Uh, NO! (((Laura Loomer))) Is Dating Neo-Nazi Baked Alaska Who Once Trolled Her with Gas Chamber Meme

It looks like the alt-right’s Baked Alaska (a FBI plant?) and Laura Loomer teamed up to fool the world into thinking a Nazi and a Jewess could have a love affair.

Alas, it was all for publicity.

Shame on you two kids for fooling us. We were already planning your wedding in our minds.

Jewish Forward

Laura Loomer, the young Jewish voice of the far-right, says she has struck up an unlikely romance with Tim Gionet — the online troll better known as Baked Alaska who previously tweeted a picture of Loomer in a gas chamber.

“Isn’t it a cute love story?” Loomer wrote in a message to the Forward. “Alt Right leader falls for a Jewess. Better than notebook.”

And now Gionet is apologizing to his followers for his past behavior — claiming it’s Loomer who cured him of his bigotry.

Loomer says that she and Gionet started messaging each other recently and their relationship, such as it is, consists mostly of sending memes to each other on Twitter. The two have only actually met once — months ago at an “alt-right” rally in Washington, D.C.

“He’s super into me,” Loomer wrote.

The relationship was widely dismissed as an elaborate joke by Twitter users — both characters are famous for their trolling — but Loomer sought to convince the Forward that it is the real deal. “We just started talking a lot and I told him he should work on himself,” Loomer said.

UPDATE, 7:55pm: Gionet now denies that he and Loomer are dating — and is celebrating the entire thing as a prank. Loomer did not immediately respond to the news that her would-be boyfriend is denying that they’re together.

Wow! (((Laura Loomer))) Confronts Hillary at Book Signing Over Emails, Benghazi, Seth Rich (Video)

Jewish alt-light troll Laura Loomer strikes again with another publicity stunt. Hillary Clinton’s security people should have recognized Loomer from her Jewish nose (which she says she’s going to have fixed). But there was a fail and Laura got to take a few verbal whacks at Hillary Clinton, caught on tape.

It’s fun to see Clinton squirm a bit. Scroll to the bottom of this post for the short clip of the confrontation.

The first six minutes are just Laura Loomer’s poor camera work as she stands in line waiting to see Hillary Clinton. The last couple of minutes are where the action is.

Jewish chutzpah! Laura’s got it.

Cernovich has extracted the confrontation from the longer video.

Rawstory Profiles Microchip: How an anti-trans, anti-immigrant troll built a pro-Trump Twitter army by duping ‘moron’ baby boomers

This puff piece on Microchip explains how the Trump Train rolled to victory last year with the help of Twitter’s group message feature.

This year, Microchip’s project is to turn Speaker of the House Paul Ryan out of office in favor of someone pro-Trump. I’ll keep you posted on tactics and strategies as they unfold. The Tweets at the bottom of this post sketch the outlines of the strategy.

Microchip’s White House petition to have the Antifa declared a terrorist group has already totally switched the narrative by deflecting attention away from alt-right violence (Nazis, tiki torches, etc.) to Antifa terrorist activities.


Trump supporters have seized upon one of Twitter’s little-used features to create a propaganda-pushing machine, but they were coached by a user who calls himself a “liberal” who thinks “most conservatives are morons.”

Politico said on Wednesday that the “group message” feature — which Twitter rolled out in January of 2015 — has enabled President Donald Trump’s small but vocal group of supporters to synchronize their message and strategically amplify the White House’s talking points on any given day.

One user — identified only as “Microchip” — was an early mover in optimizing Twitter rooms and gaming the site’s algorithms using a combination of bots and “retweet accounts.” He is actually not a typical right-wing conservative — he calls himself an “atheist liberal” — but saw a chance to mobilize Trump’s “moron” followers.

Microchip has been repeatedly banned from Twitter and from many of the rooms he helped promulgate for his “wild claims” and anti-Semitic remarks, but since November 2015, he has been remarkably successful at getting Trump supporters to retweet his content.

“Conservatives are generally morons,” he told Politico. “It’s like herding cats.”

A “die-hard” user of pro-Trump news quoted Microchip as saying, “You know how I know they’re spreading lies? Because I do the same thing, it’s fake news and spin.”

Trump’s social media army — aided by Russian propaganda bots — enables the embattled president’s fans to carry out attacks on public figures who cross the president, giving him a unique kind of clout.

“Other political leaders fear his ability to shape the news cycle and flog his critics before millions of voters who may not receive news from any other source,” wrote Politico’s Shawn Musgrave.

Analysts and media-watchers have been baffled for months as to how Trump’s angry online army seemed to pivot and maneuver on cue, which led to the discovery of the first automated phony accounts retweeting and reinforcing articles praising the president.

“My hypothesis was always that these accounts were organizing somewhere,” said data scientist Gilad Lotan to Politico. “They were clearly organizing in some private space. It makes so much sense that it’s within Twitter.”

It’s difficult, Lotan explained, to determine the overall size and reach of these private “rooms” — and users like it that way.

“As Trump’s presidency barrels forward, this network continues to evolve and even splinter. But its infrastructure, largely invisible, remains a powerful tool for the administration and its supporters to broadcast their messages and help dictate media coverage,” Musgrave said.

