Negro Athlete’s Arrest on Sex Charges Involving 9 Year Old Girl Leads to Suicide Video Going Viral

Ex-UCLA basketball star Billy Knight left a suicide note in the form of the above video, which has been annotated by the publisher.

Knight admits to the usual failings of the Negro race–lying, cheating, stealing, etc.

Prior to killing himself he was facing 50 years in prison for sex with his girlfriend’s child.

The press calls his suicide video “heartbreaking.”

Not exactly.

I’d call it more attention seeking by a race of attention seekers.


Former UCLA basketball player Billy Knight — who was facing multiple charges for sexual abuse against a child— was found dead on a Phoenix roadway just days after he released a disturbing video where he expressed feeling remorse about having lived “a life of sin.”

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Ex-NBA player Offs Himself During Police Shootout


Another negro athlete does poorly in trying to make the transition from the sports world to the real negro world after his career is essentially over.

The good news is that the police aren’t accused of racism, no officer is being fired, and there’s one less criminally insane negro in Los Angeles for the population to have to deal with.


Basketball player Tyler Honeycutt has died after a shootout with US police, local media report.

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Heather Locklear Rushed to Hospital for Drug Overdose Hours After Arrest for Attacking Cop and EMT


Heather Locklear is getting to be one tiresome woman.

It’s the same thing over and over.

Drunk or on drugs. Kicks somebody. Punches somebody. Arrested. Another mugshot. Rehab.

Rinse, repeat.


Heather Locklear was hospitalized just hours after she was released from jail following her attack on a police officer and an EMT, PEOPLE confirms.

Paramedics and Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies were called to the actress’ home to treat the 56-year-old for a possible overdose, a source confirmed to PEOPLE.


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Illegal Hangs Self in Texas County Jail Following Separation from Family


Starr County Texas is where an illegal beaner allegedly decided to off himself. That county is 96 percent Mexican and crooked as a snake.

If the Honduran beaner gave the Mexican beaners trouble, it wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility that they killed him and made it look like a suicide.

If word gets back to Honduras that if you come to America, you end up separated from your family for sure and you may end up dead, then that should slow down the flood of illegals headed toward Texas.

Of course, there’s always California where the red carpet will be rolled out for them.


A Honduran man who illegally entered the United States killed himself while being detained in a Texas jail cell last month, officials confirmed on Sunday.

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Yahoo Article on Anthony “White Men of Privilege” Bourdain Draws Intense Mockery

A Yahoo article that sparked widespread ridicule originally appeared on a woman’s website, Glamour.

Here’s the full title: Why Anthony Bourdain’s Life Is a Lesson for White Men of Privilege on How to Be an Ally

The article goes on to briefly hit on a dozen or so social justice issues where Bourdain, a Jew (half Jew technically), takes the politically correct stance that resulted in him being held in good standing by (((TV execs.)))

Yahoo readers were not pleased!

BTW, in their efforts to canonize St. Bourdain, the leftist media is totally ignoring what CAUSED him to kill himself. I am assuming that he really did hang himself and wasn’t murdered by the (((Deep State))) for some secret transgression that put on their hit list. Normally, the MSM goes into speculation about what motivated the suicide. Not this time. Strange!

Excerpt from Glamour via Yahoo

In recognizing his privilege, Bourdain was able to stand up for women, marginalized communities, and even question how his own past choices lent themselves to perpetuating dangerous environments. It would have been effortless for Bourdain to adopt the worldview of men who share his status and influence. Bourdain, instead, explored worlds besieged by that power and challenged its beneficiaries to do better.

That’s some really sickening prose. Bourdoin was no profile in courage, but rather a profile in PC.

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Anthony Bourdain: “In 70 years there will be no white people anymore” (Video)


It’s OK. You can hate Anthony Bourdain and rejoice that he killed himself. By his own words he hated the white race.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Aug 17, 2016

This clip is from Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown (S07E07).
This is where he travels to Cologne, Germany to interview some celebrity chef – René Stessl and then talk about the “final solution” for racism in Germany…

– In, I don’t know, 70-80 years, there will be no White people anymore, and only cappuccino colored people. It’s good. It’s good.
– This is the only solution… It’s our only hope is to fuck our way out of this…

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U.S. Suicide Rates Up Sharply Since 1999

As this post was being put together, news broke that leftist celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain is dead, having committed suicide. His death is going to be one of the top stories of the day. The election of Trump to the presidency may have played a role in causing the Trump-hater to kill himself.


Let’s get back to the general topic of suicide, which is going to be even more discussed with the death of Bourdain.

Only Native Americans have a higher suicide rate than whites, as seen in the graph below.

The bar graph below shows that the suicide rate among whites is much higher among males.

Excerpt from NPR.

Suicide rates have increased in nearly every state over the past two decades, and half of the states have seen suicide rates go up more than 30 percent.

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