Huge Majority of Youths–Blacks, Asians, and Latinos Believe Trump Illegitimate, Controlled by Russians

They are not like us.

They hate us. Donald Trump symbolizes us for them.

They thought there would never be another white male president after Obama.

Their subconscious minds (and sometimes their conscious minds) want us all dead.

You have been warned, white people.

One more thing. Many of our own people, weak in morals, character, spirit, and drug addled, are marching in lockstep with the nonwhites who want them dead.

Daily Mail

On the same day that President Trumps’ favoribility rating sank to an all-time low, a new poll found that a majority of young Americans view his presidency as illegitimate.

Fifty-seven percent of adults age 18 to 30 believe that President Trump is an ‘illegitimate’ leader according to a GenForward poll conducted by the Black Youth Project at the University of Chicago with The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Among young adults of color, 74 percent of African Americans and 71 percent of Latinos/as view Trump’s presidency as ‘illegitimate’, while a majority of whites (53 percent) view Trump as a ‘legitimate’ president.

Overall, just 22 percent of young adults approve of the job Trump is doing as president, which is 15 points lower than the Gallup poll release on Monday.

Blacks are low IQ. Latinos don’t read, according to surveys I’ve seen. They watch TV all day. I would have expected better of Asians, but many of them live on the liberal West Coast, absorbing the bullshit socialist, globalist memes spewed out the Jewsmedia.

The youths surveyed grew up under Obama. They think that its normal for men to insert their penises into other men’s anuses and call it marriage. They think it’s normal for penises to be in the women’s bathroom. They think Obama is a male role model. They are pathetic. In today’s language, they are “snowflakes” who hate real masculinity while embracing the false masculinity of Obama and Michael (aka Michelle)

Ann Coulter: A Maniac Has Control of American Foreign Policy


Ann Coulter can never bring herself to describe the role that Jews play in advancing the destruction of America.

Other than that, she lays the truth out there. Which is that the federal judiciary has participated in the destruction of America as much as any other group. The disturbing aspect of this is that many of the enemy judges were appointed by Republicans.

Excerpt from Ann Coulter

To review:

— When the president’s immigration policy is to promote international communism: The president wins.

— When the president’s immigration policy is to transform America into a different country: The president wins.

— But when the president’s immigration policy is to protect Americans: Some piss-ant judge announces that his authority exceeds that of the president.

In many parts of the country, you’re already not living in America. Just a few more years, and the transformation will be complete. There will be a North American landmass known as “the United States,” but it won’t be our country.

The only thing that stands between America and oblivion is a total immigration moratorium. We are well past the point of quick fixes — as Judge Robart’s delusional ruling proves.

The judiciary, both political parties, the media, Hollywood, corporate America and approximately 1 million lobbying groups are all working frantically to bring the hardest cases to our shores. Left-wing traitors, who used to honeymoon in Cuba and fight with peasant revolutionaries in Peru, toil away, late into the night, to ensure that genocidal Rwandans can move to America and immediately start collecting food stamps, Medicaid and Social Security.

No matter how clearly laws are written, government bureaucrats connive to import people from countries that a majority of Americans would not want to visit, much less become. Federal judges issue lunatic rulings to ensure that there will never be a pause in the transformation of America.

Congress could write laws requiring immigrants to pay taxes, learn English, forgo welfare and have good moral character. It could write laws giving the president authority to exclude aliens in the public interest.

Except it already has. Those laws were swept away by INS officials, federal judges and Democratic administrations — under ferocious pressure from America-hating, left-wing groups.

The country will not be safe until the following outfits are out of business:

The ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project; the National Immigration Forum; the National Immigration Law Center; the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild; the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights; the Office of Migration and Refugee Services; the American Immigration Law Foundation; the American Immigration Lawyers Association; the Border Information and Outreach Service; Atlas: DIY; the Catholic Legal Immigration Network; the Clearinghouse for Immigrant Education; the Farmworker Justice Fund; Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees; the Immigrant Legal Resource Center; the International Center for Migration, Ethnicity and Citizenship; the Lesbian and Gay Immigration Rights Task Force; the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service; the National Association for Bilingual Education; the National Clearinghouse on Agricultural Guest Worker Issues; the National Coalition for Dignity and Amnesty for Undocumented Immigrants; the National Coalition for Haitian Rights; the National Council of La Raza; and the National Farm Worker Ministry.

Two Small Wins for Trump at Today’s Pussyhat Marches

Women in Sydney were marching against Trump today. Somebody did good. The women were probably moved to screech even more.

There’s nothing much more to say, but RT has a story on the skywriting trolling.

The second win is shown in the Twitter video below.

All of these crazy women marching today should be sent to work camps for five years at hard labor and have their children taken away. That’s child abuse what you see them doing in the video.

One CNN Jigaboo Calls Another CNN Jig a “mediocre Negro” for Defending Trump


Marc Lamont Hill has the fastest mouth in America. I used to see the token Negro professor match wits with Bill O’Reilly on The Factor years ago until Fox fired him.

