White Mom Confronts Negress Who Stole Her Debit Card Info and Drained Her Bank Account



Tattooed single mother of three, Courtney Parks, assumed that the Nog window worker at Steak n Shake who stole her debit card info to go on a spending spree could be shamed.


Nogs have no morals and no conscience. The only thing that phases them is getting caught and punished, and even that doesn’t phase them that much.

Courtney has filed a police report, but it would be surprising if the justice system does much with Peandra Winn so long as Courtney gets her money back.

Apparently the Nog was too stupid to understand how easy it would be track unauthorized purchases back to her.

Daily Mail

A North Carolina mom-of-three did her own detective work when she noticed $600 missing from her bank account with charges from clothing and beauty store, as well as care insurance and electric companies.

Courtney Parks, 27, tracked down a worker at a Kannapolis Steak n’ Shake, where she was eating just the night before, and confronted the thief in this six-minute viral video.

In the video, the worker apologizes saying, ‘I’m sorry about that, I’m willing to pay all your money back’.

Video of the confrontation was posted to Facebook and has almost half a million views.

Parks, 27, went through the Steak n’ Shake drive-thru where she bought dinner for her family.


The next morning she woke up with $600.68 missing from her bank account.

Purchases were on the card from Guess, Sally’s Beauty Supply, Allstate Car Insurance, and an electric company, leaving Parks with $12. There were even two pending PayPal charges.

All of the charges were made between 11pm and four am.

Parks did some investigative work, first calling the bank and then tracking the purchases that were being shipped to Kannapolis.

She noticed that the charges began an hour after the Steak n’ Shake visit. The mom-of-three then called the burger restaurant to ask the name of the worker who was at the drive-thru the previous night, saying she wanted to write a costumer survey.

Peandra Winn, 28, who goes by Charnelle on Facebook, is the worker who allegedly stole the debit card information. Parks searched the name on Facebook and the photo matched the drive-thru attendant.

Once she had the name, Parks called the electric company who confirmed that the payment was made with her card information. The other retailers confirmed that they were also shipping products to Winn’s home.

Debit Card Charges

11:48pm: Guess Factory- $151.93

11:55pm: Allstate- $143.00

12:04am: Duke Power- $121.50

1:19am: City Gear- $136.16

1:39am: Sally’s Beauty Supply- $48.09

TOTAL: $600.68

It was then that Parks went back to the Steak n’ Shake with her kids and a friend to confront the thief.

‘I was buying burgers for my family and you stole everything I had in my bank account’, she said in the video.

Parks even said the check for her children’s daycare had bounced back.

The woman was apologetic saying she has two kids and offered to pay the money back. A store manager asked Parks to write down her information, but she was too shaken to do so.

Parks told Dailymail.com: ‘I know people are wondering why I decided to go up there with my children, but I wanted her to see who she stole from.’

She has filed a police report and is hoping to be reimbursed soon.

The Kannapolis Steak n’ Shake declined to comment on if the alleged suspect was fired or not.

“Teens” Targeted White College Students to Rob, Kidnap


The sheriff who hauled in the three Negro suspects is Leon Lott. He’s been featured on this site before in relation to firing a white deputy who was doing his job well in taking down an uncooperative dindu female.

In short, Sheriff Lott is what the old timers in the south called a “Nigger lover.” There were several posts on Lott’s earlier fame published on this site, including this one.

It must pain Lott to have to preside over a case in which three dindu teens have made national news because of their targeting of white college students to rob. While none of us are on the ground in South Carolina to observe Lott, it’s not difficult to imagine him coddling black thugs in order to win the black vote.


COLUMBIA, S.C. (WACH) — A third arrest has been made in connection with a string of robberies and kidnapping targeting Columbia-area college students.

A 15-year-old juvenile was arrested Friday morning, according to Sgt. Brittany Jackimonis of the Richland County Sheriff’s Department.

Dating back to July 3, Sheriff Leon Lott says there have been seven separate incidents of armed robberies including carjacking and kidnapping along Bluff and Shop Road.

Another 15-year-old juvenile and 17-year-old Raquan Green are accused in a series of crimes Lott says are racially motivated.

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Canada: White Man Who Gave Thieving Aboriginal the Boot from Tire Store is FIRED


The story below skips over some important details about how Big Chief was allegedly plotting the theft of a can of oil and a chain. You can read those details here.

Basically, the Red Man was buying a chainsaw and put the two other items inside the box with the machine.

The Injun, who claims to be a victim of discrimination, says that what happened to him wouldn’t have happened if he were white.


