Politics? Delta Boots Ann Coulter from Reserved Seat

It’s easy to believe that a far-left employee at Delta Airlines decided to punish leggy conservative Ann Coulter for her conservative political and social views. In fact, I’ll bet the scalawag who did the dirty deed is a sodomite male. This is exactly the kind of dirty trick those freaks like to play.

New York Post

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter flew into a fit of fury Saturday after Delta Airlines booted her from her reserved “Comfort+’’ seat — which comes with 3 additional inches of legroom — and gave it to another passenger.

In a two-hour tweeting tantrum,she quoted her exchange with a flight attendant: “Why are you taking me out of the extra room seat I specifically booked?’’ she asked.

Their answer, she said, was “I don’t know.’’

The 6-foot-tall Coulter, who is 55, tweeted a picture of the woman who got her aisle seat on the flight from LaGuardia to Florida, noting, “Delta didn’t give my extra room seat to an air marshal or tall person.’’

A Delta spokesman said it appeared Coulter was in the same extra-room row, just in a different seat. But he promised to look into it.

One Twitter user, clearly not a fan of the columnist, wrote. “Ann Coulter is having a bad day which makes my day better. Thanks Delta.”

Mother of Five Adult Children Claims the Kids are OK with Her Sugar Baby Lifestyle

As you read the story of Suzanne Thatcher’s travel adventures, ask yourself if men are really this stupid, and if they are, why.

I had sugar babies in my classes at the university, but they were young and they had sex with their sugar daddies.

Suzanne Thatcher is old and she claims not to do anything with her sugar daddies that make her feel “uncomfortable.” All of her talk about separate rooms while traveling with men who pick up the tab for her expenses leaves me shaking my head.

New York Post

Meet the mom-of-five traveling the world in style thanks to the rich men she meets online.

Suzanne Thatcher, 52, has journeyed first class to luxurious hotels in destinations across Italy and the US – all paid for by men she’s met via a dating website.

Thatcher, from Florida, said: “Men I’ve met through online dates have enabled me to see some amazing places, but I’ve also made some good friends.

“My friends laughed at first but now I’ve even persuaded some of my male friends to sign up to find travel companions themselves.”

Thatcher insists that she is honest with the men she dates from the off, making it clear that the pair will have separate rooms on their trips and that she won’t do anything she doesn’t feel comfortable with.

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The Stench of Daily Life in India

A Westerner describes a hellish trip on a train in India. What is described is the globalist vision for America and Europe.



Slightly disgruntled with Indian Railways. RE- The farting

Last week I was forced to travel to work on a Train in India. The carriages were so over-packed that people were having to take shorter breaths during the journey, due to the crush. I was crushed in inbetween three sweaty pigs whose B.O. would have shamed Satan.

Two minutes into the journey and it began. I heard a sort of strangled quack, and realised immediately that some inhuman monster had let out a seriously diahorretic fart. About 6 seconds later and we were subjected to the most vile, weird smelling bowel gas that the human species has ever breathed in. Then immediately another selfish an utter filthy beast let off another fart with an absolutely and utterly rancid stench.

And so it went on for the whole 40 minute journey.

The native `people` didnt bat an eyelid about the monstrous and evil smells that were being subjected upon us. We were forced to breathe almost pure fart for two minutes at a time, and couldnt move because we were all pinned in. People were riding on the carriage outside and were staring in at us like we were paintings.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Sep 24, 2015

Location- Dhaka Airport Station, Bangladesh
Such a situation occurred at the time of Eid festival when a vast majority of peoples left Dhaka for celebrating Eid with their beloved family.

Due to the shortage of public transport they basically force to take such a dangerous step. Importantly it become a part of the celebration of Eid Festival now.

These train roofers also fallen in accident and lost their life. A lot of foreign tourists come now a days for enjoying such an dangerous journey.



I feel bad for you OP…I totally know what you had to go through!

We werr traveling on a 12 hour flight from Bombay to London. Half the people on the flight were Indian and it smelled bad already

I’m sure you know…They don’t shower very often and they don’t use deodorant and rarely use shampoo.

But the Indian woman and man next to us ..! The woman was wearing a long dress/sari. Indians don’t wear underwear and they don’t use toilet paper

So we got to smell stinky armpit and urine for 12 hours. We literally covered our noses and mouths with our blankets the whole trip. They didn’t notice us gagging, as Indian people seem like theyre spaced out all the time.