He’s quite the self promoter. He clearly has an IQ significantly higher than most other gentlemen of color you’ll see on TV. Unlike decent blacks like Larry Elder, Hill is a leftist social justice warrior.


CNN analyst Marc Lamont Hill attacked a fellow panelist Monday for his work on Donald Trump‘s National Diversity Coalition, calling him a “mediocre Negro” being manipulated by Trump.

“I love Steve Harvey and I have respect for Steve Harvey and I think his intentions were appropriate, but my disagreement is the way in which he’s being used by folk like Donald Trump,” Hill said.

“They keep bringing up comedians and and actors athletes to represent black interests. It’s demeaning, it’s disrespectful, and it’s condescending,” he continued. “Bring some people up there with expertise Donald Trump, don’t just bring up people to entertain.”

“You weren’t even there…” responded Bruce LeVell, a member of Trump’s diversity team. “Pastor Darryl Scott, Mike Cohen, they are in the process of bringing all types of people from all over the country, from all different backgrounds. Remember the diversity coalition where we reached out to all different types of people?”

“Yeah, it was a bunch of mediocre Negroes being dragged in front of TV as a photo-op for Donald Trump’s exploitative campaign against black people. And you are an example of that,” Hill shot back.

Unsurprisingly, the conversation immediately devolved into shouting. “I’m not name-calling,” Hill insisted.

Black Trump supporter Sheriff David Clarke called Hill a “jigaboo” after learning about the CNN shootout.

Jigaboo is a fine word. It drew Hill’s attention.

Look at all the fun we’re having now. The next four years are going to be great. Check that. Let’s make it eight years!


Jewish Writer Explains Why Tribes are Taking Over Nations

A Jewish writer over-intellectualizes the importance of the tribe to people in this post.

There’s a lot to like in the long essay, which must total several thousand words. There’s also a lot to dislike, especially the conclusion that we have to live with multiculturalism one way or another.

The best parts in the essay revolve around our need to belong and how the tribe fulfills that need.

In the last line of the essay, you have the Jewish pro-multiculturalism that is intended to turn you away from being pro-white into being a globalist, assimilationist.

Excerpt from the Jewish Forward

Recently, in a desperate bid to boost Denmark’s falling birth rate and sustain its generous welfare state, a TV campaign encouraged Danes to have more sex — and make children. “Do it for Mom!” it pleaded repeatedly, then briskly added, “Do it for Denmark!” Either way, this individualist-turn-collectivist call worked quite well. A Danish baby boom is now making new, happy grandmas, as Denmark toughens its already strict immigration laws. If humanity is destined for a clash of civilizations, the delivery room may be a more desirable location than the battlefield. But the strategy of turning wombs into weapons may easily go astray, as the chronicles of numerous ethnic conflicts attest. And it hardly bodes well for the West, and for liberalism.

For many, multiculturalism opened the gates of hell for other peoples to enter. Perhaps so. By embracing negative liberty’s philosophy of “live and let live,” multiculturalism offers no raison d’être (to live for what?). By espousing political correctness, multiculturalism may have tamed power, but it also tarnished passions and persuasions. By professing a higher moral ground, multiculturalism remains ethically confused and confusing. After all, the most ardent multiculturalist would typically favor his own mother or daughter over someone else’s. Why, then, not extend your love for kith and kin to tribe? The seemingly sinister calling of blood, of belonging to what we didn’t choose, also applies to our parents and children. Is family, too, bad faith?

Ultimately, for all its flaws, multiculturalism has no claws. At its heart, sans the presumptuous “ism,” a multicultural perspective is simply a depiction of humanity since time immemorial. Monocultural society is a dangerous delusion. We live with others, whether with other people, other families, other neighborhoods, other religions. There is no exit from coexistence, save death. If we choose life, it’s coexistence, not merely individual existence, we must accept, and try to justify.

The triumph of Brexit and the election of Trump succeeded through making a hellish nightmare of the “other” and joining it with an injured. Imaginary isolated tribes who imagine they can survive without coexistence vote against the democratic futures of the United Kingdom, the United States, the E.U. and, indeed, the whole project of modernism.

Antony Miall once noted that as far as “the English are concerned, all of life’s greatest problems can be summed up in one word — foreigners.” Their American descendants, too, may live up to the description. Facing foreigners, both Britons and Americans, like the protagonist in the Eagles’ song “Hotel California,” may have been thinking to themselves, “This could be heaven or this could be hell.” As they rush toward the exit, however, they may soon discover that “you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!” Hell is other people, but there’s “no exit.”

Still, can we, ought we, choose to stay, willingly embrace coexistence with others? Perhaps it is too much to ask. After all, the tribe got us this far. It is precisely because we feel we belong to our people and fear others that we have managed to deflect and defeat dangers. It is only when we pause to think about the purpose of living, not merely of protecting and propagating life, that coexistence starts to make sense.

