Turd World Lettuce Pickers Have Contaminated America’s Romaine Lettuce with E. Coli

It’s not Shinola that Mexicans are dropping in the lettuce fields.

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Woman Teacher Goes Viral with Stories of Abusive Parents and Student Chaos


White students are only about a quarter of the students in Texas’ Bastrop ISD. The majority are Latinx. Julie Marburger has the misfortune to be a teacher in Bastrop County.

It’s like the lady says. You can’t teach when the students create chaos, the parents back their kids, and the school administrators care most about keeping the parents happy.

This is what a third world sh*thole is like. It also reveals the lies propagated by the press about so-called dreamers.

11 Alive

AUSTIN, Texas — A Bastrop ISD teacher’s Facebook post asking parents to stop “coddling and enabling” their kids has been shared more than 416,000.

The future is now!

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Atlanta Police Have Stopped Responding to Shoplifting


Niggerfuxated Atlanta offers an example of how a civilization dies when blacks are present.

The news reports don’t say, but it’s a safe bet that shoplifting in black parts of town is out of control. The cops say they haven’t enough manpower to deal with the situation.

Atlanta is a third world city in many ways in spite of the gleaming skyline, professional sports, and other amenities associated with the first world.

Excerpt from Fox5 Atlanta

The Atlanta Chief of Police said her officers will no longer respond to shoplifting calls at stores in Buckhead.

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Inspector General Says U.S. Army Mistreated Retired War Dogs

The corrupt American military pays more attention to its beloved trannies than it does to its heroic war dogs.

America’s slide into a third world sh*thole is happening one small step at a time.

White people don’t allow things like this to happen, although there’s little doubt that a white male will be scapegoated for the shameful treatment of our canine friends.

The Hill

A Defense Department inspector general report published Thursday found that the U.S. Army mistreated bomb-sniffing dogs after they were discharged from the military, Reuters reported.

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Big Fat-Assed Droopy Breasted Latina Breastfeeding in Disneyland Draws Ire of Some Patrons


This fat f*ck pays $1,049 for a season pass to Disneyland. I guess that entitles her to show off her tatted droopers to one and all.

Go back to Mexico, fattie.

New York Daily News

Brittni Medina has some choice words those offended by her breastfeeding publicly.

The mother of two, a frequent visitor at Disneyland, shared a viral Facebook post after a November trip to the California theme park during which she claims she was shamed for publicly breastfeeding her 10 month old.

“I was standing in a very long line to get our picture taken my son got hungry and I wasn’t going to wait in another line again. So I took off my first top and nursed,” she wrote in the post, shared to a group called Breastfeeding Mama Talk.

“These women were making snarky comments so I moved from my spot to catch a picture with these characters. Not for attention for me but attention to the fact NO WOMEN SHOULD BE SHAMED FOR FEEDING THEIR BABY UNCOVERED.”

Under California law, women are permitted to breastfeed their children with or without a cover in public and private.

Medina’s post drew thousands of comments.

While many group members supported her, others argued that she should have been more discreet while visiting Disneyland.

Medina responded, taking the time to explain why she felt there was nothing wrong with breastfeeding her son in full view of other park visitors.

“Yes not everyone agrees. For one I don’t need your approval! Disney policy and the law fully support me,” she wrote.

“Boobs are not sexual! If you can’t inform your kids a baby is eating that’s not my issue. Am I normally this exposed when I feed my son? No! But not all moments as a mother are glamorous! In this moment he is a big boy and is pulling on my nursing shirt!”

Boobs are not sexual? LMFAO!

California law allows public breastfeeding as an accommodation to the teaming hordes of brown filth washing up from Mexico who have taken over that ridiculous state.

Medina is another example of the arrogant Mexican who sh*ts all over American norms. Wanna bet how much she collects in welfare every year???!!!


Partial List of Bans Against Truth: Andrew Anglin Asks Which Side are YOU On?

Microchip has been banned from Twitter over a hundred times but continues to sneak back on. I believe some readers here told me that Ambrose Kane has been shut down. Stormfront has been shut down.

Any others you know about?

List linked in this Daily Stormer article.

What we want is a return to normalcy, a return to sanity.

That is all.

We do not want Jews running our nation, we do not want to be overrun by Third Worlders, and we do not want our race and civilization destroyed – just as no sane person did prior to about the 1950s.

The people who are now censoring us do want those things.

They are part of a system that is hellbent on destroying us.

Charlottesville made it clear for everyone that that is what this current system wants, and will stop at nothing to get.

We are in a war, and the stakes have never been higher.

This is a war for our very genetic survival.

Expecting our enemies – who want America turned into a third world hellhole – to respect our freedom of speech, would be pretty naive.

Of course they want us silenced.

But: are we going to allow them to get away with it?

Are we – the good, decent, law-abiding Americans – going to stand by silently as they ban everyone who doesn’t agree with their insane liberal ideology from the internet, one by one?

That is what is going to happen if we don’t fight this tooth and nail.

Rights are not “inherent.” Arguably, they don’t exist at all. What do exist are privileges, and these flow from power. At best there are privileges that are viewed as sacred enough by enough of a people or a nation that they are respected without having to be demanded – or denied – at the barrel of a gun.

But these privileges/rights are eternally in peril.

The Founders were well aware of this, and that is why they made the Second Amendment the right to bear arms.

That will no doubt be viewed as a radical statement, but it is not a call for violent revolution, it is simply stating a historical fact.

We’re not going to overthrow the government, at least not any time soon (although doing so at this point would indeed be in keeping with the warnings and directives of the Founding Fathers), but what we can do is make a lot of noise.

We need to turn the screws as tight as we can. Pressure works, and we need all hands on deck to apply it in mighty doses.

The only reason, effectively, that any politically active individual would not stand up against this insane wave of censorship, this assault on the most basic of all of our freedoms, would be because they, too, are in the enemy camp, and wish our destruction.

Make your choice.

We aren’t going to get a second chance. The future of civilization rests on our willingness to fight against this tyranny.

Ultimately, people will either die knowing they stood up for what is right in this hour of darkness, or they will die knowing that they stayed silent because they were afraid.

Those who choose the latter are betraying America and her heroic Founders, who themselves risked life and limb to win us these precious freedoms that are now under assault.

Which side are you on?

Latina Judge Arrested, Handcuffed, Led from Court


This story isn’t just about an arrogant third world mind residing in the body of a judge. It’s also about a fuxated legal system that seemingly cannot bring the Latino bitch at its center under control.

Although Leticia is not allowed to sit on the bench and judge people (the horrors of being in her damn court), she continues to be paid her $173,000 a year salary.

USA Today

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — An embattled City Court judge was escorted Monday from judicial chambers in handcuffs.

Rochester court deputies and city police officers executed a bench warrant issued for Judge Leticia Astacio’s arrest last week after she missed a Tuesday court appearance related to an August drunken-driving conviction.

Astacio, a Rochester City Court judge, smiled and said hello to the gaggle of reporters waiting for her at the fifth floor elevator bank of the Monroe County Hall of Justice where officers marched her off to be processed at the nearby Rochester Public Safety Building. She returned later to the courthouse for an arraignment before Judge Stephen Aronson of Canandaigua City Court, who issued the warrant and is overseeing her drunken-driving case.

He ordered her held without bail in Monroe County Jail until a Thursday hearing. The reason she missed her court appearance last week was because she had been living in a temple with monks in the mountains of Thailand since May 3, she had texted to her lawyer.


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