Shoplifting LaSahanda Shot Dead in Store Parking Lot by Officer as She Attempted to Run Over Him

There’s some confusion in the media about the spelling of the first name of a negress shoplifter shot dead by police in New Jersey.

It really doesn’t matter if it’s LaShanda or LaSahanda. Nobody cares.

What matters is that no police officers were seriously hurt in the performance of their duties and the taxpayers will be spared the expense of a trial and imprisonment of La-Whatever.

What authorities say started off as a routine shoplifting call for Deptford Township police officers Saturday afternoon ended with one of three suspects fatally shot and an investigation by the county prosecutor’s office underway.

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Evil Gook Babe Arrested Again for Scamming Men Out of All They Owned


A warning for white men who suffer from yellow fever.

CBS Los Angeles

IRVINE (CBSLA/CBSSF) – Police on Friday were searching for additional victims of a woman who allegedly has accused men of domestic violence, only to clear out their homes after the men were arrested.

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Dumb Dindus: Duo Takes TV from Pawn Shop, Pawn it for $175


LOL. Surveillance cameras captured a pair of Negro geniuses taking a TV set from the back of a pawn shop to the front where they pawned it, using the gentleman of color’s ID card to make the deal.

Thus, we have photos and thanks to the dindu perps we have their names.

Around blacks, never relax. If it’s not nailed down, they’ll steal it.

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Dumb Ass Black Teen Sentenced to Five Years for Tennis Shoe Theft


The disapproving liberal press leaves out a little tidbit: Davis had an accomplice with a gun.

The press is also pushing that muh negro had no prior record.

Duh, you mean he hadn’t been caught before.


Dayonn Davis was 15 years old when he stole a coveted pair of Nike sneakers the owner tried to sell on Facebook.

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Two Florida Cops Suspended for Hitting Handcuffed White Man on the Ground


Watch cell phone footage of the arrest:

One white and one Latino officer have been suspended while an investigation into excessive force and police brutality is conducted.

The media reports that the suspect had only one handcuff on his wrists as he was being hit, so it’s questionable to claim he was under control.

Dunkelberger was not seriously injured. You can see the officers holding back as they tried to get the suspect’s attention via blows with their batons.


HALLANDALE BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) – Police have released surveillance video that shows a different view of the controversial arrest of a man in Hallandale Beach.

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Clever 14 Year Old Nagger Convinced Blind Man He was Cop then Stole $500

That’s one smart little monkey except for the fact that he’s busted.

Fox News

A 14-year-old boy allegedly pretended to be a police officer as he stole a blind man’s wallet at a New York City subway station last week, police said on Sunday.

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Nog Blames Evil Spirits for Attack that Left 87 Year Old Professor Brain Dead

Donald Trump called certain criminals “animals” on Wednesday.

What’s it take to get a liberal to agree that certain so-called humans are sub-human animals.

Like the negro who beat an 87 year old man.

New York Daily News

The creep, who beat an elderly college professor into a coma at an Upper West Side bank ATM, claims to be suffering from amnesia or demons.

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