But meaningful coexistence is not about toleration or about turning the other cheek; it is about looking deep into each other’s eyes, seeking interpersonal intimacy and intercommunal solidarity. Only by knowing the other can we transcend, if momentarily, the transient individuals that we are, and start living up to our humanity — making humanity our tribe.

Make humanity our tribe? Thanks, but no thanks. Humanity is made up of some very bad people, as well as some good. The natural order of things is to be around those who look, think, and experience life as you do. It’s how peace of mind comes to a person.

Look at Israel, for example. Mr. Jew, is humanity your tribe?


Obama v. Putin: Place Your Bets, Ladies and Gentlemen

obama putin contrast

On Thursday, lame duck American President Barack Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats and took other actions in retaliation for alleged Russian hacking of the American presidential election.

Initial Russian response was swift, although the world awaits the final actions against the U.S. crafted by the Kremlin.

Amateur chess player Obama is playing a deadly game against a master. He’s risking our lives in his petulant effort to “box Trump in” as it’s being called on the Internet. Trump has stated in response to Obama’s foolishness that it’s time to move on. What do we have? Just 22 days before the loser vacates the White House, leaving Trump a royal mess to clean up.


Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has posted a scathing Facebook comment on US President Barack Obama’s approval of new anti-Russian measures, arguing Obama’s “bitter” and “helpless” team did a disfavor to the White House’s reputation.

Zakharova wrote that the outgoing president did not manage to leave “any” major foreign policy achievements as part of his legacy and instead of “putting an elegant period” to his two presidential terms has “made a huge blot” with his latest decision to impose more sanctions on Russia, expelling 35 Russian diplomats and closing two diplomatic compounds in the US.

“Today America, the American people were humiliated by their own president. Not by international terrorists, not by [the] enemy’s troops. This time Washington was slapped by own master, who has complicated the urgent tasks for the incoming team in the extreme,” Zakharova wrote, labeling the current administration “a group of foreign policy losers, bitter and narrow-minded.”

“Today, Obama officially admitted it,” she wrote.

“This is it, [the] curtain [has dropped]. The bad performance is over. The whole world, from the front row to the balcony, is watching a devastating blow to America’s prestige and its leadership, dealt by Barack Obama and his semi-literate foreign policy team, which has exposed its main secret to the world – exceptionalism was a masked helplessness.”

“No enemy of the United States could have done worse,” Zakharova concluded.

The spokesperson promised that the US won’t have to wait too long for Moscow’s response.

“Tomorrow there will be official statements, countermeasures, and much more,” she wrote.

On Thursday, Washington issued new sanctions against Russian citizens and entities in retaliation for what it described as “malicious cyber-enabled activities” allegedly orchestrated by the Russian government.

Among the sanctioned institutions are Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) and Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) and their senior officials. The US has also expelled 35 Russian diplomats, which it claimed to be “intelligence operatives” and closed two compounds, in Maryland and New York.

The sanctions were condemned by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov as “unjustified and illegal under international law.”

putin vs obama war

putin finger obama

Paul Ryan has stabbed Trump in the back again:

Miscelleanous reactions from awake Americans not fooled by Obama:

Link to US Government Report on Alleged Russian Hacking Operations

Carrier Stays: Thank you, President-elect Trump

pepe toast wine

The left’s collective head just exploded. Can you feel the heat?

Well, cool off with your Carrier air conditioner–made in the USA.

You may remember Donald Trump’s Tweet talking about keeping Carrier’s production in the USA.

Done! And he’s not even president yet.

New York Times

From the earliest days of his campaign, Donald J. Trump made keeping manufacturing jobs in the United States his signature economic issue, and the decision by Carrier, the big air-conditioner company, to move 2,000 of them from Indiana to Mexico was a tailor-made talking point for him on the stump.

On Thursday, Mr. Trump and Mike Pence, Indiana’s governor and the vice-president elect, plan to appear at Carrier’s Indianapolis plant to announce they’ve struck a deal with the company to keep roughly half of the jobs in the state, according to officials with the transition team as well as Carrier.

Mr. Trump will be hard-pressed to alter the economic forces that have hammered the Rust Belt for decades, but forcing Carrier and its parent company, United Technologies, to reverse course is a powerful tactical strike that will rally his base even before he takes office.

In exchange for keeping the factory running in Indianapolis, Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence are expected to reiterate their campaign pledges to be friendlier to business by easing regulations and overhauling the corporate tax code. In addition, Mr. Trump is expected to tone down his rhetoric threatening 35 percent tariffs on companies like Carrier that shift production south of the border.

Roughly 10 percent of United Technologies’ $56 billion in revenues comes from the federal government, with the Pentagon its single largest customer. Its Pratt & Whitney division, for example, supplies the engines for the Air Force’s most advanced fighters and host of other planes.

While Carrier is best known for its air-conditioners, it also sells a variety of other heating and cooling equipment for homes and small businesses, like the furnaces and fan coils made at the Indianapolis factory.