Bullied White Kid Keaton Jones’ Father is a Jailed “White Supremacist” as It’s Revealed that Keaton is Now the Subject of Death Threats and More Bullying


Keaton’s mother, who never married his father, is keeping him out of school until January. I suppose she hopes the crisis will be over by then. Mom also wants the world to know that she’s not a racist.


Social media pages belonging to Keaton Jones’ estranged father are littered with white supremacy propaganda, although he hasn’t posted in a while … because he’s locked up in a Tennessee jail.

The father’s name is Shawn White and his Facebook features multiple memes with sayings like, “HOLY F*** I LOVE BEING WHITE,” “Keep Calm and be White Pride,” and “Aryan Pride.”

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Blacks Go Bananas as Bullied White Kid Keaton Jones and Mother Exposed as RACISTS



When I predicted that the Keaton Jones story would be the big news on Monday, I was right. Keaton had 1.7 million Tweets on Monday afternoon. There’s a lot of threads to the story so bear with me. It started with a video of Keaton talking to his mother about how the kids at school were bullying him. When the video went viral, dozens of celebrities and sports stars stepped forward to befriend Keaton and invite him to Hollywood and sports events. Many of Keaton’s new friends were black celebrities.

Let me organize the story by enumerating what’s happened since then:

1. Blacks are saying that Keaton used the word “Nigger,” so deserves to be bullied.

2. Blacks are saying that their children are bullied all the time and it’s racist to focus on a white boy to be the poster child for bullying.

Sample Tweet from black Twitter:

3. Two gofundme accounts were set up for Keaton, with one collecting $58,000. Twitter is accusing Keaton’s mother of exploiting the situation to make money. One of the accounts is apparently not Keaton’s mother’s account.

See how the situation is a mess.

4. The many celebrities who invited Keaton to sports events and Hollywood are in a bind now that the boy has been accused of saying “Nigger.”

5. Keaton’s mother is also accused of being a racist. See her with the Confederate flag above.

Keaton is very close to having gone from a hero to a zero in the space of 24 hours, and mostly because of racial issues.

Blacks have made the issue racism, not bullying. They always seem to get what they want in terms of sympathetic news coverage.


Photos and words posted by Tennessee student Keaton Jones’ mother have many people questioning whether she deserves any of the sympathy generated by Keaton’s viral video.

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Bullied White Boy Keaton Jones Goes Viral, Befriended by Numerous Black Celebrities and Athletes

It looks like the big culture story of the day is going to be the woes experienced by a Tennessee white boy, Keaton Jones. He’s trending big on Twitter and the major news organizations are doing stories on him.

It feels like a psy op, not an organic response to one youngster who says he’s been bullied at school.

Dozens of celebrities, including numerous black athletes at the college and pro level, have responded to Keaton’s little video, seen below on Twitter.

Why this bullying victim? Why today? Are (((they))) trying to divert our attention from the sexual harassment panic? Or from something else?

All I know is that when a white boy is “befriended” by Snoop Dogg, Katy Perry, Sean Hannity, and a slew of others, it feels like an organized movement, not a grass roots response to a kid.

USA Today

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Keaton Jones has a lot of new friends.

Among them: UFC President Dana White, Captain America actor Chris Evans, Dr. Phil, Millie Bobby Brown aka “Eleven” from Stranger Things, Fox News host Sean Hannity, rapper Snoop Dogg, a slew of professional athletes in various sports, and countless people on the Internet, apparently.

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British Guardian: Tennessee White Lives Matter Rally Passes Quietly



What happened in Tennessee on Saturday at the two White Lives Matter rallies?

Not much from the point of view of the left, which would have reveled in having a dead body to parade around the media.

The significance of the event is that at least some people who followed this story out of curiosity got to hear white people talking about the importance of race.

This post condenses the liberal British Guardian’s coverage of the rally and adds nine Tweets that offer short videos that cover some of the significant moments.

Excerpt from The Guardian

White nationalists were heavily outnumbered by around 600 counter-protesters during a Saturday afternoon “White Lives Matter” rally in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, that passed off uneventfully after police kept the two groups separated.

At around 3pm, a small group of white nationalists left the city’s public square. Counter-protesters, who had lined routes into town chanting “Murfreesboro loves”, “refugees are welcome here” and “this is what democracy looks like”, chanted “black lives matter” and “na na na na goodbye”.

Murfreesboro city officials, who had been anticipating a large number of white nationalists coming into the area, said the rally had been “without reports of incident”.

Earlier in the day, another rally was held in nearby Shelbyville. Police said one counterprotester was arrested and cited for disorderly conduct after he exhibited “threatening behavior”. Shelbyville police lieutenant Brian Crews told the Tennessean that besides that, “everything went lovely”.

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White nationalists stage anti-refugee protests in Tennessee


This is the first of at least two and possibly more posts on the White Lives Rally in Tennessee today. There’s a lot going on and it’s going to be more understandable if there are multiple posts on the rally.