Funny you mentioned the Indians were staring at you like you wee a painting. Totally know what that’s like, lol

But our experience was nowhere as bad as what you went through!!

Oh, and they have no concept of personal space. People standing in line are so close to each other, that they’re literally breathing on the person’s neck in front of them

We would have to hold our arms out, as if pushing them back, in order to get some space

Brazilian Blackmail: The Case of Jimmy Feigen

jimmy feigen

At about 4 am central time U.S., breakingnews.com published this alert:

US Olympic swimmer Jimmy Feigen agrees to pay about $11,000 to charity in order to leave Brazil after robbery scandal, his lawyer says – AP, ABC News

I don’t know about you, but I would say that Brazil successfully blackmailed an American Olympian.

Stay the hell out of Brazil.

Meanwhile, dumbass white cucks are condemning #JimmyFeigen and the other American swimmers in a situation where the Mestizos are obviously lying in order to line their pockets. Sample:

Never take the word of a Mestizo over a white person. Corruption and lying are in their genes. That’s Race Realism 101.

Inspirational Quote of the Day: One About Thought and Knowledge

ship-and-sailing-quote-on-knowledge augustus hare

Learn more about British writer Augustus Hare at Wikipedia.


Two Muslim Women Taken Off Plane for a Damn Good Reason


Initial reports from the leftist press about Operation Garbage Removal hinted that the two Muslim females kicked off a Jetblue plane was due to racism–a flight attendant didn’t like the way they were staring at her. She must not like Muslims.

That ridiculous claim never made sense. The full story involves the two kebabs creating serious suspicions of advance planning for a terrorist attack.

Business Insider

Two Muslim women on board a JetBlue plane heading from Boston to Los Angeles were taken off the plane after the pair were found to be staring at a flight attendant in an odd manner and filming the safety briefing.

The plane took off after the women were removed from the plane.

According to reports, a witness on the flight “overheard a flight attendant tell a co-worker that she didn’t like the way two Muslim women were staring back at her.” The aircraft was taxiing at the time of the incident and thereafter stopped.

Police officials next boarded the plane and questioned the women before escorting them off the plane. The women were also asked to remove their hand luggage before getting off the plane for further investigations. “More than 35 million customers from many cultures and backgrounds travel on JetBlue without incident each year,” read a statement by JetBlue, reported The Telegraph.

“Our crew members’ first priority is the safe and secure operation of our flights, and as a security precaution, are asked to be aware of anyone who may be filming or taking photographs of inflight procedures or the flight deck area.” JetBlue added that if a crew member suspects the filming of safety procedures, they are permitted to report the incident for “review”. “In this instance, our crew members acted in accordance with security procedures. We appreciate our customers’ patience and cooperation, and apologize for the inconvenience,” read the statement.

No wonder so many people refuse to fly anymore, at least not for pleasure. Oh, for the good old days when garbage wasn’t allowed on passenger planes and flight attendants were stewardesses. And Muslims were where they belong–in the sand dunes among the goats and camels.


The U.S. Issues Global Travel Alert in Effect Until Late February

Image: A Belgian soldier stands guard at the entrance of Zaventem international airport near Brussels

Hmmm. British citizens are often indistinguishable from Americans, but Britain has issued no alert.

Is the American occupational government led by Kenyan Obama deliberately trying to alarm Americans? Scaring folks is a good way to build support for the endless “war on terror,” which is really a war for American domination of the planet, as revealed by the insane neocons in charge of American foreign policy.

Sky News

The US has issued a worldwide travel alert for its citizens due to “increased terrorist threats”.

“Current information suggests that ISIL (another name for Islamic State), al Qaeda, Boko Haram and other terrorist groups continue to plan terrorist attacks in multiple regions,” the State Department said.

“These attacks may employ a wide variety of tactics, using conventional and non-conventional weapons and targeting both official and private interests.”

It cited recent attacks in Denmark, France, Mali, Nigeria and Turkey.

“US citizens should exercise vigilance when in public places or using transportation,” the statement added.

Americans were also advised to avoid large crowds or crowded places and to “exercise particular caution during the holiday season”.

The travel alert will be in place until 24 February.

Avoid large crowds, eh? As if that’s going to be possible for many travelers. Better advice would be to avoid Muslims


“They” have been pushing this “eve of destruction” meme on us for a long time now. Maybe we should wise up and avoid foreign entanglements, just the way the Founding Fathers wanted.