(((Oliver Stone))) Says Don’t Condemn Weinstein, Then Backtracks As He is Accused of Groping

Jew or Not Jew rates Oliver Stone as barely a Jew since his father was Jewish and his mother Catholic.

Hollywood’s Jewish ingroup support mechanism has broken down in the Harvey Weinstein affair, but apparently Stone didn’t get the word.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a real sh*tshow going on. May it continue and ruin more careers of the elites.



Oliver Stone opted against condemning Harvey Weinstein following multiple allegations of sexual harassment.

The Snowden director, 71, told reporters Friday at the Busan International Film Festival that he believes people are innocent until proven guilty.

“I’m a believer that you wait until this thing gets to trial,” he said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “I believe a man shouldn’t be condemned by a vigilante system.”

Stone continued, “It’s not easy what [Weinstein is] going through, either. During that period he was a rival. I never did business with him and didn’t really know him.”

“I’ve heard horror stories on everyone in the business,” Stone adds. “So I’m not going to comment on gossip. I’ll wait and see, which is the right thing to do.”

People left this out: “It’s not easy what he’s going through, either”

Actually, although Stone’s wording was inarticulate, he’s right about the left trying people in the press. Innocent until proven guilty is a foundational tenet of Western justice.



However, Stone issued a statement on his Facebook page hours later clarifying his comments: “I’ve been traveling for the last couple of days and wasn’t aware of all the women who came out to support the original story in the New York Times,” he said.

“After looking at what has been reported in many publications over the last couple of days, I’m appalled and commend the courage of the women who’ve stepped forward to report sexual abuse or rape.”

Stone added he would “recuse himself” from his forthcoming Showtime series Guantanamo as long as Weinstein is involved.

Most of Hollywood refused to condemn Harvey until it became clear that if they didn’t they were going to pay a severe penalty for their silence and their hypocrisy. Stone must have gotten the same message: Disavow or be eviscerated by the press and social media.

However, Stone’s disavowal may be too late. He’s the latest Hollywood male celebrity to be accused.


Fox News

Carrie Stevens, who was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in June 1997, said in an interview that famed filmmaker Oliver Stone once grabbed one of her breasts at a party.

The New York Daily News reported Thursday that Stevens was at a party honoring Stone more than 20 years ago. She said Stone walked up to her, “reached out and … honked it like a horn.”

“He was really cocky, had this big grin on his face like he was going to get away with something,” she told the paper. She was 22 at the time.

Stevens told the paper that others saw the incident, but nobody said anything because “that’s what’s going on in Hollywood. That’s why things have to change.”

Some 30 women — including actresses Angelina Jolie, Ashley Judd and Gwyneth Paltrow — have spoken out recently to say Weinstein had sexually harassed or sexually assaulted them. Rose McGowan, who has long suggested that Weinstein sexually assaulted her, tweeted Thursday that “HW raped me.”

The initials were an apparent reference to Weinstein, and the Hollywood Reporter said the actress confirmed to them that she was referring to the disgraced film mogul. The New York Times earlier reported that Weinstein paid a financial settlement of $100,000 to McGowan in 1997 over an incident in a hotel room at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

“Any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein,” Weinstein’s representative Sallie Hofmeister said Thursday.

As to the Playboy mansion party, get real. When a nude model goes there, she’s going to get “unwanted” attention of the type she really wants.


As to the rest of the saga of Harvey’s ungentlemanly behavior, Hollywood has always played by its own rules, not by the rules of tradtional America.

It’s nice to see (((Hollywood))) devouring its own. Keep it up guys.

Traitor Jane Fonda Admits She Knew About Harvey Weinstein’s Sexual Assaults but Said Nothing

Vietnam-era traitor Jane Fonda had the nerve to speak out against the U.S. while in North Vietnam, but the hypocrite couldn’t bring herself to talk about Harvey Weinstein until it became safe to do so.

She turns her condemnation of him in an interview into a condemnation of white men in general and Donald Trump in particular.

She’s garbage.


