Liberal Solution to Terrorist Car Attacks: Ban Cars from Cities

The (((Deep State))) agenda just got a little clearer when a Buzzfeed journalist tested the waters by proposing to ban cars from big cities.

Personal transportation in the form of the motor vehicle gives people freedom. Dependency on government owned and operated transportation is another step toward enslaving the population.

Not only do they want to take our guns away, but also our cars.


A BuzzFeed columnist has declared that “Cars don’t belong on the streets of big cities, and we should do everything in our power to get rid of them.” She can’t be serious? The headline is “We Should Ban Cars from Big Cities. Seriously.”

We’ve seen this idea proposed by environmentalists from time to time based on “climate change,” and by urban planners in the name of creating a few blocks of open space, but Jessie Singer’s advocacy of a total ban is largely in response to Tuesday’s terrorist attack in New York City.


Exactly 10 years and 11 months ago, a different man steered onto the same Manhattan bike path that Sayfullo Saipov did this week. He also accelerated for a mile, and then he killed my best friend. My friend’s name was Eric Ng, and he died on the same block as Saipov’s first victim. The drunk driver struck Eric so hard that he was knocked out of his sneakers.

… After Eric was killed, the city of New York put up a few plastic bollards along the bike path, as though this was not a car problem, but a bollard problem. On Tuesday, Saipov drove right over those plastic bollards.

… the same bike path where an ISIS sympathizer killed eight people on Tuesday, Olga Cook was also killed by a driver in 2016. Carl Henry Nacht was killed there in 2006. Later that year, so was my best friend.

Of course, we all extend our sympathies to Jessie Singer for the loss of her friend. She has a valid complaint about the use of ineffective plastic bollards. Many bike paths in the U.S. are protected from vehicular intrusions by concrete posts or barriers at intersections with roads. It’s difficult to see, in light of the deaths Singer cited, why New York City hasn’t employed them in this instance.

But Singer also justified a car ban based on Tuesday’s terror attack:

In the coming days, politicians will try to convince you that what happened on the West Side Highway in Manhattan this week was an issue of terrorism, immigration, or religion. But just like the plague of mass shootings is a gun problem, the thousands of people killed by cars as they walk our streets every year is a car problem.

A gun lobbyist would typically step in right about now to ask whether those who demand gun control after mass shootings also want to ban cars after events like this week. To which I say: Hell yes. Cars don’t belong on the streets of big cities, and we should do everything in our power to get rid of them.

Guns and cars are not the problem, as they are inanimate objects which don’t kill anyone on their own. People using guns to kill is the problem. Singer’s friend died not because of the existence of a car, but because someone drove a car while drunk.

Singer’s attempt to look at the big picture should have caused Smith to send her column back for better data. She assumed that the nearly 6,000 pedestrian deaths in the U.S. in 2016 all occurred in urban areas. 2015 data, apparently the latest available with a rural-urban breakdown (which I could not link without forcing users to download a file), shows that 22 percent of pedestrian fatalities occurred in rural areas.

The New York Times reported in January that pedestrian deaths in all of New York City “increased last year (2016) to 144, from 139 in 2015.” The 2016 total is roughly proportional on a per-capita basis to the 5,997 such deaths in the entire U.S. Gotham’s figure is in a sense remarkably low, given how much more the average resident there has to walk.

That said, 2016’s nationwide death toll was an 11 percent increase from 2015. “Distraction” on the part of drivers and pedestrians is getting a lot of the blame for the increase. It should also be noted that pedestrians have sometimes contributed to their own deaths:

… researchers say they think the biggest factor (for the increase) may be more drivers and walkers distracted by cellphones and other electronic devices, although that’s hard to confirm.

… Another factor in pedestrian deaths is alcohol. Thirty-four percent of pedestrians and 15 percent of drivers involved in fatal crashes were intoxicated at the time … But there is no indication that there has been a change in drinking habits that would account for the spike in deaths …

Imagine being stuck in the middle of a big city without a car when the race war, civil war, or other emergency comes.

You’d be the proverbial sitting duck unless you thought you could walk out of town.

(((Liberals))) love Muslims because they assist in advancing the agenda. Smart people understand how to flip the script:

Ban Muslims, not cars.

NYC Terrorist Should Get Death Penalty, Says Trump

Corporal punishment first, followed by death by hanging or a firing squad.

