websites.

4. – Alex Jones’ flagship radio station, KLBJ AM, in Austin, Texas, is owned by Emmis Communications, a media conglomerate based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The founder, chairman, president, and CEO of Emmis Communications is the Zionist Jew Jeffrey Smulyan.

5. – Alex Jones’ radio show is broadcast on Sirius XM Radio. The chairman of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Eddy Hartenstein. The CEO of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Mel Karmazin. The President of Sirius XM Radio is the Jew Scott Greenstein. Of the six(6) executive officers of Sirius XM Radio, five(5) are Jews.

but i was told gif

Many of the comments to this piece are a back and forth about Adolf Hitler and the Jews.

Brother Nathanael offers a similar take on Alex Jones:

Jones, with his massive, ravenous ego and Protestant-fundamentalist background, is plainly a Zionist operative and co-conspirator. Either in the closet or otherwise, it matters not. Sadly, his legions of sycophants and kool-aid drinkers are every bit as blind and brainwashed as those who will follow Obama into the abyss and will never figure it out…

And, of course, there’s a treasure trove of information exposing Alex Jones at the Daily Stormer (see blogroll). Here’s a graphic from one of their stories exposing Jones.

Alex-Jones jew psy op

cartoon laugh gif

SHOCK: Truth Website Veteran’s Today is 40 Percent LIES by Admission of Publisher Gordon Duff

I don’t do shape-shifting aliens and secret underground Nazi UFO bases in Antarctica on this website. No one can get everything right, since we are forced to speculate about so much because of the lies the System tells us, but I avoid the lunatic fringe ideas as much as possible.

But Veterans Today is one of the big truther websites. It’s shocking to me that its publisher, Gordon Duff, admits that 40 percent of its content is bullsh*t.

For practical purposes that means we truthseekers have to try to ferret out the 60 percent that is truth while ignoring the 40 percent lies.

That said, it’s curious that Duff claims in the video that he is forced to mix lies in with the truth or he would be dead.

That’s a mysterious claim. Who would kill him if he told only the truth? Is the System so powerful that it can kill with arrogance and impunity?

Book Review: There’s Only One Conspiracy and Henry Makow Has Nailed It in His New Book, Illuminati 3

There is only one conspiracy

There is only one conspiracy

The world is awash in a sea of chaos and confusion. To try to get at the truth of what is happening to us and why it’s happening, I usually skim or read somewhere around 100 articles a day, including the latest post at Henry Makow’s website.

Thus, it was with an eager thumb and hungry eyes that I opened his latest book, Illuminati 3: Satanic Possession and began to read. The book does not disappoint. In fact, it exceeds my expectations. It makes a strong case that there is a conspiracy that aims to destroy all that is good and decent.

In following the saboteur theme on this website, I sometimes end a post with the single-word sentence, “Resist!” The simplest way to resist is succinctly explained in the Overture section of the book, where Dr. Makow states,

“A conspiracy requires secrecy and darkness to thrive. We can resist simply by shining the light on it.”

And shine the light on it he does. I believe I counted 78 articles in the book, grouped by topic into seven sections. Each article can be read in one sitting, but thinking about the implications of each has kept the wheels spinning in my mind for days and even months. An investment in time spent with Dr. Makow pays big intellectual dividends. Many of the things you will learn in the book are not common knowledge.


Not that you must have intellectual inclinations to understand the book. “Accessible” is a good word to describe it. The articles reach out to the reader in plain language, informing while stimulating one’s thought. No matter your educational level, you will be able to absorb and understand just how monstrous the conspiracy really is. By understanding it, you will better be able to better resist and protect you and your family from the poisonous effects of the Illuminati New World Order agenda.

Some articles involve familiar names, such as “Freud’s Part in Our Satanic Possession.” If you think you know Dr. Freud, you’re probably wrong, as Dr. Makow uncovers obscure facts and offers new interpretations of the life and work of this giant of twentieth-century thinking. Sure, most of us know or suspect that Freud was a scam artist, but Illuminati 3 explains why in a concise, interesting way.


Other articles drill deep into subjects that may be familiar, but which offer startling new information. Take politics, for example. The article, “The Zionist Billionaires Who Control Politics,” taught me more about the Koch brothers and how they use their vast wealth to influence the US government than I had ever learned by extensive reading in mainstream conservative sources. Hint: The billionaire brothers don’t have ordinary families’ interests in mind with their behind the scenes machinations.

The articles cover the sweep of human history, from the ancient Cabala to the present day. There’s a collection of articles on the conspiracy to subvert humanity through the improper use of sex. That section is of particular interest to me because, although I have a doctoral degree in economics, I spent many classroom hours teaching cultural economics. It’s impossible to have a prosperous, innovative economy when the family is being torn apart by a monstrous conspiracy that poisons our culture and intends to destroy it in order to concentrate wealth among the Illuminati.

The two sections on hidden history are also of special interest to me. Like many Americans who went through the requisite history requirements in college, I’ve learned through Dr. Makow’s research that I was deceived and even lied to. One of the history sections deals with the world wars, while the other delves into communism and Freemasonry. If you have a history buff in the family, I believe that they would find the articles enlightening. Many articles in the book, including those in the hidden history sections, provide references to books and articles so that the reader can consult additional sources, if he or she wishes.

The article, “How the Illuminati Recruit and Network,” offers a thought that resonates for its fundamental truth.

Society was naïve to think it could reject God without embracing Satan. They are like light and darkness. Remove the light and you will have darkness.

There are many other fundamental truths in the book, so let me end this post by enthusiastically recommending Illuminati 3 to truth seekers