Jane Fonda says she first heard about Harvey Weinstein‘s alleged misbehavior last year and she’s ashamed she hasn’t spoken about it until now.

“I found out about Harvey about a year ago and I’m ashamed that I didn’t say anything right then,” Fonda, 79, told Christiane Amanpour during an interview for CNNMoney on Thursday.

Explaining why she stayed silent, Fonda said, “Because I guess it hadn’t happened to me and so I didn’t feel it was my place.”

The Frankie and Grace star said that her knowledge of Weinstein’s alleged behavior came from Rosanna Arquette — one of the 13 women who came forward with sexual harassment allegations against Weinstein on Tuesday in The New Yorker.

“I’m glad it’s coming out,” Fonda added. “I’m so proud of those fellow actors that are speaking up and I know that it’s taken a long time. It’s a very, very, very, hard thing to do. You don’t get anything out of it as the person who has been victimized. But it’s important that it come out.”

“But let’s not think that this is some unique, horrific — this goes on all the time,” Fonda continued. “It’s this male entitlement— in Hollywood and everywhere, in offices and businesses all over the world; in bars, in restaurants, in stores, women are assaulted, abused, harassed and seen for just being sexual objects, there for a man’s desire instead of as whole human beings.”

Asked whether she had ever been sexually harassed, Fonda replied that she had — but not by Weinstein.

“It has happened to me. It has. I only met Harvey when I was old. And Harvey goes for young because that’s more vulnerable. You know. But it’s very, very common,” Fonda said before saying the director of her first French film tried to sleep with her.

“The director didn’t speak very good English and he flew to L.A. to pitch me the story, which was hard for me to even understand what the story was,” she said. “But I remember him saying to me — and I was 20 — he said to me, you know, in the movie, your character has to have an orgasm and I really need to know what kind of orgasms you have. And so he wanted me to sleep with him.”

“I turned him down. I got the part anyway. And he was — you know, he was very nice after that,” Fonda said before adding that any woman who finds herself in that situation has to say no, no matter what she’s worried about losing. “You have to understand that you have control over your body and that you have to say no and you have to talk and tell when something like that happens. If we all talked and told, then they would be too afraid to do it, I think. I hope.”

Fonda also brought up how important it is for men to support women when they speak up about sexual harassment and assault. “We have to be helped by men. It’s important to know that not all men are predators. There are good men and the good men have to stand up and defend us and embody other ways of being. We have to believe the women who come forward. We have to speak out.”

Although she admitted that so long as Donald Trump is in the White House, it sends a bad message. “Unfortunately that counteracts a lot of the good that we’re doing because a lot of men see, well, our president does it and he got elected, even after people discovered that he was an abuser so I’m just going to go ahead and do what I want to do. It’s unacceptable and we can’t ever forget that and we have to stand up to them.”

Fonda fails to note that Trump said they let you do it. It’s called consent when they let you do it. Only a batty lefty would not understand that.

Watch, if you can stomach her:

Flow Chart: The CIA’s Four Stages of Subversion


I would say that America today is in the race replacement stage and close to the revolution or civil war stage.

Seen at Re_pug_nant’s Twitter

Negro Feetsball Player Displays Rump to Insult Trump



Disgusting! It’s unbelievable to think that there are white people who wear the jerseys of their team with the names of players like this on on the back. Just incredible!

The Gateway Pundit

Marshawn Lynch plays running back for the Oakland Raiders.

Today Marshawn wore an “Everybody versus Trump” T-shirt into the locker room before the game.

Such a bold statement.

Hillary Clinton Plays Fast and Loose with the Truth in Attack on Trump’s War on NFL


You know what the controversy is all about so we don’t need to go into the details again. Instead, let’s see what Hillary said then break it down.

Washington Examiner

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Monday said President Trump’s recent remarks about NFL protests and the statements were “deeply troubling.”