That sounds about right. So, how do we legalize corporal punishment?

I’m assuming Sayfullo is guilty. But what if he’s not.

Jim Stone Freelance offers reasoning that the Home Depot truck that Sayfullo drove was taken over by remote control. That would make the Muslim a patsy.

He further argues that the Deep State got what it wanted, extreme vetting, a police state tactic. Jim makes several other arguments that suggest that events in New York City did not unfold as stated.

The Guardian

Donald Trump has called for the death penalty for an Uzbek immigrant accused of driving a truck down a New York City bike path, killing eight people.

Sayfullo Saipov, 29, who was hospitalised after he was shot by a police officer and arrested, told investigators he had been inspired by watching Islamic State videos and began planning Tuesday’s attack a year ago, according to a criminal complaint filed against him on Wednesday.

“NYC terrorist was happy as he asked to hang ISIS flag in his hospital room. He killed 8 people, badly injured 12. SHOULD GET DEATH PENALTY!” Trump tweeted on Wednesday night.

Saipov was charged with one count of providing material support and resources to a foreign terrorist organisation, specifically Isis, and one count of violence and destruction of motor vehicles causing the deaths of eight people.

Manhattan acting US Attorney Joon Kim said the first count carried a maximum penalty of life in prison, while the second would make Saipov eligible for capital punishment if convicted, if the government chose to seek the death penalty. Additional or different charges could be brought later in an indictment, Kim said.

Vehicle assaults similar to the New York attack took place in Spain in August and in France and Germany last year, claiming dozens of lives. Saipov told authorities he made a trial run with a rental truck on 22 October to practise turning the vehicle and “stated that he felt good about what he had done” after the attack, the complaint alleged.

The 10-page charging document said Saipov waived his rights to remain silent and avoid self-incrimination in agreeing to speak to investigators without an attorney present from his bed at Bellevue hospital center in Manhattan.

The complaint said Saipov had requested permission to display the Islamic State flag in his hospital room.

It said he was particularly motivated by seeing a video in which Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – who led the campaign by Isis to seize territory for a self-proclaimed caliphate within Iraq and Syria – exhorted Muslims in the US and elsewhere to support the group’s cause.

Investigators found thousands of Isis-related propaganda images and videos on a cellphone belonging to Saipov, including video clips showing Isis prisoners being beheaded, run over by a tank and shot in the face, the complaint said.

The FBI said it had located another Uzbek man, Mukhammadzoir Kadirov, 32, wanted for questioning as a person of interest in the attack.

US law enforcement officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because the investigation was ongoing, said Saipov had been in contact with Kadirov and another person of interest in the investigation, though they did not elaborate.

Tuesday’s assault was the deadliest in New York City since 11 September 2001, when suicide hijackers crashed two jetliners into the World Trade Center, killing more than 2,600 people.

Trump’s reaction to the NYC murders are the opposite of what Barack Obama’s would be:

What Trump has not said is that the FBI “interviewed” Sayfullo in 2015. Did the FBI deliberately incite him to join ISIS? Corrupt James Comey was FBI Director at the time. His handling of the criminal activities by Hillary Clinton suggest that he’s a Deep State actor ready to participate in psy ops that further the interests of the “men behind the curtain.”

Day After the NYC Muslim Terrorist Attack Laura Loomer is Banned from Uber for Criticizing Muzzie Drivers

We can’t criticize Jews.

We can’t criticize blacks.

We can’t criticize Mexicans.

We can’t criticize Muslims too, even as they are murdering us.

Jewish journalist Laura Loomer has found out that Muslim trumps Jew now.

Business Insider

Ride-hailing service Uber banned a far-right activist who complained about Muslim Uber drivers in the wake of a terrorist attack in New York City that was allegedly committed by a former Uber driver.

Uber told Business Insider in a brief email on Wednesday that Laura Loomer — a former Project Veritas activist with over 100,000 Twitter followers — had been banned for violating the platform’s community guidelines.

Loomer posted a series of tweets complaining about Muslims following Tuesday’s attack in which a former driver, who was Muslim, rammed into a bike lane, killing eight people and injuring 12.

Among those complaints, which sparked outrage online, Loomer lamented that she was late to a press conference because she could not find an Uber driver who she did not believe was Muslim.