A Canadian Tire employee seen getting physical with an Indigenous customer refusing to leave a store in Regina is no longer with the company, a spokesperson says.

“The employee involved in the matter has not been working in the store since the time of the incident and he is no longer with Canadian Tire,” said Joscelyn Dosanjh, the company’s manager of corporate communications, in an emailed statement to CBC News Saturday.

Dosanjh did not specify the circumstances around the employee’s departure and whether the employee resigned or was fired.

Videotaped tussle

Kamao Cappo, an Indigenous elder, said he was shopping for a chainsaw when the employee accused him of stealing.

Cappo disagreed and refused to leave the store. He posted two videos to social media that show the exchange with the worker growing increasingly heated.

At one point, the employee is seen pushing Cappo up against a shelf. He then pushed him toward the exit, with Cappo sliding on his feet.

“We have attempted to reach Mr. Cappo again this morning to express our sincere apologies. We wish to again state that we have taken this matter very seriously,” Dosanjh’s statement read.

‘Step in the right direction’

Cappo said the fact the employee is no longer at the store is a “step in the right direction.”

“If they had left him there, that would send out the message that, hey, they support [these] acts of violence against Indigenous people.”

“To get him out of there so he doesn’t harm anymore people is the best thing.”

Legal action

Cappo has filed an assault complaint, has spoken with a lawyer and is now considering legal action given the company’s response to the incident.

He said a store owner left a message for him on Saturday. Cappo also posted a previous conversation with another company representative on his Facebook page.

Cappo said he feels insulted by what he considers disingenuous apologies and delayed responses from Canadian Tire.

“If I was running a business and my employee did this, I would be completely flabbergasted. I would have acted immediately — any sane business person would have acted immediately, but they haven’t done that.”

I can’t find a copy of the video of the encounter to embed but there’s one at the link. I couldn’t get that one to play, probably because my Internet connection is too slow.

Since in both the U.S. and Canada now, the word and the conscientious actions of a white employee are worthless, let the damn diversity steal as much sh*t as they want. At least you might be able to keep your job.

Negro Ex-Sailor Pleads Guilty to Murder of Tranny Nurse


When trannies are butchered, a person might wonder if the killer would have killed a real woman or whether he was acting out the ritual murder of the faggot inside himself.

In the case of black on black murder, the question also arises as to whether the killer would have also killed a white tranny.

Did confessed killer Dwayne Hickerson know he was going into a hotel room with a tranny or did he think he had a real woman? Whatever, his guilty plea will take him off the streets for decades. Given the savagery of his knife attack, the taxpayers would be better off if he had been sentenced to death.


PASCAGOULA — Former Navy sailor Dwanya Hickerson pleaded guilty Thursday to second-degree murder and robbery in the savage stabbing death of a transgender nurse from Hattiesburg.

Hickerson entered the plea before Circuit Judge Robert Krebs.

Jackson County District Attorney Tony Lawrence recommended a sentence of 40 years in prison for murder plus eight years for robbery in the July 23, 2016, slaying of Dee Whigham.

Whigham was butchered to death, with the throat slashed three times in addition to 116 other stab wounds to her face and body.


Hickerson, 23, entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors. Had he gone to trial on a capital murder charge, a jury could have sentenced him to death.

A native of New Orleans, Hickerson was studying to be a weather forecaster at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi at the time of the slaying.

Jackson County investigators tied him to the killing after they found video of Hickerwson and Whigham at a St. Martin hotel around 8:30 p.m. In a matter of 20 minutes, according to hotel surveillance cameras, Hickerson butchered Whigham, cutting her throat three times and stabbing her 116 others times in the face and body.

More: Nation’s 1st transgender killing of 2017 in Mississippi

Before he left, he jumped in the shower to wash the blood off his body.

Whigham’s purse and cellphone were stolen.

“I think the plea is a slap in the face,” Whigham’s mother, Vickie Blackney Whigham said Thursday morning. “He gets a chance to see his family and I don’t have that chance with my child.”

In one of Dee’s Facebook posts in August 2015, she shared a Facebook post about she’d want after her death.

“Only thing I hope that people will remember of me when I’m no longer in this world is that I loved,” she wrote, before adding the hashtag, “#MyTruth.”

I agree with the mom. This plea bargain and too many others are unfair to victims, their families, and the taxpayers. There’s also the possibility that Dwayne will be released from prison in the future, which will put another generation at risk. He should have been put down permanently. Think about following the example of your Nigerian brothers, muh Niggas.