Reuters gives a straight report, without mixing in the usual toxic opinion with the facts.

It’s a good place to start the series of posts here since you should be able to clearly see how most of the rest of the reporting is horribly biased.

Kudos to Reuters for NOT citing the SPLC as a source in this story.


SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. (Reuters) – About 300 white nationalists and neo-Nazis held back-to-back rallies in two small Tennessee cities on Saturday to protest refugee resettlement in the state, which sued the federal government over the issue earlier this year.

The “White Lives Matter” rallies in Shelbyville and Murfreesboro, organized by some of the same groups involved in a Virginia march that turned violent in August, drew an equal number of counter-demonstrators and a heavy police presence.

The protesters started in Shelbyville, then traveled about 35 miles north to Murfreesboro for a second rally. Both towns are near Nashville, center of a metropolitan area has become home to refugees from Somalia, Iraq and elsewhere.

“We don’t want the federal government to keep dumping all these refugees into middle Tennessee,” said Brad Griffin, a member of a group known as the League of the South who has written about his desire to create a white “ethnostate.”

Saturday’s rallies were organized by the Nationalist Front coalition, which embraces groups considered neo-Nazi or neo-Confederate by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups.

To help keep the peace, Shelbyville police used temporary fencing to separate the white nationalists from counter-demonstrators. Anyone seeking to enter the area was searched. Guns, backpacks, sticks and other items that might double as weapons were banned.

The white nationalist demonstrators gathered behind a half dozen white shields emblazoned with red crosses. Counter-protesters carried signs with slogans including “Don’t Hate” and “Veterans for Peace.” Two lines of police, some in riot gear, stood between the two sides, who shouted at each other.

One man was arrested for disorderly conduct, but there were no injuries, local media said. The reports could not be immediately confirmed.

Later in Murfreesboro, where protesters were prohibited from carrying shields, or wearing masks or helmets, the rally remained peaceful, the city said on Twitter.

Local officials and faith leaders had denounced the gatherings, fearing they could inflame racial, ethnic and religious animosities in the state.

Over the last 15 years, about 18,000 refugees have been resettled in Tennessee, less than 1 percent of the state’s population, according to the Tennessean newspaper.

The state filed a lawsuit the federal government in March saying it had been unduly forced to pay for refugee resettlements. It was the first state to bring such a case on the basis of the 10th Amendment, which limits U.S. government powers to those provided by the Constitution. Other states have filed similar suits on different legal grounds.

“When they say refugees, what they really mean is Muslims,” said Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, referring to Saturday’s protesters.

He noted that a Murfreesboro mosque has been a source of controversy and vandalism for years.

“Tennessee is one of the states that has seen a rise in anti-Muslim bigotry in recent years, particularly since the election,” Hooper said.

President Donald Trump has sought to ban travel from six Muslim-majority countries since he took office and called during his 2016 election campaign for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.”

Unless I missed it, Reuters didn’t use the phrases “white supremacy” or “hate groups” even once.

More rally news later on Saboteur365 as we look at all the news today.

White Lives Matter Rally is Today in Middle Tennessee

ABC News is reporting on today’s so-called white supremacist rallies in two Middle Tennessee towns in a straight manner.

Most of the press is reporting the rallies as a hatefest though.

Tennessean editorial

The White Lives Matter rallies in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville on Saturday are openly and unabashedly racist, anti-immigrant and anti-Semitic.

The opening paragraph packs a punch. If you think white lives matter, then you’re defective, or as Hillary Clinton would say, deplorable.

What exactly are your secular sins if you believe that white lives matter?

Racist: recognizes that the races are different and to some degree incompatible with each other.

Anti-immigrant: recognizes that diversity has failed everywhere it’s been tried; rejects forcing citizens to subsidize foreign parasites.

Anti-semitic: understands that the Jewish population unduly influences the economy, politics, culture, and more.

The Traditional Worker Party, the National Socialist Movement (translation: Nazis), the League of the South and Vanguard America are exercising their rights to spew hatred.

Yes, hate speech is protected under the First Amendment.

Spew hatred? That’s simply nonsense, as is easily proved by reading the writings of the people who are associated with these organizations.

The liberals who write these editorials keep saying that Islam should not be judged by Jihadists, while judging deplorables by a handful of infiltrators paid by the FBI, SPLC, etc.

The Jihadists in Islam are real and represent that so-called religion. The infiltrators planted in various nationalist organizations are not real, but were put there to discredit those organizations.

However, that does not mean that hate speech represents the values that make this nation great — our commitment, if imperfect, to pluralism and equality.

Hard work and the pioneer spirit made this nation great, along with a trust in God. Pluralism and equality have held it back.

And, it does not mean that the words of racists, xenophobes and anti-Semites must go unanswered.

Protest comes in many ways.

