NO JAIL: British Lesbian Beat Up SIX Women for Rejecting Her Sexual Advances on Dancefloor


In my experience at the university, the lesbian faculty hated men, but oddly enough there were a lot of black eyes and bruises among the carpet munchers. They seem to have anger management problems.

Kimberly McLeod, above, permanently disfigured a woman in a night club, but still received no jail time for her crime.

British justice is an injustice. What a f*cked up country to tolerate such crap to protect the LGBT politically correct minority.

The Sun

A REJECTED lesbian beat up six female strangers after she tried to kiss them on dance floor.

A court heard how Kimberley McLeod, 28, went berserk when two women pushed her away.

She then attacked the rest, leaving one with a facial disfigurement.

That victim, a teacher, felt her nose “pop and start pouring with blood” in the Loons pub in Hartlepool, Teesside.

In a victim statement the woman told Teesside magistrates: “This happened for no reason at all.

“I can’t understand how a person can have such hate inside them to physically attack other people.

“I had to make up reasons for my injuries.

“I am thankful for just one thing – although I suffered this horrendous attack I know that it was in no way personal against me.”

John Relton, mitigating, said: “Due to some Dutch courage she misread the signs and was influenced into making making sexual advances which upset these ladies.

“The ladies involved took appropriate evasive action and my client knows she should have walked away, but she did not, she reacted.

“There was a coming together of these ladies’ friends, coming to help them and she hit out.”

Petrochemical safety worker McLeod, from the town, admitted six assaults and two counts of sexual assault.

She was handed a suspended jail term.

The bulldyke in Kimberly McLeod is strong.

Women beware. Men too. Remember, if she thinks she has a penis, she can go into the men’s bathroom now.

Britain’s Sun Features Photo Essay on Primitive Monkey-Eating African Baka Tribe


Never forget, goyim, that we are all equal in every way except skin color. More photos:

The Sun offers 14 total pictures and the story to its readers. Interestingly, a neighboring tribe viewed these creatures as subhuman. If Obama were still president, I’m certain it would be a priority for bring them to the States, put them on welfare, and urge them to vote Democrat.


Exclusive: British Speaker of the House of Commons, (((John Bercow))), Who Wants Trump Banned from Speaking to Parliament is a LITERAL CUCK Whose Wife Sexes with Naggers


The wicked hand of the Jew in stirring up s*** against President Trump is reavealed here once again.

Excerpt from leftist rag The Guardian today:

John Bercow spoke for Britain. If the government wishes to grant a state visit to the bigoted megalomaniac who currently inhabits the White House, that is technically its right. But the speaker has the right to intervene on who gets to address parliament. To coin a phrase, Speaker Bercow took back control. Last year’s victors in the EU referendum promised parliamentary sovereignty: they cannot object when it is now exercised. Given Bercow’s commendable efforts to combat sexism and racism in politics, it would have been hypocritical not to speak out.

It is Bercow’s reasoning – that Donald Trump’s sexism, racism and attacks on the independence of the judiciary disqualify him from a parliamentary visit – that have led some to criticise the speaker for abandoning political neutrality.

Excerpt from The Sun, February 4, 2014:

SALLY Bercow has attempted to brush off snogging another man in a nightclub saying: “I have nothing to be ashamed of”.

Sally, 44, outspoken wife of Commons Speaker John Bercow, was exclusively pictured in The Sun throwing herself into a passionate kiss with a clubber.

Witnesses told how she clung to the muscular mystery man during a boozy night out with friends.

But today Sally claimed the man was “a friend” and insisted her marriage to MP John was not in danger.

Stormfront thread from 2014.


The Daily Mail reports that Sally also had an affair with Bercow’s cousin in 2015.

John Bercow has decided to give his marriage ‘one last chance’ after his wife Sally’s astonishing affair with his cousin.

Friends of the Commons Speaker have revealed for the first time how he dealt with the shock of discovering in May that Sally had had a relationship with lawyer Alan Bercow.

The affair – revealed by The Mail on Sunday – progressed so far that Alan, 57, even moved into the Bercows’ £1.2 million flat in Battersea, South London, while the Speaker was away campaigning in his Buckingham constituency.

The speaker is an idiot, as noted in the comments at the DM. Once for marrying the snogger and a second time for taking her back. Actually, who knows how many one night stands she’s had. He may be a cuck and an idiot a thousand times over.


