Six Flags Theme Park to Stop Flying Confederate Flag

Are racists banned from the park too? What if a group of swastika tattooed skinheads showed up at Six Flags Over Texas, wearing Confederate flag t-shirts?


The Confederate flag will no longer wave at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington. Instead, the Dallas-area theme park will fly six American flags.

The Arlington park’s Friday change comes as communities across the nation debate Confederate memorials and symbols after the deadly rally over a Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, Va.

Spokeswoman Sharon Parker says they “always choose to focus on celebrating the things that unite us versus those that divide us.”

That’s the mantra of the corporate left these days–inclusion, unite us, and all that PC talk.

The park was named for the six flags that’ve flown over Texas. In addition to the Confederate flag, the others were those of Spain, Mexico, France, the Republic of Texas and the U.S.

The Confederate flag the park flew wasn’t the battle flag known for its cross design but an earlier one known as the “stars and bars.”

At least the Mexican flag is down too.

With it’s welcoming new policy toward Naggers, we should form a betting pool on how long until the first shooting at Six flags.

They’ll have to change their name to Six Guns Over Texas.

Mountain Resort Community of Gatlinburg, Tennessee Evacuated as Wildfire Threatens

It’s going to be a rough Christmas for some good mountain folks in Tennessee this year. I’ve pieced together sources that reveal the extent of the emergency for this post.

USA Today

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Motorists fleeing wildfires in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge packed roads in and out of the resort towns Monday night as flames and choking smoke driven by wind swept across the area.

The Gatlinburg Fire Department ordered the mandatory evacuation of downtown Gatlinburg as wind conditions worsened and several fires grew increasingly unpredictable and dangerous.

As fires threaten homes and businesses in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, the area’s largest theme park was watching the situation closely.

Pete Owens, spokesperson for Dollywood, said late Monday that no structures inside the park had been damaged. Fire crews in the park were standing by if needed to protect the buildings.

Owens said the fire has reached the Upper Middle Creek ridge near the park, and staff evacuated 19 occupied cabins in the park’s cabin resort area. In addition, they evacuated guests from 50 rooms in Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort.

Some areas of Pigeon Forge also were being evacuated, according to fire spokeswoman Trish McGee.

“Three county school buses are available for emergency transport and are being dispatched as needed to transport those who need to evacuate,” according to a statement from McGee.

“We were just told by the Gatlinburg Fire Department that they had told everybody in Gatlinburg to get out,” said Judy Tucker, director of Sevier County’s E-911 call center, around 9 p.m. “… No one’s getting through to anyone. Phones are ringing and not being answered anywhere. It’s chaos.”

Around 6 p.m., Gatlinburg fire officials declared an immediate mandatory evacuation of the Mynatt Park neighborhood, East Foothills Road, Turkey Nest Road, Davenport Road and Savage Gardens areas. At that point, average wind speeds were recorded at 40 mph, with gusts clocking in as high as 74 mph, according to a news release from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Even in time of emergency, there are nice people thinking about the pets who reside in the fire area:

More photos posted on Twitter:

Locals complained that the bigoted anti-white national media ignored their story. The town is 98.5 percent white.

If Gatlinburg were 98.5 percent nonwhite, it would be a national crisis, with wall-to-wall media coverage. Liberals would be falling all over themselves to send billions of dollars in aid to the little town. You know I speak the truth.

Disney Removes Alligator and Crocodile Characters from Theme Parks

disney alligator gif

Public relations work is about putting the best face on a bad situation. The PR at Disney has gotten a bit ridiculous, as reported by this story.

If someone at a Disney park were to be bitten by a rabid mouse, would Mickey and Minnie have to be scrubbed?

The sad truth is that the world is a dangerous place. Maybe happy, smiling human-like crocodile and alligator cartoon characters are a bit much. But (((Disney))) is the company that spit in the faces of traditional families with its gay days celebrations.

The company’s celebration of multiculturalism and diversity through its crap TV shows and movies has been another proof that this once great company is thoroughly Jewed.

Las Vegas Review Journal

Disney has wiped out references and depictions of alligators and crocodiles from its storied attractions at the Magic Kingdom in Florida in the weeks after a 2-year-old was killed in an attack at a resort, according to reports.

The Miami Herald reported that cartoon alligators and crocodiles have been removed from shows and parades, and a more than 50-year-old one-liner warning parents to watch their children or “the crocodiles will” is no longer told on the Jungle Cruise at the Magic Kingdom.

Walt Disney World Resort vice president Jacquee Wahler confirmed to The Washington Post on Thursday that the company “made changes out of respect for the family.”

“We did this two weeks ago immediately following the incident,” she said via email.

After 2-year-old Lane Graves was grabbed by an alligator and dragged into a lake at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa earlier this month, Walt Disney World Resort announced that it was adding security measures amid criticism from legal experts, among others, who said there were no signs to warn people about the threat of alligators at the beachfront.

See ya later alligator, after while crocodile.

Denmark: Theme Park Rejects “Racism” Charge Over “Africa Land”

hottentot carousel

I keep running across stories in which Sweden embraces political correctness, while Denmark rejects it. Good for Denmark.

Libtarded, politically correct anti-racists are always seeking the limelight. This story is silly.

The Local Denmark

A 20-year-old attraction in Djurs Sommerland suddenly became a hot topic this week after a group accused it of being racist and many others rushed to defend it.

A Danish theme park has been accused of racism for its “Africa Land” section that includes attractions like “The Cannibal Pots” and “The Hottentot Carousel”, but said Friday it would make no changes.

Djurs Sommerland in central Denmark opened the area in 1993 and said that up until this week, when an anti-racism group launched a petition, it had received no criticism for its Africa-themed rides.

The “Hottentot Carousel” — which uses a derogatory name for the Khoikhoi ethnic group — rotates around an outsized black man with thick lips, earrings and a bone through his hair, who is armed with a spear and a brightly coloured shield.

“We strongly urge you to reconsider your themed area ‘Africa Land’ since it involves extremely dated and racist caricatures of African tribal people and stereotypes,” the Everyday Racism Project DK wrote in a petition that on Friday had been signed by over 1,200 people.

“Your ‘Cannibal Pot’ ride adds to an oversimplified image of Africans as uncivilised and primitive,” it added.

african spear guy

that's racist