Jew Professor Doxes 1,500 ICE Employees Putting Fams at Risk of Antifa Murder


A rat-faced alleged adjunct professor at New York University has sparked an Antifa psy op or murder plot, depending on how you look at it.

The creepy looking leftist bastard has doxed 1,500 ICE agents, with the Antifa picking up on the list and distributing it as widely as it can to their mentally unhinged followers.

The Antifa are now in a position to terrorize American children, or kill them if they so wish.

Sputnik News

The Twitter account “nebraska antifa” posted a link to a list of employees of the US’ Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), including their phone numbers and locations. As the original post was deleted shortly thereafter, Sam Lavigne, the user who had doxed the ICE agents, tweeted a link to an archived post, giving access to the original database.

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Developing: Leftists Target ICE Employees for Harassment for Doing Their Jobs

Link to McFeels Tweet.

Link to David Duke’s Tweet

The masked Antifa cowards who attack Trump supporters and other people who disagree with their Marxist philosophy are now thinking about ICE employees in the same way that they thought about people they’ve attacked.

Speculating, these zealots on the left are going to make trouble for ICE employees and their children. Some of these violent nutjobs may try to attack a detention center or more likely, begin assassinating ICE workers.

To the left, Trump is Hitler now and ICE employees are the SS. Killing anyone associated with Trump or ICE would make an Antifa nutjob an instant hero in his or her circles.

Jeff Sessions should declare the Antifa a terrorist group.

White Female Teacher Arrested on Terrorism Charges Planned to Start Another #metoo Movement, Turn Women into Serial Killers


Finally. A woman school teacher not charged with having sex with a student.

No, Leslie McGourty’s terrorist threats on social media got her in trouble.

School teachers used to see themselves as positive role models for students. What happened?

Las Vegas Review Journal

A Bonanza High School teacher who was arrested this month on a terrorism charge had made threats to “poke a lot of holes in a lot of people” during a concert in downtown Las Vegas, a police document shows.

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California Public HS Yearbook’s 2 Page “Allah Akbar” Draws Scrutiny

Pro-Islam propaganda in a high school yearbook when Christian students are barred from saying a silent prayer?

The ACLU is famous for getting god kicked out of public schools. So where are the ACLU lawyers headed to court to get these pages excised from the yearbook?

The faculty yearbook adviser who approved the abomination seen above should be removed from the classroom and fired. So should the principal and anyone else involved in this outrage.


California: Public high school yearbook has lavish two-page Islam presentation entitled “ALLAH AKBAR”

“Allahu akbar” means Allah is greater, i.e., greater than your god. It’s a declaration of superiority. Jihad mass murderers the world over scream “Allahu akbar” as they murder people.” 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta reminded himself to “shout, ‘Allahu Akbar,’ because this strikes fear in the hearts of the non-believers.”

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Sh*tskin Somalis Allegedly Stealing $100 Million Yearly in Minnesota, Cash Transferred to Terrorists

Oh yeah, it’s nothing out of the ordinary to see a shitskin African migrant board a plane with a cool million in cash.

Nothing to see. Move on.

Unless you care to learn how easy it is for nogs (of the African variety) to steal massive amounts of money from a liberal government in a liberal state.

Make sure you’ve taken your blood pressure medication before reading this.

Condensed from Fox9

MINNEAPOLIS (KMSP) – For five months, Fox 9 has been investigating what appears to be rampant fraud in a massive state program.

This fraud is suspected of costing Minnesota taxpayers as much as $100 million a year.

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Arrested Muzzie Teen’s Mass Murder Plot Inspired by ISIS, Say Police


An informant got the goods on the high school student who wanted to serve Allah by killing people in a North Texas shopping mall.

His father says he’s a good kid and that he had no idea.

Do families of these turds all read from the same script? We hear the same thing over and over again.

Excerpt from NBC DFW

A 17-year-old North Texas student is accused of criminal solicitation of capital murder and making a terroristic threat in an Islamic State-inspired plot to carry out a mass shooting at suburban Dallas mall, officials said.

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12 Murders, 50 Rapes; 70s Golden State Killer Finally Arrested, Say Police

Police in Sacramento, California are set to announce that they’ve solved a string of murders, rapes, and burglaries committed in the 1970s by a prolific serial killer dubbed the Golden State Killer.

The elderly white male police are naming is an ex-Navy man and an ex-cop. If he’s guilty, he’s also a psychopath who intended to scare the hell out of the community, a goal he achieved with ease given the heinous crimes he committed.


Daily Mail

Police believe they have finally captured the Golden State Killer, a serial murderer and rapist suspected of terrorizing southern California nearly 50 years ago.

Late Tuesday night, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department arrested Joseph James DeAngelo Jr on two murder charges, Fox 40 reports.

The 72-year-old man, who is believed to have been an Auburn police officer fired for shoplifting a hammer and dog repellent, is said to be linked to a dozen unsolved homicides, almost 50 rapes and 120 home burglaries that spanned a decade starting in the late 1970s.



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