British Octomom Claims She’s Too Sexy to Have to Work (Photos)


If you’re familiar with the theory of telegony, then you might speculate that a woman’s brain has been invaded by the DNA of ALL of the lovers she’s ever had.

One look at Octomom Marie Buchan’s sprogs and you can see that her lovers have something in common, namely their Negroid DNA.

Thus, Marie’s brain is possibly a cesspool of festering Negroid degeneracy. Her brain impairment must be intense.

That old black DNA lodged in her gray matter has made her self-deluded.


The Sun

MUM-of-eight Marie Buchan insists she can’t get work because “dirty big perverts” keep hitting on her.

And now the ‘Octomum’ has put her money where her mouth is – so to speak – and stripped down to her underwear to show just why she is so unemployable.

Former lapdancer Marie, who is training to become a mechanic, says she has faced a barrage of sexism while trying to get work experience – making it impossible for her to get a job.

Marie, who has eight kids aged between three and 15, said she constantly faced sleazy propositions while trying to get work.

Speaking to the Daily Star, she said: “A couple of garages approached me after seeing me on TV but as you talk to them more and more you see what they’re after.

“They’re not really after me working there, they’re looking for something more. I think they’re just dirty big perverts.”

She added: “You’ve got women in the police force, in the Army, we have the skills, it’s just that men see us as sex symbols.”

The mum, who survives on work benefits, said men often asked her if she wanted to get a drink, or what else she was interested in outside of working at a garage.

From Birmingham’s Selly Oak, she said she was desperate to get work experience and learn from other females in the profession but there were limited numbers of women in garages.

She said she was now almost finished her diploma, expecting to finish in March, but was determined not to be ripped off by men thinking they could take advantage of her.

Obviously, Marie wants to be an auto mechanic because that’s where the men are. She’s hoping to find a fool willing to marry her and support that brood of future criminals she’s spawned.

Attention, all white men! Achtung! Avoid this sleezy scumbag woman at all costs. A roll in the hay with her will leave you feeling dirty all over. It won’t wash off either. If you get tempted, just think of all the purple crayons there before you.


Britain’s “Boob Scrounger” Glamour Model Does Five Men a Night According to Courtroom Accusation



Meet the skank who was known as the most hated woman in Britain. The government finances her lifestyle, although she’s been a stripper, “escort,” and glamour model.

The Sun

JOSIE Cunningham’s ex-boyfriend slammed the glamour model for “doing five men a night” in a courtroom outburst after she tried to claim just £2 compensation from him.

Sakewell Nicholson made the claim at Leeds magistrates court, where he faced criminal damage and public disorder charges after an explosive row between the pair at the mum-of-four’s house.

The ex-boyfriend, who may be the dad to her youngest child, suggested the glamour model does “five men a night” after revealing she refuses to let him know whether he has fathered her baby.

Cunningham, dubbed the “boob scrounger” for getting a £4,800 breast implant on the NHS, was refused the £2 compensation after her ex damaged solar garden lights during the row.

Magistrates rejected the “scrounger” mum’s bid, saying it would be “uneconomical”.

The court heard how Cunningham refused to tell Nicholson whether he was the dad of her latest child, which caused tension between them.

Despite this, Cunningham called her ex to her home in Tingley, W Yorks, on October 30 after telling him the baby was sick.

When Nicholson arrived, she refused to let him in to see the ill newborn – leading the potential dad to threaten and shout abuse at the mum, breaking two garden lights in the process.

Nicholson, who appeared in court wearing a grey and black tracksuit, pleaded guilty to criminal damage and a public order offence.

Prosecuting, Sarah Marsh, told the court: “The defendant and claimant had been in an on and off relationship.

“On the day in question, the defendant attended at [Josie’s] address and had been shouting and swearing outside the property.

How horrible for children to have a mother like Josie. At least the 3 oldest children are white. I can’t find a single image of the youngest child nor of the on and off boyfriend Sakewell Nicolson. I suppose he could be a Negro. If the youngest is a mulatto, that would make life even worse for the three white children.


Adrian Smith, defending, told the court: “There’s always two sides to every situation.

“He received communication, he being the father of a young baby-”

Nicholson interrupted, shouting out: “I don’t know if I’m the father. She won’t give me the blood.

“She was the biggest mistake of my life – she’s scum.

“She said she was going to get me killed in jail. Let her do it. I’m in jail now.”

Read more about Josie’s vile selfishness and the boy who can’t walk at the Daily Mail.