“I’m late to the NYPD press conference because I couldn’t find a non Muslim cab or @Uber @lyft driver for over 30 min! This is insanity,” Loomer wrote.

Loomer also retweeted an individual who claimed that they were kicked out of an Uber in September for being Jewish. Uber declined to comment on the alleged incident.

Wednesday was not the first time Uber banned a far-right activist from its platform.

Following the white nationalist protests in Charlottesville, Virginia earlier this year, Uber banned far-right provocateur Tim Gionet, better known as Baked Alaska, after a driver in Washington, DC booted him from her car for allegedly making racially-charged remarks.

Lyft did not respond to Business Insider’s request for comment about whether Loomer was banned from its platform.

This is not the most important news story of the day, but it’s telling that these leftard companies are not only willing to bash white people, but even Jews.

Jews created political correctness. Now it’s coming around to bite them in the butt. Uber is a public utility and should not be allowed to ban people for their political views. Will the electric and water companies pull the plug on Laura too?

At least some of Twitter isn’t happy with the madness of PC:


Finally, Laura responds to a white-hating RAT who claims that Sayfullo Saipov, the Muslim terrorist, is WHITE:

NYC Muzzie Terrorist Demands ISIS Flag be Hung in Hospital Room

It’s almost like the authorities knew what Sayfullo Saipov was up to, but decided to let him do his thing anyway. Wasn’t FDR accused of allowing the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor to draw the U.S. into World War II? Same thing here, but on a smaller scale.

Sayfullo is from Uzbekistan. Are the American sheeple being set up to accept a war with that former Soviet Republic? Or was Sayfullo allowed to go ahead in order to foment American aggression against Iran and/or Russia. The Deep State knows what it has in mind and we will soon know too.

Yesterday’s truck attack could be just what it seems to be–another disgruntled Muslim with violent tendencies acting out his hate for the West. But there’s usually something deeper and more sinister going on.

USA Today

NEW YORK — The suspected terrorist in the Manhattan truck attack told investigators he “felt good” about carrying out the crime that left eight dead and a dozen injured, and also asked to display flags of the ISIS terrorist group in his hospital room, according to a criminal complaint filed Wednesday.

The latest revelations in the Halloween attack come as investigators try to piece together the weeks leading up to the attack, in which Sayfullo Saipov, a 29-year-old truck driver from Uzbekistan, rammed a rented Home Depot truck into a crowded walkway and bike path.

Saipov had meticulously planned the assault and left a note in his vehicle proclaiming that the “Islamic State would endure forever,” law enforcement authorities said. Saipov was shot by police immediately after the attack but is expected to survive.

In a hospital-bed interview with authorities, Saipov “requested to display ISIS’s flag in his hospital room and stated that he felt good about what he had done,” the complaint stated.

Saipov was charged in a two-count criminal complaint filed in Manhattan federal court with providing material support and resources to a designated foreign terrorist organization – ISIS— and violence and destruction of motor vehicles.

Saipov had two cell phones and a stun gun in the truck, according to statements in the criminal complaint filed by FBI Special Agent Amber Tyree.

After crashing the truck into a school bus, Saipov yelled “Allahu Akbar” — the Arabic words for God is Great, the complaint alleges.

Waiving his legal right to remain silent, Saipov told investigators during an interview at Bellevue Hospital that he was inspired to carry out an attack in the U.S. by ISIS videos he watched on his cell phone and began planning the attack approximately one year ago, the complaint said. Roughly two months ago he “decided to use a truck in order to inflict maximum damage against civilians,” the complaint said.

He was particularly motivated by a video in which ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi questioned what Muslims in the U.S. were doing to avenge the killings of Muslims in Iraq, the complaint said.

The attack left bodies and smashed bicycles strewn along the Hudson River Greenway bike path just hours before New York’s vaunted Halloween parade began.

Saipov rented the truck from the Home Depot in Passaic, N.J. on Oct. 22 “so he could practice making turns” with the vehicle before the attack. He chose Oct. 31 for the actual attack date “because he believed there would be more civilians on the street for the holiday,” the complaint alleged.

“Saipov planned to use the truck to strike pedestrians in the vicinity of the West Side Highway and then proceed to the Brooklyn Bridge to continue to strike pedestrians,” the complaint charged. He “wanted to kill as many people as he could,” and also “wanted to display ISIS flags in the front and back of the truck during the attack, but decided against it because he did not want to draw attention to himself,” the complaint alleged.

