Busted! Media’s Belittling of Trump’s Jobs Tweet Another Example of FAKE NEWS

There’s enough bull manure in the press’s condemnation of President Trump’s Friday jobs Tweet to fertilize all the corn fields in Iowa.

Excerpt from Politico

President Donald Trump moved markets and busted norms on Friday morning with a tweet about the May employment report more than an hour before the numbers came out.

The post appeared to skirt strict rules on government employees not commenting on the highly sensitive economic data until an hour after its public release at 8:30 a.m. Eastern time.

That the press would blast Trump over this Tweet is just another example of them digging their own graves that much deeper.

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Miami Cheesecake Factory Suspends Employees Who Allegedly Mocked Black Man in Maga Hat

I’m speculating that the employees who hassled a Florida black man wearing a MAGA cap were black or Latino. White people would congratulate him or at least leave him alone.

By the way, this nog has a hot girlfriend, who’s either Latina or white. Scroll down to see her photo.

Local 10

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Police officers were called to Miami-Dade County Cheesecake Factory this weekend after a man said he was harassed by the staff for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

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Stormy’s Probable Jew Lawyer Follows Alinksky’s Rules for Radicals


Jews don’t play fair, as fair is defined by the European-descended peoples of earth.

Their sneaky, underhanded tactics make them a despised people, as well as a rich and powerful group.

I can’t prove that Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for Stormy Daniels, is Jewish. However, he’s worked for Jewish law firms and he plays by the Jewish rule book that aims to destroy the enemy.

Truepundit reports that Stormy’s attorney is under federal investigation for illegally acquiring financial data on Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen. This is a good time to remind ourselves of just how despicable Saul Alisky was and how vile anyone who follows Alinksky is.

Excerpt from Politico

Appearing on TV, Avenatti wears down his opponents by deploying Alinsky’s Rule No. 5, one that Trump has long observed in his own battles: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” Avenatti routinely mocks Cohen as a “thug,” “beyond stupid,” legally “radioactive” and “not that bright.” and goes after Cohen’s attorney with an ack-ack of insults and slights. Wherever possible, Avenatti makes personal everything that is legal, perhaps because he figures that a temperamental opponent like Cohen will grow unsettled and erratic in the face of ridicule, unable to muster any real defense.

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Evil Bastard McCain Bans Trump from His Funeral, says NYT

American Senator John McCain is going out the way he lived–full of arrogance and spite.

When he finally kicks the bucket, steel yourself for all the praise for him that will be forthcoming.

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Trump-Hating Adulterer Lisa Page Has RESIGNED from the FBI

FBI lawyer Lisa Page, who was having an affair with a fellow Trump-hater at the FBI, Peter Strzok, has resigned. A second lawyer suspected of anti-Trump shenanigans has also quit the FBI.

If Hillary Clinton had emerged victorious in 2016, all of these corrupt FBI people would still be employed and still carrying out the Deep State agenda.

Daily Caller

The FBI attorney who exchanged anti-Trump text messages with another bureau official resigned on Friday, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.

The FBI confirmed that the lawyer, Lisa Page, tendered her resignation.

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Dying McCain Berates Trump in New Memoir Due Out May 22

Songbird John McCain has a chance to cleanse himself by telling the truth about himself before he dies.

It looks like that’s not going to happen.

Hopefully, some one will set up a camera to capture McCain’s moment of death so that we can see all the demons leaving his body as he passes.

CBS News

John McCain writes in his upcoming memoir that he’s “not sure what to make of President Trump’s convictions.” He also said that Mr. Trump’s “reaction to unflattering news stories, calling them ‘fake news’ whether they’re credible or not, is copied by autocrats who want to discredit and control a free press.”

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Singer Shania Twain Forced to Apologize by Internet Lynch Mob for Saying She Would Have Voted for Trump if She Were an American

What do we keep advising people called out for political incorrectness?

Never apologize.

The lynch mob after singing Shania won’t stop until they get a taste of blood. Apologies rarely do any good.


Shania Twain has taken to Twitter to say sorry for ‘offending’ anyone by admitting she would have voted for Donald Trump.

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