“Well, I think it’s deeply troubling that the president would be attacking black athletes for expressing their opinions peacefully… And I just couldn’t help thinking that he has attacked these black athletes for peacefully protesting, but he doesn’t really attack white supremacists, neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klanners, or Vladimir Putin, who interfered in our election,” Clinton told SiriusXM host Zerlina Maxwell on Monday.

First, Hillary would find it “deeply troubling” that a political figure, the guy who beat her, no less, has had the guts to call out anti-white, anti-police, anti-American Negros for their mischief.

In America, the unspoken rules are that you’re never allowed to say anything bad about the Negro.

Hillary may have forgotten that she called out young blacks as “super predators” back in the 90s, which some people found “deeply troubling.” But that was the old Hillary who had to try to appeal to white voters to help her partner in crime get re-elected to the presidency.

Second, Hillary is upset because Trump is attacking black athletes (whose incomes put them in the 1 percent) for protesting peacefully. Hillary attacked Trump supporters who were peaceful. You remember what she called us–“deplorables.”

Third, Hillary just can’t stop lying. The truth is not in her. Her claim that Trump has not criticized the KKK and Nazis is going to make her nose grow.

Following the Charlottesville incident, Trump famously criticized “both sides.” Stop lying Hillary.

Finally, contra to Hillary’s claim, there is NO evidence that Putin interfered in the election she lost.

Trump has never said that he would deny the right of blacks to protest. Rather he’s against on-the-job protests that involve disrespecting the American flag and the National Anthem.

Shame on you Hillary, you liar. Just go away and shut up.

Your nose is gonna grow.

Four Star General Sides with Protesters, Against Trump


Here’s a nice piece of anti-white, anti-Trump propaganda, featuring a Deep State operative, four-star general and former CIA head, Michael Hayden.

Wikipedia reports that Hayden is an analyst for CNN. In the past he’s worked for Bush and Obama.


Trump’s vicious and racist attack on NFL players protesting racism has convinced a 39-year military veteran to stand with the NFL players.

Donald Trump’s attacks on the NFL players who protest racism and police brutality has backfired tremendously.

Now even Michael Hayden, a four-star general who served in the military for 39 years and went on to serve as national security adviser and head the CIA, has taken a side — and it’s not with Trump.

In a powerful and blistering op-ed, Hayden explained the evolution of his feelings about former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick protesting police brutality against black communities by kneeling during the national anthem.

He “wasn’t enthusiastic about turning a unifying and celebratory moment for most Americans into a venue for protest,” Hayden writes.

But Trump changed that for Hayden with his deplorable rant last Friday about “son of a bitch” players who should stand during the national anthem or be fired.

Trump, before a red-hot Alabama crowd of his political base, decided to treat the “SOBs” who wouldn’t stand for the anthem the way he has previously treated other groups like Mexicans (murderers and rapists), intelligence professionals (Nazis), immigrants (deeply unfair), refugees (dangerous), and Muslims (they hate us).

Worse, though, is the subsequent spin from Trump, his administration, and his supporters defending Trump’s behavior. For days, they have grossly distorted the entire point of the protest into something else entirely, insisting that those players who kneel are in fact protesting the flag itself, the national anthem, and even the men and women who have served in uniform.

On Monday, for example, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders brazenly claimed that Trump’s attack on black athletes is about “national pride in our country. And supporting those that have fought and died to defend it.” She even dared to say that his position “should be something that every American can get behind and support and celebrate.”

That is not how Hayden, who unlike the draft-dodging president actually has served in uniform, sees it.

“As a 39-year military veteran, I think I know something about the flag, the anthem, patriotism, and I think I know why we fight,” he writes. “It’s not to allow the president to divide us by wrapping himself in the national banner. I never imagined myself saying this before Friday, but if now forced to choose in this dispute, put me down with Kaepernick.”

Trump has continued his bitter, divisive, un-American tirade against NFL players for several days now, with no sign of stopping. According to Politico White House reporter Josh Dawsey, Trump even told conservatives on Monday that his fight with the NFL is “going well” and that he wants it to continue.

