“Easy Target:” Teen Arrested in Murder of 98-Year-Old Woman


Wadsworth, Ohio, should be a safe community. It’s 99 percent white. Elderly murder victim Margaret Douglas grew up in a time when people left their doors unlocked and knew and trusted their neighbors.

Police say the UNIDENTIFIED teen who murdered her viewed her as an “easy target.”

Whatever his race, he’s a Satanic demon who should be wiped from the face of the earth.

News5 Cleveland

A 17-year-old boy from Wadsworth High School has been charged with the murder of his 98-year-old Wadsworth neighbor who was found dead in a “hidden location” inside her home last week.

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Negro Student with 20 College Offers in Dispute with Fox News Host Over “obnoxious” Comment


Bill Clinton loves the teen, Michael Brown, who was given a full ride at 20 universities, including Harvard, Yale, and Stanford.

So why doesn’t Bill Clinton reach out and love his own black son?

Anyway, back to Michael Brown, whose demand for an apology = TNB. It seems they enjoy turning everything into a racial issue.


Updated | A teenager offered a full ride to 20 different colleges, including Harvard, Yale and Stanford, wants journalists at a Fox affiliate to apologize for calling his decision to apply for the schools “obnoxious.”

After news broke that Michael Brown had been accepted to 20 different colleges with offers of full financial aid, co-anchor Holly Morris and contributor Sarah Fraser critcized the student, accusing him of taking potential spots away from peers in a segment that aired on April 3.


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The Black Kids Decided to Have Some Fun at Wendy’s (Video)

Watch a youtube TV news report on the fight embedded at the bottom of this post. The facebook video of the fight is embedded in the middle of the story.

To keep the commentary short: TNB!

Fox6 Now

MILWAUKEE — A massive fight broke out inside the Wendy’s restaurant near 27th and Capitol in Milwaukee — and a bystander captured it all on video.

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Rapper Who Performed at March for Our Lives Convicted of Gun Crime Last Year


Muh rapper Vic Mensa (never heard of him) took his anti-police message to the children’s crusade last weekend.

Apparently, he wants guns banned from the hands of police, but not from blacks.

So, here’s another example of liberal hypocrisy, where it’s guns for me but not for thee.

We can be certain that Vic’s Jewish handlers got him involved in promoting gun control in order to bring blacks along with the movement to disarm police.

USA Today

Rapper Vic Mensa, who joined several other celebrities to perform on stage at Saturday’s March for Our Lives protest in Washington, D.C., was convicted of a gun crime in California last year.

Mensa is Vic’s stage name. The high IQ organization, Mensa, is one this sh*t ape will never have to worry about being invited to join.

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NBC News: Shocking Footage Shows Parkland School Active Shooter Drill

Two minutes.

You can provide your own interpretation to the drill.

To me, these events are intended to terrorize kids into fearing guns so that they support gun grabs. Participating in a drill like this would be traumatizing to anyone, but most especially to minors, whose minds are not yet fully developed.

Missing and Presumed Dead: 14 Year Old Negro Boy in Stolen Car Jumps in Mississippi River Following Police Chase, Mom Says Where’s My Boy


A confused Negro boy from New Orleans ended up taking a wrong turn in a stolen car and was chased at high speeds by deputies in the working class, downscale bedroom community of Chalmette, which was 95 percent white when I grew up there.

Ja’Sean Williams was cornered at the Chalmette ferry landing, which I know well, after crashing the stolen car.

To escape the long arm of the law, he jumped in the Mississippi River, which is muddy and brown, plagued by whirlpools and swirling currents, and about a mile wide.



A search for a 14-year-old who authorities said jumped into the Mississippi River was called off over the weekend, leaving his family and others who knew him desperate to recover his body and questioning how a chase of a stolen vehicle ended in a boy’s death.

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IHOP Apologizes After Wakandan Teens Were Asked to Pay in Advance

People has just reported that IHOP has closed the restaurant that asked black teens to pay in advance in order to properly train employees in the fine points of Negro worship.

Highly ethnical Wakandan youth should never have to endure the insult of being asked to pay in advance.

In fact, for all the contributions to society that the Wakandans have contributed, they should never have to pay for anything.


IHOP has issued a strong apology for it’s staff’s failure to “toe the line” (it’s toe, not tow, like in stepping up to a line in the sand) and bow down to the superior Wakandan.

CBS News

AUBURN, Maine — A server at a Maine IHOP restaurant asked a group of black teenagers to pay upfront for their meal, prompting the manager to issue a public apology.

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