NY Jews Set Up Roadblocks to Check for Blacks (Video)

Did the taxpayers pay for those Jewish school buses?

Another question: How come Jews get to keep blacks out of their neighborhoods but others can’t legally do so?

Something Stinks: Orlando Father’s Shooter is Prominent and Connected

orlando terrorist dad rangell

This post offers another developing thread in the ongoing exposure of oddities related to the terror attack on Pulse, the gay nightclub, in Florida on Saturday night.

By now, you probably know that the shooter was the subject of an FBI investigation, an investigation the FBI dropped.

Why did the FBI drop it? Omar Mateen was most likely a “CIA asset.” Thus, the FBI backed off.

Now comes the spotlight on the shooter’s dear old dad. This guy is strange to the max, but he had access to folks in D.C. that we don’t have access to. So what gives? Is dad also a CIA asset?

Excerpt from The Epoch Times

Seddique Mateen, an Afghan national, was apparently in Washington, D.C. recently, carrying out advocacy work with the State Department and Congress, according to the Independent Journal. He posted recent pictures of himself on Facebook at the State Department and Democratic Foreign Services Committee offices.

seddique mateen state

“We have the duty to tell the world that Pakistan is the killer of Afghan people,” he wrote in one caption, according to the Journal. In another post, he spoke of meetings with the Foreign Relations Committee and was in attendance at a hearing on Afghanistan security.

He has also met with U.S Rep. Charlie Rangel, U.S Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, and U.S Rep. Ed Royce, according to his Facebook posts.

The Washington Post reported Sunday that he is currently trying to run for president of Afghanistan. “The most recent video on Mateen’s YouTube channel shows him declaring his candidacy for the Afghan presidency. The timing of the video is strange, as it came a year after presidential elections were held in Afghanistan,” the Post reported.

Mateen also sent messages to the Obama administration, including a photo of him with a banner that read: “Taliban are 100% AFGHAN. No one owns them & they are Durand Line Destroyer.” In another, he wrote: “Oh President Obama, Pakistan is the Capital of Terrorism” and another that says: “ISI Pakistan is the American & Afghan Soldiers Killer!”

seddique mateen paki

The following Seddique Mateen video is not in English, but it gives you a look at the personality of the father if you watch a bit of it.

IJ Review offers many more Facebook photos of Seddique roaming the halls of power in Washington.

Speaking from a purely genetic perspective, peoples who would adopt Islam are mentally ill. Dad comes across as a Middle East nutter and it seems that junior took after pop.

Nutters or not, the circumstantial evidence that the Mateen family is intimately connected to the American government in dribbling in. It’s not a tinfoil hat question: What did the American government have to do with the terror plot? Why is Islam getting a pass from Hillary and Barack? Why is the liberal narrative focusing on gun control, not border control?

This is a developing story. Include any relevant links you find in your comments. More will probably be coming out in the days ahead that will confirm some of our suspicions.

Two Muslim Women Taken Off Plane for a Damn Good Reason


Initial reports from the leftist press about Operation Garbage Removal hinted that the two Muslim females kicked off a Jetblue plane was due to racism–a flight attendant didn’t like the way they were staring at her. She must not like Muslims.

That ridiculous claim never made sense. The full story involves the two kebabs creating serious suspicions of advance planning for a terrorist attack.

Business Insider

Two Muslim women on board a JetBlue plane heading from Boston to Los Angeles were taken off the plane after the pair were found to be staring at a flight attendant in an odd manner and filming the safety briefing.

The plane took off after the women were removed from the plane.

According to reports, a witness on the flight “overheard a flight attendant tell a co-worker that she didn’t like the way two Muslim women were staring back at her.” The aircraft was taxiing at the time of the incident and thereafter stopped.

Police officials next boarded the plane and questioned the women before escorting them off the plane. The women were also asked to remove their hand luggage before getting off the plane for further investigations. “More than 35 million customers from many cultures and backgrounds travel on JetBlue without incident each year,” read a statement by JetBlue, reported The Telegraph.

“Our crew members’ first priority is the safe and secure operation of our flights, and as a security precaution, are asked to be aware of anyone who may be filming or taking photographs of inflight procedures or the flight deck area.” JetBlue added that if a crew member suspects the filming of safety procedures, they are permitted to report the incident for “review”. “In this instance, our crew members acted in accordance with security procedures. We appreciate our customers’ patience and cooperation, and apologize for the inconvenience,” read the statement.

No wonder so many people refuse to fly anymore, at least not for pleasure. Oh, for the good old days when garbage wasn’t allowed on passenger planes and flight attendants were stewardesses. And Muslims were where they belong–in the sand dunes among the goats and camels.