San Francisco Cops Shoot Unarmed White Man in Back (Police Bodycam Video)

No gun is seen in the video. However, police claim the man shot in the back did have a gun. Some reports say he was hit two times, while others say that three shots hit their mark.

The way I’ve put this post together there are going to be several surprises for you as you read along. Something is amiss here. You’ll see.

The Independent

Footage of a police officer repeatedly shooting a man in the back in a busy city street has been released in the US.

The San Francisco Police Department made four bodycam videos public amid growing outrage over the incident.

Fuck public outrage.

When will the public become outraged toward the violent criminals.

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Tourists shocked by what they see on San Francisco streets

San Francisco–the city where a jury found Kate Steinle’s illegal Mexican murderer not guilty of anything.

San Francisco–the city that loves sodomy and sodomites.

San Francisco–is there a normal person left?


It’s something many San Franciscans see on a daily basis, outside their homes or offices and during their commutes. For better or for worse, locals are used to walking by crime scenes, have seen open injection drug use, and have witnessed mental health episodes firsthand.

But when a tourist lands at SFO, guidebook in hand, that reality can be shocking.

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White Mom Allowed N*gger Males to Have Sex with 5 and 6 Year Old Daughters for Money


In researching this story, I found three different mugshots for Morgan. This next one was for a DUI drug-related car crash in which three of her children were in the car.

I’m not sure what she did to earn this mugshot.

You’re not going to believe how ugly the nigger is who was having sex with her children.


FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — A 25-year-old Georgia mother admitted she allowed two men to rape her daughters in exchange for money.

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Mulatto “Hot Felon” Jeremy Meeks Set to Marry Pregnant Billionaire Heiress (((Chloe Green))) as His Father is Released from Prison After 33 Years for Horrific Murder and Sex Attack


Jewish heiress Chloe Green is having Jeremy Meeks’ baby. The sprog would be a quadroon.

When Meeks mughshot went viral a few years ago and white women threw themselves at the bad boy, he was married with children (to a white woman). He ditched her for a Jew set to inherit billions.

Anyone care to make a prediction about how this is going to work out over the next few years?

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

Over Easter, while her father cruised around the Galapagos Islands on his £100 million yacht and celebrated his 66th birthday with her mother, Lady (Tina) Green, Chloe was to be found meeting her boyfriend’s family in decidedly more modest circumstances.

In a picture posted by Meeks on Instagram, she is seen perched on a couch alongside his mother, grandparents, sister, brother and sister-in-law. ‘Nothing like spending time with the whole family,’ he wrote.

Chloe and Jeremy to the right. Nice fam, eh?

What is little known — and indeed may be news to Chloe — is that her intended is not the only one of the family with a criminal record. Far from it.

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Crazy Latina Posed as Ex-boyfriend Online to Send Threats to Herself


I’m disgusted with myself. I spent the better part of an hour searching for a photo of the ex-boyfriend (and baby daddy) framed by wild and crazy Lisa Garcia.

No luck.

Judging from his name he may very well be a white man. If he is, he’s a race traitor who got exactly what he deserved.


HOUSTON, TX (WCMH) — A Texas woman is facing charges after police say she created fake online accounts in an attempt to make it look like her ex-boyfriend was threatening her life.

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Welfare Queen Feeds Lobster To Dog (Video)

A foul mouthed woman mocks those who work for a living. Less than two minutes.


Published on Nov 14, 2017

I buy lobster with my EBT card and feed it to my dog. I brag about how it is better to collect food stamps than work minimum wage and pay taxes. I mock the minimum wage workers for paying for my food stamps. I show my free Obama phone next to my normal smart phone. I mention how I am on Social Security for depression.

Anybody who has a problem with this can go to work with their morals and pride while I sit on Youtube. You can have keep your morals while you pay taxes my benefit.

To all the people bitching in the comments you are just jealous:
If you want to confront me don’t be a text bitch. Come do it in voice here:

Here are a few random comments from youtube:

one day your tit will deflate then you’re going to be up shit creek!

I really hope her black boyfriend beats the shit out of her.

Goddamn you’re stacked.

Pure trash.

I think this video is fake as shit, meant to troll.

Nothing wrong with her that half a roll of duct tape wouldn’t fix.

With those cow tits you could probably make good money stripping. You would need to keep your mouth shut, though, because that voice is about as pleasant as nails on a chalkboard. I feel like I’m listening to a shitty remake of My Cousin Vinny.

Ghetto white bitch with a brotha recording it all.

“Teens” in Custody for Throwing Rocks from I-75 Overpass that Killed White Man After Striking Windshield


“Teens” = Codeword for young gentlemen of color.


Several teens are in custody for throwing rocks off of an I-75 overpass in Genesee County that left a 32-year-old man dead.

Law enforcement sources confirm to 7 Action News that the teens are from the area and did it as a prank. More information is expected to be released later this morning.

Kenny White, 32, was a passenger coming home from a construction job on Wednesday night when one of the rocks went through the windshield and hit him. He was knocked unconscious and later died at the hospital.

White’s family says they simply cannot believe this happened. His younger brother told 7 Action News, while they plan his funeral, they’re hoping whoever did this is caught.

“Put the doctor on the phone and said we did everything… we did everything we could for him and he died,” says Donald White, Kenneth White’s uncle. “You’re playing Russian roulette with people’s lives.”

More info here, although details are still sketchy.

Go Fund Me for Kenneth White’s Funeral