Starbucks Trolled by Prank Call: Free Beverages for Every “Person of Color” (Video)

Starbucks has apologized to the blacks arrested in their shop in Philly for trespassing. The company is mandating diversity training.

According to this prank call to a Starbucks the company is doing more for blacks.

I would say it’s pretty easy to fool a young white female waitress (no more “barista”) working at Starbucks. They’re liberal anyway so anything you tell them that’s politically correct they’re going to buy into.

Less than three minutes.

Laura Loomer Confronts Ex-G-Man James Comey on First Day of Book Tour, Escorted Out by Security


Laura’s hair is black in the video below, apparently to disguise her appearance so that she could enter without any trouble James Comey’s appearance at Barnes and Noble yesterday. Or maybe she just got tired of being a blonde.

She promised everyone that she would confront disgraced Comey on the first day of his book tour and she did it. The lady is my Jew!

Laura had the gall to tell Comey that he (plus McCabe, Hillary, and others) had been marked for criminal investigation yesterday by eleven Congressmen. Let’s get up to speed on the criminal investigation of Comey that Laura was referring to before watching her two minute confrontation with Comey.

Sara A. Carter

Congressional lawmakers made a criminal referral Wednesday to the Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions against former senior-level Obama administration officials, including employees of the FBI connected with the unverified dossier alleging collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, as well as those involved in the warrants used to spy on a former Trump campaign volunteer, this reporter has learned.

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Hotep Jesus Gets His Free Reparations Coffee from Starbucks (Video)

The Negro infestation of Starbucks has begun.

Hotep Jesus demanded his free coffee as reparations for slavery and such and the white barista replied positively to the sacred Negro God.

By the way, I will never use the word barista again. I view it as a Jew psy op promoting snootiness and class division. From here on out, it’s “waitress” for me. I prefer my coffee from truck stops, served by Ethel or Honey or some other white waitress.

Seen at American Mirror

MILO’s Scholarship Program for “white boys” Closes Down, But the $100K Raised is Missing


Scholarship money for embattled white male youths who want to go to college and major in something useful are a good idea considering that scholarships available only to nonwhites are common.

However, MILO’s scholarship charity appears at this point to have been a scam that enriched the dangerous faggot.

Excerpt from NBC News

A charity meant to provide college scholarships for white men started by Milo Yiannopoulos, self-described libertarian and professional internet troll, has shuttered its operations, Yiannopoulos confirmed to NBC News.

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CNN’s Jim Acosta Gets Cucked by Baked Alaska (Video)

Each small victory helps destroy the system. Thanks, Baked Alaska.

Seen at the Daily Caller. By the way, Daily Caller came in for criticism for running a video done by such a horrible racist Nazi like Baked Alaska.

Based High School Boy Who Reported Illegal Classmate to ICE is KICKED OUT OF SCHOOL

There’s not even a pretense of fair, unbiased reporting on the case of Cory Garnley, the Florida high school boy who prefers the white race to all others.

Generation Zyklon is lit!

WTFF Florida

Gainesville (WTFF) – Cory Carnley, the high school student who bragged on Reddit about trying to get an undocumented classmate deported, has been kicked out of school.

As reported by, this high school senior who spends a lot of time saying the n-word online (because people like him will never say it in public) “is no longer attending GHS” according to Gainesville High Principal David Shelnutt.

Here’s a screenshot of his Reddit post:

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Fake Gorilla Channel Excerpt from Trump Book Fools Trump Haters

Trump haters give themselves away with their stupid ability to fall for any negative claim about the POTUS.

Yes, we mocked Obama and his “tranny” wife and his Kenyan birthplace, but we didn’t fall for stupid, implausible stuff.

Fox News

One of the most entertaining “excerpts” circulated from Michael Wolff’s explosive tell-all was a passage describing President Trump supposedly watching a “gorilla channel” for hours on end.

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