Students at Christian Texas University Expelled after Girl Poses in Blackface for Snapchat video

Darkie worship is writ large at Abilene Christian University today.

The photo above got the girl and others expelled from school.

Are blacks really damaged by photos like that one? Of course not.

It’s all an exercise in political power. It’s designed to show whitey who’s the new boss in town.

And libtards wonder why the alt-right is rising. We’re going to destroy political correctness no matter how long it takes.

The Sun

A CHRISTIAN university in Texas expelled multiple students after shocking footage emerged of a girl posing in blackface.

The video was uploaded to Snapchat on Monday morning with the caption: “This is why black lives matter.”

It shows an unidentified female student from Abilene Christian University (ACU) with her face covered in black make-up.

She says “I’m a strong black woman” before putting on a pair of oversized costume lips, as several people are heard laughing in the background.

University President Phil Schubert was notified of the video Monday afternoon and immediately summoned the students involved.

The footage was posted online and soon drew an enraged response on social media.

A black ACU student reposted the video on Twitter and wrote: “These are the people we go to school with.”

Others were equally disgusted, with one student writing: “I really can’t believe someone did this … at our ‘Christian university’. Who would have thought.”

“I want this person off of my campus”, another student commented.

Faced with this vitriol, officials at the university decided to expel the students.

President Schubert wrote: “They are no longer students at ACU. I cannot emphasise strongly enough that this kind of hurtful behaviour has no place on our campus or on behalf of ACU.

He apologised for the “inaccurate representation” it gave of the West Texas college and stressed how much they value diversity.

In an email to the Daily News, Schubert said school officials will “make sure the campus is aware of how to report harassment” and vowed to prove “healthy opportunities to discuss these matters as a community.”

This old postcard exemplifies the rights our ancestors have that we have lost. Screw Abilene Christine University. At least some of us should give the president a piece of our minds.

Black Lives Matter is a racist, terrorist organization that advocates the murder of police. ACU stands with BLM. Thus, ACU stands for the murder of police.

funny darkie post card

The Sun’s Energy Output is Dropping

Uh-oh. The sun is even turning against us. If I were a God fearing man, I’d be praying about this development, which bodes ill for life on earth as we have known it.

The author of the story below, Martin Armstrong, hypothesizes that global warming is a myth. What I can add to the conversation is twofold. While a professor at the university for 30 years, I observed:

1. Professors support global warming theory. Many professors are prostitutes, willing to say or write anything that will help them obtain grant money. When you have a grant, you don’t have to teach classes. In the academic plantation, those who teach classes are looked down upon by those with grants. Most of these research professors hate teaching and students anyway. You can get grant money if you support global warming.

2. Within the professoriate, there is a subset of professors who are control freaks. One way to control people is through teaching. But you only control a small number of students in your classes. By preaching Marxist drivel, you can influence public policy in the direction of more command and control. Some of these professors take jobs in government for a while, where they help write new regulations and rules to whip us peons into shape. Global warming theory supports new regulations.

Global warming theory serves the self interests of professors and government bureaucrats. We should be suspicious of it.

Armstrong Economics

I have been warning that global warming is really a hoax, for the major issue is that the sun is a thermodynamic system, which means that it does not provide a steady output. There is a 300-year cycle to this entire phenomenon.

Experts say that solar activity has fallen to levels not seen since the mini-ice age that took place between 1645 and 1715 known as the Maunder Minimum.

While the global warming advocates want to blame everything on CO2 levels, hard evidence from ice core samples indicate that spikes in CO2 levels trailed increases in global temperature by about 200 years. This has caused people to question the validity of their theories. Of course, the cycle with CO2 level spikes predates human activity with combustion engines by hundreds of thousands of years.

Environment Minister Hendricks of the EU wants to regulate cow farting, claiming that it creates more global warming than cars.

Volcanoes can—and do—influence the global climate. Mount Tambora erupted in 1816 and threw so much ash into the air that it snowed during the summer in New York City. The event became known as “18-hundred-and-froze-to-death.”

The problem is that global warming is like trying to analyze a market by only looking at short positions and never the longs. CO2 levels are an aspect, but the major aspect remains the energy output of the sun that dictates the major cycle, which is heading back into a cooling phase that no degree of CO2 levels will overcome.

We should also never forget that there are companies that are being given government money to promote global warming theory. Obama’s famous failure Solyndra is just one example.