White Male NYPD Officer Hailed as Hero for Shooting ISIS Truck Terrorist


Once again a white man is being hailed as a hero. Given the way that the media slanders white men, let’s enjoy the praise being heaped on one of our brothers.

More on this story can be found by consulting the posts linked in the right hand column on the homepage.

Now, let’s meet our hero.

NBC News

The NYPD officer who shot the alleged terrorist who used a rental truck to mow down pedestrians in Manhattan, killing at least eight people and injuring nearly a dozen others, has been identified by a local councilman as Ryan Nash of the First Precinct.

According to NYC Councilman Joe Borelli, Nash sprung into action and shot 29-year-old suspect Sayfullo Saipov in the abdomen, and stopping the rampage.

Nash is being hailed a hero after he and other officers were the first ones on the scene in Tribeca. Borelli named Nash in several tweets saying he’s “the hero cop the world should be talking about,” and adding “Police officer Ryan Nash risked his life to save others.”

Investigators worked through the night to determine what led the suspect to use a truck to plow down people on a riverfront bike path near the World Trade Center, brandishing a pellet gun and a paint gun and yelling “Allahu Akbar” as his deadly route of terror ended with a crash, authorities say. They were able to question him in the hospital, where he remained in critical condition but stable condition Wednesday. Investigators said he’s “proud” of what he did and shows no remorse.

A note was found inside the truck that translated to read “ISIS lives forever,” a senior official briefed on the investigation told NBC 4 New York. A source said a knife was also recovered from inside the truck.

Five Argentinians and a Belgian were among the killed in the attack. A sixth Argentinian, Martín Ludovico Marro, is at New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital with injuries. He is from Newtown, Massachusetts.

NYC Halloween Parade Marches on Despite Tribeca Attack
Three other Belgians were inured. The The German government says a German citizen is also among the injured.

Heavy offers more information about hero Ryan Nash in its 5 Fast Facts format.

More photos of Ryan are posted at Heavy, including this one:

NYC Terrorist Entered U.S. via Diversity Visa Program Trump Wants to End

The Diversity Visa Program is a (((globalist))) tool used to help accomplish white genocide in America.

We have to flood Congress with demands that the program be ended NOW.


The suspect for the deadliest terror attack in New York City since 9/11 reportedly entered the United States under a visa program that President Donald Trump has tried to end as part of his crackdown on immigration.

Sayfullo Saipov, a 29-year-old Uzbekistan native, was awarded a permanent resident visa in 2010 under the Diversity Immigrant Program, ABC New York reported. The program is meant to increase the number of immigrants from countries with low rates of U.S. immigration. The program awards 55,000 green cards a year, a majority of which go to people in African and Eastern European nations, according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

To qualify, applicants must prove that they have a clean criminal record, have a high school diploma or its equivalent, or have at least two years of work experience within the past five years. It takes two years of vetting to get a visa.

Congress has tried to end the Diversity Visa lottery program five times since 2007.

The program’s future most recently came into question when the Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy (RAISE) Act, sponsored by Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), called for its elimination as part of a wider reduction in legal immigration.

In its statement supporting the bill, the White House called the Diversity Visa lottery program “outdated,” adding that it “serves questionable economic and humanitarian interests.”

Saipov applied for the program in 2008 and was granted a Diversity Visa two years later.

According to government records, there were 153,661 applicants for a DV-10 visa from Uzbekistan in fiscal year 2008. In 2010, 3,356 Uzbeks received a visa, meaning Saipov had a 2.1 percent chance of succeeding.

From its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 until last year, Uzbekistan was ruled by Islam Abduganiyevich Karimov, whose authoritarian rule pushed many of its residents to emigrate. ISIS also has a presence in Uzbekistan and recruits militants from there.

Uzbekistan is “one of the most oppressive countries in the world, so young people are fleeing the dictatorship and at the same time aren’t able to fit in Western societies,” Erica Marat, a Central Asia expert at the College of International Security Affairs, told Newsweek Tuesday evening. “Patterns of radicalization for Uzbeks are somewhat similar to that of migrants from other countries, an inability to fit into the society where the live, an inability to live the American dream. So they are looking for ways to belong and extremist narratives seem to be the most attractive.”