70 Year Old White Male Home Depot Worker Fired for Confronting Shoplifters


Many of the shoplifters in Texas these days are Mexicans. They do construction work and don’t want to pay for their tools.

They are also often in the U.S. illegally.

Most of them are nonviolent, so company policy regarding Mexican and white shoplifters is a little ridiculous. Blacks are a different story.

Am I wrong to suggest that Jim put no one’s safety at risk by trying to slow down the shoplifters he spotted?

New York Post

A 70-year-old veteran lost his Home Depot job in Texas after confronting three shoplifters trying to steal thousands of dollars’ worth of tools from the store.

Jim Tinney said he acted instinctually when he threw a paint roller extension at the feet of one of the three suspects in an effort to stop them from making off with tool sets last month at the Pearland store, KTRK reports.

“In the Army, they train you to do things like that,” Tinney told the station. “I just automatically went like this and threw the stick at their feet.”

The suspects dodged the obstacle and got away.

About two weeks later, Tinney, who thought the incident was behind him, learned that his altruistic actions would cost him his job. Tinney admitted to the station that company representatives were clear during training sessions not to confront suspected shoplifters.

Tinney said he understood the policy, but still thinks the punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

“I think they could have written me up, reprimanded me, but terminate me? That’s pretty strong,” he told the ABC affiliate. “I’m 70 years old. I need to work. I needed that job. I enjoyed working with customers figuring out what they wanted to do. It’s fun.”

Stephen Holmes, a Home Depot spokesman, said the policy is in place to protect employees and customers alike.

“What I can tell you now is that we have a strict policy that only our trained security personnel can pursue and engage shoplifters,” Holmes told the station in a statement. “We’ve had deaths and serious injury over the years, and no amount of merchandise is more important that the safety of our associates and customers.”

Holmes referenced previous incidents during which employees were bitten, stabbed and suffered serious brain damage following encounters with suspected shoplifters.

“In fact, in just the past 24 hours we’ve had two shoplifters pull guns at two different stores at both ends of the country,” Holmes’ statement continued. “So you can see, it’s a very serious safety risk to everyone, even when it doesn’t appear to be.”

Texas is a state that favors employers. Jim has no good legal grounds to use to protest his firing. Perhaps a small business owner who wants a conscientious older white male who can get the job done will hire him now.

One question though. Is the economy so bad that a 70 year old must still work to make ends meet? SAD!

Clever Young Woman “Steals” Her Bike Back from Thief Who Advertised It on Facebook


Jenni’s story is the stuff of legends. I assume the POS bastard who stole her bike was a Paki or an African, both of which infest England like so many cockroaches. Both groups are bad about stealing things.

What Jenni did may be foolish, but we can’t let the bad guys win.

That said, taking action like this in the States would be more dangerous than doing it in England.


Bristol cyclist has “stolen” her bike from a thief who advertised it for sale on Facebook.

Jenni Morton-Humphreys, 30, turned the tables on the thief with an ingenious sting, even though she was advised against doing so by the police.

Ms Morton-Humphreys had appealed for help by posting a picture of the stolen bike on Facebook and appealing for help.

A fellow cyclist scoured Facebook’s for sale pages and found the same bike on display.

The good samaritan and Ms Morton-Humphreys devised a cunning plan, which entailed offering to buy the bike from the unsuspecting vendor.

Having found the bike she asked the police to accompany her on the mission and arrest the culprit – but the invitation was declined.

Undeterred she and a friend approached the vendor and arranged a meeting.

“I pretended to be interested and asked silly questions about the bike,” she said. “I said the saddle was too high, and asked if I could get on it to test it out,” she told the Bristol Post.

“I made sure I had nothing on me, no possessions at all apart from the stuff in my hands – and they were a cigarette packet and a set of keys. I handed them to this guy as I got on the bike and said ‘here, hold my stuff’.

She then asked for a test ride. The seller agreed and Ms Morton-Humphreys pedalled away furiously.

To add to her joy, the bike had been smartened up ahead of the sale with even the front light being fixed.

The police were either too politically correct or too cowardly to help a damsel in distress? The Hell with them.

Watch! Venezuela Goes Full Blown Mad Max

Bikers chase down and attack a truck (with molotov cocktails) to steal its sugar payload.

Everything south of the U.S. border is a turd world dump, filled with turd world barely human monsters.

And the Democrat party wants tens more millions of them moving into your neighborhood.

Youtube’s comment section remains uncensored, as this comment shows:

animals… wipe them from this planet. And niggers.