Man Cited for Stealing Toy Ball from Canine Officer Eli

The ball thief in this story is unidentified. That’s too bad because that’s some kind of special stupid we’re dealing with here.


TROY, Mich. (WXYZ) – A Troy Police canine’s dog toy was stolen and later recovered during training on April 5.

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704 Pounds of TNT Stolen from Worksite: Get Ready for Mossad False Flag to Start World War III

Since Assad’s alleged gas attack didn’t get World War III started because of President Trump’s muted response and President Putin’s restraint, the (((Deep State))) surely wants to try again. First, let’s take a look at the TNT story. Then, we’ll consider who the patsy might be when the Mossad, CIA, or other Deep State actors set off that dynamite, killing and maiming hundreds of people, possibly school children.

New York Post

Authorities in Pennsylvania discovered more explosives were stolen than originally thought from a work site in Lancaster County over the weekend.

Investigators conducted a full inventory and learned an additional case of dynamite was missing, making the new total 704 pounds of dynamite, WGAL reported on Tuesday. Authorities at first believed the amount to be 640 pounds.

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LOL! “Tyrone” is Trending on Twitter Wednesday Evening


Howard University is an historically black university. The source for this post is a black news site, but the story is breaking big in mainstream sources this evening.

Tyrone Hankerson, pictured above, is turning into an Internet meme. Read on to see why. Hint: TNB.

The Grio

An explosive report revealed earlier today that six Howard University employees stole more than a million dollars from the school and have now been fired after a whistle-blower exposed the theft on social media, reports NBC.

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Nagger Who Stole Oscar from Frances McDormand Has Lengthy Criminal Record


A Negro obsessed with Hollywood and celebrity exhibited Jewish chutzpah when he stole an Oscar at a party after Sunday night’s Academy Awards show.

Like so many Naggers this one has a significant arrest record. There have been at least seven different mugshots taken of Terry Bryant.

After being apprehended Sunday night, there’s now mugshot #8. The one above is from 2002.

Terry’s got pictures of him holding the Oscar to help him make it through the long nights in jail.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

The celeb-obsessed man accused of stealing Frances McDormand’s Oscar on Sunday has a long criminal history including arrests for theft, it has been revealed.

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Nashville Mayor Takes Nice Mugshot as She Resigns and Faces Criminal Charges Over Affair with Bodyguard


Cheating wife Megan Barry faced justice on Tuesday and got off lightly.

In a plea bargain, she resigned her mayorship, agreed to repay thousands of dollars stolen from the city, and was sentenced to three years probation. The average person would have been sentenced to jail time.

Under Tennessee law, she can have her criminal record expunged if she follows through and stays out of trouble.

She reminds me of a female John Edwards. She’s a pretty face, but is rotten to the core. There’s at least a couple of nude photos of her. If they surface, we’ll take a look at them and have a good laugh.

Stupidly, her cucked husband, pictured below, is sticking with the marriage.

Excerpt from NBC News

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry resigned Tuesday after pleading guilty to stealing thousands of dollars from the city while carrying on an extramarital affair with her bodyguard.

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Shemale Congressional Candidate Arrested for Switching Fake Ring Worth $10 for $4000 One


If the cause of arrest is born out “Juliet” would be right at home in Congress with the other thieves. The problem for “her” is that’s she’s not going to win.

Of course, she and her fellow Democrats will then castigate voters as “transphobic.”

A phobia involves a fear. No one is afraid of Juliet. It’s just that she’s crazy and disgusting. And has a deadly disease.

Daily Mail

A Democrat congressional candidate has been arrested and accused of scamming a jewelry store by returning a $10 fake diamond ring for a $4,800 refund and selling the original.

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Burglar Stops to Watch Porn During Home Break-In

The Latino who looks like the missing link, pictured above, was watching porn and masturbating while in the middle of the burglary of a combination business and residence.

Latinos have the reputation that they will stop in the middle of anything to engage in sexual activity. There’s certainly been a number of cases of drivers having sex while barreling down the freeway here in South Texas.

NBC Los Angeles

A burglary in Van Nuys got bizarre after an alleged intruder stopped what he was doing and sat down to watch porn.

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