Netflix’s Top Spokesman, a Jew, is Fired for Using the word “nigger”


A prominent Jewish business executive has fallen afoul of the de facto ban on the use of the word “nigger,” even when you’re condemning the word.

Thus, a Jew falls victim to Jewish Cultural Marxism.

Where will it all end–this insane Negro worship that infects the USA?

Sky News

Netflix has sacked its head of communications over his use of the “N-word” during conversations with work colleagues.

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FIFA to Punish Mexico for Fans’ Homophobic “puto” Chant at World Cup

Never let it be said that there are never kind words for Mexicans here.

These rough-and-tumble crude people enjoy yelling “fag” in Spanish at Soccer games.

This type of politically incorrect behavior will get their team a fine, but who cares when you’re having fun with a politically incorrect, taboo word.

Yahoo Sports

FIFA has opened disciplinary proceedings against Mexico’s soccer federation after Mexican fans shouted an anti-gay slur in unison during their country’s 1-0 win over Germany.

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Girl Whose “nigger hunting” Video Got Her Fired from Restaurant Also Kicked Out of Air Force


The unforgettable Tabitha “Tabbie” Duncan is back in the news.

The last time we say her she’d been fired from her waitressing job after a “nigger hunting” remark was captured on video and posted on social media. The Air Force also issued a statement condemning her, but had taken no action.

Now the Air Force has acted. It’s in the process of canceling her enlistment.

New York Post

A Missouri waitress who spewed racist hate on social media lost her day job — and now has been thrown out of the Air Force, according to reports.

Tabitha Duncan boasted that she wanted to go “n—-r hunting” in an offensive viral video, leading the Social Bar & Grill in St. Louis to can her, the Air Force Times reported.

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20 Year Old Waitress Fired After Snapchat Video Surfaces with Her Boasting of Going “nigger hunting”

Even the U.S. Air Force is involved in condemning Tabby Duncan.

The overreaction may be crazy, but it’s typical.


Tabitha ‘Tabby’ Duncan, a 20-year-old Missouri waitress, was fired from her job after she was filmed in a SnapChat video talking about going ‘n****r hunting’. In the video, Duncan can be seen saying the racist comment while drinking a beer and riding on top of a pick-up truck. The 15-second video was posted to Facebook on Sunday, June 10.

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15 Syracuse Frat Bros Suspended for Racist, Antisemitic, Misogynist Video

The fake news media has said that the above video of a group of fraternity brothers engaging in some politically incorrect male bonding is hard to watch.

Hard to watch?

It’s not the media’s job to tell the audience what is or isn’t hard to watch.

After suspending the fraternity in April, when the video surfaced, Syracuse University has now suspended the college men.

They have lawyers and are fighting back, however.

The university may not like what the lads said, but they would have every right to say it in a free country. Actually, many viewers surely find it refreshing that the young men never bound themselves to politically correct behavior.

Their words, uttered in private, harmed no one, so how can kicking them out of school be justified.

New York Post

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Syracuse University suspended 15 members of a fraternity following the release of a video showing pledges using racial slurs and simulating a sexual assault of a disabled person, lawyers for the students said Friday.

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Omni Hotels Grovels Before Sacred Negro Over N-Word Abuse Resulting from Pool Pissing Incident

Orlando, Florida police are investigating a white couple who were “guests” at the Omni resort hotel in that city.

The female half of the couple used the word “nigger,” which is apparently a crime in Florida now.

The president of Omni has personally apologized to the black family for the “horrible” incident.

Watch the Twitter video above.

Orlando Sentinel

An Osceola County resort is apologizing after a white woman was caught on video screaming the N-word at a black family.

The press is making much of the fact that the male half of the black couple is a medical doctor. The video does NOT validate the claim by the blacks that the white woman pictured told a child to pee in the pool.

Given the truthfulness level of blacks, you have to wonder if that story was made up.

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Liberals, Muzzies, BLM, ADL, SPLC, and LGBT Team Up to Strip “Hate” from Spotify Playlists

Ann Coulter made a joke about Spotify’s censoring of “hate” in music:

Excerpt from PJ Media

Last week, the massive music streaming company Spotify announced that it would clamp down on “hate content,” and that it would partner with far-left organizations to do so. The company gave no pretense of objectivity, listing six leftist groups and only one moderate group among its partners for identifying such content.

I guess this catchy tune is not available on Spotify:

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