Britain: Nonwhite Doctor Who DECAPITATED BABY Allowed to Return to Work


That doctor that you may have read about because she decapitated a baby during delivery qualified to become a doctor in India.

She’s now practicing her craft in Britain. National Health Service authorities have cleared her to go back to work following an incident in which she pulled a baby’s body off its head, presumably to kill more babies.

The Asian Parent

Grisly news about a decapitated baby recently made the rounds across social media. According to the report, a breech baby was decapitated when the child was delivered through a normal delivery.

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Australian Corporate Exec Leading Secret Life as Poo Jogger Resigns

Street sh*tting is not part of Euro man’s culture.

What satisfaction one would obtain from soiling the footpaths in your neighborhood is beyond me.

There’s so much crazy behavior going on in the world today that it’s impossible to process it all.

The Guardian

A Brisbane corporate manager who is alleged to be a serial public defecator after being photographed with his pants down on a suburban street has quit his job.

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7 Horny Pajeets Working Together Arrested for Groping Underage Girls at California Waterpark

Parents in Roseville, California, must be doing something right.

When diversity, in the form of a coordinated gang of street sh*tters, smiled and approached girls under age 14, the girls knew that the sh*t skins were up to no good.

The parents and cops were having none of the H1-b visitors messing with children.

After putting together this post, a surprise development took place. Don’t miss it. I’ve added the HUGE SURPRISE at the bottom of the post.

Fox News

Police arrested seven men Monday for allegedly inappropriately touching underage girls at the Golfland Sunsplash water park in Roseville, Calif.

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English River Turns YELLOW From Curry Restaurants’ Pollution

Having your historic river turn yellow is not one of the examples of the joys of diversity.

Diversity is our strength?

Yes, if you care to see a bright yellow river, stained by curry powder from Hindu restaurants.

Daily Star

An underground river which flows through Bradford, West Yorks, has turned yellow from food waste dumped by local curry houses.

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Public Defecation Makes Downtown San Francisco a Literal “Sh*thole”

Everyone should demand that his city create a poop map like that one above.

Let’s get a handle on the magnitude of this turd world America thing with some data.

Daily Caller

There is an ongoing debate currently going on in the country about what locations can be classified as shitholes. The debate sprung from a report that Donald Trump referred to some third world countries as “shitholes” in a meeting with lawmakers last week.

While the debate might rage on as to what constitutes a “shithole” of a country, one thing is not up for debate: the American city of San Francisco is a shithole.

We know this thanks to an interactive map created in 2014 called Human Wasteland.

The map charts all of the locations for human excrement “incidents” reported to the San Francisco police during a given month. The interactive map shows precise locations of the incidents by marking them with poop emojis:

The project shows that the heatmap for poo is most heavily concentrated directly in downtown San Francisco.

According to the SF Weekly, San Francisco has a major shithole problem:

St. George Alley can harbor up to 30 piles of poop per week, Department of Public Works employee Steve Mahoney told SFist. That’s exceptional. But it also illustrates a seemingly intractable problem in a city with limited public restrooms, constricted homeless services, and a line of filthy JCDecaux bunker toilets that often sit unused.
So if you live in San Francisco and are offended by Trump’s comments, just watch where you’re stepping.

Sorry, dude, but that old “blame the dog” trick doesn’t work anymore.

Forgetful Street Sh*tter Destroys India’s Nuclear Submarine

The street sh*tters were able to build a nuclear sub, but they couldn’t keep it in operation for even a year.

These same Hindu types are flooding America, replacing white male American programmers. Trump left India out when he talked about “sh*thole” countries.

What happened to INS Arihant is that a sailor left a hatch open and water poured into the sub, ruining it. How hard is it to build in redundancy so that hatches are not left open when a sub is submerging.

Times of Israel

India’s first nuclear-powered submarine has been out of commission for the past 10 months after a crewman left a hatch open, according to a report Monday.

The Hindu news site reported that first Indian-build submarine, the INS Arihant, suffered major damage after hatch on the rear side was left open by mistake while it was at harbor, due to “human error.” This allowed seawater to flood into the vessel, necessitating almost a year’s worth of repairs in the dry dock.

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Black Privilege: Woman Driver Caught on Camera Pooping in Street

Liberals are making excuses for the Negro female who defecated in the street in front of a home with a security camera.

Shit skin acts like a shit ape.

Watch the 21 second video below.


SACRAMENTO, California — A contracted Amazon driver in a marked U-Haul van was caught on camera making an unwanted delivery – human waste.

The deposit happened on a suburban Sacramento street in a quiet cul-de-sac.

The homeowner did not want to be interviewed on-camera, but shared home surveillance video captured this week showing the delivery driver making a human deposit on the curb, right next to his driveway.

Then the female driver ran back into the van before eventually taking off.

The driver was making a delivery for Amazon, but worked independently. Nevertheless, Amazon has taken responsibility for what happened. In a statement provided to KCRA-TV, the company says, “This does not reflect the high standards we have for delivery service providers. This individual is no longer delivering Amazon packages and we’re in direct communication with the customer.”

Amazon sent the customer a gift card. The victim wouldn’t say how much it was for.

In all likelihood the offender was an immigrant from a turd-world country. American blacks do not often engage in street sh*tting.