It is a sickening exploitation of the powerful protests against racism and police brutality, though not surprising coming from this president. Meanwhile, his feud has provoked condemnation from team owners who donated to him, from the widow of Pat Tillman, and now from a four star general.

The woman writer who put this together isn’t very nuanced, is she? Calling Trump a draft dodger, for example. A better propagandist would be more subtle, noting that Trump never served in the military.
Like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Trump Keeps Up Pressure on NFL, seeing “great anger” Toward Million Dollar Simian-Americans


Day 5 of the war between the POTUS and the big black bucks is upon us on Tuesday morning, fueled by the behavior of the Dallas Cowboys Monday night.


President Trump continued his feud with NFL “kneelers” for the fifth consecutive day, when early on Tuesday he tweeted that ratings for NFL games are “way down except before the game starts, when people tune in to see whether or not our country will be disrespected.”

The president noted the boos heard when the Dallas Cowboys knelt before the national anthem Monday night saying there was “Great anger.” As shown last night…

… the Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones knelt before the anthem began, leading to boos from the crowd, but then stood as the anthem was sung.

Trump then said that “while Dallas dropped to its knees as a team, they all stood up for our National Anthem. Big progress being made-we all love our country!”

Following Trump’s attack on Friday night in which he slammed on players who do not stand during the national anthem in which he said “wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. He is fired”, more than 200 players kneeled after his comments during games on Sunday.

“Tremendous backlash against the NFL and its players for disrespect of our Country,” the president tweeted Monday evening.

The Great Anger hashtag was trending on Twitter Tuesday morning, dominated by people with great anger toward the Niggerball Felons League, the players, and the owners. That anger is playing out with some folks calling the NFL.

The number to call is 212-450-2000. Complex reports 70,000 angry voicemails were left at that number on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s voicemail.

Typifying the great anger is this commenter at Zerohedge:

Quick VinceFostersGhost Sep 26, 2017 8:54 AM
I am emailing and calling the NFL and their advertisers to tell them I’m done watching football and done with the advertisers products pending REALLY PUBLIC firings of these assholes kneeling during the anthem…

Screw that asshole kapernick, the NFL and the fucking game players who make millions.

I quit – don’t like the anthem or the flag, fuck you, move to another country.

I hope you lose your job, your millions and you know you would be making minimum wage if it wasn’t for the US and the fans.

Finally, in a Tweet made early Tuesday morning, Trump reached out to the NFL, offering a solution to their problem: Make a rule requiring the teams to stand during the National Anthem.

Let me add one final point that is rarely seen because there have been so many different breaking stories around the NFL the last five days.

That point is about white players who support their Nog teammates. The problem for the white guys is that they know that a childish Nog can easily put a career-ending injury on them during the course of a game. No player wants to be the target of a homocidal 300 pound tackle hurtling at you at full speed.

If you’ve been following all the stories, you know that a Pittsburg Latino player who defied his team to stand during the National Anthem has now apologized (groveled). I’m certain that someone woke him up to the facts of life.


One more thing. The Nagger protests against Trump are spreading beyond sports. Real Clear Politics reports that Negress Congress Critter Sheila Jackson Lee took a knee in Congress to show her support for the NFL in it war against Trump.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) took to the House floor Monday night to kneel in solidarity with NFL players who chose defy President Trump and protest police brutality. Jackson Lee said you “cannot deny” that Trump calling players who kneel a ‘son of a bitch’ is “racism.”

“I kneel in honor of them. I kneel in front of the flag and on this floor,” Jackson Lee declared.

“I kneel in honor of the First Amendment. I kneel because the flag is a symbol for freedom. I kneel because I’m going to stand against racism. I kneel because I will stand with those young men and I’ll stand with our soldiers. And I’ll stand with America, because I kneel.”

This sheboon won’t kneel to protest the shooting up of a white church by a Sudanese immigrant. She won’t kneel to protest the firings of people who protested Obama’s anti white racism and his glorification of trannies.

No, she kneels in solidarity with million-dollar a year fellow siminans.

Get her sorry black ass out of Congress and back to Apefrica.