Two Negros Take Dispute to Mall Where Target Practice Ensues


Two of America’s finest young men must have gottem confused when they wandered into a Nashville mall on Thursday.

Justin Golson mistook it for a shooting range and began practicing target shooting with Demarco Churchwell as his target.

Demarco must not have been very good at zigging and zagging out of harm’s way.

Crack shot Justin hit his target according to police, killing him right in the mall.

Justin deserves a reward for outstanding marksmanship. Instead, the police arrested him.


Metro Police said one person died after being shot inside Opry Mills Mall after a dispute on Thursday afternoon.

“Person” said police. Is that right?

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That Black Waffle House “Hero” Has a GoFundMe That’s Already Raised Over $200K

James Shaw, Jr., pictured above, said he’s not a hero.

White people insist on disagreeing with him.

They’re putting their money where their mouth is.

Do you have to be black to accumulate $200K in donations?


Yashar Ali
James Shaw Jr. put his life on the line when he took on the gunman who killed four people at a Nashville area Waffle House. Since that horrific shooting, he has raised tens of thousands of dollars for the victims and shown a level of humility that has inspired many of us.

I normally don’t get involved directly in these matters, but James’ grace has inspired me to start this page to give him the support I feel he deserves.

According to news reports, James has a four-year-old daughter. Perhaps this money can be used for her college fund or some other education related expense. But I’d be just as happy if James used some of this money to take his family on a nice vacation.

Funds will be transferred directly to James Shaw Jr. through GoFundMe.

The names of the donors, posted at the link above, seem to be mostly white.

Is this the same evil white race that is supposed to be oppressing da po’ ole nigra???!!!

White Male Shooter Leaves Four Dead, Several Injured at Nashville Waffle House

The alleged shooter wanted by police for today’s Waffle House mass shooting in Nashville was arrested by the Secret Service last year near the White House.

Was he trying to see President Trump to talk or to harm him?

At this point, it’s impossible to say until more is revealed about his interview after his arrest last year. As explained below, today’s shooting incident has all the earmarks of a (((Deep State))) psy op.

The death toll today would have been higher except for the actions of a hero who wrestled the nude shooter’s gun away. Judging from his name, the hero is black.

First, has named the victims. Judging from those names they appear to be nonwhite.

The victims have been identified as:

Taurean C. Sanderlin, 29, of Goodlettsville,Tenn. Sanderlin was an employee of the Waffle House, fatally wounded outside the restaurant.

Joe R. Perez, 20, of Nashville. Perez, a patron, was fatally wounded outside the restuarnat.

Akilah Dasilva, 23, of Antioch, Tenn. Dasilva was wounded at the restaurant and died at the hospital.

Another person, a 21-year-old woman from Gallatin, Tenn., was killed. Her identity has not been released.

A patron identified as James Shaw Jr., wrestled the firearm away from the gunman, police said. The suspect then fled the restaurant.

Ha! I was right about Shaw being black:

Did Shaw really do what the press is saying or is his heroism just a lie?

If the deceased are all nonwhite, then the usual hue and cry about racist white men with guns will start up again.


The man suspected of killing four people at a Waffle House in Nashville on Sunday was previously arrested by the US Secret Service for trespassing and being in a restricted area near the White House, authorities said.

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On This Day 50 Years Ago …

Look! A squirrel!

A wax dummy? Is MLK really hanging out in Vegas with Elvis, beating up on white hookers?

Trump (in a low voice): WTF! Do I really have to do this shit!!!???

James Earl Ray Day?

Snowflake White Dad Falls Apart After Finding “It’s OK to be white” flyer in Box of Diapers

There’s a video of a TV news interview with soy boy dad at the link.

He’s a disgrace to the white race for reporting the note he found in a box of Pampers. The note would normally have been found by a woman since women are the usual buyers of disposable diapers.


A local Target store and diaper manufacturer, Pampers, are investigating how a note containing racist language found its way into a pack of newborn diapers.

Tad Russell either fathered a mixed race child or he’s woefully ignorant of white genocide. A father of children above all others should be racially aware and committed to the 14 words.

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Bloodied Almost White IHOP Manager Seems Displeased with Subhuman Customers’ Behavior (Video)

A Middle Eastern IHOP manager got a lesson in race realism when a group of dark primates went on the attack.

Youtube title: Ihop Manager Hit That Customer With A Pile Driver

Published March 19, 2018. Less than two minutes of action.

The Smoking Gun

Cops: Female Diners Beat IHOP Worker Bloody
Melee at Memphis eatery was filmed by pancake house patron

MARCH 19–An IHOP manager was left bloodied after he was attacked by rowdy female patrons who threw punches, chairs, and plates at the worker, according to Tennessee police who are seeking to identify the assailants.

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Tennessee Resolution Denouncing Neo-Nazis and White Nationalists Fails

The Tennessee legislature had no opportunity to vote on a resolution introduced by a Democrat. It was quickly killed in committee.

The resolution called neo-Nazis and White Nationalists “terrorists” and called on the police to investigate these people. In other words, political beliefs would have been criminalized.

Jared Taylor’s Amren conference normally takes place in Tennessee every April. I suppose it could have been banned by the state if Taylor’s race realist crowd were designated as terrorists.


It sounds like the kind of legislation that should easily breeze through a statehouse, even in these politically divided times: a resolution denouncing white nationalists and neo-Nazis.

It didn’t even make it out of committee in the Tennessee legislature.


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