Even as they defended the right of Americans to express diverse viewpoints, they strongly delivered this message: “We detest inequality, we abhor prejudice, and we denounce injustice.”

Hundreds of faith leaders have condemned the rallies, from Jewish congregations to mosques to the Southern Baptist Convention.

Sadly, these protests have already created panic in the community.

Businesses are closing.

Middle Tennessee State University will have its dorms on lockdown and has canceled events.

The impact to the cities’ economy and reputations will be harsh.

Law enforcement will be tested as they work hard to keep order and protect people’s rights.

The so-called anti-racists who seek to destroy Western civilization created the fear and the panic, not the people who simply want to meet up with each other and hear people with similar ideas speak.

That is why those who stood up to say, “This is not us,” in peaceful protests, prayer vigils and other demonstrations should be applauded.

Textbook definition of bigotry

White Lives Matter emerged from the affirmation the hate groups received from the president of the United States because of his equivocation after the violence in Charlottesville, Va., in August, which left one woman dead at the hands of a racist.

The lives of white people certainly do matter, but so do the lives of brown and black people.

But if you actually say that white lives matter, you’re branded as a hatemonger.

The hate groups have a vision for America that values the existence of only those who think, look and act like them.

That is the textbook definition of racism, discrimination and prejudice.

That is not America. That is not Tennessee. That is not Murfreesboro or Shelbyville.

True, all of mankind throughout history has most valued the existence of those who think, look, and act like them. It’s natural. It’s healthy. It leads to a pleasant existence free from the stresses created by diversity and multiculturalism.

In short, nationalism leads to a sense of community that is lacking when multiculturalism creates division.

Those who seek to control us, enslave us, and amass the wealth that we create are scared sh*tless that we will come together in opposition to them. That’s why they use their propaganda machine, the press, to demonize us.


Tennessee Boy Sends $3 Allowance to Trump to Help POTUS with Expenses


A serious minded young white boy was concerned that Donald Trump might come up a little short when it came time to pay the White House staff. So he sent the POTUS his entire $3 allowance.

What happened next is heartwarming.


CROSSVILLE, TENN. – A 9-year-old East Tennessee boy who gave his allowance to President Trump is now receiving a blessing in return from a total stranger.

Eli’sha Davies, of Crossville, wrote to the President in January after the inauguration. Eli’sha heard his parents talking about Trump’s campaign promise to only accept a salary of $1, and he wanted to make sure the President had enough to pay the bills at the White House.

This week, Eli’sha received a letter back from the President, along with a picture and his three $1 bills returned with a challenge to put it to good use in the community.

Eli’sha has been saving up to buy a mandolin for more than a year, but his mom, Melissa, said it’s been tough because Eli’sha is always giving his money away to people who he thinks need it more.

“I remember a couple weeks ago or a month ago, I gave, we went to the mission house, my grandpa and me went to the mission house, and I gave $5,” Eli’sha said.

The story spread across the nation once it aired on WBIR. John Wildeman in Punta Gorda, Florida, saw the story on his local NBC affiliate Wednesday morning and knew he wanted to do something to help Eli’sha.

“$3 is a lot of money to a little kid, most kids,” Wildeman said. “For him to sacrifice that and send that money to someone who he thought really needed it, that meant an awful lot to me.”

Wildeman is the president of the Young Musicians Education Foundation Inc. The charity attempts to help children who wish to play a fretted instrument, but may not be able to afford the lessons or supplies. The one caveat is the children must keep up their grades in school.

The Young Musicians Education Foundation Inc. decided to surprise Eli’sha with a blessing after seeing his generosity to others.

The foundation bought Eli’sha a mandolin of his very own so he can continue to learn and practice.

“I’m like a kid at Christmas when I know we’re giving a child an instrument like this,” Wildeman said. “It’s just a thrill for me to be able to do it.”

Eli’sha was thrilled to receive it. He started playing the mandolin at church, but he hasn’t had an instrument of his own at home to use for practice.

“I’d like to say that he was really generous to do that for me,” Eli’sha added.

Guitar Center in West Knoxville also gave Eli’sha picks, strings, a tuner and a chord chart to compliment his mandolin.

Melissa said about Eli’sha’s mandolin skills, “He’s just getting better and better, and now he’ll be able to practice at home. He’s very detailed, so he can just pick it up real fast.”

While this story started with a letter of giving to the President, it ends with notes of gratitude as Eli’sha plays his new mandolin.

“He has a lot of thank you letters that maybe we need to find some addresses that we can write out to,” Melissa said.

Eli’sha said now he has a lot of practicing to do as he decides how to put his money toward something else.

“Well I just want to be a blessing to everyone,” he added.

If you would to help the Young Musicians Education Foundation Inc., contact information is available on its Facebook page.

The boy’s first name, Eli’sha, is unusual. It sounds Biblical. I wonder if this family are strict Christians. He says he wants to be a blessing to everyone. Keep it close to home Eli’sha. Don’t reward sloth and indifference.