With names like “Trump Train” and “Patriots United,” many of the groups are invitation-only and include a wide range of slogan-chanting, Make America Great Again hat-wearing Trump supporters, from midwestern housewives to Florida businessmen.

“When he Salutes you…He means it. I never seen a President as Patriotic as Donald J. Trump! We Love him! I stand with my President!” wrote user “Debbie” in one tweet that fellow group members retweeted thousands of times after it was posted in a group called “Trumps WarRoom.”

Microchip told Politico that the types of memes and disinformation he spreads would previously be relegated to sites like 4chan, but given that he needed to net a number of older users, Twitter proved to be the optimal venue because “the boomers will not go to 4chan,” Lotan said.

“Most of this is contrived to force outrage and trigger new MSM journos to cover shit because they buy the meme,” Microchip said. “They should have already figured this out and stopped covering us.”

Red Ice Video: Infiltrating Antifa’s Black Lives Matter Protest in Durham

“Fuck Donald Trump.” Articulate (LOL) Antifa terrorists, many of them white women, meet in Durham to have a “party.” Mega trolling by Red Ice.

“I hate white people. I hate them more than you.”

The blonde, blue eyed cameraman gets beat up by a Nigger at the end, while police stand around and watch.

This is America today.

Published on Aug 21, 2017

It’s a horror show. Real life invasion of the body snatchers.

Overcome Stress By Visualizing It As A Greedy, Hook-Nosed Race Of Creatures (Video)

I’m offering a double your money back guarantee that you will enjoy this video satirizing Jews, produced by The Onion. The acting is superb, as is the message.

Two and a half minutes of truth wrapped in fun.

Published on Aug 9, 2010

On Today Now!, author Christine Eckard teaches Jim and Tracy to imagine economic problems as oily, curly-haired “Grabblers.”

Kim Dotcom trolls Obama with badass photo of Putin standing in rain

Tech bad boy Kim Dotcom keeps himself in the news with his Tweets.

This time he decided to rain on Obama’s parade by doing one of those Putin vs. Obama comparisons that were popular for the last eight years.

This isn’t much of a story, but rather a distraction from the important issues facing us. Still, it’s nice to be reminded of why we’re better off without Obama in the White House.


Kim Dotcom trolled former US President Barack Obama with a photo of Russian leader Vladimir Putin standing in the pouring rain without an umbrella in sight.

The internet entrepreneur, wanted by the US over the now-defunct file-sharing website, Megaupload, compared the photo to one of Obama standing under an umbrella held for him by a US Marine.

The Obama photo, taken in 2013 during a press conference with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, sparked controversy at the time as some observers pointed out it was against regulations for male marines to hold umbrellas.

Dotcom, a vocal critic of Obama, took the opportunity to highlight again the moment after a photo of Putin braving the rain during a wreath-laying ceremony on the Day of Memory and Sorrow emerged on Wednesday.

Twitter users responded to Dotcom’s tweet by sharing other badass photos of the Russian leader, known for his macho persona.

Others, however, defended Obama sharing a picture of him walking in the rain without cover, comparing it to a photo of current President Donald Trump holding an umbrella.


Hitler-Loving Asian-American White Supremacist Thinks He’s a Straight White Woman Who Loves White Boys


I’ve interspersed several of Ling’s white supremacy videos throughout this post. He’s right when he says that ONLY white men can save the world.

I’ve included a Twitter video where he claims to be a straight white woman, but I think he’s mocking leftard political correctness about gender in that video. Watch and see what you think. I’ve also embedded it as a youtube video.


A conflicted Asian-American male by the name of Ling Anderson has been proudly proclaiming that he’s a white supremacist who loves “White boys” on his Twitter and YouTube accounts.

Ling Anderson is a half-Chinese, half-Japanese male in New York, and both his Twitter and YouTube accounts have been gathering negative attention due to his racist tweets that support white supremacy.

Many of his tweets voice his hardcore support for President Donald Trump, as he is often seen wearing his red “Make America Great Again” hat or a sleeveless Trump campaign shirt.

He also recently created a YouTube account and posted several videos promoting White supremacy, Donald Trump, and neo-Nazism. One particular video racked up over 32,475 views in just 3 days since it was uploaded, and it told his viewers to “never back down when being accused of being a racist” and to “always double down on it”, as well as encouraged them to constantly think of new ways to be more racist.

In the video, two confederate flags were draped over his closet as he talked to his camera in a black t-shirt that read “White Pride”. In his hand, he held Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, which he brandished in front of his camera while conveying his message. At the end of the video, he played a small section of Hitler’s proclamation ceremony while raising his arm to do the Hitler salute.

While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, it’s clear Ling is suffering from a severe cultural identity crisis. We can only hope he gets the help he needs and finds who he truly is over time.

I conclude that Ling is trolling in this video.

Same video on youtube:

And maybe trolling in this X-rated video too?

Not trolling when he says all races should worship white men:

Ling posted this X-rated video of an Asian girl begging for white man meat:

Ling, if he’s not a complete phony, sure wants white men to mate with Asian girls. That’s not exactly what a true White Supremacist would say. Ling claims in the comment section at youtube that his purpose is to show how degenerate race-mixing is.

Is he real or not? Only Ling knows for sure.