Tuesday’s attack seems to have poised Trump for even stronger opposition to visa programs. He tweeted at night, “I have just ordered Homeland Security to step up our already Extreme Vetting Program. Being politically correct is fine, but not for this!”

Now that the eight New Yorkers have been sacrificially slaughtered to appease the Diversity Gods, let’s organize to end the program.

I mean really organize and put the pressure on the globalist stooges we know will defend the program.

What We Know About Pube-Face Terrorist Sayfullo Saipov

“Allahu Akbar” says it all. Sayfullo Saipov’s motive was obvious: Kill the infidels.

Excerpt from

Did Sayfullo Saipov act alone in the attack?
Police were quick to rule the deadly encounter in Manhattan an act of terrorism and said Saipov acted on his own.

“This was an act of terror, and a particularly cowardly act of terror,” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a news conference.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo also said the suspect acted on his own.

“The new terrorist tactics, which they have called for publicly, are lone wolves that can make an act of terror,” Cuomo said.

Did Saipov have any ties to ISIS?
Law enforcement sources said Saipov left a handwritten note in the truck claiming he committed the attack on behalf of ISIS, according to WNBC New York.

The N.Y. Post also reported he left an image of an ISIS flag in the rented vehicle. U.S. intelligence officials have said no terrorist group is claiming responsibility for the attack. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Saipov is believed to have acted alone.

What is Sayfullo Saipov’s Uzbekistan connection?
Sayfullo Saipov came to the United States from Uzbekistan in 2010, according to a NBC News report in 2010. He had addresses in Florida and New Jersey, working different jobs as a driver.

Uzbekistan, in central Asia, is a former Soviet republic.
What is Sayfullo Saipov’s Tampa connection?

Saipov reportedly had a Florida driver’s license with a Tampa address, but it wasn’t clear how recently he lived there.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott was briefed by Florida state law enforcement, and released a statement saying: “I am absolutely disgusted by the act of terror that occurred in Manhattan today. All of Florida is praying for the victims, their families and our brave law enforcement and first responders.”

What is Sayfullo Saipov’s New Jersey connection?
Saipov lived in Paterson for a few months, according to a man who said he was Saipov’s neighbor and did not want to be identified. The neighbor said he often saw Saipov around the neighborhood with his wife and two children. The neighbor also said he saw Saipov standing on the corner talking to friends and frequently invited them into his home.

On Tuesday night, police had surrounded a mosque and nearby garden apartments in Paterson, as well as a parking lot at a Home Depot in Passaic.

Omar Khan, a 17-year-old who said he prays at the Paterson mosque five times a day, said he does not recall ever seeing Saipov at prayer.

Deputy Chief Christopher Storzillo, a spokesman for the Passaic Police, said the department was involved in a “multi-jurisdictional investigation.” However, he refused to answer any other questions about the investigation.

Did Sayfullo Saipov have a criminal history?
There were no known pending charges against Saipov prior to Tuesday.

However, NJ Advance Media reported Tuesday that police stopped Saipov twice in Pennsylvania. The most-recent stop happened in Mount Holly Springs Borough, Pennsylvania, just south of Carlisle, in March 2015. Court records show he gave police a Paterson address.

He also was stopped in 2012 in Palmyra, Pennsylvania, just east of Hershey, and also listed a Paterson address.

Did Sayfullo Saipov have a family?
A friend of Saipov’s on Tuesday night said the man suspected in Tuesday’s deadly attacks had a wife and two children and lived in an apartment in Paterson.

The same man said Saipov drove a white Toyota Sienna with Florida license plates. Saipov, the man said, had lived in Paterson for a few months.

Where did Saipov get the truck he allegedly drove into the crowds?
The rental truck was from Home Depot. In order to rent a truck at Home Depot, drivers have to give a driver’s license, insurance information and a credit card deposit, a spokesman said. Home Depot offers flatbed pickup trucks for $50 down and $19 for the first 75 minutes, according to its website.

A Home Depot in Passaic remained open amid police presence Tuesday night, and authorities refused to answer questions.

Home Depot’s national office said it was working with the New York Police Department.

All the information in the world won’t trump the single most important fact about this terrorist: He’s a Muslim.

Ban Muslims or die. Those are the choices. I hope that the dead are the same people who defend diversity.